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Golf is one of those sports that people of all ages or expertise level seem to enjoy. So, are you an avid golfer who is planning to practice on the course since a few days but cannot due to a sudden prevalent change in the weather? Or is it so that the course is a bit far away from your home?

Well, regardless of what is stopping you from practicing golf, there is an ideal solution for you. Why not invest in a golf net? Whether you have just brought the first or tenth set of clubs, investing in a practice net at home is perhaps a reliable and convenient way to improve your skills without depending on the weather.

A golf net is the right blend of a net and frame, which you can set almost anywhere in your backyard or in a room of your home and hit the ball into it. For using it, you only need a golf mat and clubs. It is available in different sizes so that it can make you practice the drills even in a limited amount of space.

Further, within the comfort of your home, the probability of you making more accurate shots will be higher than that on the golf course. There is also a need to stroll much due to which you can easily train yourself in shorter sessions.

Best Golf Net for Practice

Using a net at home is ideal when you cannot reach the golf course. The golf nets are available for both indoor and outdoor use and they get set in minutes. They are designed for perfect portability, fun, and versatility to adapt to other sports such as soccer.

Even if you are just beginning to learn the sport, a good net will make you enjoy the sport like a pro golfer by boosting your swing. As a fact, most beginners or practitioners have never given a thought to investing in a golf practice net before.

However, now with the benefits known, it is worth considering this investment. If you are a passionate and dedicated daily golfer who wants to practice at home, in the backyard, or even in office; this post helps you in choosing the right net by describing the buying factors and revealing top 5 nets with their reviews.

2021’s 5 Best Golf Nets Reviews

Rukket 10x7ft Haack Golf Net

Rukket 10x7ft Haack Golf Net | Practice Driving Indoor and Outdoor | Golfing at Home Swing Training Aids | By SEC Coach Chris Haack

Consider this golf net made for both indoor and outdoor use if you are pretty serious to practice throughout the year. It has been designed by the renowned golf coach Chris Haack, which is enough to indicate that it is a quality net that ensures you the desired performance.

The 10-feet wide and 7-feet tall net is generous enough to catch the ball even if the shot is bad and make you roll the club as much as you want. These dimensions are actually enough to get more confident shots. The great surface area assures you that the ball shall remain within the net’s perimeter before coming towards you.

Another commendable aspect of this net is its durability. It is composed of 4-ply netting without knots that is resistant to the different indications of wear and tear. The light net is also resistant to impact without you having to make extra piercing into the ground.

The net is sturdy and firm enough to support rollback due to which the ball easily comes back to you. It works well on any type of surface without slipping due to its rubber feet. The fiberglass poles are also strong enough to keep falling away.

It takes only a few minutes to assemble and disassemble this net and then put it in its included carry bag. The sides are such that they aid in holding the ball even if the target is missed.

Above all, this net comes with a lifetime warranty. If the golf net somehow gets defective with time, this warranty helps you in getting a new one. This truly gives peace of mind.


  • Light and portable
  • Solid and durable build
  • Ball-friendly mesh
  • Substantial shooting surface
  • Endorsed by an SEC coach
  • Both indoor and outdoor use
  • Quick to assemble
  • Detachable side nets (not included)
  • Carry bag
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Pricey
  • Vague assembly instructions
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Spornia SPG-7 Golf Practice Net

Spornia SPG-7 Golf Practice Net - Automatic Ball Return System W/Target Sheet, Two Side Barrier (with Roof)

This is another professional golf net just as the Rukket one but with a difference in the size and price. Being more affordable than the Rukket net discussed here, Spornia SPG-7 is small in size that has got high ratings for its quality netting, unique design, and ease of setup.

The product is considered as one of the versatile nets in the market. Unlike other nets, it also acts as a chipping net with targets due to which it fulfills a variety of golfing requirements.

A special mention goes to the interesting design that makes it stand apart from all other nets. Over the net of mesh, a black sheet with a target simply helps you in getting improved results.

The sheet is built using a material that absorbs both sounds and shocks and sends the ball towards you gradually and automatically without influencing the surrounding tiles or grass.

This impact sheet can switch the automatic return once you remove it. This allows the net without the sheet to catch balls for practicing chipping. The regular net is capable of catching full Driver swings and rowdy shots without hitting the impact panel made up of mesh material. This panel is, thus, more durable than a square netting one.

Although short, it is yet a big net of eight feet wide and seven feet long giving ample practice space. Two panels on the sides defend against missed shots.

At the base, a net piece is capable of gathering the balls. There are also two detachable and adjustable white lines that indicate where to play shot, which could be either on the sides or in the middle. The net at the bottom prevents bouncing and rolling of the ball. This eliminates the need for placing a carpet beneath the net.

It takes only a few seconds to assemble the net inside your room or in the garden. You can also conveniently disassemble it and store or carry it in the included bag. Overall, this is the net for both chipping and driving and tends to last long due to its rigid build.


  • Light and portable
  • Wide area of practice
  • Great target sheet
  • Heavy-duty material
  • Auto ball return
  • Easy to set
  • Chipping net and storage bag included
  • Durable
  • Affordable for its two functions (driving and chipping)
  • 1-year warranty


  • Short and narrow
  • Flimsy frame
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JEF WORLD OF GOLF Collapsible Chipping Net

JEF World of Golf Collapsible Chipping Net

Consider this affordable net if you wish to practice chipping. This is because it is specially designed for chipping while giving convenience to players. It aims to improve the chip shots with steady effort applied to the swing.

Unlike other golf nets, this portable net features three baskets for making you face the supreme challenge. The net converts easily into a frame of 7-inch diameter from a frame of 23 inches to facilitate diverse ways to practice.

In the net’s middle, the opening enables you to hit the determined target and hold the balls inside the net. As each target hole is associated with its closed net, it is easy to find out which one hit the bulls-eye, in the outer, and or inside the yellow while retrieving balls.

The build of 600 denier / 10% nylon is light in weight, compact for efficient storage, portable for moving it anywhere, and foldable. You can use this multi-net product wherever you like such as in the garage or in your living room. It folds up to look more compact just as a junior camp chair.


  • Light
  • Portable
  • Small size allowing focus on the target area
  • Durable frame
  • Flexible due to smooth transformation for a harder swing
  • Foldable chipping basket
  • Manageable by both left- and right-handed players
  • Suitable for all skill levels
  • Easy to set
  • Affordable


  • Too small for some
  • A bit flimsy net
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PodiuMax 10x7ft Golf Hitting Net

PodiuMax 10x7ft Golf Hitting Net | Driving Range for Backyard & Indoor | Also Suitable for Soccer, Baseball, Softball Practice

Are you looking for a more affordable option than Rukket 10x7ft Haack golf net? If yes, then consider the Podiumax 10×7 hitting the net, which seems to have the same look in terms of size.

Just as the Rukket, even this one measures 10 x 7 to give a big target area so that you can improve your swing and shots like a pro. You as an avid player will have an opportunity to put more time to hone your skills due to the ability of this net to gather even the errant shots.

The net is composed of three thick steel tubes so that you are ensured of optimal stability as well as rigidity. Its rods are made up of highly tough fiberglass to ensure quick recovery as well as a powerful buffering ability. This makes the net highly reliable, as it can catch anything that you throw towards it.

The body of the net is made using tetoron that has no knots. This makes it highly durable as well as resistant to abrasions. Due to this resistance, the net can endure any ball impact or that of the driving iron or Fairway woods. The ball-returning ability tends to make learning more effective.

You can easily assemble and disassemble the net in just a few minutes. It is truly portable. Further, the net is ideal for use indoors or outdoors. There is now no need to wait for hours at the ball dispenser point for a driving range slot.


  • Portable
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to set
  • Big surface area
  • Durable
  • Strong net to bear all golf abuses
  • Storage bag included
  • Affordable


  • Flimsy stakes although manageable
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Himal Pop Up Golf Chipping Net with 12 Balls

Himal Pop Up Golf Chipping Net Indoor Outdoor Collapsible Golf Accessories Golfing Target Net - for Accuracy and Swing Practice with 12 Training Balls

This is another strong chipping net available at the most affordable price in the market. It is truly useful to those who want to practice distance and strength of swing and do not have a backyard but a small apartment room with a carpet. Both adults and kids can learn and have fun using this net.

A unique aspect of this net is its kind design. It features an intelligent pop-up design having three different targets for outdoor as well as indoor use so that you can boost your accuracy level. The distinct nail design having three nails keep it quite stable so that no windy condition can influence it.

Stability is also ensured by the strong spring steel frame that you can fold over a thousand times with mesh net and 300D canvas. The sturdy build is light, durable, and setup-friendly. The net is durable; this is evident from the fact that it can hold real golf balls instead of only those made from foam.

You can set this net in a few seconds and fold it back for storage when not in use. It is so light and compact that you can easily carry it. The overall size after setup is such that you can install it on the floor of your home’s room, office’s room, or lawn.


  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Simple but strong design
  • Quick pop-up opening
  • Compact enough to fit in an apartment room
  • Sturdy
  • Quick and easy to set
  • Well-functioning even in the rain
  • 12 regular balls
  • Nylon carry bag
  • Durable
  • Most affordable in this list


  • Not any as of now
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How to Choose the Best Golf Net for You

There are many golf nets in the market. Many of them will look quite similar but they truly vary in terms of size, durability, net strength, ease of setup, and other such factors. Well, these are the buying factors that you need to consider for choosing the best golf net.

Why do you need to consider? This is because these factors should meet your requirements closely. Doing so will make it easier than before to choose the best golf net from the diverse collection thronging the market.

Thus, it is unwise to just go and pick any golf net that you like visually. It is extremely important to examine the functional aspects of promising nets so that you can choose one of them easily. For this, you need to know the buying factors, which are described below in the form of answers to the commonly asked questions.

What should be the size of my golf net?

Golf net size is an important factor to consider. Well, the exact answer to this question depends on the area of the target place where you would be installing the golf net. This means that you need to first finalize the space available for it.

This space or area is the one where not only the net will fit nicely but you will get adequate space to swing a club without bothering of damaging anything close by. Some of the most common examples of golf playing spaces are basement, garage, and backyard. However, you can choose any space with sufficient area.

Once space is chosen, you need to find out the size of the net. To be specific, you need to find out the width, length, and depth of the net. Doing so will let you know whether the promising net can fit into that space properly or not. Ideally, you should go with the net that is big enough and yet fits in the chosen space.

Thinking of the right net size is perhaps essential for buying the most suitable golf net. The net sizes range from 7-foot to the more comfortable 23-inch diameter. Just go for the size that fits comfortably in the chosen space. Just leave up to 6 additional feet of space at the net’s rear, as golf balls can harm anything that may be close.

Which type of net should I choose?

Net type is another critical factor to consider. There are two main types of golf nets, drive or chipping. The third type is known as a golf cage, which is not that popular amongst the beginners.

While buying a golf net, you need to decide whether you will work on drives and wings or putting and chipping. Small nets that feature integrated targets are chiefly for putting and chipping. On the other hand, big nets are for drives, as they are more capable of enduring fast hits.

Chipping nets are perhaps the cheapest ones. They are portable and ideal for beginners. However, seasoned players will need a more effective net. Driving nets are bigger forms of chipping nets, are more durable, and tend to resist the highly-robust driver’s force.

Their nets are of high density to catch the balls and throw them back or keep in an area in the net. They are also heavier than chipping nets. Still, it is possible to find a highly portable driving net.

Golf cages are jumbo-sized nets that come with three mesh sides to practice swings. Due to their size, they are not portable and must be placed from where you will not uninstall anytime soon. Surprisingly, golf cages are safe and home-friendly. In fact, they have more safety features than other types of nets. The netting tends to discard the ball’s momentum and does not bounce back the ball at you.

Should I choose a golf net with indoor and/or outdoor use?

You should go for a net that can be used both inside and outside if you wish to practice anywhere. The good news is that most driving nets are usable in both indoor and outdoor areas However, it is wise to know what suits you.

Most of these nets are perfect for those who have sufficient outdoor space and feel more convenient practicing outside than inside. Nevertheless, if you are restricted to your home space, go for a net meant for indoor use.

These driving nets have sufficient coverage for the room, as they can defend collectibles around that room in your home and prevent balls from hopping around. However, they make it tough for balls to bounce back. Such a feature is ideal if you want the net to collect all hit balls in one place.

Usually, driving and chipping nets are safe for indoor use but you need to employ them in safe places. The ability to work indoors is ideal for those living in acute weather climates, especially when winter or rainy season is long.

As a tip, when the weather is fine, it is ideal to practice outside to face a more realistic environment. With the varying wind and sun conditions, it becomes easy to find out how to handle the swings in different environmental conditions.

How do I choose a quality net?

For choosing a quality golf net, you need to focus on the net’s material and net’s strength. It is the net’s material that can endure all abuses to pass the test of durability and ensure the desired performance. Golf nets are made up of different net materials, which vary from one manufacturer to another.

Nylon is the most common material that stands the test of time. Depending on the maker, some nylon nets are designed to be resistant to different harsh weather elements. This not only increases the lifespan of that net but also make it a reliable outdoor net.

Next, the net’s strength is also an important factor to assess. It refers to how firmly the netting is stretched. A net that is not stretched tightly is less likely to hold well while utilizing a higher-powered club. Further, a ball that is well hit can tear the net.

Similarly, a too tightly stretched net will be unable to absorb the ball impact and will rip. Here, just apply the general thumb rule that you get what you pay for. A cheaper build will not make you save much in the long run. Ideally, look for a net that has more than one netting layer so that ball shall stop if one of the layers did not function.

At times, it may be so that a hitting net is likely to perform superbly indoors but is highly susceptible to wear when used in extreme temperatures. You can check this out in different customer reviews. Thus, even the best golf net may not ensure the same performance in both indoors and outdoors.

Thus, as a tip, it is better to get a high-quality golf net for outdoors. You can use it easily inside your home during the rain or snow and then use it outside. Such outdoor nets are composed of UV protective materials.

Should I choose a golf practice net with targets?

It is important to choose a net with targets if you are focused on improving your shots and wish to gauge them. Depending on the golf net you choose, targets are either fixed or adjustable and tend to challenge you to hone your swings of all levels. It is a fact that a golf practice net having no targets does not give the same confidence in improving shots as a marked one does.

What kind of frame should I look for while buying a golf net?

The firmness and strength of the frame is another vital factor to consider. You need to ensure that the frame is strong enough to hold for years to come. Further, check out the ground anchors if you wish to take the net and frame outside. Moreover, it should be easy to set it up.

Most frames are built using lightweight stainless steel. This is because this material is resistant to wear and tear. They also come with stakes that you need to put on the bottom so that the frame does not fall in windy conditions. Nevertheless, these days, steel frames come without stakes, as their shape is such that they can withstand winds.

Which kind of golf net setup should I choose: Temporary or Permanent?

A permanent setup is actually a professional installation. If you wish to go for it, bear in mind that these nets are often tough to uninstall once they are installed. On the flip side, they are more durable than temporary or movable versions.

Temporary nets are for those who wish to move them from one place to another for practicing in different areas. They are more affordable than permanent nets. You can easily fold or take apart them to convert them into a smaller piece for storage. This is how they do not need much inside or outside space when not in use.

Ideally, for indoors, it is best to go for temporary installations. This is because you will be using the net outside when all conditions are favorable.

How to know whether the golf net is durable or not?

Durability is a vital factor, as you are most likely to use the chosen net outdoors and that too with the golf balls that are tough objects. After all, the mesh net aims to catch the ball and throw it towards you. Thus, you need a durable net for sure.

If a golf net is durable, it will be tough enough to endure your swings’ strength and the ball’s force. Such a net is made up of sturdy material and is heavy-duty in terms of construction. Usually, it does not feature below 7-thread woven netting.

Go through the product descriptions as well as customer reviews to know how durable a particular golf net is.

When a golf net is said to be portable?

Portability as a factor is important for those who wish to move with their golf nets quite frequently within indoors, from indoors to outdoors or vice-versa, or within outdoors. Portable nets are pretty easy to assemble and disassemble, fold up, and move from one area to another. You can easily walk with it until a mile or two as well as carry it in a carry bag.

How about the ease of net setup?

It is of no good to buy a golf net that is hard or complicated to install and use. If you wish to take down the net between uses, a popup net is likely to be your best bet. Such a net enables you to convert your garage instantly into a driving range to get started right away. They are also more portable than other golf net types, which means you can carry them anywhere.

How important is the ball return ability?

It is important if you wish to save more time for practice than what you had been getting due to the need to fetch the balls frequently after hitting them. Yes, the ball return feature tends to eliminate this need, as it automatically throws the ball to where it came from. This is truly useful when you are practicing swing with just a single ball.


There is no single golf net out there that is the best for all golfers. This is because each golfer has a specific set of requirements that are unique. Although the aim is common that is to master the skills, the net type, size, durability needs tend to vary.

One requirement of durability is common amongst golfers. Thus, looking for extremely durable units is wise, as it takes care of almost all aspects of golf. Still, what you choose ultimately comes down to your budget and what you wish to work on.

However, you will not compromise with ease of assembly and disassembly, stability, and a durable net while choosing the right practice net.

For beginners who are just about to get started, the Himal pop-up chipping net is truly worth a try. This affordable net has all the expected features such as being light, durable, and portable. They also come with balls to start the practice instantly.

If you are truly serious to work on the chipping game, then try out the JEF World chipping net. On the other hand, the Rukket Haack, Spornia SPG-7, and PodiuMax nets are for those who want to generally hone their golfing skills.

Still, we highly recommend to check out customer reviews for the golf net that seems most promising to you.