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A picnic at a park or a beach becomes more exciting and amusing when a colorful and attractive shape of a kite flies high in the sky. Whether kids or adults and young or old, people of all ages get soaked into the visually impressive flight as well as aerobatics that the best kite can deliver.

Gone are those days when flying a kite was just for cutting other people’s kites and having some great sense of achievement once that kite with a long tail reaches a great height to be with that of a sun. Modern technology along with aerodynamics and different kite materials have made kite flying more fun than ever.

Modern designs are grand and employ the latest advanced technologies to give an experience that is as thrilling as a parachute. Now, there is something more to just watching your kite going near the sun while working or even fighting with the wind.

Best Kites for Beginners & Kids

In a crowded area, raising a kite into the sky tells others where you are by acting as an easy-to-spot and instantly visible flag. You can even perform some stunts to attract the attention of people around you.

The same kite can act as a poster containing a message painted on a white background, which can easily come into the eyesight of thousands of people. A kite is also useful for a coast guard to monitor the direction of the wind. It is also useful in gauging distances by marking the string at predetermined points.

For kids, it is much more than fun, as they can now boost their mental attentiveness, creativity, and decision-making power. This is because they need to control the flying path by consistently maintaining their physical and psychological promptness. Interestingly, they even get Vitamin D by enjoying under the sun and amidst winds.

Thus, there are many reasons for flying kites. Regardless of the reason, you need the right kind of kite to fly. There is no point in buying a kite for beginners or kids, which exclusively is made for performing stunts.

You start by flying small kites and then progress to large single line kites and then the stunt kites to hook both your excitement and aerobatic skills. Everyone else will rejoice the stunning spectacle you form by initiating an array of diverse loops and twists.

If the motive is only for fun, then it suffices to confine up to large single line kites. Keeping the different purposes in mind, this post helps you in selecting the best kites for beginners, kids and adults by introducing the reviews of top 5 kites. We also dedicate section on how to choose the right kites for you based on various factors you should consider.

2021’s 5 Best Kites for Beginners, Kids & Adults

aGreatLife Huge Rainbow Kite for Kids – Best Kite for Kids

aGreatLife Huge Rainbow Kite for Kids for Outdoor Games and Activities

At first glance itself, kids will fall in love with this super attractive design of rainbow. This itself can persuade toddlers and kids to leave their indoor video games and get out faster for some great flying fun. The combination of color and size is such that it attracts anybody’s attention instantly from a remote spot.

For both the beginners and kids, this 43-inch wide kite is a breeze. It comes with good assembled features that ensure quick launching and smooth handling. The kid-friendly build fabric and super-stable handle contribute to a smooth and pleasurable flying experience.

The child can fly without taking any help. Unlike the standard kites, this kite is purposely designed to launch easily and remain stable in almost any kind of windy condition. The build fabric is high-quality rip-stop polyester that makes the kite durable enough.

The central rods although strong are gentle enough to contribute to a lightweight frame. Thus, the child can splendidly wing it amidst the minimal wind. The 50-meter strong string and high-quality flat winder keep twisting away in stiff winds and allow flying higher than trees.

The robust line reel with grooves where the grip is essential making it easy to catch the kite. Similarly, the firm poles deliver a great durable structure that lasts for years.

Overall, it is a well-balanced kite that is not too heavy to make it tough to fly and not too light to result in poor control. It is also a stable that will remain in the air with least control.


  • Attractive design
  • Non-toxic components
  • Durable frame
  • Quick and easy assembly (to be done by elders)
  • Stable in a light breeze and strong winds with minimal control
  • Easy to launch, fly, and control even for a 5-year old
  • Instructional video for assembly
  • Great price


  • Skills required for flying in some windy conditions
  • Not for older kids
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HENGDA Beautiful Large Easy Flyer Kite – Best Kite for Beginners

Hengda kite-Pack 2 Colors(Orange&Purple) Beautiful Large Easy Flyer Kite for Kids-Software Octopus-It's Big! 31 Inches Wide with Long Tail 157 Inches Long-Perfect for Beach or Park

How about flying an octopus in a blue sky? This is another great idea to pull out older kids who are otherwise engaged in the digital world!

This kite is a 31-inch wide mollusk octopus in red with long tails of 157 inches representing the tentacles. It is perfect for kids of 9+ years who love a long-tailed kite. However, this kite is only reliable amidst medium winds at beaches or parks.

Unlike other kites, the good news is that there is no need for assembly; it is ready to go high in the sky with little preparation once taken out of the bag.

The kite looks quite attractive with spectacular design and color. The long tails add a new dimension to its overall look. Apart from giving the benefit of ease of flying, the well-planned design retains the stability as well as the steadiness in windy conditions. The long tails retain their balance to keep wriggling away.

The build with high-quality materials makes this kite durable apart from adding to its stability when it is flying at a low altitude. At the same time, they make this kite quite light so that it becomes easy to carry it after folding it. The material is high-strength nylon polymer.

The red octopus outline also encompasses a balanced frame. The mix of high-quality nylon and frame sets this kite apart from the traditional paper kites. The child can easily launch and handle it.


  • No need for assembly
  • Whimsical design
  • Light
  • Well balanced and stable
  • Compact and easy to carry
  • Easy to launch and control
  • Reach up to 300 ft.
  • Durable
  • Available in different colors


  • Only for medium winds
  • Need for expertise to launch properly
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In the Breeze Hot 27 Inch Diamond Kite

In the Breeze Hot Arch 27 Inch Diamond Kite - Single Line - Ripstop Fabric - Includes Kite Line and Bag - Great Beginner Kite

A diamond kite is perhaps the most noticeable one with a typical cross structure. This makes it a popular kite amongst kids and adults. However, the 27-inch diamond kite in bright colors from In the Breeze is a great option for both beginners and experienced flyers of any age.

This colorful kite comes with all that you need to get started and have a fun-filled flying experience outside! Constructed from light rip-stop fabric and providing fiberglass rods, the sturdy kite is ideal for winds having a speed of 6 to 20 mph. With the right wind, there is no need to move to get in the air.

With the length of 27 inches and a width of 23 inches, this kite is easy to fly, assemble, and store. The kite comes with color-aligned tails that are 19-foot long to ensure stability. There is also a kite line on a handle winder to get the kite soaring in a couple of seconds. Though the single line cannot give as much control as models with several lines, you cannot beat the ease of flying at the price at which it is available.

Unlike other kites, this one is not printed but comes sewn to give a distinct look. It comes with a handy bag for you to store once you are done with flying. You can choose from the colorful striped patterns and fly like a pro despite its simple design.

Consider this kite if you are on a budget or are a beginner for mastering some aerial tricks.


  • Sewn design
  • Light
  • Stable
  • Easy and quick to assemble
  • Highly durable
  • Easy to launch/fly
  • Available in different colors
  • Bag included
  • Highly affordable


  • May not go high
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StuffKidsLove Best Delta Kite

Best Delta Kite, Easy Fly for Kids and Beginners, Single Line w/Tail Ribbons, Stunning Blue & Purple, Materials, Large, Meticulous Design and Testing + Guarantee + Bonuses!

This is an ideal kite to get started at any age for flying high. The single-line delta kite is 60 inches wide and 32 inches long and comes with two tails that are 8.5-feet long, 200-feet anti-tangle flying line, a storage bag along with a handle, and spare parts kit. The line contributes to an extra-smooth fly as you learn to lift off.

The best part of this kit is that it is partially assembled and comes with an instruction booklet dedicated to assembly and flying, which is easy to comprehend and gets you started in no time. It takes only a few minutes of the setup prior to taking off into the sky.

Further, there is no need for you to bother about the kite getting stuck somewhere or flying far away into the sky. This is because of this kite ships with a no-loss guarantee. In simple words, for those who are registered buyers, the company is bound to make a replacement for the lost kite.

Another best quality of this kite is that it is highly durable. All credit goes to its high-quality materials of heavy-duty nylon and flexible resin, both of which makes it not only durable but also easy to fly as well as lightweight. The company tags this kite as the ‘unbreakable’ one.

Due to these build materials, the kite is flexible, mold-proof, and rust-proof. It is also resistant to breaking, crashing, and banging. After all, it is made by the best kite factory in the world. In short, the quality suitable for kids and adults withstands the test of time.

The Delta features durable but bendable resin rods, a body of rip-stop nylon of heavy-duty quality and crisscrossed stitching and clips of stainless steel.


  • Light
  • Partially assembled
  • Quality materials
  • Highly durable; endures hard crashes
  • Easy to launch
  • Easy to balance
  • Flying for a long time
  • Kite loss covered by a replacement
  • Durable bag and handle included
  • Available in different color sets


  • Pricey
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Prism Synapse Dual-line Parafoil Kite

Prism Synapse Dual-line Parafoil Kite, 140

This parafoil design is truly for beginners who are teens or adults and want to learn or perform aerial stunts or dual-line flying. It is truly great for dual-line basics such as dives, spins, and figure 8s. For learning how to fly a two-handed model, the parafoil design is what you need.

While it is likely to take some time to learn this kind of flying, the kite is quick and easy to maneuver once you are accustomed to it. This model is also strong enough to endure nosedives due to which you need not worry if you must go through a learning curve.

Still, this parafoil is designed for all those who are new to parafoil flying. It is ideal for the beach and is a self-inflating foil model for those who are serious to learn. The kite is a highly-maneuverable stunt model whose flight is elating but challenging at the same time.


For ultimate control, while practicing dual-line moves, it comes with two lines, 60-feet line, and equalizer support straps that are solely for your wrists. This basically resembles a paraglider. You can use this parafoil kite amidst winds rushing in the range of 6 to 25 mph.

The full-fabric design with no frame to hurt and small dimensions of 55 x 20 x 4 inches, this parafoil folds effortlessly and fits into the included carrying case.


  • No assembly required
  • Portable and light
  • Super speed and agility
  • Fit inside an included compact bag for travel
  • Easy to learn and fly
  • Durable despite having a frameless design
  • Crash endurance
  • Informative guide included
  • Available in different colors


  • A bit of learning curve
  • Needs steady winds
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Selecting the Best Kites for Kids, Beginners and Adults

There are different types of kites in the market, each differing in terms of shape, color, wind resistance, flying height, and durability. In short, no two kites are identical. Similarly, the buyers or flyers also differ in terms of their requirements such as budget, age, purpose, and prevalent skills or expertise.

Thus, no two buyers will be identical. Thus, there is no single kite that is the best for everyone although it may be suitable for most ages.

As a smart and informed buyer, you need to shortlist the most promising kites as per your requirements and then compare them in terms of features, specifications, pros, and cons. These are nothing but the factors to consider. Let’s check out these factors in terms of answers to commonly asked questions.

What should be the age of kids for flying kites?

Kids around five to six years old can be introduced to kite flying. They are young enough to feel much excited and gain much joy from flying a kite. At the same time, they are old enough to hold a kite. The basic kites are designed in such a way that even toddlers can fly under supervision. Some advanced versions such as dual-line and parafoil are for those who are usually 13 and above.  They are not recommended for small kids.

Which type of kite is best for me?

Choosing the right type of kite matters for great performance. A kite is usually thought of like a stretched diamond shape. However, not all kites have that shape. The modern ones can be of almost any shape. In short, there are different types of kite designs, each being performing slightly different in the air.  Following are the different types to consider:

  • Parafoil: Is made up of several cells instead of a frame and has more than one line attached to the string for more control. As there is no frame, there is no need for assembly and that you can easily fold it and store in a small bag. Parafoils come with pockets open at the front and take a semi-rigid form as the wind fills them. They land gently despite being in crashes and provide a light pull in air. On the flip side, it flies slowly than other kites due to which flips, and other stunts may not be exhilarating. Further, it needs steady wind or else it collapses. It also gets more influenced by mild uproar or disorder than other models.
  • Delta: Is the one with the typical triangular shape and comes with a frame and two lines with the primary string. Such a kite is easy to assemble, facilitates dives and spins, has a high-flying speed, and flies well even in mild winds. However, the rigid frame and high speed to fly make it a bit risky if it comes down in speed only to hurt someone. Further, a delta model is not as compact as other kites when folded.
  • Diamond: Is the one with a diamond shape and typically comes with a tail. Such a kite is highly portable, easy to assemble, light and easy to fly for kids, and has superb control as well as maneuverability. While suitable for kids, older kids will find it less challenging and be bored with the ease of flight.
  • Traditional: Is much like a diamond kite that is easy to fly as well as assemble. However, such a kite does not hold well in strong winds. It is more suitable for small kids.
  • Stunt: Is usually marked by two to four lines for performing more types of stunts. Although the delta shape is common, the shape is likely to vary as per the make and brand. It is good for teens and adults who want to try a myriad of tricks such as somersaults and dives. For younger kids, it becomes difficult to control this kind of kite. The flyer needs to have better coordination skills for flying than the single-line kites. Nevertheless, it is truly a highly entertaining kite type.
  • Novelty: Is usually made for small kids to get them out of their digital world. Novelty kites are available in different colors and shapes such as mermaids, dragons, bats, rainbow, and pirate ships. Some are also in strikingly 3D shapes. These kites are not meant for huge flights due to their shapes.
  • Rokkaku: Is a 4- to 7-feet long kite with a six-sided structure having no tail at all. It is recommended for older kids who wish to fly a more challenging kite with good control as well as maneuverability. For smaller kids, the pull is considered too much. It is usually hard to assemble such a kite model.
  • Cellular: Is usually a 3-dimensional model having a box, star, or a triangular shape. Most of these models are easy to fly and they sustain their flight height even in strong winds, unlike other kite models. However, the assembly may not be that easy. For small kids, it can demand much more force than what they can give.
  • Sled: Is a model with a tail and supple spars or poles for giving a shape to the kite when in the air. It is easy to fly, needs no assembly, and is foldable quite easily. The bigger the size, the more is the lifting effort for small kids.
  • Traction: Is meant only for experienced fliers, as it can be deadly if not used precisely. It is shaped like a parafoil and has multiple lines. It is useful for snowkiting, landboarding, or just flying. For safety, its correct size is indispensable.

To maintain a lightweight, most kites come with two or three poles or spars making up the structure with ripstop nylon fabric stretched amongst them. This is a common trend. You can choose your kite type by weighing the pros, cons, and features described above.

For example, if tricks are on priority, a stunt kite with more lines is recommended. For a kid who has never flown a kite, a classic diamond or a novelty kite is an ideal option to get started. For teens and adults who want to try the basic aerial feats, an inflatable parafoil is the preferred way to go.

Should I choose a single line kite or a stunt kite?

This is a common query of most buyers who are beginners or progressive learners. Single line models are typical average kites with just one line to control them. On the other hand, stunt models have multiple lines that reach to different parts for facilitating exciting maneuvers.

Styles in the category of single line kites include diamond, rokkaku, cellular, delta, novelty, and soft inflated models such as sleds and parafoils. For a young child, a single line model is fine. However, for older children, a stunt line model is thrilling. Practically, stunt kites are ideal for adults.

Regular kites are single line models. They are normal kites that anyone would think or imagine upon hearing about kite flying. They are ideal for kids and come with small frames for easy assembly. A few models such as those from Prism are stunning frameless kites that do not need much flying skill and fit into a bag after use.

Thus, single-line kites are user-friendly, need minor assembly, need no skills, and are inexpensive. Thus, they are the best for younger kids or beginners.

On the other hand, stunt models are typically dual-line or quad-line kites that feature bit complex build and are ideal for teens and adults. The two lines each in a hand allow more control over the flying kite.

This increased control paves the way for tricks and stunts. The users are required to be patient to master their stunts using these kites. These kites are also known as sport kites, as they are usually used in competitions.

Stunt models are easy to assemble, are priced in the medium-cost range, and are usually made of high-quality ripstop nylon.

How wind conditions can affect my kite choice?

A critical factor that helps you decide which kite is right for you and your flying area is obviously the wind. For a flying area that has high winds, it is wise to look for a smaller kite or vented models of larger kites in case they are easily available.

Similarly, a flying area that has low winds demands an ultra-light or a larger kite.  For entering the power kiting field, a larger kite is ideal for larger people to keep them going just as in the identical conditions as a lightweight. However, they can retain more power in stronger winds.

Beginners need a kite that is easy to learn and is ideally stable amidst winds. For them and kids, an inexpensive model is ideal for learning and lasting for years to come. Choosing a higher performance kite can make them nervous, as they need more flying proficiency.

Most kites are made to fly amidst winds rushing at a speed of 4 to 20 mph. This range covers a hardly a breeze that your face can feel to a windy condition that makes an umbrella futile. Kites usually come with adaptable bridle attachment points to reward up to some extent in case of a higher wind speed than usual.

Heavy kites would surely need more wind speed to raise them into the sky. According to experts, on an average, most kites will fly satisfactorily in light winds of 4-10 mph. Generally, there is enough wind for flying a kite if the face can feel the breeze. Parafoils being usually lighter than sleds or kites with spars fly well even in less wind; too much wind can harm the kite or make it difficult to control.

Which kind of kite is ideal for flying at the beach?

As a rule of thumb, you can rely on any kite until the wind is not that strong at the beach. Several experts or experienced fliers enjoy flying big parafoils available in funky shapes, right from big birds to sharks.

What should be the size of my kite?

Yes, you should think about the kite’s size. However, a bigger size does not mean a better model although it gives a lot of fun. Larger models also tend to catch more wind indicating that they are quite forceful. Thus, they are not ideal for smaller kids and even a few teens.

Which kite design is ideal for me?

A simple kite design is fine, as it flies fine. However, for kids, you may feel tempted to pick a more elegant design that can delight them. Yes, there are plenty of fancy kites to choose from, right from the ones that look like unicorns to the ones that mimic favorite TV characters. However, such complex designs make it tough to fly high in the sky. So, it is better to stick to simple designs if the goal is to fly the kite high.

How much should be the length of line and flying space available?

As kites move tremendously in the air, it is better to have more flying space. This space should be open and free of any big obstacles such as mountains or buildings nearby. If there are obstacles, the wind will not be steady and will make it tough to fly a kite. In case there is a hill nearby, be at the side from where the wind is coming and fly downwind.

It is wise to consider the length of the kite’s line, as it will affect the amount of space required for flying as well as the amount of control over stunts. The best kites will come with long lines. However, different lengths are recommended for varying purposes.

Of what materials the kites are made of?

Many modern kites are made using plastic or fabric. Most of them are made using light, durable fabric, which is either ripstop nylon or polyester. The frames are usually made using plastic or fiberglass.

How do I know how durable a promising kite is?

As kites face much force and impact with the ground, it is essential to ensure that they are designed to last for years. If a kite has a higher rating, it is made of sturdy materials that can withstand natural pressure and abuses. So, keep an eye on the rating and especially reviews of customers.


It is always better to invest in a high-quality kite that performs well in your windy area and lasts for years. However, you need to choose as per the type of flyer and purpose. For kids, we recommend starting with aGreatLife rainbow kite, while the dual-line parafoil kite from Prism is ideal for adults and teens who want to master stunts.