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Also known as frisbee golf, disc golf is an exciting version of golf. For those who love it, their collection of discs is likely to increase. Well, this is a rational indicator of their interest and developed skills. The better you become as a disc golf player; the more will be the importance of having different discs.

In fact, a few advanced players of disc golf prefer playing with more than 12 discs at a time. When you come at this stage, it becomes impractical to carry all those discs using your hands. Hence, you really need a good golf disc bag no matter where you are going.

Best disc golf bag

For any golf player, it is of utmost importance to store the game-related accessories in a safe manner. After all, they are both valuable and too costly to be broken. Thus, the storage or carry medium needs to be strong enough to protect them apart from keeping them well organized for quick and easy access.

Fulfilling all these basic requirements is now easy with a disc golf bag. Regardless of your skills or experience level, investing in a high-quality bag is indispensable. It is not a luxury but a necessity, as it makes you more focused on your play by giving gear safety relief.

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Keeping these points in mind, this post aims to elucidate the key characteristics of disc golf bags and simplify your process of selecting the best bag for your frisbee golf game as per your requirements and budget.

2021’s 5 Best Disc Golf Bags Reviews

Discraft Weekender Disc Golf Bag

Golf Bag Weekender 6 Discs

With the capacity to hold 6 discs and even up to 9 discs if kept tightly, this Discraft bag is ideal for those who have just started to expand your disc collection. In short, it is the best disc golf bag for beginners who would not choose more than 9 discs soon and would usually not play the sport quite often.

This great starter bag is admired for its functional capacity with a solid build and compact size. While the manufacturer says that it can hold over 6 discs with ample room to spare, most customers reported of it storing 8 discs including approach, mid-range, drivers, and putter. You can easily have 8 discs along with the supple upper and the front putter pocket.

The Discraft Weekender bag can even hold a 16 oz. water bottle and without burdening you in terms of weight. This bag comes with an adjustable strap for the shoulders, which has a petite pad to ensure comfort while carrying it with discs and a bottle.

The Velcro strap allows keeping the top flap open due to which you need not open it again and again while playing. This is truly a cool feature! There is also a zipper pocket for your putter along with one more pocket to hold the bottle.

Due to its highly economical price, some good features available on other bags are absent here. This makes the Discraft Weekender bag an ideal choice for the amateurs or those on tight budgets.


  • Ideal for people of different sizes due to the adjustable strap
  • Compact
  • Durable material
  • Comfortable padding in strap
  • Bottle holder
  • Putter pocket
  • Super affordable


  • Lacks insulation to sustain coolness
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Athletico Power Shot Disc Golf Backpack

Athletico Power Shot Disc Golf Backpack - 20+ Disc Capacity - Pro or Beginner Disc Golf Bag - Unisex Design (Black)

This is a light, sturdy, and highly functional bag from Athletico that is designed to store all disc golf gear in a comfortable backpack design offering quick access to all the discs and other accessories. With a big capacity of accommodating over 20 discs, the bag easily stores the most frequently used discs along with the newly brought ones.

The convenient unisex design features an XL compartment in the front from where you can easily access the discs. Inside, there are three compartments for organizing discs. There is an adjustable Velcro divider for retaining the organized discs upright. You will truly admire the pockets this bag has for keeping all gear organized.

There are two adjustable XL pockets on sides for keeping two 20 oz. water bottles, a big insulated drink cooler pocket for keeping your beverages cool on the course, a quick grab pocket in the front, and a pen and scorecard holder. The quick-grab pocket is an ideal accessories pocket where you can keep your keys, wallet, and mobile phone.

An external strap helps in carrying big items such as a seat that is portable. The backpack is built using 600D polyester that is resistant to water. At the bottom, the caring feet ensures that this bag remains straight on its own all the time. This means you need not bother about tipping once it is left on the ground.

The disc golf backpack also features padded shoulder straps to make your shoulders carrying the bag stress-free. They are adjustable as per your length and position. There is also lumbar support, which together with padded cushion, facilitates good air circulation and keeps both the bag and body away.

This is an ideal bag for both the beginners and pros who have a limited budget and travel quite often. Whether it is a practice session or a tournament, this bag will not let you down.



  • Light
  • Compact
  • Larger disc capacity
  • Stable and straight
  • Tons of storage space
  • Resistant to water
  • Breathable and comfortable straps
  • Accessible holders for accessories
  • Insulated cooler
  • Durable
  • Available in three colors
  • Affordable than many other backpack options


  • The main flap cannot be kept open
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Dynamic Discs Trooper Disc Golf Bag

Dynamic Discs Trooper Disc Golf Backpack | Heather Blue | Frisbee Disc Golf Bag with 18+ Disc Capacity | Introductory Disc Golf Backpack | Lightweight and Durable

This is another disc golf bag with unisex design and features just like the one from Athletico. While their prices remain the same, the former differs in terms of total storage space and specifically putter storage space. While the Athletico backpack can have 20+ discs, this one can accommodate 18+ discs in the main zippered compartment along with 3 to 4 putters in the upper zippered compartment.

The space for discs and putters is relatively spacious, which is enough for a raincoat or other things required for the golf day. There are three extra pockets for conveniently storing water bottles, accessories, a phone, and a scoreboard. The pocket for a bottle or a beverage is enough to hold a 32-ounce bottle.

The drawstring-enclosed pocket can hold most bottles of standard sizes. The backpack features a light frame and a sturdy base to ensure you cozy transportability. The bag stands upright due to the design with a low gravity center. However, when kept on the ground, the bag is likely to lean a bit backward.

The bag is made using nylon that is resistant to water and is highly resistant to tear. The overall build is durable that can endure all types of rough handling.

Further, this bag ensures all-day comfort with its snug and lasting straps that are padded well. The two straps at the rear along with a back panel enable you to carry it easily and comfortably.

This backpack bag is an ideal option for both beginners and professionals to carry more discs quite frequently. It is also a reliable choice for if you want to upgrade from a shoulder strap bag.


  • Light
  • Durable with resistance to tearing and water
  • Big storage capacity
  • Stable and straight
  • Two comfortable straps with a handle on the top
  • Durable
  • Affordable


  • A bit narrow
  • A bit of backward tipping when on the ground
  • Not totally waterproof
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The Throwback Sack Frisbee Disc Golf Bag

The Throwback Sack - Frisbee Disc Golf Bag with Cooler and Extra Padding, Comfortable Strap - Holds 12-15 Discs and 6 Cold Drinks

Consider this disc golf bag if you want something that stays well in shape without being heavy or rigid and offers a lot of space with more inclination towards insulated pockets.

This bag from Throwback has a perfect size, accommodate an ideal number of discs, holds a great amount of water in its cooler pocket, and allows fitting big Gatorade bottles in its cup holder.

A specialty of this bag is that it is a half cooler and half-disc carrier. With two removable dividers in its major compartments, there is enough space for accommodating at least 12 discs.

The insulated cooler area can take in six ice-cold drinks cans of 12 oz. each along with an insulated holder for a bottle of 32 oz.

Apart from these rooms, there are more options available for storing your gear and accessories. There is a zippered pocket to accommodate your mobile phone as well as your wallet. Then, there are more zippered areas inside the major flap as well as on the cooler pocket’s side. There is a pen holder, towel clip, and a putter pocket.

This bag is built so well with especially the big rubber feet and the padded rear of the bag resting against your body. This is truly unbelievable at the available price. Further, the inside bottom is reinforced with four feet of plastic to maintain the bag clean by keeping it away from dirt.

The thick padded rear along with the adjustable strap ensures you full-day playing comfort. This bag truly appeals to both serious players or occasional warriors.


  • Light
  • Sturdy
  • Generous space with many pockets
  • Big major compartment
  • Comfortable
  • Large cooler
  • Off the dirt due to plastic feet
  • Stable and upright
  • 1-year warranty


  • A bit pricey
  • Not totally waterproof
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Innova Champion Discs DISCarrier Golf Bag

Innova Champion Discs DISCarrier Golf Bag, Black/Gun Metal

This is perhaps the disc golf bag for experts and champions who want to carry 20+ discs along with lots of water and beverages. The Innova bag has a commendable capacity of holding up to 25 discs without imposing any hassle or compromising its sturdy build.

After putting these many discs, there is plenty of space for other things required on the course. You can fit inside 24 discs, 7 being putters, 4 being the medium range and the rest being drivers, a giant bottle, and 6 cans.

The two big compartments also have internal pockets for keeping accessories such as personal items. The pockets are colossal for carrying towels, keys, mobile phones, mp3 player, and more. The outer pocket with superb zip quality comes with a device holder.

There are two holders capable of holding Nalgene containers despite one being inside the pocket, which is something unique. Each of them can hold 32 oz. bottles. In short, there are two drink holders, an additionally wide putter pocket, two large pockets with one being hidden, and a marker pocket. There are two dividers to clearly set them apart. You also get a Velcro disc tray.

Constructed of pure nylon 1260 denier, this bag is resistant to water and has a reinforced bottom. It easily accommodates the backpack style straps.


  • Very light
  • Sturdy design
  • Larger capacity for discs and other stuff
  • Resistant to water
  • Easy to carry
  • Stable and straight
  • Discards dirt
  • Durable
  • Available in colors


  • Shoulder straps instead of backpack straps
  • Costly
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How to Choose the Best Disc Golf Bag

Hundreds of disc golf bags are available in the market but each of them varies in different aspects such as disc capacity, space for other gear, stability while standing on the floor, and durability. As each bag has its own set of features and specifications, it becomes a challenging task for you to decide which is the right bag, particularly if you are a beginner.

As a concerned player, first, you will look for a bag that shall protect your delicate discs while you carry them apart from allowing you to put them in an organized manner for easy and quick access. Thus, you need a bag that accommodates all your discs, protects them, and is available in your budget.

So, the key here is to shortlist the disc golf bags as per your requirements and choose the one that closely or completely fulfills them. For this, you must match the features and specifications to your requirements. The former is exactly the set of buying factors that tend to influence your selection.

Here are the main factors to consider in the form of answers to frequently asked questions, which are for you to consider and comprehend for choosing the best disc golf bag.

Which disc golf bag size should I choose?

The size of your disc golf bag is an important factor to consider. If you are looking forward to sharpening your game skills or take your experience one step up, it is recommended to choose a larger bag that can accommodate up to 12 to 22 discs.

This is because as you advance in this sport, your gear collection will expand with more types of discs. In short, you will choose to play with more discs that are unique in some way from each other. This is how you will always have the right disc at hand.

A bigger size is also a rational choice if you are from among those players who tend to spend most time of each day on the playing ground. A bag of such size usually has enough space for all your discs along with pockets and zippered compartments.

These areas store water bottles, a towel, a mobile phone, keys, and any other accessory or gear you need to take care of. Some models also come with insulated cooler compartments so that your cold beverages remain cold for a long time while on the course.

If you wish to invest in a bag for your kid, it is wise to look for a model that is exclusively made for kids. It is obvious that bags made for adults will be too heavy for them to carry even if the shoulder or backpack straps are firmly set.

The number of discs and/or gear is an important deciding factor for several buyers. This is because buyers would ideally look for a bag that can fit them all without harming any disc in the form of a scratch or a crack or any golfing tools by colliding much with them inside.

Another deciding factor to help you choose the right size is weight distribution. In simple words, you will not want to end up with a disc golf bag that is too heavy or bulky. Such a bag is truly not going to be easy to carry around the course.

As a solution to avoid this issue, most disc golf bags have adjustable straps.  You can easily adjust these straps to fit anyone’s size. So, if more than one player is going to use your bag, it is worth considering one such bag without worrying much about the size.

What should be the ideal disc holding capacity?

Disc capacity is an important factor that can help you choose the best disc golf bag. It is truly a no-brainer, as it refers to the number of discs a bag can accommodate and is typically directly proportional with the size.

The capacity range usually is from 6 to 25 discs. Obviously, accommodating 6 discs is the capacity of small bags made for entry-level players or amateurs, while the latter is applicable to the high-end models.

As the most recognizable function of any disc golf bag is to accommodate discs, it affects the size as well. In simple words, a bigger bag means a greater number of discs you can keep inside. However, for most, a bag with a capacity of holding 20 discs is enough for most players.

As you can make out, more capacity is not always the best choice. The larger it is, the more is its weight. This is evidently true when the bag is packed with a set of discs.

A collection of 18 discs can make your bag weigh around seven pounds. Okay, this is not too much weight until you are planning to carry it over a rough surface for miles. It is not that you need to be cautious of investing in a big bag; it’s only something to keep a note of.

What should be the ideal overall storage capacity? How much additional storage space is required?

When you are going through disc golf bags, it is crucial to consider how much additional space you need apart from the area meant for storing discs. Typically, you will require space for some useful things such as water bottles and beverage cans along with accessories such as mobile phone, keys, and wallet.

Further, if you are a player living in a colder area, it is obvious for you to look for more space for storing gloves and a jacket. So, prior to choosing the new bag, it is vital for you to consider what all you need to fit inside the bag. Only this can give you a clear idea of how much storage space is required.

On the same note, many disc golf bags come with extra pockets as well as insulated pouches exclusively designed to hold beverages as well as keep them cold during the game. This sport is a leisure game. Thus, it is common for players to carry a couple of sodas and other drinks up to the course.

Most bags reviewed here come with dedicated mesh or zippered pockets for storing cans or bottles. Some of them have insulated areas called coolers wherein you can keep them cold for long.

Which disc golf bag design should I choose: a backpack style or a shoulder strap style?

This is the common question that most first-time buyers ask. The fact is that disc golf bags are available in both designs. They either have a backpack or a shoulder strap design. Well, both these designs have their own pros and cons. To choose the most suitable one, you need to know these designs well.

Shoulder strap designs are simpler to access while playing on the course. They need not be taken off while playing the sport. Nevertheless, a few players find it a bit demotivating to play with an uneven load.

It is a bit off-putting. However, a shoulder strap design is still ideal for traveling light on the course and eliminate the need of taking a bag off at the start of every hole.

On the other hand, backpacks are usually bigger in size and provide more storage than the bags having a shoulder strap design. If worn precisely, backpacks maintain an even balance and enable you to take up more weight quite inherently.

Consider this design if you are playing with family members or friends and anyone of you does not mind wearing the bag. It is a perfect choice by those who want to use a variety of discs in their arsenal.

How many pockets or compartments should be there in my disc golf bag?

The number of pockets along with their placement or location is an important factor to consider for convenience purpose. If you decide to choose a backpack instead of a shoulder strap bag, this is a key factor.

It is obvious for you to expect an organizer into your disc golf bag such that it not only organizes all your discs well but make it easier for you to remove them fast.

Equally essential is to ensure that the organization is such that the discs do not rub together to end up removing the design or labels on each other. The more the pockets or compartments, the better your discs and other things would fit and lesser would be the chance of rubbing or colliding.

How do I know that my disc golf bag is comfortable? How should be the shoulder strap?

When it comes to buying any kind of bag for any purpose, it is wise to focus on the comfort factor. For full-time players, comfort is always on top priority. Comfort from any bag comes from the padding done in the shoulder straps. It also comes from the back panel.

As you can judge, the straps need to be thick and must have enough padding to give enough support to your shoulders. At the same time, the back panel should boast an ergonomic design so that it remains friendly with your back by keeping it a bit away from the bag.

The disc golf bag you choose must have a comfortable strap, as you will be significantly hauling around it. If the strap is uncomfortable, it can result in rashes or blisters in delicate skin areas.

Apart from padding in the strap, it is also advisable to check how the strap is linked to the bag. This is because thin or poor-quality attachment can negatively affect its durability due to which it becomes unreliable over a long period of use.

Should I buy a waterproof disc golf bag?

Ideally yes if you will be enjoying the game in wet conditions often! It is highly beneficial to choose a waterproof bag or a bag that resistant to water. However, you need to know that not all models are waterproof and those that are waterproof may not be 100% waterproof. A few models will be waterproof from outside, a few from inside, and the rest from both inside and outside.

Having a waterproof bag simply keeps your packed things safe from water. Many disc golf bags are made up of materials that do not allow getting themselves wet. So, it all comes down to choosing the right material if you need a waterproof disc golf bag.

Which kind of material should I choose for my disc golf bag?

The material using which your disc golf bag is made has a big impact on the bag’s lifespan as well as its value. The material you choose should be resistant to weather elements, as there is no telling of what kind of harsh weather elements you and your bag may have to face continuously while on the course.

At the same time, you should ensure that the material is stitched properly to give a strong build for lasting well and a smooth surface for convenient usage. Some durable and waterproof materials used in making disc golf bags are nylon and polyester.

In a nutshell, you need a highly durable disc golf bag, as you will be using it in the outdoors for months to come. So, look for high-density materials that are rough and tough enough to face any kind of harsh weather.

How do I know that my disc golf bag will stand straight or remain stable on any surface?

It is vital to understand that both storage capacity and stability are equally important factors that contribute to deciding which disc golf bag is the best. Stability is the ability of a bag to sustain its balance and stand straight on its own when kept on the ground.

Well, this is a great quality of any bag, as its absence can make a bag constantly fall over and push out all its packed contents including the discs that may undergo some harm in the process.

Just by looking at the features and specifications, it is not easy to examine how stable a bag is or how well it can maintain its balance. Thus, it is wise to go through some valid and fair customer reviews to find that out precisely. Typically, disc golf bags with strong plastic or rubber feet at the bottom are highly balanced as well as stable.

Which is the best closing mechanism for any disc golf bag?

The closing mechanism or how a bag closes is one of the major factors that reveal its overall quality. If this mechanism is a Velcro strap, the bag is likely to have a cheap price and somewhat less durability meaning it will not last for an extended period.

If the closing mechanism is a belt that closes through a button, it is an average bag to choose. The third option is a zipper, which is integrated into both cheap and high-end models. However, in both these bags, the quality of zipper will differ significantly. In the case of a high-end model, the zipper’s head will be typically larger. Further, the zipper will be made up of a metallic material instead of a plastic material. Such zippers last for longer than those in cheap bags.


A disc golf bag is undoubtedly an asset for anyone who plays frequently apart from playing competitively. It is an important gear to buy for taking the game to the next level. The best disc golf bag is the one that is exclusively tailored to fulfill your needs and change your experience for better. So, there is no single bag that is the best for all disc golf players.

Athletico’s golf disc bag is ideal for learning players, while that from Innova is great for professionals considering their disk capacity, durability, and stability. Discraft Weekender is ideal for those who just wish to get started with three or more discs.