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Volleyball is undoubtedly one of the most popular sports on the planet. It is not tough to find out why it is in the popular category. Some of the most persuading reasons are simple rules and relatively safe, low contact play.

Rules are simple enough to fit into the minds of most people while still consuming all muscular energy when implemented. The game itself is considered safe, as it does not carry any major risk of injury, unlike some other popular sports.

Regardless of the skill level, volleyball is a fun-filled active sport. The power, swiftness, and muscularity are just remarkable, especially of the elite players. For beginners or recreational players, there is much to learn and earn.

The study done by scientist at Ordu university  reports that volleyball training, body-muscle endurance, functional strength, speed and coordination skills, elasticity and balance.

Best outdoor volleyball net

Whether a backyard or a beach, a birthday party or a hangout, or summer lunch get-together or a BBQ dinner; the game has the power to unite the full group of family and friends. Playing this sport in teams fosters leadership and teamwork, and creates a happy bond among the people of all ages.

Another major reason for the popularity of this sport is minimal play requirements. Beginning with volleyball is relatively inexpensive and that there is no need for any costly gear such as helmets or gloves. Further, you can play it almost anywhere such as at a park, on the beach, or in a gym.

In terms of volleyball gear, all that you require is some open space and a net apart from the standard ball. If the ball is there and poles are ready at the targeted venue outside your home, you need to choose the right outdoor net.

People have been playing competitive outdoor volleyball sessions for years. The modern manufacturers have started taking advantage of this temptation and have flooded the market with diverse outdoor volleyball nets. This post is dedicated to helping you choose the best outdoor volleyball net by giving pointers on how to find the right one and our favorite picks.

Indoor vs Outdoor: Which One to Choose When?

Not all volleyball nets are meant for only indoor or only outdoor purpose. You will find nets that are exclusively designed for outdoor use, indoor use, or both. Thus, it is rational to decide between the two. The good news is that it is easy to take this decision, as it is only dependent on where you will play.

Typically, an outdoor volleyball net is used at parks, beaches, or in backyards. It is on the search radar of all those who want to play the game but do not have sufficient home space for the same. However, schools, gyms, and sports centers may look for indoor nets, as they have enough indoor space for the game.

In case of any confusion, you may look for a volleyball net that is usable both indoors and outdoors. In this way, you will be able to fulfill your changing requirements too. Again, the best net for you is reliant on where you play. However, in the absence of a large indoor area, an outdoor net is your best option.

5 Best Outdoor Volleyball Nets of 2019

EastPoint Sports Replacement Volleyball Net – Cheap Option

EastPoint Sports Replacement Volleyball Net - Features High Strength Cable, Reinforced Side Tapes, and Weather Resistant Material - Poles Not Included

This net is designed for full court sessions, as it comes in the size of an official tournament. The net is 32 feet wide but you can easily use it outdoors without any hassle. Further, the net itself extends up to 3 feet in height and has four square eyelets so that it can be connected securely with the included ropes. The net is suitable for even casual players of any skill set.

A heavy-duty makeup with tarpaulin tapes on the sides, top, and at the bottom reflects the net’s durability and endurance power. In simple words, this net can withstand all rough play and weather conditions without breaking or weakening itself. With the build of polyethylene mesh material, this net is truly tough.

For rough players, the good news is that the heavy-duty construction prevents the net from falling over or tipping due to the uncontrollable blows. The net’s sides are fortified with dowels to ensure extra support due to which the net always remains stable while the game is going on.

Apart from the net, you also get four connection ropes and a top cable to get started.


  • Heavy-duty build
  • Sturdy
  • Durable material
  • Superb stability even for rough players
  • Top cable included
  • For players of all levels
  • Extremely economical


  • Short ropes
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Yaheetech Volleyball Net

Yaheetech Volleyball Net with Steel Cable Rope Tournament Full Size Outdoor/Indoor Practice Net 32 FT x 3 FT

While the brand Yaheetech is not that famous but this volleyball net from it is! Made for both kids and adults to use, this is another full-size regulation net to consider. The size of the net is 3 feet wide and 32 feet wide and comes with a cable at the top so that the net can be securely attached to the posts.

The net’s square mesh of 4 x 4 inches is made using high-quality polyethylene that is 2mm thick. This material is strong enough to endure all weather conditions including sun’s UV rays and rain. It is also durable enough to keep the risk of breaking away.

The heavy-duty canvas liner having two layers along the rim not only looks sophisticated but is generously functional to keep rainwater away and defend the edge. This itself increases the lifespan of this net. The four grommets and tie cords per end also help in defending the canvas’ edges.

Unlike many other nets, this one comes with an integrated wire rope due to which the net remains straighter than expected. You can easily use this net for volleyball matches with players of any levels. This net is also suitable and reliable for use in or nearby a swimming pool.


  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to put up and remove
  • For players of all levels
  • Pool-friendly
  • Value for money


  • Weak net for strong hitters
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Triumph Competition Volleyball Set

Park & Sun Sports Spiker Sport: Portable Outdoor Volleyball Net System, Blue

Consider this portable volleyball set if you have a small group to play competitively at a beach, in a backyard, or at any other outdoor place for having fun in the sun. It is not only portable enough to facilitate easy setup and carry but is also durable enough to withstand rough or heavy hits at its net and extreme weather conditions due to its build using robust materials.

Yes, this is not a volleyball net but a volleyball net set that comes with all the essentials namely, over 1-inch 3-piece poles made up of steel and having coating or gunmetal silver powder, easy-tensioning guylines, ground stakes made up of steel stakes, a highly-performing net whose sides are covered with tape, and a yellow boundary line indicating whether the ball is in or out.

The set takes only a couple of minutes to be together. All you have to do is connect the pole lengths, slide the net over them, link the guylines to the eyebolt atop the poles, make the poles and tension guylines stand upright, and mark the boundary line using stakes. The eyebolts of steel along with the four stakes ensure reliable net tensioning in any grassy or sandy area.

Now let the group compete and bring out the inner winner. Once the game is over, you can easily disassemble and put all the gear in the shipped shoulder bag that has a padded strap for carrying it comfortably to your car.

The net is 32 inches in length, which is the standard for volleyball nets. It comes with an inch tape at its top and bottom. You also get a volleyball of official size and weight along with a needle and an inflation pump.


  • Sturdy
  • Portable
  • Easy to set and remove
  • Reliable for rough plays
  • Cushioned shoulder bag for travel
  • Volleyball and pump included
  • Affordable


  • Tangled boundary lines at initial setup
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Champion Sports Official Olympic Sized Volleyball Net

Champion Sports Official Tournament and Olympic Sized Volleyball Nets

Champion Sports has its own unique fame in the world of sports gear. This volleyball net simply boosts this fame further. According to the existing customers, this one is a real outdoor volleyball net for heavy poles and winch tautening.

Designed in the Olympic-style for tournament and professional players alike, this net truly explains its name. The net is standard 32 inches long but is a bit wider than the standards, which is 3 1/8-inches. It features a 3mm knotless netting made up of nylon, which is rip resistant and sturdy enough to withstand during a really hot session.

Due to the white headband of 2.5 inches applied at the bottom and the top, you will be amazed to see how well the shape is retained after the play and how visible the net remains during the game. To maintain the shape, there are also sturdy pockets at the side with dowels. This allows players to play an intense game without worrying about the net.

The steel cable of 38 inches is vinyl coated and exists at the top as well as at the bottom to render the required level stability and support. If budget is not a problem and you are serious of mastering the game, this is perhaps the most reliable outdoor volleyball net set to consider.


  • Olympic-like design for professionals
  • Heavy-duty build
  • Resistance to ripping
  • Shape retention during the play
  • Tight fabric frame and net
  • Easy to set and adjust
  • Cable lines, not ropes
  • Durable
  • Stable
  • Additional support


  • Pricey
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Park & Sun Sports Spectrum Classic: Portable Professional Outdoor Volleyball Net System

Park & Sun Sports Spectrum Classic: Portable Professional Outdoor Volleyball Net System, Blue

This one from Park & Sun is truly for the professional and most aggressive volleyball players. The 30-year old brand is one of the most esteemed names in the world of sports gear and accessories. It is so competent that it has become the formal supplier of nets in several leagues and tournaments.

Thus, buying a product from this brand is truly a dream come true for many volleyball enthusiasts. The Spectrum volleyball net system is just one of its celebrated products. Its quality and durability are such that you will find the Spectrum series not only in tournaments but also at beaches and in parks.

It is designed to deliver the game’s professional feel by providing everything that the volleyball players need, except the ball. It comes with a 32 x 3 feet regulation size net and 2-piece telescopic poles made up of airplane-grade aluminum and measuring two inches in diameter to sustain the net.

The net locks securely just at the push of a button. Due to this button, the net is adjustable to the formal heights, which for men is 8 feet, for women is 7 feet 4 inches, and for co-ed players is 7 feet 8 inches.

The net also features side sleeves, reinforced corners, and tapes at the bottom for maintaining an even tension and sustaining the net’s tautness. It gets its support through a 5/16-inch guyline mechanism having handles and steel stake of 12 inches that secures the former to the ground and takes care of stability.

The set also comes with a boundary tape that is pre-measured to affix to the ground via its anchors at the corners to indicate the boundaries. Once the game is over, you can easily disassemble and put all the gear inside a heavy-duty zippered bag made up of 1800 denier polyester and having padded handles for conveniently carrying the set.


  • Light
  • Suitable for heights of all genders and co-ed due to the ability to adjust
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Easy to set
  • Tight net
  • Highly durable
  • Heavy-duty polyester carry bag


  • Expensive
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How to Choose the Best Outdoor Volleyball Net for You

Volleyball nets are available in different varieties such as a part of sets and with poles only. Each of them further differs in terms of size, weight, material, and ease of setup. Similarly, even players tend to differ in terms of budget, expected net size, skill level, and the place to play.

This means that there is no single volleyball net that is the best for all players. Thus, it is wise to first identify your requirements as a player and then compare them to the features and specifications of the most promising volleyball nets. This is an ideal and simple way to find out the net of your choice.

The net features and specifications are nothing but the factors to consider while comparing the promising options. So, let’s explore these factors in the form of questions and answers.

What is the skill level of probable players and how much will they play?

This is perhaps the first question to ask yourself even before searching for the promising volleyball nets. Players would also include ‘YOU’ due to which you need to know yours and other players’ skill level.

If you and other players are dedicated to the game, a permanent net or its set installed outside is ideal. In case you are planning to play for recreational purpose and that too occasionally at a beach or in a park, a portable one is a more suitable choice. Price and longevity are the major differences between these types of volleyball nets.

For those who wish to play or practice competitively or consistently, a competitive or tournament-level net is what you need. Such an outdoor volleyball net is more stable and sturdier than the recreational ones. It can also endure lots of abuse during regular sessions. With thicker poles, strong netting, and tension straps, such nets never sag and are capable of enduring heavy use.

Recognized as an entry-level volleyball net, a recreational net is relatively economical and is quite basic. It is usually portable due to which you can use them during your backyard picnic and then store them safely at the end of the season.

Skill level is actually only critical for leagues or professional tournaments where regulations tend to govern the play. So, you seriously need not worry about it if you and your players only want to play for a recreational purpose. Just focus on the skill level in the description or packaging if you wish to invest in an outdoor volleyball net for competition.

Should I choose a permanent or a portable outdoor volleyball net?

Well, the answer to this question boils down to how frequently you will play using the net, where outside you will play, and what is the purpose of using the net. After finding the answers, you need to know about these two types of volleyball net sets to know which one best matches your replies.

A permanent volleyball net is such that you can install it indoors or outdoors. It usually comes with a regulation-size net and highly durable as well as stable poles.

It is utmost important to have a highly stable net as well as poles to conduct a highly competitive session. Nevertheless, even during a recreational or casual session, the net must stay intact despite being hit by a ball or a player.

In any permanent net set, the nets and poles are such that they can endure a rough play. Do look for some kind of padding in the poles, as they will not provide a way to escape if you clash with them.

The poles are usually removable if you choose a permanent set. This means you can then use the same space for other games such as ping pong or basketball. If the chosen outdoor space is a lawn, you may decide to set the poles permanently. For all serious players, this kind of set is truly more suitable.

On the other hand, a portable set is easier to set up and take down swiftly. You can even use it on sand or turf. Most of these sets will not be recommended for indoor use. Many of them come with sectioned or telescoping poles. However, these poles are less durable than those in permanent sets.

Thus, these poles are likely to collapse if it gets a forceful hit. These sets are more economical than permanent sets. They are ideal for most recreational players who want a net for occasional use at the beach or park.

Portable nets are usually for gyms, backyards, and other outdoor spaces; while the permanent ones are for setting them firmly on the chosen ground.

Should I invest in an outdoor volleyball net or a full system/set?

If you will be playing at a place where there is a court, you only need to invest in a net. A few public beaches, as well as parks, actually have courts. So, you only need to buy a net for playing at such places.

If there are no poles installed, you need to buy a full net system that has not only poles but also some useful accessories such as a pump, volleyball, and court boundaries indicator. A standard portable set usually comes with many components so that you can start playing instantly without any other tools.

Following are the components of a standard outdoor volleyball net set:

  • Net: Affixes to the poles firmly and is placed such that it is tight, not dropping. It is possible that the net may be shorter than the regulation size in terms of length. This is fine for playing with young children.
  • Poles: Are telescoping or are adjustable to shrink to a smaller size than usual for being more portable. Some poles have several sections that need careful assembling. Generally, poles are lighter and boast a smaller diameter than those in permanent sets. This is because most permanent sets encompass only the regulation net as well as poles.
  • Ball: Is usually of an okay quality in most outdoor portable volleyball sets. The volleyball is likely to have a harder or a rubbery texture than a formal one. For a more enjoyable experience, you may replace an official volleyball with the one that is a part of your chosen set.
  • Ground Stakes: Are used to secure the poles to the ground with the help of ropes, just as you would have used for setting up a tent. Obviously, you will have to arrange your own hammer to push the stakes down.
  • Boundary Markers Are a part of a few outdoor volleyball sets that usually ship with straps or ropes. These straps attach to the ground to highlight the boundaries of the court.
  • Pump: Is often a part of those sets that comes with a volleyball. It is used to inflate a volleyball for making the play more enjoyable.
  • Carrying Bag: Is used for storing all the above gear so that you can carry them easily anywhere.

What should be the dimensions of a good volleyball net?

Volleyball nets are available in different sizes. If you will be playing outdoors at a beach or a park where poles are already installed, it is recommended to choose a regulation-sized net. This is because such a net shall securely and smoothly fit across the poles.

The regulation size is the official size and it is 32 feet wide and 39 inches tall. However, the regulation height is likely to differ. The nets for kids, men, and women tend to vary in size. Considering that the volleyball nets are gauged in the middle of the court, each end’s height must be the same.

According to standard height regulations by NCAA, a volleyball net chosen for a competition need to gauge 7 feet 4-1/8 inches high for women. For men, the regulation height is 7 feet 11-5/8 inches. Co-ed events are usually played considering these sizes for the net.

For kids who are below 10, the USA Volleyball Domestic Competition Regulations has come up with the standard height for volleyball nets. It is 7 feet for boys and 6 feet 6 inches for girls.

However, these sizes are likely to differ as per the players’ age as well as the type of event. These deviations must not go beyond the regulation height by over 3/4 inches or 2 cm.

So, if you wish to stick to the regulation height, which is between seven and eight feet; consider looking for nets or net systems that adhere to this height. Nevertheless, if small kids are there, you may truly want to go for a lower net size so that the small ones can easily play.

In that case, look for adjustable volleyball nets that cater to the needs of different age groups. You may even choose a net that is designed for a specific age group, which if applicable, is ideally specified on the packaging.

You will have more size options if you choose a complete net system. Even smaller nets are available in case your chosen outdoor space does not have that much room to accommodate a regulation net.

What should be the weight of the outdoor volleyball net?

Volleyball nets are usually lighter than those made for other sports such as badminton and baseball. This is perhaps due to the larger mesh size. A normal webbing’s mesh size is 4 inches. Still, it is recommended to choose the net that is easiest for you to handle, carry, and store.

Which material should I choose for my outdoor volleyball net/set?

Choosing the right build material is an important part of your selection process. You must choose a net or a net system that is made using different weatherproof, durable materials. Quality materials and design are the main reasons why an outdoor volleyball net lasts longer than expected.

Portable volleyball systems come with poles that are made up of materials such as steel, aluminum, or carbon fiber. You should also look for super sturdy ground stakes of steel, weatherproof boundary lines, nylon mesh, waterproof tape, and aluminum poles.

For nets or meshes, usually, two materials are widely used namely, poly or polyethylene and nylon. Poly is relatively more economical but is less durable.

This means that it will not last for a longer period of time than that of nylon. Although the lifespan is not high, poly is naturally resistant to different weather conditions and does not demand extra treatments for maintaining its weatherproof ability.

On the other hand, nylon is costlier but is also more durable to give a longer lifespan than the aforementioned material. However, it is not inherently a weather resistant material. So, most nylon nets will come with a coating of a weatherproofing material to keep the moisture away.

As a tip for extending the net’s life, it is ideal to store it indoors when it will not be used for weeks.

What should be the gauge of my netting material?

The gauge is perhaps another important factor to consider. It refers to the thickness of the net’s twine. There are two standard gauges for volleyball nets namely, 18 and 36. A higher number means thicker gauge, which means more lifespan.

It is a fact that the volleyball netting usually does not get a high amount of straight or frequent impact as compared to other games such as golf or baseball. Its primary function is to knock down the ball that hits it sporadically and maintain it inside the facility. Thus, an 18-gauge mesh is typically sufficient for most purposes.

A 36-gauge mesh is specifically for heavy-duty sessions and harsh environments wherein there are high chances of abuses from moisture, humidity, sun, and wind. It is also suitable for those who want to retain their nets for 10-20 years, as the thickness will make it difficult for the net to deteriorate.


Outdoor volleyball is truly a safe and exciting game for players of any age or skill level. All you need is the right net or a complete set that can make your gameplays memorable and educational for yourself as well as for other players. The best outdoor volleyball net is the one that lasts for months if not years, endures all harsh conditions outside along with the abuses from players, and is easy to set up.

You should ideally get started with affordable options such as the EastPoint net or Triumph’s net set. Then, gradually move on the Park and Sun’s Spectrum set for getting the professional feel.