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Whether you are a professional basketball player or an amateur one, a basketball hoop is one of the most important essentials. The modern basketball hoops systems include rims, backboard types and different other features. If you are reading this, we know that you are looking for the best basketball hoop available in the market. Let us help you find the right one for your backyards

We spent hours on researching on basketball hoops in order to present you 5 which deserve your full attention. We feature both in-ground, portable models in this article. But if you are looking for only in-ground hoops, read it here. If you are looking for only portable hoops, click here.

Best Basketball Hoop

5 Best Basketball Hoops of 2019

Lifetime 90020 Height Adjustable In-Ground Basketball System, 48 Inch – Value for Money

Lifetime 90020 Height Adjustable In Ground Basketball System, 48 Inch Shatterproof Backboard

Lifetime 90020 Height Adjustable In-Ground Basketball System is one of the best basketball hoops and the most obvious choice of us many. The tested unit is made to meet the highest expectations and we can see that if we take a look at the construction, the elements and the attention to detail. All of those elements are far above average and they are among the best in the class. The backboard is 48 inches and it is shatterproof. It comes with durable and long lasting graphics that will stay as new as long as you need them.

Then we have steel construction. The entire system is made from high-quality steel and it is powder coated. As you shall see, later on, this form of protection is the best and the most appealing. It makes steel look better and it will protect it from rusting, scratches and all other issues. We must add that the frame itself is fully adjustable. You can adjust the height between 6.5 up to 10 feet and all you have to do is to twist a handle. The same system is used on most expensive, professional basketball hoops you can find today.

It also features a slam it ring.


  • Adjustable height
  • Slam-it Rim
  • Powder coated
  • Backboard


  • Obsolete design
  • Poor instructions
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Lifetime 1269 Pro Court Height-Adjustable Portable Basketball System – 44 Inch Cheap Model

Lifetime 1269 Pro Court Height Adjustable Portable Basketball System, 44 Inch Backboard

Lifetime 1269 is a smaller version of the first unit we reviewed. As such, the basics and most elements are almost the same. The biggest difference is in the backboard which is 44 inches in size, a bit smaller than the first model has. It is also made from high-quality material and it can withstand impacts of all intensity. The backboard won’t crack or fail under any force. In reality, these units are well-known precisely for this reason and something we all appreciate.

The frame is different as well. In this case scenario, we are looking at the frame made from 3 poles. Adjusting the hoop is still possible and users can choose between 7.5 and 10 feet, which is standard height. Assembly process is a bit more complicated, due to the frame characteristics we have just mentioned, but thanks to instructions, you can complete it without any help. It also allows you to adjust the frame specifically as you want and to get the most out of design.

Warranty is great and there is no other way to say it. You get 5 years of warranty and it covers all the parts of the unit. You will enjoy using it and you won’t have to worry about any potential issue. The warranty is one of the best we were able to see until now. The unit comes with a base which should be filled with sand. Yes, you can fill it with water, but sand is heavier and a bit safer option.


  • Backboard
  • Base
  • Adjustable height
  • Instructions


  • Size
  • Adjusting height is difficult
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Giantex Portable Basketball Hoop System – 39 Inch Cheap Model

Giantex Portable Basketball Hoop System In-Ground Base NBA Outdoor Indoor Adjustable Height Stand Poolside Portable Basketball System w/Wheels Shatterproof Backboard

Giantex basketball hoop we have in the third place is a great alternative that has been with us for a long period of time. The unit we tested looks great and it is really one of the best-looking models out there. Of course, there are important advantages as well, not just the looks. For instance, the main materials are steel, with the PVC and PE elements. This makes the entire system suitable for all weather conditions and you can use it indoor or outdoor, according to your need.

The frame is made from steel as you would expect and it is powder coated. All of this means that the frame looks nice and it will resist weather and time perfectly. We liked the attention to details which make this model a bit better than the competition. Last but not least is the base. It is strong, stable and it has wheels so you can move it around according to your need.  The backboard is immune to cracks and features shatterproof characteristic. On our tests, we were unable to find any issue or problem with the backboard and the overall system. It is still one of our favorites.

The height can be adjusted as you saw on earlier models. However, this system is slightly more complicated than the ones you saw earlier and it will take a bit more patience. Anyway, the basketball hoop is designed and made for children and adults so you can get the most out of your investment. We tested it in several situations, with different heights selected and we were more than just satisfied. It is an excellent and stunning basketball hoop for indoor and outdoor usage.


  • Beautiful
  • For indoor and outdoor usages
  • PVC and PE
  • Steel construction


  • Adjusting height
  • Customer support
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Hercules Platinum – Fixed Height In-ground basketball hoop – 72 Inch Expensive Model

Hercules Platinum Tempered Glass with Rust Armor - Fixed Height In-ground Basketball Hoop with 1/2 inch Regulation Size Backboard and 6x6 Square Pole

Hercules you can see here is far from the ordinary unit. First of all, it is expensive, made to last long and made to meet all the expectations you can possibly have. For instance, the backboard is 6×6 inches made from 72 inches tempered glass. It adheres to the NBA standards. The entire unit looks nice and you can see the quality and you can feel it as well. There are so many things we can say about it.

The frame is the next best thing. It is made from 7 gauge steel and it is the strongest in the class and one of the strongest on the market in general. The frame is coated with special powder so it is immune to corrosion. But you also get stainless steel bits and the zinc galvanized construction. All of this means that the frame is immune to rust and can be used in all weather conditions. This feature is known as Rust Armor Package and it prolongs the warranty you will get.

Assembly process isn’t the simplest but is reasonably easy. At any given moment you can get help from customer support and you can contact them at any given moment. We believe that this model will be the best choice for users who need a high-end unit and who are ready to pay for it. We are generally satisfied with it and we had to include it on our list.


  • Strong construction
  • Backboard made from high-quality glass
  • Warranty
  • All weather conditions 


  • Expensive
  • Heavy
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Spalding Pro Slam Portable NBA 54″ Angled Pole Backboard Basketball System

Spalding Pro Slam Portable NBA 54

Spalding Pro is a standard basketball hoop that comes with all the essentials you are going to need ever. The backboard is well-made and strong. The frame is made from high-quality steel and powder coated, the same as for many other models on the market.

The construction is strong, as you were able to see, but there are a lot more you should know. The height is fully adjustable and you will need seconds to get the desired height. The handle is well-made as well and the entire system works perfectly without any issues. In a nutshell, this might be one of the best and the most appealing choices for you. Especially if we reveal that it is known as one of the most affordable models on the market.

The basketball hoop will last, and it can withstand all weather conditions, but it looks ordinary and there are no special features. We believe that it is going to become more and more popular in the future due to all of which we have mentioned.


  • Value for money
  • Adjustable height
  • Frame
  • Base


  • Ordinary design
  • Weak graphics
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How To Choose The Best Basketball Hoop for you

If you are still looking for the best basketball hoop, you need to read the buyer’s guide. Here we will present to you with all the factors you need to consider and help you how to find the best unit for your specific needs.


The first factor you will have to consider actually doesn’t have anything to do with the basketball hoop itself. It is linked to your neighborhood. What this means is that you should consult your neighbors first before investing a huge amount of money into a new basketball hoop. Imagine a scenario in which you purchased a unit but you cannot use it!

That’s why it is a much better choice to ask around and see can you add a basketball hoop to your home. In most situations, there are no rules that forbid this, but just to be sure, ask your neighbors.

What are the Types of Basketball Hoops?

There are three main types of basketball hoops. Each one is completely different and comes with its own set of features. Below is the list of all three types alongside all the facts you need to know for each one.

  • Wall mounted

This is the smallest and most affordable type of basketball hoop. It is the smallest because it doesn’t have a frame, but the backboard and the rim only. As the name suggests, it will be mounted on the wall of your home. The price and size are two main advantages. However, you will head ball hitting the wall inside your home so this may not be the best option.

  • In-ground

In-ground models have a frame and they are the safest of them all. The frame will be in the ground partially so the basketball hoop cannot fall. We can see that most people with small children choose this option, precisely for this safety benefit. On the other hand, they are expensive and they cannot be moved. You will have to leave it where you placed it and moving it is a time-consuming process. This is actually the biggest drawback of these models.

  • Portable

Yes, portable basketball hoops do exist. However, they are slightly different than other models. The biggest difference is the frame which comes with a base. The base will hold the basketball hoop in place and you can play basketball whenever you want. When you are done, you can move it, which isn’t as simple as it sounds, but manageable. For most people, these models are the best. They are reasonably affordable and they come with all you are going to need. Just keep in mind that base must be secured before playing.

Is adjustable height something I need?

Adjustable height might be the most important factor to consider or the least important, depending on your needs. What you need to consider here is who is going to use that basketball hoop. If you have children and you want to use the basketball hoop for years, you need an adjustable frame. If you are planning on using it all by yourself, or you have adult children, there is no need for adjustable height. On the other hand, we can see that adjustable height is there when you need it the most and can significantly assist you in using the basketball hoop for more situations.

What size basketball hoop should I get?

It is up to you. If you want NBA certified model you will need 72 inches size.  If you are looking for a small model to be used on the driveway, get a unit between 45 and 55 inches. They are smaller, but they are still fun to use and desirable.


A backboard can be either made to meet the NBA specifications, which is 6×6 inches or it can be smaller. We believe that those that meet the NBA requirements are the best and they deserve full attention. Bigger or smaller are usually more affordable and they aim beginners or intermediate basketball players. It is up to you, but keep in mind that NBA recommends a specific size and we recommend it as well.

When it comes to the materials of the backboard, there are three options. The first one is glass. Tempered glass is used in NBA and it is the strongest and the best option you can choose. These basketball hoops are a bit expensive but they have the best bouncing rate.

The second option is acrylic. It is commonly known as the second best option, after glass and it is reasonably affordable, yet it looks excellent. These hoops are great value for money and they can be used for multiple applications.

Polycarbonate is the third option. This material is reserved for low-end, cheap basketball hoops that can be used at public locations and by newbies. The material itself is strong and durable, but it causes the ball to bounce differently than glass or acrylic. This is the biggest issue with this material.


The frame can be made from one material only, from steel. Yes, you can find some cheap models that have frames made from aluminum or iron. They should be avoided and they are too weak to be used all the time. We believe steel is the best option and you will get the strongest and the most durable basketball hoop of them all. In other words, there is no other alternative here.


The coating is used to protect steel from rust and damages. You can choose between many options available, but most models are powder coated. What this means is that the coat over the steel is strong and it can withstand all weather conditions. We liked this type of coating and we believe it is one of the best out there.

You can also go for ordinary paint, but it is weaker protection than powder coating. In some cases, you can get a model which is layered with zinc. This is the best possible protection from the rust and it deserves your full attention. Just make sure that the additional elements are made from stainless steel. This material doesn’t rust.


Rim can be rigid, and it is common on affordable models designed for beginners. This rim is permanent and it won’t move when slamming the basketball. It is more suitable for indoor usage and it makes the entire basketball hoop more affordable, but it doesn’t feel right for some players.

The alternative is slam-it rim. It is identical to the ones used in the NBA and it moves accordingly. Keep in mind that it requires more maintenance and it is more expensive to own, but the feeling is just right.


You will make a severe investment when choosing a new basketball hoop so you need a great warranty. There are so many types of warranties out there that we don’t have the time to mention all of them. In general, a 1-year warranty is a decent and common choice.  A much better is 5 years long warranty which is reserved for high-end units. In this case, longer is better.


Lifetime 90020 is one of the best basketball hoops if you are looking for an adjustable in-ground model. We appreciated the powder coating, the adjustable height, and the backboard although it is a 48 inch model. If you are looking for a 72 Inch model go for the Hercules one. But if you are looking for a portable unit go for Spalding pro.