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Pickleball is no longer the entertaining hobby of the retired individuals; it is now a favorite paddle game for anyone, regardless of the age and skill level. With this exhilarating sport, you can significantly improve your fitness and retain the concentration power even in old age according to research.

Although there are dedicated courts for this sport, it does not make a major difference if you choose to play in your backyard. That said; it is common for people like you to look for pickleball sets so that you can have more than one paddle and ball to play with your families, friends, or contending opponents.

Many standard pickleball sets that are as per the tournament specifications come with everything you need to get started or set up a complete pickleball court. While searching, you will find a fixed pole and portable sets so that you can choose the best one as per your budget and requirements.

Portable pickleball sets are ideal for playing with friends or others while on the go. You can play wherever you find enough space for the game.

Best Pickleball Sets for Beginners

The biggest benefit of buying the best pickleball set is significant savings. For practicing or enjoying, it is essential to have your own pickleball gear. However, investing individually in a quality paddle, ball, and a net as a beginner can end up as a costly affair.

Sets are more affordable options, as they come with everything you need. Some sets even come with a case or a bag to make it easy for you to carry the gear. Thus, pickleball sets are also convenient.

This guide aims to share the top 5 pickleball sets reviews along with a comprehensive buying guide. This will help you to choose the best pickleball set. So, read on…

2021’s 5 Best Pickleball Set fro Beginners Reviews

A11N Premium Pickleball Paddle Set

A11N Premium Pickleball Paddle Set - Graphite Face and Honeycombed Polymer Core Paddles | Durable Balls | Overgrips | Covers | Drawstring Bag, Ultra Cushion Grip & Upgrade Racquet

This set comes with two green paddles made of graphite, two outdoor pickleball balls, two indoor pickleball balls, two paddle covers, two overgrips, and a drawstring bag.

The 8-oz. paddle is made using graphite and has a polymer honeycomb core along with a slight texture. This blend paves way for increased swing power, little spin on the ball, and more maneuverability. You also get a manageable weight and decent balance when in use. Particularly, the graphite surface plays a big role to have controlled spins.

The interesting design of the paddle delivers more-than-expected control over the ball while maintaining its shrewd style. The broader design together with the slim edge guard gives an outsized sweet spot. Having such a sweet spot is ideal for beginners to have a ball returning with good speed and precision.

The paddles’ handles are well-crafted without compromising an ideal grip. You get a medium grip of 4.25” in terms of circumference while the length remains at 4.92″. These numbers make the paddles suitable for most people.

A noteworthy mention goes to the sweat-absorbent cushion in the grip area. This not only takes away sweat and makes you feel comfortable but also prevents the pressure falling on the muscles.

As per the manufacturer, the set has two indoor and two outdoor balls. They are durable enough to reduce the fetching time and put that time into playing. The set also has two overgrip rolls for boosting the tackiness along with the grip’s sweat absorbing ability.

The neoprene protective case included with this set is durable enough to keep the paddles safe when putting inside. The drawstring bag simply takes care of your convenience while carrying the gear.


  • Light
  • Wide body
  • Great grip
  • Spin control
  • Great sweet spot
  • Good balance of control and power
  • Cushioned carrying case
  • Affordable


  • No outdoor ball as advertised (as per a few customers)
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Selkirk NEO Composite Pickleball Paddle Set – USAPA Approved

Selkirk NEO Composite Pickleball Paddle Set (2 Paddles + 4 Balls) - USAPA Approved - PowerCore Polymer Core - Composite Surface - EdgeSentry Protection - ThinGrip Handle - Pickleball Racket/Racquet.

This set has two paddles each in different color and four green balls. It is tested and approved by the USA Pickleball Association (USAPA), which means its paddles are compatible with those used in all USAPA tournaments and for professional sessions.

Apart from this distinct feature, another feature of these paddles is their NEO polymer composite build material. Wooden paddles have their own limitations due to which beginners cannot enjoy the game with them. At the same, they are wisely not ready to invest in a premium set or paddles.

Thus, to bridge this gap, Selkirk came with the NEO polymer composite paddles. The NEO comes with the polymer honeycomb core that is identical to the brand’s premium paddles. However, the difference is in the price because of the inventive composite face. Thus, the NEO set is highly affordable without compromising fun in the game.

These NEO paddles are medium-light due to which it is possible to have control over the ball. It boasts lasting vinyl graphics in blue and red colors for both great looks and protection. The robust and consistent polymer core boasting the innovative composite surface delivers superior performance and a big sweet spot.

These paddles are quieter than those wooden paddles. This is a plus for those who live in areas or play in courts having noise restrictions. The face, pop, and the grip tend to be fresh even if you use them for six hours a week over a period of three months.

The paddles weigh between 7.7-7.9 oz. and have a handle/grip circumference of 4.125″. Coming to the handles, it comes with ThinGrip design for poised control and EdgeSentry guard for more protection and durability than usual.


  • Light
  • USAPA tested and approved
  • Great sweet spot
  • More protection
  • Good control
  • Highly durable to sustain scratching and water damage
  • Simple but effective grip
  • Quiet play
  • Colorful
  • 1-year warranty


  • Balls not that durable
  • Medium-priced
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Amazin’ Aces Signature Pickleball Paddle

Amazin' Aces Signature Pickleball Paddle | USAPA Approved | Graphite Face & Polymer Core | Premium Grip | Paddles Available as Single or Set | Set Includes Balls & Bag | Includes Racket Case & eBook

This is another USAPA-approved set but has premium paddles with all the bells and whistles. It comes with two paddles decorated in blue patterns, four balls, two paddle covers, a gift box, and a handy gear bag.

The Signature paddles in this set blend the leading-edge technology, superb workmanship, and high-quality materials. Its responsive graphite face and highly-performing polymer core makes up an ideal blend for both beginners and pros. The blend is responsible for balancing power and control.

The paddles weigh a bit more with 8.3 oz. than other lighter paddles. Still, this weight is optimal enough to contribute to the just-right balance of control and power. You also enjoy a big large sweet-spot apart from a classic shape and a balanced weight distribution, all the three aspects being favorable to beginners.

The brand puts much focus on the details, right from the giftable box to the hand-stitched grip and an edge guard of a low profile. These are the details that make these paddles versatile to be used by both beginners and pros.

The hand-stitched, 4.5-inch long grip on the handles not only prevent slipping but also provide a great in-hand feel. The edge guard and the cover for paddles ensure that the paddles last for a good period.

Unlike other paddle sets, this one comes with a digital beginner’s guide to pickleball. It is an e-book having game strategies, tips, rules, and warnings to help you strike better than what you may have expected.


  • Medium-light
  • USAPA-approved
  • Premium comfortable grip for both small and big hands
  • Good power and control balance
  • Durable feel
  • Free guidebook
  • Affordable
  • 1-year warranty


  • Balls of a bit low quality
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PickleballCentral Rally Tyro 2 Pickleball Set

PickleballCentral Rally Tyro 2 Pickleball 2 Player Paddle and Ball Set Two (2) Rackets and Four (4) Balls | Advanced Composite Polypropylene Honeycomb Core and Fiberglass Face || Great Gift

This is a USAPA- and International Federation of Pickleball (IFP)-approved bundle with four indoor Jugs balls and two paddles having all the bells and whistles at a great price. While there are no paddle covers and a bag to store the gear, beginners will love to have these highly-performing paddles and quality balls.

Unlike other paddles in this list, these two paddles feature come with an optimized weight of 7.0 oz. and an improved sweet spot to ensure a supreme control over the ball and agility with hits.

The weight is distributed such that you can expect power retention and superior balanced control for driving shots and overheads. You can enjoy additional control for improved placement and spin-off the fiberglass face.

The design is also a unique feature. The standard-sized Rally Tyro 2 paddles feature a thicker polymer core than other light and beginner paddles to drive the ball passing the opponents. You can be rest assured of ultra-durable design due to high-strength as well as high-performance polypropylene honeycomb core and a robust composite face reinforced using fiberglass.

Even the supreme edge guard grip technology contributes to durability. The 4” circumference and 5” length ensure a universal, high-tack grip fitting almost every hand and flexibility to deliver over grip if required. It also controls moisture well.

The thinner grip facilitates easy to control, swift wrist reactions, and better maneuverability. Finally, the end cap is modestly flared to keep slippage at bay.


  • Light
  • Easy to spin
  • A bit translucent
  • Right amount of tack
  • Large surface area
  • Grip and length fitting most players
  • Lots of grip
  • Quieter paddles than wooden and other paddles
  • Durable
  • 1-year warranty


  • A bit pricey although that is because of the fiberglass material
  • Susceptible to sharp cracks
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Pickle-Ball, Inc. Pickleball Diller Tournament Net Set

Pickle-Ball, Inc. Pickleball Diller Tournament Net Set (Set Includes Metal Frame + Net + 4 paddles + 4 balls + Rules Sheet in Carry Bag) || Makes A Great

This is a portable indoor and outdoor pickleball set to consider if you do not mind starting the game with wooden paddles. While we do not recommend wooden paddles for the beginners, this set has received some good reviews that persuaded us to include in the list.

The set comes with four Diller wood paddles, a tournament net with a frame, four jugs indoor pickleballs which are apt for even outdoor play, a durable carry bag, and a rules sheet. The wooden paddles of this set are one of the famous wooden paddles.

They are admired for their durability, as each one is made using seven-ply maple of high quality. They are sturdy yet light such that players of any age can play with them. The weight is a bit more than those discussed in this list: 9.0 to 10.6 oz. The whole set weighs 24 lbs. The 5.5-inch long grip is a bit cushioned to ensure comfortable handling.

The standalone frame is composed of strong steel tubing that snaps effortlessly and quickly. The net system comes with an additionally wide framing to ensure improved stability and durability.

The net is built using black mesh and features binding in white flanking the middle, top, and sides. The buckle tensioning mechanism facilitates the right setup of the net. Interestingly, you can easily adjust the net’s height.

The net tension straps and an elevated crossbar facilitate rolling underneath. The bent design and wide legs contribute significantly to a sturdy net system, especially in a windy condition.

The set also comes with a carry case that takes care of your convenience. It does so by giving dedicated pockets for storing balls and paddles.


  • Portable
  • For both indoors and outdoors
  • Easy and quick to set (just 5 minutes)
  • Robust and durable paddles
  • First-class net with adjustable height
  • Solid metal frame
  • Wide legs
  • Clear instructions
  • Carry bag included


  • A bit pricey
  • Poor wooden paddles quality
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How to Choose the Best Pickleball Set For Beginners

Not all pickleball sets are equal. Each of them varies in terms of gear included, price, setup or usage ease, and build quality. Similarly, pickleball players vary right from kids to adults and from casual players to professional practitioners.

So, to bridge the gap and choose the best pickleball set, it is essential to know your own requirements as a player and map them to what the promising sets have to offer as features or specifications. The latter ones are the buying factors that you define as per your requirements to finally choose the right pickleball set.

Let’s explore the buying factors in the form of answers to the frequently asked queries.

Are there any different types of pickleball sets or bundles available?

While there is no official categorization, the pickleball sets are either paddle sets or bundles or complete sets. These are the types of sets you will generally come across while browsing online.

Pickleball paddle sets, also known as paddle bundles, simply offer a mix of paddles and balls. The number of paddles can vary from two to four, while the number of balls can go up to six. The reason why this is a distinct category is that they bundle together just these two pickleball tools without offering extra accessories or portable nets.

Consider looking for a set or a bundle if you wish to have more than one pickleball ball or paddle to get started. You truly end up saving significantly, as buying them individually tend to cost you more than what you pay for a set. Families and couples are better off with this option.

On the other hand, complete pickleball sets are truly comprehensive with extra accessories and a portable, weather-resistant net on offer. Usually manufactured by esteemed brands, complete sets typically offer enough gear for four players.

Some accessories to expect include a frame, a rule book, a court tape, and a carry bag. The latter is something that even paddle sets or bundles nowadays offer in the form of a mesh case or a duffle bag. However, the major difference is the inclusion of a net.

These complete sets are for those who wish to play outside and require a net for just learning the game or replacing their existing gear. On the other hand, bundles are for those who have enough place to play and need only paddles and balls.

How does a beginner paddle look?

In the game of pickleball, it is difficult to conclude that a paddle is for the professionals or beginners. The fact is that most pickleball paddles are designed for both beginners and pros. However, there are paddles that beginners simply would not like to use. This is because they are only made for advanced players or professionals.

As a beginner, you should avoid long paddles and go for the wider ones. This is because the longer ones need a higher degree of precision. Similarly, it is recommended to not invest in aluminum and Nomex core models and rather go for polymer core paddles for getting a lighter feel. Even wooden paddles are not meant for beginners, as they warp and do not give the desired feel and weight to the beginners.

Further, choose a paddle that is between 6 and 8.5 oz. Anything below or over this range can make handling uncomfortable. Lastly, avoid investing in paddle sets that are below $30. This is because they will not prove to be durable if you will be playing a lot.

In short, a paddle made for a beginner has a wide body, a big sweet spot, a polymer core, and a weight ranging from 6 to 8.5 oz. If you are looking for paddles for a competitive play, it is vital to consider the strict requirements for size. Such paddles are 8 inches wide and 15¾ inches long. They have a butt cap that is maximum 24 inches long and an edge guard. Finally, they are approved by the IFP or USAPA.

How much should a pickleball paddle ideally weigh?

The weight of a pickleball paddle is a crucial factor to consider while choosing the right pickleball set. However, the right weight will differ from one player to another. The weight determines how comfortable you will feel while playing and how well you will be able to swing the paddle.

A paddle’s weight typically ranges from 6 to 14 ounces. Lighter paddles will give you boosted control and drive but at the cost of loss in power. On the other hand, heavier paddles need more strength to make it deliver extra power required to drive the ball, which can result in arm fatigue or elbow strain.

Heavier paddles are ideal to make more robust shots. Thus, for boosting the force of your drive, a heavier paddle is what you need. However, for boosting the aim, a lighter paddle is recommended. Still, in the end, if you are not strong enough, a heavier paddle becomes unmanageable.

Graphite and composite paddles have a weight ranging from 6 to 9 oz. A paddle within the weight range of 7.3 to 8.4 oz. is termed as a midweight paddle and it comfortably suits most players. Those with a weight of 6.7 to 8.1 oz. are usually for people with arm and wrist problems such as tennis elbow or arthritis.

Such weights are reliable for shock absorption as well as stability. At the same time, they are light enough to avoid toiling the suffering arm or shoulders. Do not go for a wooden paddle, as it is truly heavy and not apt for players having physical issues. At the same time, do not choose a too light paddle, as it will use significant energy and swing to hit the ball.

A lower to mid-weight of around 7 to 8.5 oz. is ideal if you are yet not that strong. Any paddle weighing 8.5 oz. and above is usually for strong women and men. Generally, the range of 7.4 to 7.8 oz. provides the best results for even the beginners. However, it is okay to go for a bit heavier paddle.

Well, it all comes down to your personal preference and comfort level of your hands. If there is no injury, it is best to choose the weight as per your comfort and fitness levels. For this, you need to experiment using different paddle sets.

Which is the best build material for pickleball paddles?

Even if in a set, pickleball paddles are composed using wood, fiber composite, or graphite is also known as crystalline carbon fiber. All of them are firm and non-compressible. Of all these materials, wood tends to make paddles heavier and makes them the most affordable options. It is okay to get started while not being sure of your commitment but still there are better options for beginners.

Graphite paddles are perhaps the lightest options to consider. At the same time, they can be highly powerful. Nevertheless, they are costlier than wooden paddles. Still, you will be able to find affordable pickleball graphite paddle sets.

Those made using composite materials are available in a myriad of weights and prices. Usually, they sit in between wooden and graphite paddle sets in terms of price.

A few paddles have a face composed of fiberglass and weigh a bit more than those made up of graphite. These paddles may give you more control and flair than those of graphite.

You will also find paddles made using polymer plastic. However, they do not function as well as other paddles. They are unbelievably affordable and so are used in venues such as schools.

In a nutshell, the best build material is the one that best fits your requirements and budget. If you need a paddle set that is allowed in competitive games, ensure that its paddles feature a smooth surface or texture. A rough one is likely to unjustly boost the spin on the ball.

Are there any more features that I should look for while considering paddles in a set?

For beginners, looking for more features is not required. This is especially true in terms of looking for cutting-edge technology. After all, such paddle sets are costly, and it is unwise for the beginners to invest in such sets.

A few high-end paddles use a composite material of aircraft-grade, have special textures, and comes with cores that cancel vibration. These bells and whistles are beneficial for advanced players.

What is the best grip size?

Once the weight is chosen, it is vital to choose a grip that fits well in your hand while selecting a paddle set. If the right circumference size is not chosen, it is much like wearing shoes that are unfit.

If the grip size in terms of the circumference is too big, it triggers the risk of slippage that is likely to cause injury. A big grip size ensures more stability, while a smaller one gives you more control over the paddle along with an improved ability to spin.

For gauging your grip size, it is essential to take a ruler and measure your hand right from the palm’s middle crease up to your ring finger’s tip. In the case of no ruler, you can make an educated guess based on your height.

For example, if the height is 5’2″ or less, a small grip size of 4″ is ideal. For those who are between 5’3″ and 5’8″, a medium grip size of 4 1/4″ should be fine. In case the height is beyond 5’9″, large grip size is required, which is of 4 1/2″.

If you have more wrist action, it is wise to choose the small grip for enjoying more control. A larger grip is ideal for boosting stroke stability. At the same time, it should not be too large for your hand or it will result in elbow strain.

At the time of purchasing from a street-side store, you can easily test the grip. To do so, just slide the other hand’s index finger between the fingertips and the hand’s heel. The latter is the hand that is gripping the paddle. The finger should fit well between the two without any finger movement.

If you feel like moving the fingers, the grip is likely to be too small. Conversely, the grip is much big if space exists between the other fingers or hand’s heel and the index finger.

If you still cannot be sure of the right grip size or are confused between two sizes that are comfortable, consider going with the smaller one.

Which is the best paddle shape?

Paddles in pickleball sets are available in three main shapes namely, edgeless, wide, and elongated. The edgeless paddles have no guard that bulges a bit around the edge and protects from chipping if banged or dropped. They are for serious players who need a bigger playing surface.

Widebody paddles are ideal for beginners. These classic models have a wide body measuring 15 ¾ inches long and 8 inches wide. The official regulation for pickleball paddle dimensions is as per length x the widest width. It simply cannot exceed 24” including the butt cap and edge guard.

Elongated paddles are currently famous. They are thinner and longer with 17 inches, the maximum length that USAPA allows.

What should I look for in a pickleball net?

A net is perhaps an integral part of many complete pickleball sets. However, sadly, it is the net that fails first the gear. Thus, you need to quite careful while choosing the pickleball set with a net. A net should be durable with its frame or stand to be heavy enough to endure any kind of windy condition.

While considering the frame, ensure that it is built using quality, heavy-duty materials instead of too lightweight ones. Further, the frame needs to be galvanized or powder coated to keep rust or corrosion at bay. This is indispensable if the surrounding environment is rainy or humid.

In the case of a windy environment, wide and heavy frame legs are indispensable. Alternatively, you should be able to fill the feet so that they become heavier than before.

Many brands emphasize on a lightweight net so that it becomes easy to carry. In that case, the frame should allow you to weigh it more using water or sand.

As pickleball has much volleying, the net you choose should be at the right height. In case of a too-low or a too-high setting, the entire experience of the gameplay will change. A net’s height for pickleball should be around 34 inches and 36 inches in the middle and at the side, respectively.

The posts giving due support need to measure 12 inches from the court sides. This makes the total net length to 20 feet.

You may even consider having a net whose height is adjustable. This is useful if even kids will be using it for playing pickleball or if you want to use it for playing other games such as badminton. For a competitive play, it is vital to choose a net that is as per the official width, height, and materials requirements.

Is it necessary to have an edge guard?

If the set you choose has composite or graphite paddles, it is vital to have an edge guard for extending protection to the included paddles. It keeps wear and tear away and protect from damage.

What type of paddle core should I choose?

The core can be constructed using aluminum, Nomex, and polymer. However, for the beginners, it is not highly recommended to choose an aluminum or a Nomex core.

An aluminum core is ideal for control players who are fine to compromise some power and drive for enjoying more flair and maneuverability. On the other hand, a Nomex core is for singles play wherein additional power and fast playing style are the essentials. Both the cores are noisy with Nomex being the noisiest one and aluminum being less noisy but noisier than polymer.

For beginners, a polymer core is ideal and is made using a plastic mix. Such paddles are also the quietest ones and have a softer surface. This is what you may require if the play area is a gated area, recreation center, or shared gymnasium space.

What should I look for in pickleball balls in the set?

A pickleball ball with a hollow center should be made using hard plastic. Its exterior should have evenly-spaced holes. The size in terms of diameter should be between 2.75 inches and 3.0 inches. For a competitive play, it is ideal to choose a set whose balls adhere to the USAPA specifications.


When it comes to selecting the best pickleball set, most buyers end up selecting one just by looking at the price. Although it is wise to stick to your budget, it is unwise to do so unilaterally. Price is just not going to give you a set that will fully match your requirements.

Similarly, if a set is pricey, it does not mean that it is the best. It all comes down to the combination of your preferences, budget, and requirements. So, the best pickleball set is the one that gets you started as a learner and makes you capable of handling professional paddles.

If the purpose is only fun, then a cheap set makes sense. Still, it should not compromise security and comfort. For beginners, we recommend getting started indoors and choose A11N Set. It has all the beginner-friendly features such as lightweight, wide-body, graphite surface, polymer core, great grip, big sweet spot, and a good balance of control and power.

If you want to get started with an USAPA-approved set, then Selkirk NEO Composite set is worth a try.