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Recognized as the traditional tumbling tower game involving stacking and pulling of wooden blocks, Jenga is played even today in parties, offices, get-togethers, and picnics. With each turn being exciting and leading to the rise of the tower that becomes less stable, players of all ages are simply pushed to the edge of their seat. To take things to another level researchers at MIT has built a robotic arm that can beat you in the game.

While the classic Jenga game is still fun, several variations of it are available including the famous giant Jenga sets that are exclusively designed for playing the game outside. These are ideal for older kids, teens, and adults considering their jumbo size output.

Believe it or not, one of the interesting ways to get rid of monotony or boring time is to get a giant Jenga set and play with it. Unlike those computer games, you will never get bored or tired of it due to the game’s ability to retain fascination consistently.

Best Giant Jenga Set

You need to make a stack of blocks until a certain height and then begin pulling them such that the created tower does not fall over. This is a fun-filled challenge, isn’t it? Giant Jenga, unlike other game variations, needs more physical movement and that more care is required when the tower is about to collapse. All these experiences result in an adrenalin-fused play.

Bigger is better, which is also applicable to giant Jenga. Regardless of where it is played whether on a wobbly table in a yard or on the lawn, this clever game takes no time to become the favorite of all guests.

However, you need the right set that comes with leveled blocks designed with the ideal dimensions to support not only fun but also the steady hand strategy and replay-ability. Most manufacturers deliver this game along with the accessories in sturdy boxes or stylish cases to ensure hassle-free carry from one place to another.

This means that you will be able to play them at campsites, BBQ venues, tracks, and picnics. This guide is dedicated to introduce and review the 5 best giant Jenga set and sharing a brief buying guide for choosing the most suitable game set.

2021’s 5 Best Giant Jenga Set Games

Juegoal 54 Pieces Giant Tumble Tower

Juegoal 54 Pieces Giant Tumble Tower Blocks Game Giant Toppling Tower Wood Stacking Game with 1 Dice Set Canvas Bag for Adult, Kids, Family

This giant Jenga game is suitable for all ages and venues whether indoors or outdoors. It comes with 54 high-quality blocks made up of premium but eco-friendly natural hardwood. This truly appeals to the environment-conscious people. The 2-feet startup of 18 rows can go up to 4-feet tower during the game.

Due to the average size as compared to other versions, this game is ideal for parties of both kids and adults. Unlike most other giant Jenga games, this one comes with a dice. This is truly a bonus to increase your fun while playing the game.

Just use the dice in the game to make and implement your own rules. For example, the number shown by the rolled dice would be the number of blocks the next player would move. Isn’t that interesting?

The bundle also comes with a thick carrying case made up of canvas. It means that you can carry the blocks easily with you. Thanks to the thick handles that are sturdy enough to make it easy for you to carry the tower. The original wooden blocks and case also make this set a great gift!


  • Eco-friendly
  • Easy to learn
  • For all ages
  • Finished natural wood
  • Dice and case included
  • Sanded for keeping splintering away
  • Resistant to water for playing outside
  • Highly affordable


  • Not that bigger and wider blocks
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Yard Games Giant Tumbling Timbers

Yard Games Giant Tumbling Timbers

This is an ideal giant Jenga game for those who are looking to build a genuinely high tower both indoors and outdoors. The smooth wooden bars enable the players to build a 5-feet high real skyscraper.

Unlike most other giant Jenga games, this one falls apart by giving two additional blocks for the bottom row so that the players can enjoy the additional height. They start the game with the 19 levels of 2.5 feet high timbers and then proceed the game with proficiency to take it to over 5 feet.

The more skillful ones are likely to reach the utmost latitudes while achieving the greatest height. While anyone can play with this game set, it is more desirable for those who are eight years old and above. Due to easy rules, there is no scope of misunderstanding anything.

The blocks come in a high-strength carrying case that is made up of light by sturdy nylon. This makes it easy to carry the game wherever you want. Although sturdy, the blocks are flexible enough to be used almost any surface. They are ideal for tailgating, BBQs, camping, and partying.

Good blocks quality, more blocks, more height than usual, and easy transportation are perhaps the best sellers of this game to consider while choosing the best giant Jenga.


  • More blocks than 54
  • No chipping due to solid wood blocks
  • Smooth lay due to hand-sanded blocks
  • For both indoors and outdoors
  • Easy to set
  • Durable case for easy transportation


  • Heavy and sharp blocks; so not recommended for those below eight years
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GoSports Giant Wooden Toppling Tower

GoSports Giant Wooden Toppling Tower (Stacks to 5+ Feet) | Choose Between Natural, Brown Stain or Gray Stain | Includes Bonus Rules with Gameboard | Made from Premium Pine

GoSports games are admired for their premium quality. This one stacks over 5 feet by starting from 2.5 feet tall tower with 54 blocks of 18 rows. The wooden skyscraper is likely to fall in a heroic way. It is simply for those who feel that a tower of five feet is just not enough for fun and strategy.

Another notable feature of this game is the raw pinewood design of blocks, which just make the set look awesome. These premium pine blocks come with smooth, sanded edges due to which you can spend some good stacking time for building a jumbo-sized tower.

The bundle is big but not huge due to which it is okay to use it outdoors as well as indoors. Unlike many other giant Jenga bundles, this one comes with a dry erase board so that you can create your rules such as goofy and adult-oriented ones.

Thus, this set is for those who wish to set new records and add some innovation to the gameplay. To make it easy for you to carry and store, the manufacturer also ships a canvas carrying case with the game.


  • Ideal for all
  • Premium pine blocks
  • For both indoors and outdoors
  • Numbered blocks for extra rules
  • Durable
  • Alternative game rules with white erase board
  • Score-keeping board
  • Sturdy carrying case
  • Lifetime warranty
  • More affordable than the game by Yard Games


  • Heavy blocks
  • Subject to noticeable staining due to very light color
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Rally and Roar Toppling Tower Giant Tumbling Timbers Game

Rally and Roar Toppling Tower - Giant Tumbling Timbers Game - 2.5 feet Tall (Build to Over 5 feet) Premium Wood Version - For Adults, Kids, Family - Stacking Blocks Set w/Canvas Bag

​This is a multi-person outdoor giant Jenga game with colorful blocks of wood, a dice, a scoreboard for making your own rules, and a carry bag of premium quality. This premier bundle has a professional build but is easy for beginners to use while fulfilling the requirements of champions.

The blocks of this professional game are sturdy and are made using waterproof and pest-resistant wood and smooth edges, which together give an ergonomic feel. A striking aspect is the look of these blocks in orange and blue colors, which sets them apart from the blocks of other giant Jenga games.

The material is solid wood but a noticeable and commendable aspect is how smooth these blocks are, which eradicates the risk of roughness and splinters. This is why the game is fun for adults and kids.

​At approximately 2.5 feet tall, this game has 54 blocks for denoting teams that need to pile them up to 5 feet. The game comes with additional accessories including a marker and a whiteboard. The wooden dice brings in a twist of customization, as you can use it to add rules such as number 6 means pulling a middle block.

The dry erase board helps you update the score, while the Oxford carrying case is durable to sustain in a noisy crowd and enable easy transportation. The case is also waterproof along with the blocks to make your outdoor events full of reliable and lasting fun.


  • Light blocks
  • Professional version
  • For indoors and outdoors
  • Stylish blue and orange look
  • Sturdy pinewood build
  • Dice and carrying case included
  • No risk of splintering
  • White erase board and marker


  • Heavy
  • Flimsy case
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Jenga GIANT Hardwood Game by Hasbro

Jenga GIANT Genuine Hardwood Game (Stacks to 4+ feet. Ages 8+)

This is a highly popular jumbo version of the classic Jenga that is loved by millions of people around the world. The version comes with 54, jumbo-sized polished blocks made up of hardwood and featuring precision cut.

This game is designed exclusively for kids aged 8 years apart from the adults. The players start setting the blocks at almost 22 inches high and progress the play by stacking them to more than 4 feet high.

As compared to the original game, this one comes with eight times bigger blocks for additional fun. Thus, it is bigger than many other Jenga sets. For more fun and challenge, players can build a stack of more than 5 feet high with a booster pack available separately.

The game can be played solo or with more than one player. It is shipped in a sturdy box for easy carriage and storage. The game can be a good option for beginners as you can purchase the booster pack and complicate the game. The high quality of the polished bars prevents possible scratches while playing.


  • Durable hardwood blocks
  • No risk of scratching or breaking
  • Easy to learn
  • Analogous to the famous classic version
  • Special height booster pack available
  • Durable case for easy transportation


  • A bit pricey
  • Not that giant
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How to Choose the Best Giant Jenga Sets

The basic Jenga games are affordable. However, the giant ones are not that cost-friendly. Further, the sheer size and weight of the giant models make assembling and transporting a bit challenging.

Finding the right giant Jenga game actually depends on the number of people playing the game and your preferences. You then match them with the features and specifications of the most promising giant Jenga sets.

These features and specifications are nothing but the buying factors to consider for selecting the best giant Jenga set. So, let’s check out these factors in the form of commonly asked questions.

Is it safe to play giant Jenga?

While it is safe to play this game, the risk of harm arises only when a piece of the block falls on your foot or if it is mishandled. This is applicable even to the classic or regular Jenga game.

In the case of the Giant Jenga version, the risk is more than in the classic one, as the blocks are heavier as well as larger. Thus, it is essential to be highly attentive and careful if you are playing with children.

Wooden blocks are not only heavy but are likely to come with sharp edges that can result in a shock. This is why it is not recommended playing the game wearing open-toe footwear and flip-flops.

When you feel even up to a slight degree that the tower is going to collapse, just ensure that all in the team go back at a safe distance. In short, just move away from the bricks. Moreover, it is better to ruin the play than to end up with an injury.

While Jenga is a fun, creative, and skills-sharpening game, safety is always the top priority. Thus, the game is safe if you play it safe.

How players and climate affect my giant Jenga game selection?

Before you go ahead and look for the giant Jenga games available on sale, it is essential to know who will be playing it and where would they play. First, you need to know who will be playing with you.

If the players with you are kids, a giant Jenga bundle with lighter blocks is ideal. This is because these blocks will not harm the little ones when the tower falls. If the players are adults, a bit heavy build is okay. Still, regardless of age and expertise, it is strongly advised to watch out for the toes at the time of the collapse.

Next, consider where you will play. If you wish to play this fun game in lawns or at other people’s houses, it is better to choose a game version that comes with a convenient and durable carrying case. This will make it easier for you to carry the blocks and other accessories.

Focus on the build material of the case. It should not be a cheap canvas, as it will then break easily. You truly have many options here; so, it is wise to find out how frequently you will be carrying the set.

For playing in outdoors, the blocks, case, and other accessories should be weatherproof and rust-resistant too.

Kids of which age can play Giant Jenga?

Most classic models are made for players whose age is six and above. However, giant Jenga is genuinely for those who are 12 and above.

How many players can be there in giant Jenga?

Well, there are no restrictions on the number of players who can play giant Jenga. This play is similar to a solitaire game in which you need to make the tower as high as possible with the help of any number of players.

What kind of material is ideal for the giant Jenga blocks?

The pioneer or original Jenga sets came with blocks made of hardwood. If you wish to play with the classic blocks, check for sets whose bricks are made using natural lumber and have a smooth finish.

The blocks of many modern sets come with somewhat rough edges. Well, they are purposely made so for making the play more challenging. A few sets have finished and slick blocks to provide improved friction.

No matter which game set you choose, blocks for this game are made up of wood. The type of wood used differs; it can be pine, hardwood, or even eco-friendly natural wood fiber.

Of all the woods used in making the blocks of giant Jenga, pine is the most common one. This is perhaps because it provides sufficient balance as well as an ideal amount of weight so that the tower stays stable without making it hard to pull blocks with a single hand. Pine blocks are also easy to work with.

You may go with any other type of wood but ensure to have smooth edges and sanded surfaces. If the blocks are not smooth, you will have to sand them to make them smooth. For a better impact, using wax is recommended.

Painting is not required. However, if you wish to do it, there is no issue at all.

What should be the style and design of the giant Jenga blocks?

The blocks of giant Jenga games are typically square (classic) or rectangular in shape. If you like the traditional style and design, the square-shaped blocks will be your choice. It is truly a matter of personal preference.

How many block pieces should be there in a giant Jenga game?

Most giant Jenga sets come with 54 wooden blocks for playing the game. This is also the fixed number for classic Jenga. However, you will come across some brands offering 56 to 60 blocks for making the game more challenging.

So, the number 54 is not a staple. You can easily change it as per your preferences. However, just keep in mind that the higher the tower with more blocks, the higher is its probability to collapse.

What is the size of the giant Jenga blocks?

If you wish to build your own giant Jenga blocks, their size is a factor of customization. You can try out different sizes and arrive at the right one. Nevertheless, if you want to buy a giant Jenga set, you need to know the standards that several makers tend to employ. A standard block has a height of 1.38 inches, a width of 2.38 inches, and a length of 7.13 inches.

What is the weight of a giant Jenga tower?

A giant Jenga typically has a weight of approximately 18 pounds. However, this is reliant on the blocks’ size and the wood type used to make them.

How tall can my giant Jenga tower go?

This depends on the number and size of blocks you have chosen to use. If the blocks are of the standard size and are 54 in number, you will be able to make a Jenga tower that has gained a height of up to five feet or even more during the play. As per the skills of players, many towers will generally double in height during the play.

Should I look for a packaging option while buying a giant Jenga?

Yes, you should ideally look for a good and durable packaging option for safely storing the giant Jenga bricks. If you wish to carry them from one place to another, then it should also be light and portable. In short, it should be convenient and durable enough to sustain all blocks intact. It is wise to choose waterproof nylon or plastic, or a wooden box acting as a carrying case.


With giant Jenga, any event right from a corporate party to a family BBQ can be filled with fun, team spirit, and positive emotions in the mix with a light feeling of thrilling and competing moments. It is an entertaining and strategic game that can be played solo or in a group, suitable for ages ranging from 3 to 103.

Apart from being fun-filled and tempting, the game also has educational value. This is because it teaches patience, exactness, coordination between organs and team members, and a logical approach to thinking. So, it is ideal to choose blocks and accessories that help you make fun as well as learn.

We recommend the Jenga GIANT original set for all those who love the pioneers of this game. Still, it is best to check the supported age group and buy. For starters, the set from Juegoal is worth a try, as it also comes with accessories such as a die and a whiteboard without costing you much!