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Are you looking for the best badminton racket? Well, a positive answer means you are serious about the play and have started comprehending the significance of selecting the most comfortable badminton racket. This is commendable, as badminton players at all levels must recognize that any racket will not do.

Regardless of the game or sport you are interested in, improving the related skills or learning something in the right way is impossible without the most suitable equipment in hand. The same is applicable to badminton too. Whether you are a beginner or a serious badminton player, investing in the best racket along with a good pair of shoes is essential to keep an edge over your competitors.

Best badminton racket

Having the best badminton racket aids in playing better shots with more accuracy, power, and control. An ideal badminton racket is the one that complements your style. In other words, it augments the shot power and generates maximum repulsion. A perfect racket also makes it easy to maneuver so that the next shot is readily played.

It is a fact that each player is different. Thus, the racket that each of them requires cannot be the same. So, this post reveals the top 5 badminton rackets, reviews them, and discusses the buying factors for choosing the best badminton racket as per the requirements.

2021’s 5 Best Badminton Rackets Reviews

Trained Premium Quality Set of Badminton Rackets

Senston N80 Graphite Single High-Grade Badminton Racquet Professional Carbon Fiber Badminton Racket Carrying Bag Included Gold Color

This is an ideal set to get started for practicing as a beginner and honing all the required and relevant skills. At the same time, surprisingly, the badminton racket is useful for professionals. The set is ideal for any level of expertise, including casuals and serious players who want to compete well.

Trained, ships two badminton rackets, 5 LED shuttlecocks, and one transparent carrying bag. An interesting part of this set is its LED shuttlecocks for play in the dark. You can switch the lights ON or OFF using a press button at the cork’s rear.

The bag itself seems reliable, as it is made up of good quality material. It is also ergonomically designed with a lightweight build and zippered usage mechanism for conveniently carrying the set wherever you want.

Made up of iron alloy and weighing together around 155g, both badminton rackets are light and are shipped as pre-strung. Due to the iron alloy, the rackets are sturdy and durable. The rackets feature a slim shaft with a powerful grip. The frame in use considerably boosts smoothness while delivering a high-speed performance.

The set is ideal for playing either singles or doubles tournament or just for recreational experience in a lawn or the backyard.


  • Light but sturdy
  • Premium design
  • Ideal for all levels of expertise
  • Thicker and tighter strings than usual
  • LED shuttlecocks
  • Good performance
  • Great grip
  • Carry bag included
  • Highly affordable


  • Grip wrap likely to come out
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Senston N80 Graphite Single High-Grade Badminton Racket

Senston N80 Graphite Single High-Grade Badminton Racquet Professional Carbon Fiber Badminton Racket Carrying Bag Included Gold Color

Consider this racket if you are a beginner or an offensive player, as it is very light, measures 75g, and is a bit head-heavy. It is an extremely light, affordable, and bottom-heavy racket suitable for a quick play style. For beginners, it may take some time to get used to its lightness.

The racket has a solid build with an integrated T-join inside and a single-piece design outside. It features a high-tech frame design that encompasses an isometric square head giving a larger area for ensuring a boosted hit rate, defense, and effective range.

This frame structure is made up of nanometer material that withstands strings of up to 30 pounds. The distinct pyramid frame rim is in line with air mechanics to reduce swing resistance and accelerate the speed.

The integrated T-joint at throat replaces the metallic material with an innovative lightweight plastic that is chiefly special epoxy resin. This resin joint provides you with a more robust and stable frame.

The unique T-joint design not only improves stability but also renders control performance with high precision and prevents deformation. The cone design is as per the fluid dynamics due to which the racket is more flexible in controlling the ball.

Senston N80’s frame and shaft are made using a carbon fiber called graphite for improving the overall strength and reducing frame deformation, while the handle is made up of wood to enhance shock absorption. The non-slip handle grip makes it difficult to glide while improving comfort.

The pre-string tension is between 24 to 26 lbs, while the mixed string tension is 28 lbs, which is high yet light to ensure enough power and speed. Overall, the racquet is well balanced in the shaft’s middle.

The graphics are wrapped in a clear coat to keep fading away. The powdered metallic finish and grip wrapping are just well done.


  • Lighter than expensive Yonex rackets
  • Strong and stable
  • Stiff
  • Strong tension
  • No vibration
  • Good power, swing, grip, balance
  • Tight strings
  • Strong frame
  • Durable
  • Durable racket cover included
  • Very affordable


  • Not highly durable
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Fostoy Badminton Racket Set

Fostoy Badminton Racquet Badminton Racket Set-Professional Carbon Fiber Badminton Racket with 3 shuttlecocks and Carrying Bag-Perfect for Adults

Fostoy may not be so popular in the world of badminton brands, but its this racket set is with all 15 reviews on Amazon, giving it five stars!. The Forestry badminton set comes with a racket that is suitable for a player of any level.

It is strong, well-balanced, and yet is light weighted. A player can expect better control when near to the net while robust enough during back-court return and smashing.

The 100g racket seems to be of high quality and sophisticated, as it is made using graphite that makes it strong and durable. It will not break, unlike the aluminum counterparts. The build material of the frame is full carbon fiber, while the handle is made using solid wood to ensure easier turns, good grip, and desired stability.

The racket’s oval head design gives you a more effective net area as well as expands the hitting ball spot. Thus, you can expect excellent precision and speed. Such a design increases the lifespan of this racket. The net area is entirely made of fiber material.

The racket also features a wire hole reflecting high strength as well as good elasticity to defend the strings better than other ordinary rackets. It is also responsible for increasing the racket’s longevity. The middle pole of this racket is also made using full carbon to give improved rebound as well as attack power.

The set includes two badminton rackets, a carry bag, three shuttlecocks, and two additional tapes for the handles. The tightly strung rackets exceed the expectations of casual users too for enjoying an elite play even with children.


  • Light
  • Sturdy
  • Comfortable grip
  • Easy to control
  • Lower wind resistance
  • Tight net (high tension)
  • Racket overgrip tapes included for additional grip, which is truly a pro
  • Affordable


  • Not any as of now
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Dynamic Shuttle Sports Titan G-Force 7 Professional Carbon Fiber Badminton Racquet

Dynamic Shuttle Sports Titan G-Force 7 Professional Carbon Fiber Badminton Racquet, Lightweight Badminton Racket Including Cover (Gold)

This is the perfect badminton racket for singles and doubles due to the mass in the head. For a doubles’ player, there is better power over backcourt to backcourt shots than expected and great net control.

The racket is ideal for both beginner, and intermediate players who can enjoy a soft play or hit smashes with precision, as it can strike a great balance between control and power. These players can expect a well-balanced performance along with better control while near the net and robust enough during smashes and back-court returns.

In short, the Titan G-Force 7 is for those who love mixing their sessions. It is a balanced racket suitable for a playing style in which the opponent is kept busy with the guesswork by swapping offense with defense. This means that there is no need to invest in two different rackets, as this alone can do both the jobs.

This 82g racket is built using 100% Japanese carbon fiber from Toray, which is graphite. The material is not only light but also strong and enduring enough to sustain a string tension of until 30 lbs. It comes pre-strung with a tension of 24-26 pounds.

Considering the racket’s weight, it is not as hefty as the brand’s Hyperion KV-100, nor it is as slim as the brand’s Ares Red racket. The medium shaft flex enables the players to enjoy better net control while having enough smashing power.

The T-joint design at the throat boosts cohesive strength, twisting force, and stability. The carbon fiber sheath of handle increases the overall handle strength to keep the risk of breaking away. The G5 grip size is comfortable and does not make you slide the handle even your hands are sweating.


  • Light
  • Sturdy
  • Stable defense
  • Firm strings
  • Good balance
  • Better grip than expected
  • Extremely well-made cover included
  • Reasonably priced


  • Not long lasting
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Baden Champions Badminton Set

Baden Champions Badminton Set

Consider this badminton racket set if you will be playing with up to four people at summer camps or social events without comprising the regulation standards. As the name indicates, the set comes with high-quality gear.

It includes four rackets of tournament-level quality, three shuttlecocks of nylon, a net of regulatory size, and other essential hardware to set it in outdoors with only one person delegated to the same.

The setup task is easy due to the adjustable aluminum poles that are heavy-duty, powder-coated, and resistant to harsh weather elements. Setup is also easy due to the highly visible optic yellow net and boundary lines. In other words, the visible boundary lines have the same yellow color as that of the net. These lines also feature a spool for effortless setup as well as breakdown.

These lasting poles that are flexible make this set ideal for all ages as well as skill levels. Both beginners and professionals can use it alike. For outside fun, the poles can even stand up steadily while in the sand. Thus, it is not only quality but versatility for which your money is worth it.

Each of the 3.7 oz rackets is so well built that anyone can feel its build quality while grabbing it in hands. The net is beautifully stitched and designed, and it’s made according to regulation size, so you are getting the real experience when you play with this kit.

You also get a premium carrying case that, too, is resistant to weather elements and facilitates easy storage and transportation. This makes the whole set portable and easy to store. You can easily store the packed case in the rear of a cabinet or the car’s trunk.


  • Visible enough in outdoors to keep eyes on the action
  • Tournament-grade rackets
  • Portable
  • Easy to set by one person
  • Weatherproof boundary lines on the net
  • Ideal for all skill levels
  • Heavy-duty, adjustable, rust-resistant poles
  • Durable nylon bag for carrying
  • Lifetime warranty


  • A bit pricey although justifiable for complying to the standards
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How to Choose the Best Badminton Rackets For You

Before you start looking for the best badminton rackets, just keep in mind not to select a racket just because it is popular, recommended by sports magazines or professionals, or your favorite player uses it. This is because you need a badminton racket that is for YOU and works for YOU.

Thus, it is wrong to believe that all rackets are equal. They all are created uniquely to fulfill a distinct set of requirements of the player. So, to get started for choosing the right badminton racket, you need first to ask yourself: What is preferable: control or power?

It is impossible to have both in the same degree, although it is possible to have a well-rounded racket offering a great balance between the two. For those who are just starting, it is irrational to select a fixed style if you are unaware of your abilities yet. Thus, it is ideal to choose a beginner-friendly and cost-effective racket.

Apart from that, there are a few more primary factors to consider for choosing the best racket for badminton. These factors are nothing but the features and/or specifications that you should check for meeting your requirements. So, let’s check them out in the form of commonly asked questions.

What should be the ideal weight of my badminton racket?

Weight is an essential factor to consider. This is because it contributes significantly to power and balance. The heavier the racket is, the more power it will give.

For the beginners of badminton, a lightweight racket is recommended that should be within 85 and 90g and should have a lower balance point. Such a racket is truly easy to control and allow smashing with speed and recover from the same. It also ensures fast serves, brisk switching amongst strokes, and less strain on the shoulders and wrists.

According to the weight, badminton rackets are classified into the following categories:

  • 2U: 90-94g
  • 3U: 85-89g
  • 4U: 80-84g
  • 5U: 75-79g
  • 6U: 70-74.9g


A heavier model is often recommended for singles, while a lighter one is recommended in doubles for better performance. However, heavy models are difficult to control. So, you are compromising control for power. This can be an issue if you are not highly skilled. Thus, heavy models are for professionals.

How do I choose the balance point?

It is dependent on your play style or profile, such as a defender or an attacker. The balance point is one of the essential parameters to consider for selecting a badminton racket. Balance refers to the distribution of weight on the frame, which influences how you handle the racket.

The balance point is gauged by determining the ideal balance weight typically in the shaft’s center and then finding the distance between it and the bottom. This results in three types of balances, namely headlight, neutral, and head heavy.

  • Head Heavy (290-310mm) for Power: Refers to the most commonly adopted balance due to the widely used build materials such as steel and wood, making it less possible to adjust the balance. This type of balance includes weight in the head due to which it is ideal for offenders or offensive sessions. It provides an extra edge with more power while hitting as the head weight increases the swing energy and delivers more power to them. Head heavy rackets enable weak players to get aid for hitting harder but with more efforts resulting in arm fatigue. Thus, it is ideal for use in singles even if a player once again has varying requirements.
  • Neutral (288-289mm) for Versatility: Refers to an ideal compromise between maneuverability and power. After being overlooked for a long time, the neutral balance is popular today. This is because the weight in the head is likely to be too taxing to retain the swift pace. Professional players are now switching to the rightly balanced and stiff models to get the right mix of power, execution speed, and precision. This balance renders an interesting racket profile to those in doubles with a comfortable feel for the offense as well as defense.
  • Head Light (280-287mm) for Speed and Control: Provide a quicker reaction time to shots with a faster balancing power for boosting defensive abilities but at the cost of some power. Headlight models come with a higher ground during smashes. Robust doubles players can prefer this balance type, which is a pleasure for beginners for its handling, control, and maneuverability ease.

Thus, for more power, the balance point should bend towards the head. Similarly, for more control, the same should bend towards the handle. To identify the balance point, just place the finger in the shaft’s middle and check out the lean action.

If suddenly you start preferring power over control, there is no need to buy a new racket. Instead, you can buy a light grip and wrap it over the head to make it heavier than before. In case you now need more control, simply add more grip to the handle.

What should be the shape of the frame or racket head?

The frame is nothing but the geometric shape of the racket’s head. It is essential to choose the right head shape. Well, there are two shapes, namely, the conventional oval and the isometric shapes. The difference resides in the sweet spot that covers and flanks the middle of the string bed.

The oval shape has a sweet spot that is somewhat trickier but will give you a superb shot if you can make the birdie or shuttlecock land on it. Thus, this shape is ideal for highly skilled players. On the other hand, an isometric shape easily enables you to land the birdie at the sweet spot. More and more players are choosing this shape.

What is the ideal string tension?

Higher string tension is recommended for a player whose level of skills is uplifted. At higher string tensions, you obtain the benefits of much more power and control, although at the cost of a small sweet spot. A lower tension means a bigger sweet spot but less of control and power. Following are the three types of string tension to consider:

  • Low (17-22lbs) for Beginners and Intermediate: Provides a soft string bed, gives less racket feedback at the time of hitting, comes with the largest sweet spot that triggers more power with less accurate strokes, and makes the strings last longer than usual due to less strain.
  • Medium (23-28lbs) for Intermediate and Advanced Players: Provides a harder string bed, better shots control, and a smaller sweet spot indicating to be careful about the hitting area of the shuttle
  • High (29lbs+) for Professionals and International Experts: Provides an extremely centered sweet spot indicating the need for a perfect strategy to hit.

You can adjust the strings’ tension as per your game but ensure that it is as per the recommended tension levels. Otherwise, the badminton racket is likely to snap. For hitting a plastic shuttle, it is ideal for reducing the tension by 1-2 lbs as such shuttles are heftier and fly differently than those with feathers. Further, much more power is required to hit a plastic cock up to the same distance than what is needed for hitting as a normal one.

Which type of shaft my badminton racket should have?

There are two types of shafts to consider, namely, stiff and flexible. Each of them has its pros and cons.

  • Stiff: Features less repulsion and more powerful swings making it ideal for intermediate and advanced players. For beginners, a stiff shaft is not perfect, as they are more inclined towards triggering more strength. This kind of shaft is ideal for gaining more advanced skills. It is faster to attack and respond than a flexible shaft while the power output is reduced. The shuttle placement accuracy is great.
  • Flexible: It is ideal for beginners who can easily focus on the hitting technique and not much on triggering enough power. It ensures better repulsion than a stiff shaft due to which clears are effortlessly good. However, the shuttlecock placement may not be accurate because of the repulsion. The flexible shafts are slower than the stiff shafts, which means gradual replies and attacks, although they put less stress on wrists. They are ideal for defensive-style players, as there is no need to swinging too hard.

You should also focus on the shaft’s length, as it influences the overall racket behavior. The standard length is 675mm and is typically known as a long shaft. However, you may find longer shafts too. A longer shaft ensures more power due to a more noticeable flexion.

On the other hand, a shorter shaft ensures limited graphite deformation, more powerful smashes as well as maneuverability, and better sensations.

How should the handle of my badminton racket be?

The handle is the racket’s lower section that enables a player to take the frame’s control. The common handle sizes range from 1 to 3, with the latter being the largest size across all the brands. For small hands, grip 1 is ideal.

We use fingers more than palm to grab a badminton racket. Hence we need a thin handle that your fingers can swiftly orient. However, you can change the handle’s thickness by changing the existing grip or adding (over) grip.

The Yonex brand has come up with a distinct grip rating system. Its grip sizes range from G6 to G4 with G6 and G5 having a thin grip size ideal for a young user with a smaller hand. G4 is the most common grip size.

What kind of build material should I choose for my badminton racket?

The modern badminton rackets are no longer full metallic pieces. They are now a mix of metal and carbon fibers. A few Japanese models are made up of sonic metal, a unique alloy that regulates excessive vibrations generated when the shuttlecock hits the racket.

This results in less external interference and allows making a shot with ultra-sharp precision. This material also makes a super booming sound during smashes, which a low-end model cannot create.

Many modern models are made up of a carbon fiber called graphite that boosts overall strength and minimizes frame deformation. Handles are usually made up of solid wood for boosting the ability to absorb shocks.

Some rackets are also made using Ultra Poly Ethylene Fibre (Ultra-PEF) that is lighter than water still capable of tackling the most robust smashes and absorbing shocks. This material is usually integrated into the shaft.

How a badminton racket differs for singles and doubles?

Both these matches tend to differ significantly, and so do their rackets. Doubles matches are dependent significantly on the players’ reflexes and are usually played at a fast pace. Thus, their players need an agile racket that allows smooth transitions between attack and defense. Here, control is an insignificant factor. On the other hand, for slow-paced singles matches, shot positioning is critical.


It takes some time and research to get to the best badminton rackets as per your style, purpose, and budget. Just do not invest in a popular racket. We highly recommend the Baden Champion set to get started if you do not mind spending a bit more than usual. You can even continue to use it for further levels, as it is meant for all playing levels.

The major reasons for this recommendation are its tournament-level rackets, weatherproof net, adjustable poles, and lifetime warranty. You will hardly get this combination at a reasonable price.