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As a keen or a learning badminton player, what all do you think when it comes to preparing for this game? Rackets? Clothes? Court? Okay, what about the shoes? Will any sports shoes or running shoes do? Certainly not.

Imagine your challenger has just thrown the shuttle towards your head due to which you require a brisk jump so that it does not strike the ground. What you think you need here the most? Well, it is the pair of best shoes for badminton that can give you all the traction and flexibility.

Just as any other sport, badminton has its own shoes designed to endure and/or flexible support a few actions such as leaps and instant position and direction changes without compromising the expected support.

Best Badminton shoes

If you do not wear such shoes, you as a player are only likely to end up with a bad game experience but also may face a slip or an ankle rollover. Badminton demands extensive skills, precision, speed, and agility. For example, you must run from one court corner to another quite quickly for smashing the shuttle back towards the challenger.

Only a pair of badminton shoes can take care of fulfilling most of these demands.

Further, such a pair reduce the chances of all possible injuries, blisters, and strains, right from ankles to knees due to its powerful shock absorbing capacity. It will also facilitate sufficient ventilation and dramatic performance.

Regardless of how competitive the play is, players always want to give their best and this starts by investing in the best badminton shoes. This guide simplifies this task of yours by sharing reviews of 5 best badminton shoes and a comprehensive buying guide.

2021’s 5 Best Badminton Shoes Reviews

ASICS Men’s Gel-Rocket 8 Volleyball Shoe

ASICS Mens Gel-Rocket 8 Volleyball Shoe, Black/White, 9 Medium US

ASICS is frequently in breaking news for its foot- and court-friendly collection of shoes. Although this is a volleyball shoe pair but has received praises from different badminton players.

It has been an all-time favorite of first-time and intermediate court players. This is perhaps because the pair boasts an ideal mix of comfort and ergonomics because of its foot-friendly design and advanced GEL cushioning.

Gel-Rocket 8 is believed by many as an ideal option in the collection of entry-level shoes due to its superb fit, excellent traction, and upgraded shock-absorbing cushioning ability. The improved Gel-Rocket avatar comes with the stabilizing technology called Truss tic to reduce the sole’s weight and retains the overall structural support. It also comes with proprietary forefoot gel cushioning for accentuated shock absorption and traction due to gum rubber on the outsole.

The Gel technology features a soft and pliable material at the front and rear side to handle sudden impact load. These shoes also feature an integrated guidance system in which small components are combined for ensuring the smooth energy transfer for ensuring great stability.

The design of these shoes makes them quite lightweight. This indirectly aids in retaining proper structural support due to which you can turn and move quickly. It is also responsible for maintaining your balance to keep stumbling at bay.

The flatter front curve minimizes your effort in making twists. Even the risk of an injury is minimal while ensuring adequate ankle protection. The shaft gauges around low-top from arch. These designs and proprietary features have made this pair a top-level one with an entry-level price.

The shoes are available even for women. Thus, it is designed to fulfill the different needs of diverse users.


  • Light
  • True to width
  • For Both men and women
  • Great traction, especially on wood surfaces due to non-marking gum rubber outsole
  • Structural integrity
  • Ankle protection
  • Less foot fatigue
  • Available in different colors
  • Maximum shock absorption


  • Breaking in required
  • Poor arch support
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LI-NING Saga Lightweight Men Badminton Shoes

LI-NING Men Saga Lightweight Anti-Slippery Badminton Shoes Breathable Professional Sport Shoes Green AYTM085 US 9

At first glance, it seems that these shoes are quite glittery due to which they may not be highly functional. However, it is not so. While the exterior has a vibrant look, the interior renders a comfortable play experience.

The synthetic leather body is adorned with bright neon colors but is highly functional.  Together with the upper mesh, the synthetic leather body renders the shoes quite breathable. An additional reinforcement layer along the toe region and inside front helps in better shoe performance, reduces the risk of any possible injury, and contribute to durability.

The several pivot points make the sole extraordinarily supple, which contributes to comfort and fast performance. Thus, you get a multi-flex sole, which is a part of the advanced design of badminton shoes.

The rubber sole featuring non-marking gum is designed so well such that it keeps the sole away from facing abrasions and slips.

This advanced pair of shoes integrate the XSTRUCTRE tight design featuring a cross-strap build at heels that allows adjusting the tightness as per your requirements. This consequently ensures improved anti-rollover protection, less risk of ankle injury, and stability.


  • Light
  • Stylish look
  • The same model for women too
  • Snug fit for right comfort and support
  • Good traction
  • Breathable
  • Resistant to abrasion and collision
  • Rubber outsole
  • Good ankle and lateral support
  • Durable
  • Available in different colors


  • A bit heavy and pricey
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Mizuno Women’s Wave Lightning RX2 Volleyball Shoe

Mizuno Women's Wave Lightning RX2 Volleyball Shoe,Silver/Black,8.5 B US

Mizuno is one of the esteemed brands to consider for badminton shoes. Its shoes are admired for style, comfort, and durability. The Wave Lightning RX2 pair just an addition to such shoes.

Apart from the three flawless upper layers contributing to an extra level of durability, this pair is equipped with the latest technologies that absorb shocks and impact. Simple yet practical, this pair redefines functionalism with minimalism.

Parallel Mizuno Wave, a superb technology for cushioning is integrated to spread the shock evenly throughout the sole. The Dynamotion Fit technology is responsible for discarding distortion that arises from the stress your feet put on the shoes. As a result, you are ensured of a comfortable fit.

Then, there is the Dynamotion Groove technology, which improves the feet’s flexibility as well as agility for ensuring a supreme performance.

Further, an integrated suspension system makes the Wave plate touch the ground for ensuring maximum stability and traction, while the rubber outsole is responsible for enhanced traction and flexibility.

The combination also retains your balance while switching from one move to another. Further, the enhanced midsole ventilation does not allow heat and humidity to stay within, which ensures better comfort and dry feet to keep the Athlete’s foot and blisters away.

Enhanced stability and very light cushioning are truly the premium features of this pair. However, even exceptional is the rubber and non-marking sole, ensuring sufficient grip as you pitch or take other instant movements. The shaft gauges around 2.25 inches from the arch.


  • Light
  • For players of all levels
  • Extraordinary traction
  • Good arch support
  • Improved fit
  • Stable due to rubber outsole
  • True to size
  • Good ventilation
  • Durable
  • Available in different colors
  • Affordable


  • Stiff upper
  • Small size for some
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Adidas Men’s Barricade Club Tennis Shoe

adidas Performance Men's Barricade 2018 Tennis Shoe, White/Black/Matte Silver, 11 M US

Consider this pair of Adidas shoes if you are in search of the right blend of comfort and versatility. Made to ease out the powerful lateral movements, this pair makes you move quickly while keeping far injuries away. Further, a sleek and 100% synthetic leather design make this pair look fresh as well as comfortable.

The light mesh material on the upper side keeps your feet dry and ventilated throughout the game. Around the medial forefoot and toes, there are abrasion-resistant wraps to handle foot drag during the extreme lateral movements.

The shoes also come with a support foil that is made up of Thermoplastic PolyUrethane (TPU) to ensure durability in the main areas of abrasion as well as higher lateral stability. Aggressive players are going to praise the EVA torsion mechanism in the midfoot area at each leap to get dynamic support.

The shoes also feature full-length ADIPRENE that is responsible for better cushioning than expected at impact. The Adiwear outsole is responsible for the superior durability against wear and tear. The rubber sole provides a nice grip, absorbs impacts, and keeps sliding at bay to improve agility and speed.

You can even remove the insole for having a more profound foot penetration. Nevertheless, doing so is likely to boost stability around the ankle, which may not let you have flexible ankle movements.

While made for tennis, these shoes are also ideal for badminton, as they boost speed and performance on the court. They can easily take you through the full session regardless of how hard or long the game is.


  • Sleek design
  • Breathable
  • Better grip and anti-sliding ability due to the rubber sole
  • True to fit
  • Resistance to abrasion
  • Sufficient midfoot support
  • Great cushioning and traction
  • Durable
  • Removable insole


  • Harder sole
  • Not friendly lacing method
  • A bit expensive
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HEAD Men’s Grid 2.0 Low Racquetball/Squash Indoor Court Shoes (Non-Marking)

HEAD Men's Grid 2.0 Low Racquetball/Squash Indoor Court Shoes (Non-Marking) (White/Navy) 9.5 (D) US

Consider this pair of shoes if you are looking for the best breathable footwear for badminton that is versatile enough to do well on an indoor court meant for any compatible sport. To retain the ultimate breathability, this pair comes with a distinct cooling system.

This system is capable of having a dynamic climate control by absorbing and releasing excess heat at any time. The shoes also feature the abrasion compound formula of the proprietary HyBrasion technology for absorbing shocks and impacts, especially in the sole’s extremely stressed regions.

This results in better protection than expected against the wear and tear. Even the design is such that it makes these shoes resistant to toe drag, slipping, and abrasion.

The gum rubber outsole (non-marking) makes the pair quite stable and ensures sufficient grip, while the air mesh upper along with the synthetic leather upper and EVA midsole contribute to breathability and cushioning. The inside nylon anti-torsion bar simply ensures you the required level of stability.


  • Versatile enough to do well on any indoor court
  • Light
  • Breathable
  • Good fit
  • Good traction even on a dusty court
  • Stable due to gum rubber outsole
  • Non-skid bottom
  • Great ankle support
  • Vibration/impact dampening
  • Anti-abrasion ability


  • A bit heavy
  • Not so great arch support
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How to Choose the Best Badminton Shoes

There are many badminton shoes available in the market. They tend to look similar but actually differ in various aspects such as sole and build material. So, you simply cannot go and pick up any pair of shoes that you like visually. You also need to assess them functionally to know which one can best suit your requirements.

For this functional assessment, you need to know the criteria, which are the buying factors that tend to influence your selection by defining the best badminton shoes for you as per your requirements. Here are these factors to consider in the form of answers to the commonly asked questions.

Why I should choose badminton shoes and not any other sports shoes for badminton?

Most beginners think that it is fine to have regular or sports shoes for badminton. However, what they need to know is that badminton has its unique expectations from shoes that normal sports shoes or running shoes cannot fulfill.

First, badminton needs rubber-soled shoes so that the players do not fall, slip, harm their ankles. This is something that regular shoes cannot ensure. Streaking is another issue with regular designs, which happens when they hit a hard floor.

While sliding across the floor, the regular shoes’ bottoms leave marks. This is something that rubber outsoles does not leave, as it keeps skidding at bay.

It is wise to choose synthetic or natural rubber, as it is non-permeable due to which moisture or water cannot go in the interior. If it snow, there is no risk of frostbite. In short, rubber can endure all harsh natural conditions in all seasons.

There is no need to have the full shoes made up of rubber. Just ensure that the outsoles are of rubber to prevents falls and skids.

How important are the grip and traction in badminton shoes?

Both grip and traction are important buying factors. The grip facilitates a strong hold on smooth surfaces like the wood indoor court. As per the sole pattern and material, some shoes ensure a superb grip due to which you can stand more firmly.

On the other hand, traction refers to the friction between the floor and sole. This means that even a slippery pair of shoes can yet provide good traction. Nevertheless, this does not mandatorily indicate that the pair is suitable for your sport. Traction is required for moving around easily and quickly.

The badminton floors are typically smooth due to which it becomes easier to slip. Thus, it is more difficult to change directions quickly. Further, the probability of slipping or skidding is always high. To keep these issues at bay and ensuring mobility as well as steadiness, it is essential to strike a balance between grip and traction.

So, while choosing a pair with a good grip, it is critical to consider your conditions, outsole materials, and bottom pattern of the sole. Different materials on the outsole ensure a better grip for various indoor courts. As most courts are of wood, a gum rubber sole is ideal to remain steady.

Coming to the bottom pattern, the pattern of more profound grooves or hexagonal lines typically ensure a better grip. For good traction, the grip should not be firm on the floor or else you will slow down.

How do I choose badminton shoes with shock absorption?

Just as traction and grip, shock absorption ability is a critical factor. In simple words, for absorbing shocks and impact, the soles should not be so hard and ruthless enough to come in the way of absorbing shocks.

Rather, it should provide a good level of cushioning for jumping safely for smashes and moving quickly. Once your foot comes into contact with the ground, good cushioning uniformly distributes the weight of your body throughout your feet’s bottom.

Thus, minimal shock reaches your toes, ankles, and arches; which is not harmful. With time, good cushioning will lighten joint stress and keep knee and ankle pain at bay.

Soft padding on the inside gives good cushioning to handle the impact while jumping or running. Actually, there are many types of cushioning, of which many are made using various foams.

A springy material is required for cushioning in any pair of shoes. They are soft, regain their shape post impact, and are energy absorbent. This regaining of shape boosts you for the next step that you can take safely.

How do I know whether a pair of badminton shoes is breathable or not?

Breathability or ventilation is a critical feature to have in badminton shoes. This is because it results in a smooth exchange of air and removal of heat to minimize the accumulation of bad odors and keep feet comfortable by keeping sweat away.

Above all, breathability can keep away unkind foot conditions such as tinea pedis aka Athlete’s foot or even symptoms such as itching, blistering, and burning. To ensure this, most makers provide shoes with mesh in the upper area of the shoes. This material is perfect for all indoor games.

How do I choose the right show weight?

The weight of your badminton shoes tends to affect the overall performance of yours in the game. A heavy pair shall only decelerate your movements and even distract your concentration to some extent. It is also likely to put a strain on joints and muscles.

On the other hand, lighter shoes facilitate acceleration, making it effortless for you to jump or leap. They also provide a super comfortable feel. The perfect weight range is around 250 to 400 g. You need to know that a good rubber sole and adequate cushioning can increase the overall weight. So, do check that out!

For choosing a lightweight pair, first, focus on the build material of shoes. A pair with less fabric is lighter as well as more breathable. So, choose a lighter fabric as the build material.

You will find some models having soles that are specially designed to be light. During the design phase, these soles undergo a variety of techniques so that they can retain their supportive and shock-absorbing abilities without being heavy. So, you can even look for light soles.

Which badminton shoes are the most comfortable ones?

The most comfortable badminton shoes are the ones that have the right mix of all essential features namely breathability, cushioning, traction, grip, and weight. A pair will be uncomfortable if it lacks sufficient cushioning or if it is too heavy. Apart from that, you broadly need to consider the following for having the desired comfort level:

  • Foot Shape: It can be straight, semi-curved, or curved. You should first determine the shape of your foot to find a similar fitting shoe design. To know this, just step onto a surface and outline your footprint.
  • Shoe Fit: They tend to differ from one pair to another as per the design and material used. Usually, it is recommended having a space of 5/8 inches space between the end of shoes and toes. It is vital to know that a pair of shoes having much cushioning is likely to have thick padding due to which its results in a narrower fit. Instead of buying a small size, it is better to go for more space.
  • Flexibility: You need to find out how firm or rigid your shoes are. Flat and wide feet need a more rigid design to give more stability. Similarly, feet with high arches need more cushioning as well as flexibility for proper comfort. To test a footwear’s flexibility, simply twist it. The more it turns, the greater is the level of flexibility. However, too much flexibility interrupts the stability and results in an ankle injury.

How to ensure that badminton shoes will provide ankle support?

It is essential to have a free motion range for your ankles, which your shoes should give. This is because of all angular twists for jumping, going backward, and other movements originate from the ankle. Thus, you should choose badminton shoes that give only moderate ankle support.

This is neither too less nor too more support. Such support can make you go forward, backward, and sideways quickly. If the support is more than required, the ankles will not remain flexible and will not be strong enough for the game.

For choosing the shoes with right ankle support, look for ankle support or flexible ankle support in specifications and customer reviews.

How to choose the right sole?

For choosing the right sole, you need to choose the right sole type, which is either have rubber or gum rubber soles. Which one to choose is dependent on the court.

These days, most courts are wood or PU for which gum rubber soles are ideal. Such a sole provides you with additional grip as well as extra traction. However, in case of a cement floor, go only for rubber. Most rubber soles are non-marking, meaning it will not leave a marking on the floor while dragging your legs.

You should also consider the sole’s thickness. As badminton requires quick reactions and a lower gravity center, a thin sole is ideal. With such a sole, it becomes easy to jump and move quickly as well as make extraordinary sprints. Thick soles are simply for runners, not for badminton.

Are all shoes for badminton non-marking?

Today, non-marking shoes are perhaps a necessity. In fact, for synthetic playing surfaces, non-marking shoes are a top priority to prevent any flooring damage.


A badminton player needs only badminton shoes, not any other sports shoes. There is no single pair of badminton shoes that is ideal for all. This is because each player has a unique set of requirements. Thus, you need to choose your badminton footwear as per your requirements.

If budget is not a problem, we recommend the Li-Ning Saga badminton shoes, as the pair has all that is expected from the best badminton shoes. It is light and stylish, fits snugly, provides good traction and ankle support, is breathable and highly resistant to abrasions, and has a rubber outsole.