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Are you looking for the best ping pong table but lack enough indoor space such as in a garage or at home? If yes, then an outdoor table is what you ideally need. While the indoor collection is the only option for serious players, the outdoor collection is ideal for recreation and socializing.

So, if you wish to have some game fun during a BBQ party or during a family get-together, an outdoor model is the best choice. Playing ping pong is fun outside, as it typically means more space surrounding the table.

This study published on International Journal of environmental Research and Public Health calls for popularization of the game because of it’s undeniable benefits of table (health, pleasure, personal and social development)

Unlike indoor models, the outdoor ones have to be weatherproof or have an all-weather coating that does not rust easily. They can render an exciting Olympic-like experience with high hits and long shots. The outdoor table tennis tables are sturdier than the indoor ones and come with a simple setup mechanism.

This guide is dedicated to simplifying your buying process by sharing reviews of top outdoor ping pong tables along with a comprehensive buying guide.

Best outdoor ping pong table

Indoor versus Outdoor Tables

Ping pong is usually played on an indoor table. However, a calm day persuades players to enjoy it on an outdoor table. While outdoor models can be taken indoors, the indoor models cannot be taken outdoors. This is because the outdoor models come with a few distinct specifications.

Prior to investing in an outdoor ping pong table, it is vital to know how it differs from an indoor one. In several ways, both tend to be similar. For the table and net, both types have the same regulations in terms of dimensions such as size and height. However, the benefit of investing in an outdoor one is that it is easier to find the playing space outside, as even a small garden is fine.

When it comes to pro competition, however, table tennis is an indoor sport. Even a slight wind can affect the trajectory of a lightweight ping pong ball, so outdoor competitive games aren’t viable. Damp patches can also affect the bounce of a ball.

There are also differences in how the outdoor models are made and how they perform. They feature concrete or galvanized steel undercarriages so that they can withstand wind. Many models feature a blend of wood and metal build.

The playing surfaces are waterproof and UV resistant to keep water damage and sun-induced warping away. This influences the bounce, as the playing surface tends to soak more energy from the ball. This gives a lower bounce.

Concrete surfaces do not give satisfactory bounce quality, but durability is matchless for enjoying the game in parks. Thus, they are seen in several parks. With that said, a slower and lower bounce is not a problem for recreational players.

While most models are costlier than the indoor ones, you can easily find more economical options featuring a thinner playing surface being highly resilient against the outdoor elements. As a thumb rule, it is best to go for an outdoor ping pong table if you will always keep it outdoors and wish to have an incredibly lasting table.

2021’s 5 Best Outdoor Ping Pong Tables Reviewed

JOOLA NOVA Outdoor Table Tennis Table with Waterproof Net Set

JOOLA NOVA - Outdoor Table Tennis Table with Waterproof Net Set

JOOLA is more than 50-years old now and is a proud sponsor of some of the world-famous tournaments such as the US Open and the Olympics. It is admired for making related high-quality gear for players of all levels. Its NOVA Pro Plus outdoor ping pong table is just an addition to its popular collection.

The design of this table is compact and mobile with the table split into two folding halves. Each half comes with four caster wheels each of 6” in diameter along with locking devices to ensure a safe and steady experience while playing or transporting it.

Separate halves not only save storage space but make it easier to transport the table by splitting the whole table’s weight. You can easily store the table in tight corners by combining the halves. Another important feature of this table is the ability to go in the playback mode for practicing alone.

The heavy-duty caster wheels of six inches are double the size of normal casters and glide easily almost on any terrain. Each caster wheel also features double anti-tilt locks for stability and safety. The lock automatically on each half once you fold the table. Use the locks to unfold a half for a single playback mode.

Each self-opening steel leg has its own height leveler, which is required for using on any uneven terrain. Both the wheels and leg levelers allow this unit to pass through any terrain.

The weatherproof tabletop is 6mm in thickness and is made up of aluminum/plastic composite, which is resistant to chipping and warping. While this does not give a great bounce, you can still expect a decent-quality bounce.

It resides on an undercarriage that is powder coated and resistant to rust. The powder coated layer makes it endure the rough winter elements. The net also comes with a weather-resistant net set. The net features the classic screw design along with the tensioning system.


  • Two-piece design
  • Foldable and mobile
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Jumbo-sized casters
  • Adjustable in all weather
  • Decent bounce
  • Great anti-tilting design
  • Stable due to adjustable leg levelers
  • Single-person play possible due to playback mode
  • Durable


  • Heavy
  • Expensive
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STIGA XTR Outdoor Table Tennis Table

STIGA XTR Outdoor Table Tennis Table - 95% Preassembled Out of the Box with Aluminum Composite Top for All-Weather Performance

Try this ping pong table if you do not like assembling things and wish to spend less than what Joola Nova charges you. The XTR comes 95% preassembled as per the manufacturer. Thanks to its QuickPlay design! In simple words, you simply take it out and start using it in a patio or a garage.

Just as the Joola Outdoor table, this one aims to deliver a reliable, durable, and an enjoyable playing surface. However, unlike the former, this table delivers the same at an affordable price.

While the STIGA XTR table does not give the quickest or highest bounce and is not that stylish, it yet ensures a fun-filled play while providing superb value for money.

The playing surface is all-weather reliable, as it is made using waterproof aluminum composite. It is 6 mm thick due to which it offers a decent bounce for a pleasant experience. The surface withstands all harsh attacks from rain and sun, such as rust and warping. The surface is coated with a silkscreen striping finish.

Just as the Joola Nova, a steel apron supports the surface to ensure an even bounce. Made up of galvanized steel are its undercarriage and frame. The table also features a 72″ net and post set that is also resistant to weather elements and retains its tension.

The 1.25″ square legs seem sturdy and come with welded cross braces and adjustable leg levelers of rubber. This ensures a highly durable as well as a stable base that is robust enough to endure any abuse while offering a stable surface.

The legs are self-opening, which means the table automatically deploys itself, which adds to the overall convenience and safety. Beneath the legs, the 3″ rollaway wheels exist with locks to make it easy for you to move the table around the garden. While the locks keep the table in place, the ball bearing build takes care of smooth mobility.

The XTR ping pong table is designed as two independent halves to make nesting one half into another easy when not in use. This makes this unit ideal for ultra-compact storage. Each half has a latch system, which makes the table safe particularly for children. The two-halves design facilitates a playback position for practicing alone.


  • Almost assembled
  • Shiny look
  • Table halves
  • Foldable; ultra-compact when folded
  • Portable
  • Stable
  • Playback mode
  • Superb playability
  • More affordable than Joola Nova


  • Heavy although it helps in rendering a great bounce
  • Not for all terrains
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Kettler Top Star XL Weatherproof Table Tennis Table with Outdoor Accessory Bundle

Kettler Top Star XL Weatherproof Table Tennis Table with Outdoor Accessory Bundle

Based in Germany, Kettler is admired for its quality sports products. This XL weatherproof table is just another esteemed addition to its popular collection of ping pong tables. Unlike other ping pong tables, this one comes with a free bundle of accessories that includes a Kettler cover, two 5.0 Kettler Halo paddles, and six 3-star compatible balls.

The tabletop is made using an aluminum composite material that is coated with water-based paint. This paint is resistant to scratching and fading otherwise installed by the UV rays. The surface is a piece of wood between aluminum sheets, of which wood contributes to the distinctive ball action and sound. The overall table surface is strong as well as durable.

It also has an aluminum apron and ALU-TEC climate-control underside to keep warping at bay. A tournament line along the surface ensures an even as well as a smoother surface.

The table is also portable and saves storage space by folding easily. Yes, it comes with a folding design supported by the frame that allows folding into two halves. For safety, the patented dual lock mechanism to eliminate the risk of an accident.

There are locking casters on wheels and feet are adjustable enough to level the table easily on uneven terrains. Unlike most other ping pong tables, this one has a storage area for the ball and paddle on the edge of either side of the waterproof net.


  • Sturdy
  • Easy assembly
  • Easy to move when folded
  • Stable
  • Durable
  • Very good bounce
  • Extra accessories
  • Storage area at sides for balls and paddles


  • A bit difficult to assemble
  • Costly although that may be for the freebies it comes with
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Harvil Outsider Table Tennis Table

Harvil Outsider Table Tennis Table

Want to get started with the game by investing in an affordable ping pong table? If yes, then the Harvil Outsider can be a great option for you. Although not as solid as some indoor tables, it is a good option for all those having a limited budget.

At a budget-friendly rate, this unit not only gives you a weatherproof surface and net but also accessories such as balls and table cover. Well, this is something that you should check, as now this offer may not be there. As of now, the paddles and balls are available separately.

The Harvil Outsider’s tabletop is 6mm thick and is built using weatherproof aluminum, which is highly resistant to extreme temperature harshness, UV rays, corrosion, moisture, and rain. A steel frame coated with powder diagonally supports the table and helps in enduring the weather elements. Another striking feature is the set of white vibrant lines on blue surface highlighting the boundaries for focused play.

The Outsider is built with storage ease and portability benefits in mind. It gets assembled quickly perhaps within 10 minutes just as most other outdoor units. The strong wheels come with locking mechanisms due to which they stay firmly in place.

Unlocking the wheels ensures ease in transporting the table. When you are done, the table top and legs fold easily to take less storage space. For playing individually or in a playback mode, the table can securely fold in half along with its legs of steel.

There is a safety latch to keep the tabletop closed while in the upright position. When set horizontally, the four powder-coated legs with casters hold the table safely straight.

The durable net links easily and comes off effortlessly prior to folding the table for storage. It is vital to note that there is no specific weatherproofing coating for the underside. This can be an issue in some weather conditions.


  • Reasonably solid
  • Simple and quick assembly
  • Compact and portable
  • Vibrant look
  • Sturdy legs
  • Playback mode
  • Accessories included
  • Most affordable option in this list


  • Very heavy
  • Not so great bounce as compared to other outdoor ping pong tables
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Cornilleau – 250S Crossover Outdoor Table

Cornilleau 250S Crossover Indoor/Outdoor Blue Table Tennis Table

If you are looking for a better bounce and are willing to pay a few more dollars than the budget, the French brand Cornilleau has got you covered with its 250S crossover outdoor table. Its price may seem high as compared to other outdoor tables here.

However, it is affordable for those who want the same quality and features as tables above $1,000 including those from the same brand. Regarded as the pioneer of garden tennis tables, the brand is admired for its creative products and the new concept of laminate to ensure more playability.

The ping pong table features rugged construction for ensuring convenience apart from durability. This is evident in the form of legs and net, large double wheels for safe and simple transportation, and noticeably a reflective surface with the proprietary Soft Mat finish minimizing glare up to three times for keeping distraction away.

The 1.5″ galvanized steel frame with adjustable legs makes it possible to play on an even surface on any terrain including an uneven or gravel one. Thus, you can enjoy an ideal balance on uneven surfaces with it. The galvanized steel also makes this table less heavy due to which it becomes easier to move.

A weatherproofing layer defends the surface from the harsh effects of UV rays and moisture. The top has a layer of 5 mm laminate resin that forms a tough and dense playing surface. This gives a superb bounce that many outdoor and indoor tables lack.

The legs and levelers too are in resin for ensuring boosted stability. Weatherproofing and adjustable legs render this model ideal for using both indoors or outdoors. Large wheels in the center aid with easy transportation. Each of them features a double design and a lasting notched tread.

For convenience, a storage area on each side accommodates rackets and balls. The netting system is adjustable for tension or height and is too weatherproof.


  • Lighter and consequently more portable
  • Glare reduction for better bounce
  • Quick assembly
  • Playback mode
  • Foldable
  • Durable
  • Sturdy build
  • Larger wheels
  • 10-year warranty


  • Expensive
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How to Choose the Best Outdoor Ping Pong Table

As there are so many outdoor ping pong tables available in the market, it may not be simple for you to choose the best unit, especially if it is for the first time you are investing in it. These tables differ from one another in terms of bounce quality, balance on uneven or rough terrains, dimensions, tabletop thickness, durability, portability, and price.

This means that for choosing the best outdoor ping pong table, you need to first find out your requirements. For example, you should find out the available space to choose the right dimensions, the required bounce level, the frequency of moving the table, and your budget.

Once you find them, you can easily map them to the features and specifications of the most promising outdoor models. Doing so makes it easy for you to identify the best outdoor table for ping pong for you. These features and specifications are nothing but the buying factors, which are explored and discussed below in the form of common questions and answers.

How much space do I need for an outdoor ping pong table?

Space is perhaps the first requirement that you should decide even before looking for outdoor models. As a factor, the chosen space should be enough to leave room for walking around while leaving no scope for any kind of harm.

So, first, you need to ask whether you will keep the chosen ping pong table permanently in the space you will be choosing, or will you store it away when not in use? This will tell you whether you have a dedicated space or not.

If dedicated space is not there, a folding ping pong table with wheels is what you should look for. It allows a single person to easily carry it and consume less storage space. The best outdoor ping pong tables will possess wheels with a lock mechanism for locking wheels during the play.

Who will be using the ping pong table for playing the game?

Who will play is perhaps the most vital requirement to answer as well as factor to consider? If the users or players are young children and teens, it is wise to invest in an affordable model. Although it will face too much abuse, it is less stressful to replace it than a high-end model.

If the users are serious players or simply you and your matured friends, a premium or high-end table may be a better option. Such tables tend to provide a more consistent bounce for some serious practice. To measure the quality, look for the table’s thickness and its build material.

An inch of thickness makes up for a more even and a better bounce than a table with 0.75 inches of thickness. A denser material such as solid or plywood is a better option.

If you wish to practice alone, look for the two-halves or a folding design. Folding a half of the table converts it into a vertical practice surface with the other being in the horizontal position to throw the ball back. This is ideal for sharpening your volleying skills. Stationary units are sturdier but need a big large space.

How much thicker the tabletop should be?

The thickness of tabletop greatly influences the quality of play. The thicker it is, the better the ball’s bounce. Thus, go for as high thickness as possible. However, it is a fact that outdoor tables come with a waterproof coating atop due to which they cannot be as thick as desired and still ensure a good bounce. Still, it is worth going for maximum thickness if you are serious about the play.

Outdoor table thicknesses range from 5 to 7 mm, of which 5 mm is not recommended. The thickness of 6 mm gives a good bounce, while that of 7 mm is considered the best and is quite costly. The good news is that a thinner surface is fine for intermediate and recreational players. Just keep in mind that cost tends to increase with the rising thickness.

What kind of tabletop surface should I choose?

The surface of an outdoor ping pong table is perhaps the most critical factor to consider. It is also perhaps the easiest feature to check out while assessing an outdoor table. The tabletop surface of outdoor tables must have weatherproof coating or protection from wind, moisture, rain, humidity, and UV rays.

Most models come with an aluminum coating although they are made using wood. The former acts as an additional protective layer to keep cracking and warping away.

What kind of frame should my outdoor ping pong table have?

The ping pong table you choose is just as strong as its frame. So, it is vital to choose a sturdy and durable frame. The top-quality frames are built using stainless steel whether it is for a foldable or a stationary outdoor ping pong table.

A poorly-made frame will bend with time due to which it later becomes stressful to use the table. Usually, stationary tables come with better frame strength than that of their foldable equivalents. Cheaper frames are made using materials like wood, while those made to last have frames of stainless steel.

How the net of an outdoor ping pong table should be?

The net is perhaps a devalued part of a ping pong table, but it is important to assess it. Most ping pong tables have a fixed or stationary net that is not variable and remains in its place. Although you can remove it, you cannot change its height. However, it is wise to look for a net that is changeable; you can change its tension to adjust its height as per your comfort level.

How the legs and wheels of an outdoor ping pong table should be?

It is important to consider the legs of an outdoor ping pong table, as it significantly contributes to the playability and durability. A great table is futile if the legs are weak or thin. The way to know how sturdy they are is by knowing how thick they are. You can either see the specifications or measure in person.

Thinner legs indicate that the table will be less sturdy with time. Regardless of how strong a table promises to be, just visualize people leaning on it that sits on weak legs. It is eventually going to lose its sturdiness.

Another way to check how sturdy the legs are is to check how the legs are connected to the table. In case of a highly durable table, several connectors exist between the frame and legs. Having more than two connectors is what you need.

Many modern outdoor models come with leg levelers for adjusting the height of legs individually. This is truly handy for those who would be playing on uneven terrains. They get you a perfectly flat or even playing surface on any terrain. Even wheels have a role to play here, provided they are of a jumbo size and come with casters.

Apart from that, wheels tend to make life easier if you wish to carry the table and place it somewhere else after using it every time. It is ideal to look for heavy-duty wheels that can ensure mobility and portability. A model with wheels will be a bit pricier than the one without wheels.

How do I choose a portable outdoor ping pong table?

Portability is one of the important factors to consider while buying the best outdoor ping pong table. As meant for outdoors, the promising table should ensure you the ability to maneuver, fold, and travel easily. For this, just check out the overall design, the ball-bearing wheels, and the overall weight.

Is it important to have an outdoor ping pong table cover?

Yes! It is important to invest in a cover even though most of these tables are for all-weather use due to which they will not warp under extreme situations. Using a cover will keep dust and dirt away when not in use. It will also protect the table from birds and other fauna due to which it will otherwise be difficult to clean it.

A cover also contributes to the consistent bounces and a smooth tabletop. Thus, it is highly recommended to have a sturdy cover for your game table. Ping pong table covers are available in some types, some being ideal for flat tables and some slipping over the folded tables.

Just remember, even the best waterproof tables will not last forever if left as it is outside throughout the year. Thus, it needs additional protection in the form of a cover.


An outdoor ping pong table is undoubtedly an exciting addition to any home or office. While these tables are typically only for recreational purposes, they are ideal for spending a great time with family and friends during holidays or socializing with colleagues on a warm day.

The best outdoor ping pong table depends on what you expect from it. For example, what a family would expect from it will be different from what would a serious competitive player expect. Thus, identify your requirements and consider your weather to choose the most durable and affordable model. Remember, not all ping pong tables are identical.

To get started, we recommend the Harvil or the STIX model reviewed here. The main reason is that they are far more affordable than Joola, Kettler, and Cornilleau. Beginners seriously need not invest in these high-end models that are only for those who are serious competitors and need a great practice even in winter.

So, look forward as per your playing purpose, not as per the popularity.