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Bocce ball is one of the most played games in leisure time, as it is interesting, is playable by all ages, and hardly needs any luxurious gear or several items to play. There is no need for you to be a native Italian player, as it is truly easy to learn. Further, you can play it anywhere, on the beach, in the yard, and at a campsite, apart from the official court.

Although an ancient European game similar to pool or bowling, bocce ball is amusing and brings families, relatives, colleagues, and friends together. In the United States and in other parts of the world, the sport has been played for thousands of years.

Indeed, you will even come across bocce ball tournaments arranged all over the globe through which the zealous players exhibit their skills. The sport is played between two groups of two to eight players and is super interactive for spending lazy afternoons actively.

Play Platoon Bocce Ball Set with 8 Premium Resin Bocce Balls, Pallino, Carry Bag & Measuring Rope (4 to 8 Person Bocce Ball Set)

For a perfect play, the only thing you need is the best bocce ball set that comes with all the essentials and stands the test of time. Although a set, there is no need for you to spend a fortune even if you are looking for a professional or regulation size set.

You can get one without putting a burden on your bank balance by being a smart buyer. This guide just helps you achieve that by introducing reviews of the top 5 sets and sharing a comprehensive buying guide. If you are in a hurry, you may skip the buying guide and focus on the top 5 bocce ball sets we have reviewed.

Reviews of 2021’s 5 Best Bocce Ball Sets

Hey! Play! Bocce Ball Set

Bocce Ball Set- Outdoor Family Bocce Game for Backyard, Lawn, Beach & More- 4 Red & 4 Green Balls, Pallino & Carrying Case

This one is an ideal option that reflects a classic bocce ball set made for naïve players. It contains four red balls and four green balls, a Pallino, and a lasting and easy-to-carry bag made up of nylon. The red and green colors make this set truly iconic.

Each ball is 3.5 inches in diameter and comes with two scoring patterns when competing with two to four players. As there are four balls, you can play with up to four players simultaneously.

All etched balls are made using the durable, high-quality poly-resin material. This material makes these balls resistant to chipping, cracking, and breaking. The Pallino is the jack ball is in the standard white color and has a diameter of 1.5 inches.

While the set is ready to make you start the play instantly on a sandy, dirty, or grassy surface, it is more used on the beach. With a durable carrying case, this set is easy to carry to a beach, garden, yard, open space, and even to a barbeque party. The 7x7x7 bag has comfortable handles for the same. It is resistant to weather; so, you need not worry about the outside weather.


  • Classic set for kids and beginners
  • Great weight
  • Fine for beachside play
  • Resistance to sand and gravel
  • Durable
  • Heavy-duty, weather-resistant carry bag included
  • Superb price


  • Scratches on balls but is common with all bocce balls
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GoSports 100mm Regulation Bocce Set

GoSports 100mm Regulation Bocce Set with 8 Balls, Pallino, Case and Measuring Rope - Premium Official Size Set

GoSports is a popular brand in the world of sports. Thus, you can expect high quality and lasting build from its bocce ball sets. Avoiding cheap resin and cloudy finishes, the 100mm regulation bocce set is worth a look and buy.

The set provides four red and four green balls with regulation square and circle patterns, a 45mm white Pallino, and a measuring rope for scores. Both the size and weight of 2lbs are perfect. You can feel the sturdy build when you hold any of these balls in your hand.

Made using high-quality resin, these balls are resistant to rust, chipping, and cracking. While the color is likely to fade after a while due to frequent cleaning, the balls sustain all other harsh elements. You can use these full, heavy balls on any surface but not on concrete, as it is too hard.

Another commendable feature of this set is its elegant canvas carrying bag that is much like a sling bag due to the comfortable shoulder strap. Further, it has ball dividers for keeping one ball in each to make the organization simply better.


  • Regulation size
  • Glossy balls
  • Premium case with split pockets for balls and shoulder straps
  • Durable
  • Rustproof
  • Extremely affordable


  • Risk of marring on too hard surfaces
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EastPoint Sports Resin Bocce Ball Set

EastPoint Sports Resin Bocce Ball Set - Features Deluxe Carry Case - Includes 8 Bocce Balls in 2 Team Colors, 1 Palino, and 1 Measuring Tape

This professional set is ideal for you if you wish to have a set with a reliable and sturdy carrying case using which you can play anywhere, right from the campsite to a beach. Yes! The portable caddy is the catchy point of this set!

EastPoint offers two sets, one for casual and the other for professional players. Go for the latter one if you need a bocce set for a tournament session. These balls are 110mm in size, heavy, and extremely durable due to the superior-strength resin polymer build.

Although the balls are heavier than you may think, it is how it should be. You can feel the quality once you start using the balls. The professional set comes with eight balls in two bright colors, a Pallino of 60 mm, and a measuring tape for scoring.

You can use them almost on any surface, which can be grassy or muddy. The balls are resistant to chipping and cracking due to which you can enjoy better and longer quality for years to come. Further, each of them has a pattern so that you can easily recognize your team.


  • Portable
  • Regulation size
  • Solid quality
  • Durable
  • Available in backyard and professional sizes
  • Super affordable


  • Occasional risk of scuffing
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Playaboule Patented V3 DLX Lighted Bocce Ball Set

playaboule Patented V3 DLX Lighted Bocce Ball Set

Wish to play at night with regulation size balls that are a bit more eccentric? The bocce ball set from Playaboule can be your best bet. Play at dusk can be a bit irritating as the light fades prior to getting tired due to a competitive play. You really cannot see clearly those blue and green balls, particularly while on a grassy surface.

This is now not going to happen, as Playaboule offers bocce balls with LEDs inside each of them and a translucent shell. All you need to do is put the batteries into a ball press the sunken switch. The balls incredibly illuminate! Even the Pallino comes with a light!

The set has eight bocce balls along with a jack. While the jack of 2 inches in diameter is in white, the balls are four different colors, namely, red, yellow, blue, and green. Each of them is nicely textured to ensure an easy grip.

As per the manufacturer, these are the colorful and jack balls with lights that are of the official size set by the US Bocce Federation, which is 4.2 inches in diameter. They, they are a must-have for bocce players who wish to master the sport.

There is one more notable feature to praise when the weather is wet, or you wish to hit hard. These balls or lights are just not going to break or get brittle with dampness. Unless you put them in water or hit them with a hammer, these balls are durable. They are waterproof due to which the balls can withstand the impact of damp grass.

The balls are made using high-quality plastic materials due to which they last on surfaces of sand and gravel. There is also a measuring tape and one pack of batteries, all of which fit well in a convenient, heavy-duty carry bag having a suitable handle. Certainly, it is a unique set to consider for both beginners and professionals.!


  • Regulation ball size
  • Four different colors
  • Waterproof
  • Resistance to sand and gravel
  • Easy grip
  • LEDs inside balls for night play
  • Durable
  • Lasting batteries
  • Carrying case, batteries, and measuring tools included
  • 1-year warranty


  • Lighter than regulation ball weight
  • Medium-priced
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Perfetta Club Pro Bocce Ball Set 107mm Made in Italy

Perfetta Club Pro Bocce Ball Set-solid color- Made in Italy

This is the classic tournament size set to consider, which is made in Italy where the game was born. If you intend to become a professional player from a casual one and are looking for the best bocce ball set for professionals, this can be your best pick.

This regulation size is made in its country of origin and is available in the USA and other countries. Thus, these balls spin straight very time without making any weird bounces or twists.

Thanks to the superior craftsmanship that is evident from the balls’ surface finishing whose glow does not fade even after several months of use on sandy or dirty surfaces. Scuffing is there, but it is trivial, which simply testifies the balls’ durability. Their laser-engraved markings ensure that they will not wear off.

The set adheres to all the specifications of the Bocce Standards Association (BSA) due to which it is ideal for serious tournament competitions. All eight balls in solid red and green colors measure 107 mm in diameter ball, while the white jack measures 50 mm in diameter.

Equally notable is the 10-year warranty the company gives against ball breakage. This warranty period is something that you will hardly find for any other set. The balls and jacks are designed to last for years, even if you use them daily.

Just like any other set, this professional one also provides a sturdy bag with two soft handles so that it is convenient for you to carry and store the balls easily.


  • Tournament size; ideal for professionals
  • Lasting glow and finishing with least cuffing
  • Great balance; feels superb to throw
  • Highly durable
  • Sturdy bag included
  • Warranty of 10 years against breakage; the highest in the industry


  • Expensive
  • No tape
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How to Choose the Best Bocce Ball Set?

Choosing the best bocce ball set is not an easy job, especially if you are doing so for the first time. This is because there are many options to select from, with most being similar in color. So, how do you know which one is the most suitable for you?

This is when you need to consider the buying factors that tend to affect your selection directly or indirectly. These factors are basically the features and specifications you need to check out as per your requirements.

To know your requirements, you need to know who will be playing, what is their level, and how often they will be playing. By finding the answers to these questions, you will be able to identify your requirements and accordingly map them to the features and specifications for a thorough comparison.

This comparison is essential to choose the best bocce ball set from the most promising sets available. Let’s now explore the buying factors you need to consider in terms of answers to frequently asked questions.

How knowing the type of players and their level help me in choosing the bocce ball set?

Identifying the players and their level of expertise are the initial steps to the best bocce ball set. This is because no players will enjoy playing with a bocce ball set that is beyond their expertise. For example, it is unwise to choose a professional set for the amateurs who are just learning the game.

If the players are learners or amateurs, it is rational to invest in bocce balls having smaller diameters than the standard or regulation size. This is also wise if the players are kids who are just learning the game. For them, lighter and smaller bocce balls are just ideal for getting started.

These kids or adult beginners can then proceed to invest in professional sets as they learn and improve. If they invest initially in a professional or tournament set, it would be a costly affair.

On the other hand, if players are knowledgeable and have sufficient learning experience, it is unwise to withhold money. It is, rather, wise to invest some more money to get better, more durable stuff having regulation size balls that are somewhat weightier. Yes, they are costly, but you get what you pay for!

After recognizing who will be playing with the set, it is essential to recognize their play level. Will they play at a competitive, tournament-level, or is it more fun with kids and family on the beach or in the backyard?

The latter one will need a durable and beach-friendly set, while the former one needs to fulfill all the regulation rules. Many affordable sets typically come with smaller balls than the regulation size. They also do not have the required weight, which is 920 g per regulation size ball. They are just ideal for fun and leisure.

What should be the size of balls in a bocce ball set?

The answer to this question depends on who will be playing the game. As per the rules laid down by the International Federation for Bocce Ball, the bocce balls should have a diameter of 107 mm for regular adult players and 106 mm for women players.

Further, the weight should be 920 g (2 lbs. 0.5.oz.) per such ball. Consider this weight and diameter if you wish to invest in a professional or tournament set for those who have already learned the basics of this game or want to play in a full-size bocce court.

The most critical thing here is that all regulation size balls in a set are of the same weight and diameter. Further, the Pallino should have a diameter of 40-60 mm and must be composed of poly or resin materials.

For older people and kids, smaller balls are ideal because they are easy to deal with. These balls can be around 74 to 100 mm. For kids, they will fit properly in their small hands. Similarly, for the elderly, the lighter feel will make them feel confident enough to throw.

The bocce ball size is perhaps a critical factor to consider, as you need to choose as per the type of players. Two major differences to recognize while comparing the low-end sets with the high-end ones are the size and shape.

The latter ones are designed to ensure the best precision at the time of performance. The cheaper ones may not have such precision, as they are less likely to be shaped perfectly. As a result, these balls can result in strange throws and unpleasant bounces.

What weight of bocce balls should I consider?

The answer to this question also depends on the type of players and their level. If you are just a beginner, it is irrational to look for the heaviest balls. This is because it needs a good amount of trained strength to handle them.

The weight of balls shall depend on their build materials. Just ensure that you invest in a comfortable weight that the hands of players can handle. It is just not necessary to go with the regulation size and weight if you are not looking right now to be a professional.

What is the difference between non-regulation and regulation bocce balls?

You need to know this difference if you are interested in investing in bocce balls of regulation size later, if not now. Just like any other sport, it is essential for you to know whether you need regulation gear or not.

This decision is based on factors such as players, place of play, and the purpose of play. Along with that, you also need to know the difference between the non-regulation and regulation sizes.

A regulation bocce ball set is typically in red and green colors, is eight in any set, has the same weight, size, and structure, and is of tournament-grade with the diameter varying from 100 to 115 mm.

The Bocce Standards Association (BSA) commands that bocce balls of regulation size must be 920 g in weight 107 mm in diameter, and must be build using tough plastic composite. For playing on the beach or yard, you do not need balls that meet the regulation weight.

On the other hand, non-regulation bocce balls are available in a variety of sizes and weights to serve all types of players, including senior citizens, kids, and beach lovers. They are likely to differ in size that can be between 74 and 109 mm.

These balls are usually made up using a lighter material, are cheaper than the regulation ones, and are available in different bright colors. This color variation is a great aid for color-blind players.

Which is the best material for bocce balls?

Considering the build material of the bocce balls in a set is vital if you wish to have a set that will last for long. While the resin is the best durable material for bocce balls, a mix of recycled materials or plastic are also commonly used. Following are the different materials using which the bocce balls are made:

  • Wood: Is mainly used for visually appealing balls or carrying case included in a set. Such sets are not only decorative but also antique in terms of appearance. They are tidy but do not have balls of regulation size. The balls are incapable of enduring wear strongly. Consider these balls only if you want a set with great looks.
  • Metal: This is used for making bocce balls that are modern and are priced moderately. The only best bet here is to choose a set with stainless steel balls. This is because this steel is resistant to rust. These balls have polished appearance and come with different markings for distinguishing easily. Although these balls look stunning, it may be tough to identify the groups from a distance. Metal bocce balls are certainly more durable than wood and plastic when used on gravel surfaces but are costlier too. Most metal balls are typically smaller (75 mm around) and are usually the variations of bocce.
  • Lightweight Plastic: Is often used for making bocce balls that are designed exclusively for kids, senior citizens, and beach players. This plastic is highly portable due to which the balls made using it are ideal for holidays and parties. Sets with these balls are cost-friendly and are less likely to be perfectly weighted. However, this is trivial if you will be playing on uneven land or a beach. The BSA indicates that bocce balls of the tournament grade need to be made using plastic. So, it is ideal to consider plastic instead of metal.
  • Soft Rubber: This is used for making bocce balls that are safer and lighter. Such balls are ideal for kids. They are also ideal for playing the game indoors
  • Pure Resin: Is the material using which bocce balls are made for the professionals. These balls are perfect in weight to ensure genuine rolling and are hardly prone to chipping or cracking. They are generally composed of a foam core covered in resin and are more like mini bowling balls. A bocce set with resin balls lasts for years to come.
  • Resin Composites: Are used to make a few bocce balls. These composites are usually a mix of resin and recycled fillers. These fillers in the middle are likely to result in uneven rolling. Sets having these balls are budget-friendly but are more prone to scratching and chipping to such an extent that they lose color.
  • Marbleized Resin: This is another resin material with which bocce balls are made up of. However, these balls are among the most expensive ones, feature an ornamental pattern made using different colors, and have spun resin. They can either be purely red and green, white, and red or simply boast a mix of vibrant colors. While these balls will not aid your aim, they are truly a nice gift.

The build material significantly helps in choosing the right bocce ball set. The best material is a resin that is highly durable. However, there are some durable sets made using recycled materials or hard plastic. This can result in a smaller ball size due to which it will not roll as expected when thrown.

However, these materials result in faded paint coating and chipping, although they are inexpensive and are more apt for casual players or beginners.

It is recommended to consider the purpose, location of play, and frequency of usage for selecting the right material. Avoid selecting bocce balls that are packed using sand or water, as they are not that solid. You may even come across liquid-filled bocce balls, but they are more likely to leak even upon a trivial cut that is challenging to fix.

The build material also directly affects durability. As a fact, bocce balls are usually prone to cracking, chipping, and breaking if the material is not of high quality or is less durable. This damage is likely to occur as if there is no tomorrow. This is applicable to a few high-end bocce ball sets.

It is wise to look for dense and highly compressed balls. These balls are typically made using poly-resin composites. You should also keep in mind that a bocce ball set is not for all types of surfaces. A few may work on sand, while some are just for land with turf.

How do I know whether I will get the best balance from a particular bocce ball set or not?

Nothing can be as annoying as throwing your ball to move along the target line and then find that the target is missed, and the ball is rolling in some other direction. This happens when the balance of a bocce ball is just not well distributed. Thus, it is essential to make these balls to ensure an even balance so that the weird throws do not happen.

The best way to find well-balanced balls is to look for them from well-established brands. You can even go through the reviews that are fair and transparent enough to share the facts or their playing experience.

Which type of carrying case should I choose while buying a bocce ball set?

A carrying case or bag is essential if you will be using the bocce ball set at different places, especially while on holidays. Although a negligible matter, a carry bag can make a big difference to facilitate portability. There are several carry bags to consider, which are as follows:

  • Plastic: Is a carrier bag that is more affordable than other options and is usually for recreational purposes. The plastic is usually hard for both the balls and the bag’s handle. The material is convenient but is not that durable against scratches.
  • Nylon: Is a widely used material in making carrying bags for bocce ball sets and gives an appearance similar to a lunch box. Many of these bags come with individual dividers for keeping each of the eight balls.
  • Wooden: Is more defensive, bulky, and costlier.

You should also choose a weather-proof bag if you are going to roam around with the set to remote places where the weather is unstable. Of all, nylon is the most flexible option to consider.


The best bocce set is the one that is durable, has good balance, and facilitates good throws. It must have regulation size balls if the players are professionals or wish to be the same. Keeping the players in mind and portability factor, you should choose the one that is most promising.

For beginners, the bocce ball set from Hey! Play! is truly good to get started. Otherwise, any set that meets the regulation size and weight and is within the budget is ideal.