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Galleta Meadows Sky Art

October 2014 Edition - Page 26




Galleta Meadows Dedicated

Galleta Meadows Dedicated
Historic marker honors Anza's compatriots, local woman 

By Judy Winter Meier


The name of Juan Bautista de Anza is familiar to many in the Borrego area.  The Spanish explorer who twice corssed the valley while establishing a land route from Mexico to settlements on the coast is well-remembered with many namesakes - from streets to a country club, and businesses to historical markers.


However, two members of his expeditions, Seb Tarabal and Jose Joaquin Moraga, are virtually unknown, even thought they made significant contributions to the success of the journeys.


A new historical marker was dedicated June 17 with the purpose of illuminating the part these men played in the valley's history, and recognizing Moraga's seventy-generation direct decendant, Dr. Gloria Bush, who is a Borrego resident.


Dennis Avery Celebration of Life Program

The program book for Dennis Avery Celebration of Life has been scanned and can be downloaded by clicking on the link below:


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Silver Gypsy: Galleta Meadows
Posted by: Sharlene on May 16, 2012


As part of my San Diego County trip, I ventured out one evening at dusk to explore Borrego Springs.  Imagine suddenly coming upon creatures who once roamed this earth eons ago, mammoths, wild horses, and giant sloths, scattered among the desert cactus and scrub trees.  I felt like I had taken one step beyond.  It was surreal.  The sculptures are huge, bizarre, rusted hulks resembling their live counterparts. I saw three elephants up close that didn’t quite look like elephants.  Later, from the Internet, I found they were “gomphotherium.”  (Not sure what the pleural of that is! – gomphotheriumi?)