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The sport of disc golf is often compared with its traditional counterpart to look for similarities and differences. Both these sports are significantly different. A major difference is in its playing terrain. In case of disc golf, the terrain is often uneven and more rugged than that of its conventional version.

For performing well on such terrain, you need additional stability. A crucial way to achieve this stability is to ensure wearing the right disc golf shoes. Just as any beginner would do, you may have to get started with a reliable pair of standard or running shoes.

While certainly, they give a sense of comfort initially, it takes no time for them to wear off after a few hours spent on the field. That said; even the expected level of comfort does not last. If you are an avid player, you must have gone through those objectionable initial experiences as well as with a learning curve.

best disc golf shoes

Most general sports shoes tend to wear down fast. Further, they are not waterproof although some may absorb water. This is what makes your feet feel soggy and uncomfortable in the middle of the game. Well, this is something that no player likes.

Thus, you definitely need something more lasting and this definitely comes from the best disc golf shoes. After all, it is the shoes you wear and not the golf disc you toss that is most important for playing disc golf.

The players of this game tend to walk more than the number of times they throw. Indeed, an average player goes up to 3 to 5 miles per round. As the sport can take a toll of your footwear, it is wise to invest in the pair made exclusively for it.

This guide helps you choose the best disc golf shoes by sharing the reviews of top 5 pairs and exploring the buying factors to consider.

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2021’s 5 Best Disc Golf Shoes Reviews

PUMA Grip Sport Kid’s Disc Golf Shoe – Ideal for Kids

PUMA Golf Boys' Grip Sport Kid's Disc Golf Shoe, Peacoat/Quarry, 3 Youth US Big

This is an ideal PUMA pair for a kid to get started with disc golf and is often habituated to not tying the laces. The disc golf footwear features super breathable upper part, an exceptionally comfortable fit, and an athletic golf midsole to ensure a cool and comfortable play throughout the day.

The exclusive disc closure system is known for its ability to ensure a quick and consistent fit, which contributes to the desired comfort level. It also contributes to the ultimate performance via a micro-adjusting dial that effortlessly and swiftly secures the feet foot for a consistent locked-in feel.

You will truly love the dial for tightening the footwear without typing up. The shaft is around low-top from arch. The shoes’ performance mesh forming the upper area is light and breathable to render an athletic fit and feel.

The midsole consists of light Ethyl Vinyl Acetate (EVA) FusionFoam cushioning to not only add to the comfort level but also facilitate a more responsive drive. This foam is lighter than the conventional midsole foam and adds to the durability.

Talking about the grip, it is truly remarkable. The credit goes to the SmartQuill traction that takes care of proper contact with the ground. Further, the Thermoplastic PolyUrethane (TPU) wrap around the shoe is responsible for better protection and durability.

TPU is a lightweight material that is elastic, lasts for a longer time than usual, and is resistant to abrasion, oil, and splitting. To this, add the benefits of rubber sole namely, better traction and deformation resistance. This pair has a true golf sole that is just not ideal for running and playing.


  • Light
  • Stylish
  • For beginners who are kids
  • Good custom fit
  • No lace tying issue due to dial lock
  • Breathable
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Affordable


  • Not waterproof
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Adidas Outdoor Terrex Swift R GTX

adidas outdoor Men's Terrex Swift R GTX Black/Black/Dark Grey Hiking Shoes - 10 D(M) US

Available for both genders, this footwear from Adidas is a great option to start with in case you remain unsure about what is best. Considering the balance and control coming from its low-to-ground build, the Terrex Swift R GTX is ideal for any disc golfer.

The design is typically a hybrid of hiking and sporty designs. As for hiking shoes offering stability and support, this pair has a waterproof lining to maintain dryness and coolness for your feet.

It also has a thick Traxion rubber outsole ensuring super grip and traction on different terrains. With the breathable Gore-Tex waterproof membrane, you can expect this pair to perform well even in wet conditions. Further, there is also a defensive polyamide plate that protects feet from debris on uneven terrain.

The midsole is light too, as it is composed of EVA that is a compressed foam. It offers durable cushioning. In the heel, the brand’s patented ADIPRENE material takes care of comfort and shock absorption, while the TPU material in the insole provides extra cushioning.

The footwear typically features a durable material mix of mesh and synthetic. The upper mesh is extremely tough with durable seams that do not split for years even after passing through several front-foot plants.

Weighing within two pounds, this pair from Adidas is definitely one of the lighter models. As a result, you can enjoy a full range of strokes, given all the different terrains to be covered. There is also a speed lacing system, which together with the sock liner, ensures a better fit and more comfort.

The shaft is low-top from arch.


  • Not very heavy
  • Spikes on the bottom
  • Breathable yet waterproof
  • Fast lacing
  • Great grip in any weather
  • Highly durable
  • Stable and supportive
  • Super comfortable
  • Removable insole
  • Available in two colors
  • Relatively affordable


  • Hard sole
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KEEN Men’s Saltzman Wp-m Hiking Shoes

KEEN Men's Saltzman WP-M Hiking Shoe, Black/Raven, 8 M US

Certainly, this pair of shoes is designed for hiking. However, it can do much more than that. KEEN is the official partner of Disc Golf Pro Tours. This indicates that this brand can never fail on delivering a lightweight feel, great support, and great protection.

The Saltzman hiking shoes from Keen has features that are compatible with disc golf. They are especially applicable to rough terrains and weather amidst which you need proper stability to play smoothly.

This pair features the brand’s famous waterproofing technology. It comes with a waterproof breathable membrane, a waterproof mesh upper area, and a hydrophobic mesh lining. For any disc golfer, it means extraordinary dry feet regardless of whether you are crossing a lake or playing in the pouring rain.

The overall design is also such that it releases vapor to prevent water penetration inside the shoes. Despite so many waterproofing layers, the pair is still interestingly lightweight.

Then, the comfort features are capable of fully supporting your feet despite spending several hours on the rough terrain. The dual-density EVA footbed that is detachable features a supple midsole for lasting cushioning. The outsole made of rubber offers high traction, feet support even on a rocky course, and solid grip in any weather.

The midsole is made using PU that adds to lightweight and durability aspects. There is also a thick and tall toe guard to ensure extra protection while enduring countless toe-drags without ripping. The guard is affixed to thicker outsole fully draped in very deep lugs, a combination that does a commendable job in frosty environments.


  • Sturdy build to function on different terrains
  • Arch support
  • Stable
  • Superb waterproof technology
  • Comfortable
  • Great traction/grip
  • Removable footbed
  • Versatile
  • Durable


  • Costly
  • A bit narrow
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PUMA Ignite NXT Disc Golf Shoes

Puma Golf Men's Ignite Nxt Disc Golf Shoe Quiet Shade Team Gold-Puma Black, 11 M US

The iconic Ignite spikeless footwear provides the best mix of traction, performance, and durability. You feel very connected to the ground with superior grip and traction while comfortable fit remains consistent throughout the play.

The athletic anatomical shape of the epic sport ensures a superb fit and copious forefoot volume for matchless comfort. Another notable feature is the organic traction evident with over 100 directional hexagon lugs placed tactically at the bottom. These lugs provider excellent traction throughout the swing, which ensures extra grip and power.

A distinct feature is the revolutionary Ignite foam in the midsole, which is a proprietary novel PolyUrethane (PU) foam. This foam is getting recognition for its ability to offer stable cushioning, superior, responsive as well as step-in comfort, and energy return to stun you.

A full-length Ignite midsole gives matchless energy return and comfort, as it is draped in SoleShield, a micro-thin layer of TPU that increases durability and makes it easy to wipe off dirt and debris easily.

The upper comes with a knit waterproof mesh and PWRFRAME fortification. PWRFRAME refers to super-thin TPU frame that consists of the EVA midsole to ensure lightweight feel, improved durability, superior traction, and great flexibility.

Another benefit is secured fit without tying the laces. The integrated disc closure system with its micro-adjusting dial instantly secures the feet without the need of any laces. The innovative design and durable materials give the desired performance on the course.

For choosing the right fit, just consider one size smaller than what you are using now.


  • Light
  • Super comfortable
  • Very stable
  • Fitting like gloves
  • Breathable
  • Cool and dry feel
  • No hassle of tying laces
  • Superior grip/traction


  • Medium priced
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Salomon Men’s XA Pro 3D CS Waterproof Trail Runner

Salomon Men's XA Pro 3D CS Waterproof Trail-Runners, Castor Gray, 10.5 M US

This pair from Salomon tends to prove that no weather can be bad for you if you have it. Yes, this adventurous pair connects you securely with any terrain and amidst any weather condition. Thanks to the different proprietary technologies integrated into this pair.

The most commendable technology in the XA Pro 3D CS, unlike its ancestral version, is the ClimaShield lining. While it takes away breathability, it ensures additional comfort and warmth in winter along with consistent waterproof benefit.

The shoes are known for their super stability due to its solid midsole and upper build. A super-enforced upper with thick Sensifit layer from the lacing system to the midsole ensures special hold and support. Sensifit is responsible for a snug fit around the foot.

Stability of the midsole comes from the generous TPU covering the area from the midfoot to the heel. It is exactly what guides the feet on an uneven surface. The midsole features molded EVA for normal responsiveness, longevity, and cushioning. By covering the midsole completely, the process of landing and taking off becomes better.

Right from the heel to the midfoot is a TPU shaft making up the 3D chassis system that retains the stability of both areas and also ensures a swifter and more efficient transition.

The outsole has a mix of robust carbon rubber for ensuring durability although much of the underfoot is of sticky blown rubber to deliver superior traction. The lugs take care of multi-directional grip. In terms of grip and sturdiness, these outsole settings are similar to the brand’s Speedcross 5.

The upper is made up of thick Sensifit layers covering the midfoot hold and heel support. A thick mesh takes care of adequate breathability.

There is also the QuickLace system to facilitate easy fitting. A heel tab ensures convenient foot entry and exit. The pair also features a thick mud guard, lace garage, and a thicker toe guard than the mud guard. They not only increase the lifespan of shoes but also prevents bruises and other risks.

The pair is ideal for medium or narrow width feet looking for great arch support.


  • Great grip/traction
  • Waterproof
  • Great fit
  • Comfortable
  • Superb midfoot
  • Good arch support
  • Quick lacing
  • Self-cleaning lugs
  • Stability
  • Lasting protection


  • A bit pricey
  • Hot feeling in summers
  • Runs a bit small and narrow
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How to Choose the Best Disc Golf Shoes

No two people will exactly have the same feet. Thus, no single pair of disc golf shoes is the best for all players. So, how to find out the best disc golf shoes?

Well, for that, you need to consider the buying factors that tend to affect your selection. They tell you whether a promising pair of shoes will best suit your requirements or not. Thus, let’s explore them in the form of answers to frequently asked questions from the buyers.

Can I just use golf shoes for disc golf?

Technically, no! While both may seem quite similar, they differ in terms of gear or tools required. While golf is usually enjoyed on mowed courses for finding the ball quickly and allowing a golf cart ride, disc golf is often played on a rugged, uneven surface.

In America, golf is likely to utilize trees on the fairway’s either side. On the other hand, disc golf may use them in such a way that you end up tossing the disc through them to reach the ultimate target. These differences actually demand different shoes.

For disc golf, you need a pair with better traction as you may otherwise not always get the best grip. The terrain for this game can be muddy, woody, or a steep hill. You just cannot use the cart to help reach the destination.

Wearing a normal pair of shoes for this sport can be painful and uncomfortable. Running shoes simply cannot support you in rotating the upper body and dragging your toes. They are made for running in a straight line and does not last very long under tremendous force and strain. Thus, you will end up worrying instead of learning.

Moreover, the sport will take a toll of your feet as well as standard shoes. Tennis or running shoes can be fine for an occasional play but then the rough terrain can end up scratching them and initiate tear. Spinning and pivoting simply accelerates the wear due to which it is critical to invest in something more permanent.

Thus, you need a pair that is highly durable apart from exclusively designed for disc golf, particularly when a few movements are distinct to the game.

How should be the design of disc golf shoes?

One of the most important factors to consider is the footwear design. The shoes for disc golf must have a rugged design! It needs to be sturdy and comfortable for successfully mastering the game.

As the game imposes a great amount of stress on the shoes you wear, the pair you choose must have strong upper material and a sturdy outsole material for ensuring durability.

Protection is one more reason for choosing a rugged design that should perform well while in the outdoors. Thus, choose a pair that has some good protection features.

Should I choose breathable or waterproof disc golf shoes?

Unfortunately, this choice is the most difficult one to make. Do you want to remain dry or do you want to be breathable? If you live in areas where it is usually hot, it is truly easy to decide. Nevertheless, if you live in an area where the climate keeps changing, it is truly tough to decide.

For beginners, the selection is quite confusing and distracting. This is because  waterproof shoes are less breathable.

Today, several disc golf shoes are made with a mesh material that paves the way for the air to get inside to keep your feet fresh. The same mesh ensures that your feet do not sweat much.

However, these abilities are just not the best when it is a matter of soaking in water. This is because of the tiny perforated holes mesh has in the footwear.

If you often play early in the morning, a waterproof pair is what you need due to the dew. Such a pair will not make you feel hot in summer, which is a plus. Some players find it necessary to have waterproofing, especially when the courses are accessible by crossing small water bodies.

A few pairs come with only waterproof lining; whereas, some have dedicated waterproof coatings on the material’s inside and outside. If the dry foot is a top priority for you, waterproofing is a must-have feature.

Nevertheless, some players just want breathability. If you prefer a breathable situation, a pair with a lighter waterproofed coating is great.

In the end, you need to pick a model that does not make you run into much wetness. Luckily, modern shoes come with some improvements that facilitate a bit of both. This is what you need if you will be playing on a myriad of courses where the weather changes frequently or unpredictably.

How much should the disc golf shoes weigh?

Weight is a factor to consider as per how you play. A few players go with a lightweight shoe. They simply cannot afford to go down in performance while triggering maximum power. On the other hand, other players love a heavier shoe due to top priority to the durability that makes them confident to move on any course without rolling the ankle.

Well, the shoe weight can make you dread or look forward to the final targets. A lighter shoe facilitates being more explosive with different shots due to which you can utilize momentum in a great way. For new players, this affects both the overall feeling and performance.

However, you compromise durability with a lighter pair. This is why a few players go with a heavier option. Such an option also provides more protection by preventing rolling ankles. This can be a major motivator for first-time players although it may not seem like a great deal.

To choose an ideal weight, it is recommended wearing the shoes and walking around and practice a few spins. This will tell you whether a promising model has a weight compatible with your preferable style. This is also the only way to find out how comfortable the pair is.

How to check the width of disc golf shoes?

It is critical to determine whether your foot is narrow or wide for choosing the right shoe size. While trying a new pair, if you find that there is not enough space to the toes’ sides, it is wrong to think that it will get wider over time. Rather, it will worsen because of the induced feet swelling. If you are buying online, you can quickly find how narrow or wide the pair is by going through the reviews.

How much should be the length of disc golf shoes?

Both length and width are important factors to consider to choose the right size. The best way to find the ideal length is to try wearing the shoe and walking with it. If the length is good, you will feel very good. However, do factor in feet swelling and then determine the right length.

You should never be cold while making this trial. Ensure that there is a full thumb’s worth of space between the shoe and the toe’s ends so that that unpleasant feeling of cramped never comes. At the same time, there should not be any additional room such that you glide back and forth inside.

How should the shoe grip be?

It is important to look for the amount of grip while choosing the best disc golf shoes. This is something you need to have if you want to get rid of slipping or falling.

The grip can differ from one player to another, as it is dependent on where you are. An ideal way to test the grip is to see at the tread on the shoe’s bottom. A tread is available in different shapes, sizes, and materials such as metal tread and rubber tread.

What you need to ensure is that the tread can withstand wear and tear, particularly if you will be wearing the shoes almost daily. Obviously, you will not go for something with a smooth bottom that will otherwise result in a missed shot or some physical injury.

Tread is a critical part to consider, particularly if you will be amidst wet grass. After all, you will more likely be covering a variety of terrains, such a muddy or snowy path, dirt trails, damp fairways, and concrete tee-boxes. Thus, the tread should be such that you get enough grip on any of these terrains apart from facilitating control and pivoting ability.

Is it important to choose disc golf shoes with cushioning?

Yes! There has to be sufficient cushioning in the shoes that you choose. However, do not consider it equivalent to comfort, as cushioning is just one aspect that contributes to comfort. For being comfortable, shoes must come with a comfy bed.

However, it also needs to possess the right amount of cushioning. Otherwise, you will not feel good. Even if such a pair looks good, it will not hold up.

How important is to have arch support in my disc golf shoes?

Arch support is one of the essential factors to check for. It is important to have arch support for feeling good, regardless of whether you have a high arch or are flat-footed. If you have felt some kind of hurt without anything stamping your shoes, it is because of the lack of arch support. This lack results in hurting the foot’s bottom part. So, if the promising shoes do not support your feet well, it is ideal to switch to another pair.

How do I know how strong my disc golf shoes are?

Here, you are considering another important factor called strength. It is critical to choose a well-stitched pair to keep ripping off the sides or sole at bay. Otherwise, ripping simply gives way to constant wear and tear in that part. A pair is strong if it is made using durable, well-constructed fabric and has a solid structure. An ideal pair is fortified with a strong material to prevent the risk of rolling over.

Which build material makes disc golf shoes strong and durable?

Currently, disc golf shoes are made up of many materials such as rubber, leather, synthetic leather, PU, and TPU. This can make it difficult for you to go with the high-quality build material if you are unaware of what to check for.

Leather or synthetic leather is a common choice for its high durability and resistance to weather but it is not inherently waterproof. Further, many are against animal cruelty and look for vegan-friendly options. Leather shoes are always expensive.

Then, rubber or PU soles are popular options. Both last for a fair period, are strong and have their own pros and cons. Rubber in a sole can be natural or synthetic. The natural one gives a soft feel and does not wear and tear. On the other hand, the artificial one has good elasticity and ensures resistance to wear and skidding.

TPU is known for its superb wear and tear resistance, great toughness, superb elasticity, and resistance to oxidation and bending. It is more affordable rubber soles.

How do I check the comfort level of my disc golf shoes?

Comfort is an umbrella term that encompasses many factors or features. It is just not all about putting your feet inside and say “wow”. Although this feeling is what you want, it is common to feel so in a comfortable pair initially and then end up with a feeling of hurt later.

So, comfort truly includes several other features to consider. You should be able to walk and move with proper foot support, proper arch support with a good insole should prevent that feeling of worn out, and a padded insole should give you a super-soft feel even after hours of use. These abilities together indicate that a given pair of shoes is comfortable.

An EVA midsole is a highly comfortable type of inside sole type. It molds to your feet’s contour. Similarly, the inner liner also adds to the comfort level by preventing abrasions. Considering that the course is long and several moves are needed, this lining is essential for feeling comfortable.


Each disc golf player has unique feet and so needs a pair of disc golf shoes as per this uniqueness. In simple words, each player needs a pair of the best disc golf shoes that is strong, light/heavy, breathable, waterproof, comfortable, and protective.

We recommend trying the Adidas Terrex Swift R GTX disc golf shoes, as it has all the exclusive features, right from bringing breathable yet waterproof to highly durable, stable, and supportive. There is hardly any significant limitation to consider.

The KEEN WP Footware is ideal for those who want to choose as per the weather conditions, especially the rainy and snowy ones. It is also the best choice if you do not mind spending some more dollars for getting footwear for not only disc golf but also hiking, tracking, or daily wear and tear.