My name is Jay Martin and I am the creator of this little website. Galleta Meadows is your one stop location  to help you build the best backyard experience possible. We have tons of content on backyards ideas, reviews of best backyard products and so on.

I love backyards. I was so fortunate to grow up in a home with very large backyard. I still remember those days I used to play all kind of games with my siblings and friends.

I want the same experience for my kids ( I have two boys)  amidst of this smartphone era. But as an IT analyst myself I know how hard it’s going to be keeping them out of the gadgets and to make them have some fun in the sun.

Hence I started spending time on making our backyard better and attractive for the kids. I have discovered tons of projects , landscaping ideas, products and tools in my journey to make mine a great backyard for my kids. Galleta Meadows ‘s sole goal is to share what I learn living the backyard life.

Hopefully some of what I share may help you choose the right product, or inspire you to re design, landscape your backyard for better.