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Galleta Meadows Guestbook


This page allows you to leave comments / guest book entries on your experiences while visiting Borrego Springs and seeing the art around Galleta Meadows.


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Comments (241)
  • E Madrigal  - Portland
    very good display of sculptures. Appreciated the field workers ones as well. It is great the way the town supports and protects these pieces even in the absence of Dennis, the visionary.
  • Faith W  - Portland, OR
    Nice looking sky art work.
  • Christine Engle  - San Diego
    Such a nice way to end the vacation than to drive through the town of Borrego and see all of the sky art. At least we think we saw them all, but enough to fulfill our trip, none-the-less.
  • Derrick Hayes  - Fressno
    nice trip to visit family and see some very cool pieces. complimented the trip very nice.
  • Joshua M  - Redding
    I happened to see some pieces on a trip and one led to another and another. I am not sure I found them all, but what a magnificent spectacle of art. I heard of Mr Avery, and it is very sad his days have passed here on earth, but his soul continues to reside in the art through his vision. I wish I had the honor of meeting him personally.
  • Steven R  - Sacramento, CA
    Drove around yesterday and saw all.or at least most, of the artworks. An awesome adventure, loved it!
  • Vincent P.  - Azusa, California
    =D It's a nice scavenger hunt trying to find all these pieces of art scattered around Borrego Springs. Sure, there's a map that tells you where the general locations are, but it takes some work to get to some of them, especially if you don't have a 4-wheel drive and/or high clearance vehicle. The only one I could not find was that of Juan Bautista De Anza. It says it's near Christmas Circle, but I just couldn't find it. Has it been moved?
  • Ralph Wolfe  - California
    =) I love this art work I saw a Dinosaur in the distance so i decided to take a look The road was good for about two miles than it was not there, The Dinosaur was still far in the distance and I had high centered my car on a barrel cactus. I tried to dig my self out but after tow hours in the hot sun I decided to take my water and walk to the road. Where two people on bikes stopped and help me get a ride to the Ranger station where I was treated for heat exhaustion. The people there were terrific Three men went to my car and freed it from the stubborn heavy cactus. I thank these people from the bottom of my heart. I would suggest a fence be placed to prevent stupid people like myself from thinking the road was drivable. I noticed five other cars turned around at the same point. In fact, that was why the barrel cactus was in the road as some one had uprooted and it ended up under my car.
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