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Galleta Meadows Guestbook


This page allows you to leave comments / guest book entries on your experiences while visiting Borrego Springs and seeing the art around Galleta Meadows.


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Comments (230)
  • Linda Ennis  - Trumansburg, New York and Mesa, Arizona
    =D Spectacular work! Thanks for creating and sharing with us!
  • Pedro Alexander  - Los Angeles, CA
    :love: My girlfriend and I love exploring the Borrego Desert, and we were especially intrigued by the artworks and sculpture displayed throughout Borrego Springs! These exhibitions will keep us coming back for more!!!!
  • L.I. Schaefer  - Minneapolis, MN
    It is easy to miss the adventures in life by turning in the wrong direction and bypassing that which brings joy and wonder to ones life. This would have been classified as one of life's correct turns and for that we thank you.
  • James Edward  - San Diego
    Great trip seeing all of these pieces. If not for the blistering heat, this would have been an outstanding trip but the pieces made it all worth while. so cool
  • Paul Rivera  - Los Angeles
    What a marvelous spectacle of art. Well worth the trip and photo's. PR
  • Flat Stanley  - Wilmette, IL
    I visited Borrego as part of a 2nd grade literature project. I had fun looking at all the sculptures. I will go back to Wilmette to share stories and pictures of my visit. I especially like the serpent that goes under the road.
  • Gayle F  - San Diego
    Had the pleasure of making the trip out to Borrego and it was everything imagined and more. The pieces of art are the talk of the town and more often than not they tuck the other gems and treasures in Borrego. Specifically, the towns people! Perhaps the vision wasn't solely to enhance the land, but to shed positive light on the town that would have otherwise been unknown. I will be back...not solely to see the pieces and they are magnificent, but to visit the restaurants, stores and talk to more people that reside therein. Thank you Dennis, thank you Borrego!
  • Camille  - Chula Vista, CA
    Very impressed and very surprised at such a wonderful monument to nature and the thoughtfulness and hard work of people who wish to preserve our history. Have only seen part of the art and will be back for a more thorough journey!! Thank you so much for maintaining such a beautiful reminder!! God Bless You All.
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