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In the world of sports, baseball holds a special status in the hearts of many. From a cognitive viewpoint, the game requires both fine and gross motor skills. While these skills are finely honed throughout practice, it is not efficiently possible to do so without a batting tee.

Believe it or not, hitting a baseball is the most irritating yet a rewarding action, a beginner or an experienced athlete can do. How can a player prepare to hit that ball so that it moves at high speed towards the field of play? How can this be done where there are several repetitions, continuous practice, and various situations that reiterate?

Not all can access a pitching machine. This is again where a batting tee is needed for developing a big-time swing. The best batting tees are an ideal way to practice and improve swing while playing baseball. They also help in boosting focus, control, and precision.

Indeed, one of the harder things for a beginner who wants to play baseball or softball is to hit a ball pitched from the hand. Similarly, it is hard to master the blend of timing a swing and performing the swing accurately at the same time.

These are the reasons why professional coaches encourage beginners to use a batting tee. It significantly aids them in improving the ins and outs of learning batter before including the timing of the swing into the reckoning.

Jugs T - Pro Style Batting Tee, Will Not Tip Over, 24” - 46” Adjustment Range for High and Low Tee Drills, Patented Grip-N-Go Handle, Always-Feel-The-Ball Flexible Top, 1-Year Guarantee

For decades, batting tees have been used as training gear by the softball and baseball players. Further, they are a great tool even for kids for teaching them how to handle a bat and for developing muscle memory.

So, why not follow them to be like them? Well, for that, you need to have the best batting tee that is precise, adjustable, durable, and useful for the players of most or all ages. Having such a tee is the first step to being a baseball expert.

This guide helps in choosing one such batting tee for yourself by introducing reviews of the top five batting tees and sharing the buying factors.

Reviews of 2021’s 5 Best Batting Tees for Baseball and Softball

Tanner Tee

TANNER TEE the ORIGINAL | Premium Baseball/Softball Batting Tee w/ Tanner Original Base, Patented Hand-rolled FlexTop, and Easy Height Adjustments for Ages 9 & up

Meant for heavy hitters and not for those below nine years, the Tanner batting tee is the original Pro style model that professional, travel ball and college players often use. Although sturdy, the tee is light in weight to make it easy for carrying it and easy to disassemble to fit it into any travel bag.

The sturdy construction means the tee will continue to give consistent performance even after thousands of swings. The solid metal design, along with quick height adjustments, make it ideal for any level of baseball and softball.

The Tanner Tee is composed of two components, namely, an adjustable stem and a weather-resistant base of 9×9 inches. Its stem is versatile in the sense that it is adjustable to have a height ranging from 26 to 43 inches. The friction technology makes it easy to adjust the height quickly.

This means that the tee is super adjustable and is suitable for both youngsters and adults alike who prefer low and high ball levels. The heavy claw gives three contact points for an additional grip on any hitting surface in use.

The patented tip design is exclusively made to make the player feel the ball, and not the tee, at the time of contact. It is hand-rolled, patented, flexible, and made up of rubber.

The tip allows a bat to go through the contact point without much interference. This means no damage to the bat by the rigid tops. The ball resides high on the tip so that you contact the right part of the ball to generate line drives, without feeling the tee.

This batting tee is preferable by hitters of all types for improving their mechanics. Further, it works well on any practice surface.


  • Light and portable
  • For both baseball and softball
  • Highly stable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Hand-rolled top
  • Adjustable to different heights
  • Good feel and focus
  • Durable


  • Medium-priced
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SKLZ Hit-A-Way Portable Baseball Training-Station Swing Trainer with Stand

SKLZ Hit-A-Way Portable Baseball Training-Station Swing Trainer with Stand

This is a tee trainer that is ideal for hitters who are seven and above in age. The best part of this trainer is that you need not chase the ball every time for the next hit. The twist-back design and the stout pole maximize the swing speed, hitting power, and mechanics facilitating repeated practice up to 500 swings in 60 minutes.

The unit also allows you to focus on improving the hitting mechanics, without placing a ball on the tee every time or chasing it. The support for repetitive training allows developing muscle memory in the swing.

Despite being a trainer, this product is highly mobile due to its collapsible design. After home training, you can collapse the unit and carry it to other places for pre-game warmups. This trainer is ideal for solo or team sessions.

Unlike other trainers, this one is suitable for both right- and left-handed hitters for supporting their stance and boost their hitting power. Further, you can easily adjust the ball level at different heights.

The adjustable pitch hit enables raising or lowering the ball position for having different hitting experiences. Over time, this enables you to make an improved judgment for hitting. It also means that you can use this unit for practicing with a group in which each player gets to play at a suitable height.

The tripod base is highly stable and wide. The unit is convenient to set and is ideal for all diamond players. With it, you can easily boost your batting skills, hand and eye coordination, and swing power and precision.


  • Collapsible design for portability
  • Broad base due to tripod design
  • Adjustable height
  • Easy to set
  • Stable
  • No need to place ball every time
  • Better swings by both left- and right-handed hitters


  • A bit costly
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PowerNet Baseball Softball Practice Net 7×7 with Travel Tee

PowerNet Baseball Softball Practice Net 7x7 with Deluxe Tee (Red) | Practice Hitting, Pitching, Batting, Fielding | Portable, Backstop, Training Aid, Large Mouth, Bow Frame | Training Equipment Bundle

Consider this tee and net set if you want an all-inclusive package for practicing. Although pricier than many tees available, you get what you pay for. After all, you get a portable 7×7 ft net for baseball and softball, a travel tee with foldable tripod design, a storage bag with heavy-duty zipper, and a canvas carry bag with a shoulder strap.

The frame is flexible and durable, as it is made using fiberglass. It has a sturdy steel base, and corner joints add to its overall stability.

Even the net is sturdy and durable, as it has no knots and is made up of polyester that has PU coating. These materials are capable of enduring several years of abuse apart from the hardest-hit or throw.

The socket net in the middle catches and holds balls to prevent you from chasing them. The heavy-duty seams have a vibrant rim that acts as a target. They are also robust with double stitching rendering a dual-layer of longevity against each hit or throw.

Durability also comes from the reinforced top, and bottom loops made up of nylon along with heavy-duty closures. The weighted base is wide and is made up of steel for ensuring extra stability. You also get ground stakes to give a boost to that stability level when required.

Just like other tees, the tee in this set is adjustable. It adjusts within the range of 27.5” to 44.0” to suit any player regardless of the age and height. A dial screw makes it quick to make this adjustment in seconds.

The overall design is collapsible, as it splits quickly into two parts to fit inside any training or equipment bag. The set up also takes less than two minutes and requires no tools. The steel interlocking base with poles of fiberglass facilitates quick assembly and disassembly.

You can use this set both indoors and outdoors for batting, pitching, fielding, and hitting. It is also reliable for acting as a mobile backstop.


  • Highly portable
  • Collapsible design
  • Easy to set
  • Stable
  • Durable frame and net
  • Adjustable height
  • No more ball chasing
  • Available in different colors
  • Carry bag with shoulder strap
  • Endorsement from professional players such as Jose Martinez and Kirsti Merritt


  • Less durable tee
  • Medium-priced
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Jugs 5-Point Hitting Tee

Jugs 5-Point Hitting Tee

Suitable for all ages and baseball players, this batting tee is the only 5-point model in on our list. It has two separate tubes or tees of varying heights for inside and outside. This tee is ideal for players who want to learn to hit in different positions as well as for a myriad of pitch styles.

This tee is unique in terms of how players can learn through inside and outside drills. Its base has a 2D barcode whose scanning through smartphone takes the user to video drills showing the right way to use the tee. The video drills also show some challenging drills for professionals or advanced players.

You also get a 20-page book that reveals the hitting fundamentals and ways to boost your swing performance. It has detailed instructions on how to properly use the tee.

This unique tee helps in learning how to hit at various locations over the plate. A solid heavyweight base made up of rubber offers a stable stand to hit, while the two telescoping extension tubes that are fully adjustable to allow different players to hit.

The base or plate is made up of heavy-duty and bomb-free rubber but gives a sturdy metallic feel. It is heavy enough to prevent the tee from moving or tumbling while hitting the ball. The base has the 5-point design to accommodate more than one hitting stand. The telescoping portion where you place the ball is made up of a flexible rubber.

The two adjustable tees, one small and one big can fit into any of the five holes in the plate base to mimic inside, middle, and/or outside pitches. This helps you to in a normal position while practicing in different locations. It also quickly shows whether you are standing too close or far from the base.

These tubes are adjustable in terms of height. Together with base positioning, you can rectify any sewing-related issues. You can learn to swing at pitches thrown to various parts of the strike zone, use the whole field, and use the correct contact points for different pitches.

The setup takes only a few minutes. While heavy-duty construction is admired, the unit is portable enough with its grip-n-go handle. The entire structure splits down easily. It is also highly durable to withstand several hits.


  • Light
  • Heavy-duty build
  • Stable
  • Flexible with five hitting points
  • Adjustable height
  • Durable tee tubes
  • Collapsible design and grippy handle for portability
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Video drills included


  • The plastic smell when uncovered
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Schutt Baseball Batting Tee – Cheap batting tee for baseball and softball

Schutt Baseball Batting Tee

Designed for baseball, tee-ball, and softball and exclusively for young players, the Schutt batting tee is one more durable option to consider. The lower rod and the base are made up of heavy, hard plastic. Although they will not necessarily endure the abuse for long, they are tough and thick to beat.

On the other hand, the upper rod is made up of durable, heavy rubber that seems to last long. This material gives up a bit once you are done hitting a few times, as it bends a bit in the hitting direction. However, this is not an issue, as it does not bend such that the ball drops due to the tilt.

The hard and durable rubber is capable of taking a beating. The rubber barrel features a cylinder of metal-enclosed to join it tightly to the home plate. This means you can use the plate separately for practicing pitching.

Although the design is simple, the tee has a sturdy construction quality. The base is heavy as well as flexible due to which there is no need for additional weights. There is no fear of the tee falling over, no matter how many times you use it.

The construction is tool-less, meaning a big bolt embraces the plate to the lower support of plastic. The plate features a cutout in the shape of a bolt. This means you only need to split the bolt and manually screw the support. It also means that assembling and disassembling would take just a few seconds.

The telescopic, professional-grade tee is adjustable in terms of height. The height can range from 22 to 36″. It is easy to lift and lower the upper section by sliding up and down. The friction inside prevents it from sliding towards the bottom.


  • Multipurpose
  • Simple design
  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Portable
  • Stable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Affordable


  • Bending of the adjustable top tube
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How to Choose the Best Batting Tee?

An efficient way to improve your swing is to invest in a tee with which you can practice anytime and anywhere. However, what you need to recognize that the batting tees have evolved significantly.

Right now, you may be buying one for your kid. However, when you were a kid, there was not much choice when you had to purchase a batting tee. In those days, every tee had a rubber base with a home plate and a PVC pipe stuck to it.

However, today, these tees are quite advanced models with joints made to subside on impact and more exciting features that make the conventional rubber tees primeval. Even though there have been advancements, all modern tees work on the same basic principle.

This is likely to make it tough for you to find the best tee that will suit a child or a team of players. Luckily, there are some things that you can consider to distinguish one batting tee from the other and easily select the most suitable one.

These things are nothing but the different factors to consider. As a batting tee is mainly a training tool, it must be sturdy enough to handle hits not only from kids who are learning the batting skill but also from adults.

Then, you need to consider weight and size according to the capabilities of the players. For example, the weight that kids can handle will differ from what adults can. So, let’s check out all these factors in the form of answers to frequently asked questions.

How do I choose a batting tee for children?

Just as adults, children love playing with tees. There are batting tees of good quality designed exclusively for kids and are available in different sizes. For choosing the right size, just consider the age and height of the child for whom you wish to buy. This is essential to select the most comfortable batting tee.

Typically, tees made for small kids are composed using plastic. Available in different vibrant colors, they are for indoor use and are made to consume small space. For slightly elder kids, the tees are designed for outdoor use and relatively more professional. They are also simple to assemble.

Do I need to choose a tee according to the bat in use?

Preferably, yes! This is because two types of bats are typically used for playing baseball. These are aluminum and wooden. The aluminum baseball bat is what most youth leagues, students of schools and colleges, and recreational league players use.

Such a bat enables you to hit a bit further, which is fine for the game’s lower levels. On the other hand, a wooden baseball bat is what the professional league players use.

It is relatively less risky, as the ball is not hit or shattered as hard as an aluminum bat. While the shattering risk is there, it does not occur on each pitch. The reason why you need to know which of these bats will you use is that various tees respond differently to these bats.

A few tees will not be ideal for wooden bats due to the risk of them chipping the bat. It is wise to check customer reviews to know genuinely whether a tee is suitable for a wood or aluminum bat.

Which type of batting tee should I choose?

The type of tee is a critical factor to consider when it comes to buying the best batting tee. Batting tees are merely stands that embrace the ball up so that you can swing it. While differing in sizes and colors, they all do the same thing. There are a couple of types of tees for you to consider.

  • Concept Tees: They are designed to help improve swing by boosting the swing mechanics. They are determined to resolve issues of hitting too high or too low, having problems with seeing the ball properly, pulling the ball to the left whenever you hit, or having an undercut swing. Concept tees do so by enforcing you to swing a definite way such that you do not hit the ball in a few cases. With several golf aids, it is not a wonder to see them in baseball too. Concept tees are costlier than the regular ones, as they serve a specific requirement and that much time and effort are spent on its make.
  • Regular Tees: If not a concept tee, a tee is just a regular one upon which you place the ball and hit. Such tees are in use by several players at all levels, as they aid in improving the play regardless of the age.
  • Hybrid Tees: Some tees combine the mechanism of pitching machine for teaching the swinging mechanism. These are hybrid tees that are the result of evolving technology.
  • Batting Trainers/Sets: These are almost like sets to offer more than a stationary stand. A few of these trainers are already preassembled to have their mechanisms and balls. Other trainers tend to function by attaching a ball to a swinging apparatus that replicates a live pitch. Hitting the ball makes the trainer swing it back for attentive training without leaving your position. This means there is no need to bother about picking up balls or keeping spares nearby. An ideal trainer is an all-in-one solution ensuring maximum flexibility and fun.

For beginners, it is wise to get started with a regular batting tee or a trainer set. With time, you can go for concept tees.

Of which material should a batting tee be made of?

The build material of a batting tee is an essential factor to consider, as it directly determines the durability and weight of the tee. For selecting the best material, consider the age of the players. The younger the player, the more is the chance to hit the tee instead of the ball. This is likely to make you choose rubber as a suitable material.

You need to focus on the base and stand materials. Mostly, these parts are made using rubber and plastics. However, the bottom of some models is made using heavier materials so that they remain stable and upright if a bat slams them.

The base’s weight affects the tee’s overall weight, which is perhaps another critical factor for you to make the right selection. Preferably, you do not intend to reset the tee whenever there is a miss beneath the ball or add a tee of 10 pounds to the bag of balls and bats to be hauled to the car.

Rubber is still the most common material, as it is pliable and durable. It is also more affordable than metal. These days, you will not find heavy tees that are challenging to move far away by ourselves. Rubber, a heavy material, when used in the right quantity, is no longer preferable. This is because there are more options.

Although still great and tough to break, rubber is susceptible to bend a bit. If not of rubber, batting tees are usually of durable as well as light aluminum.

What should be the design of the tee’s base?

The tee’s base design is another crucial factor to consider, as it determines how you can use the tee. If several players of different heights and weights are going to use it, a telescopic design that is smoothly adjustable is perfect.

If only one person is going to use the tee frequently, there is no need to focus much on the base design. This is because you will not be managing or adjusting it regularly.

You will come across tees whose base features a tripod design. However, most have telescopic poles affixed to a sturdy base residing on the floor. If removable, the base comes in different forms that you can change when needed. You can then choose from tripod, heavy, and diamond flat bases.

What should be the design of the tee’s cradle?

A few cradles are plain cylinders; whereas, others feature a split design. Choosing one of them is a matter of personal preference. While there is no significant difference, a split design is likely to be better for kids. This is because hitting such a tee is less likely to result in a collapse than a cylinder-based cradle.

How to choose an adjustable batting tee?

Adjustability is a critical factor when it comes to buying a batting tee. A tee should be able to adjust its height, as it must be usable at any point of contact. Although boosting swings at a preset height allows in reinforcing the swing motion, not all pitches go down the center.

Thus, having various height points allows practicing all types of swing actions. A player can swing at ease and encompass the whole strike zone. Further, players of different heights can use the same tee with adjustable length for practicing swings.

So, look for a tube acting as the tee’s stand whose length is adjustable between 20 to 40’’. This is the average range for a majority of tees. You can then easily raise or lower the ball’s position as per the player’s height.

Even if the batter is in good form, the inability to make solid contact with the ball is likely to discourage. However, with an adjustable height, this inability transforms into ability. This is useful if you have kids as tee users.

They will be then able to make easy contact and get used to the swings while fostering confidence. As practice increases, you can adjust the tee’s height and teach the small one how to swing at new levels.

Should I buy a heavy-duty batting tee?

The heavy-duty construction is an important aspect to consider while investing in a batting tee for baseball. Generally, a tee is required to endure countless hits before reflecting any kind of damage. Well, such a batting tee is a heavy-duty one and is usually made up of durable steel or aluminum.

It should come with a heavy base so that the risk of tumbling is not there when hit. Such a base is usually strong and ensures that the ball is firmly held in its place. The tee’s top surface, if made of rubber, is also capable of enduring a lot of hits before revealing signs of repair.

In short, a heavy-duty tee is a wise option to consider, as it does not allow toppling and is highly resistant to break.

How do I choose an easy to assemble or a portable batting tee?

Tees for softball or baseball usually have a rigid base and a stable tube with a lasting rubber atop to grasp the ball. They are mostly adjustable and are splittable into smaller parts to ensure smooth transport. Yes, they are portable!

However, all tees are not portable, as they are too heavy or are not divisible into small parts. If you wish to have a portable tee, consider the one that can be easily assembled and disassembled with only a screw motion.

How do I know whether a batting tee is stable or not?

Stability is another critical factor for you to consider. After all, the tee should not move when you hit the ball. A good portable tee is the one that has a metal tube or stands and a sturdy base so that it has sufficient weight to remain stable.

Such a tee will never topple even if there hits off the bat or shake at the time of practice. This is why you should go with a strong and heavy tee.

You should also check the base design, as it also contributes to stability. If the base is light, consider adding some extra weight to it to ensure stability. This is a tip for beginners or amateurs. A diamond base with medium weight is as sturdy as a lightweight tee but is relatively costly.

A heavy base in a tripod shape is known for its best stability, as it retains its set position throughout the session. However, it is expensive and used mainly by pros for practicing swings.

Should I choose an anti-tip design?

Tipping over is the result of accidentally hitting the tee instead of the ball, which no player would like to see or watch. This is the reason why a few tees now boast an anti-tip design. They are the ones with the heftiest bases. So, buying one of them means compromising portability, as it is not possible to move an 8-pound tee smoothly.

What is the concept of multiple postpositions?

Some latest batting tees have multiple postpositions. This means that you can hit balls in different strike zone areas. This is more beneficial for intermediate and advanced players than kids who are just learning or playing for fun.

Should I buy a rubber or a more expensive batting tee?

A good tee typically features a height-adjustable tube made up of metal, a holder of heavy-duty or composite material, and a sturdy base. Such tees are capable of enduring a lot of hitting before reflecting any indicators of damage. They are moderately priced.

On the other hand, the cheaper models are made up of cheap rubber and plastic. However, they are ideal for small kids learning to bat.

They are just not meant for good practice sessions, especially because of the inability to change the height. They are light and are likely to endure less abuse than metallic tees.


Yes, the best batting tees are ideal for leveling up your game. However, it is essential to buy one that is suitable for you. You can decide this by considering the different buying factors discussed above.

Generally, trainers are costlier than the standard tees and are meant for those who are serious about learning the game. Some people still love the traditional way of hitting off a tee. It truly comes down to identifying what is suitable for you.

To get started, the Schutt baseball batting tee is a wise option. It has all the basic features, including adjustable height and ease of use, with an affordable price tag. For serious kids below nine years, the Tanner Tee is ideal.