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Are you looking forward to reintroducing the classic, old days fun of jumping in the air again and again for the technology-passionate kids, teens, or adults? Well, the good news is that that this fun giving spring-based pogo stick is still there although evolved in a variety of models.

This traditional and popular jumping stick is over a century old. However, modern pogo sticks are completely different. While the traditional sticks have been there for a long time, but they have recently made a comeback as a fun medium of exercise and recreation.

Meticulously designed, they give smoother rides than their forerunners. What remains the same is the ability to get both adults and kids fit while enjoying the rides. If competitive, the users of all ages can make stunts at extreme levels using different tricks.

Best Pogo Stick

A good stick can go as high as up to 10 feet. By jumping, it exercises your stomach muscle to make it stronger. At the same time, it also makes your leg muscle stronger. With the desired balance to maintain, your back also gets stronger. Not only the core strength and stability are developed but also the confidence for balancing goes up while on a pogo stick.

Apart from these physical benefits, there are psychological benefits of using a pogo stick as well. Jumping with it boosts your mood instantly and brings down stress and depression. Still, the triggered fun does not give a feeling of an arduous workout.

The above claims are supported by the study conducted on school going children by scientists at Dalhousie University. The study concludes that that pogo stick programs could provide substantial amounts of vigorous exercise to a cross-section of children and may be especially useful in providing both psychosocial and physical benefits.

As a child, a pogo stick is a great toy that makes you learn how to jump higher than a kangaroo. As a teen or an adult, it acts as a tool for mastering some extreme sports. After becoming an adult, a pogo stick is likely to become a part of a high-intensity, low-impact routine.

Whether a beginner or a pogo pro or whether a kid or an adult, one truly deserves the best pogo stick. This guide helps you in making your selection smooth as per your requirements. So, keep reading…


2021’s 5 Best Pogo Sticks Reviewed


Kidoozie Foam Pogo Jumper

Kidoozie Foam Pogo Jumper - Fun and Safe Play - Encourages an Active Lifestyle - Makes Squeaky Sounds, 250 Pound Capacity

Designed for kids of age 3+ and supporting a rider’s weight of up to 250 lbs., the Kidoozie Foam Pogo Jumper is a striking cheaper alternative to the conventional sticks. Even toddlers and parents can use and enjoy it.

Unlike conventional sticks, this one employs a totally different mechanism. Actually, it is not a real stick but simply a block of foam having a rubber band and handles. This has its own pros and limitations. The biggest benefit is safety. There are no tough parts and does not support any powerful or high jumps.

With the max jump height range of 0.5-1 ft, this stick is just ideal for toddlers and young kids who just want to get started with jumps and are likely to face issues a classical spring stick. The combination of block and handle truly make it easy to learn the joyful art of jumping.

This pogo toy for kids ensures a nice mix of good exercise, balance training, and coordination without compromising fun. Surprisingly, even parents can try bouncing on it, making the toy quite versatile. Virtually, no height limit exists although the description says for kids at least 3 years old.

The height limit is not there, as you only need to stretch the bungee somewhat more to fit your height. Due to the foam construction, you can use this pogo jumper both indoors and outdoors without worrying for floor damage.

It functions safely on the carpet, hardwood, grass, and concrete surfaces. However, in the case of dirty or rough surfaces, foam is likely to wear down more quickly and makes cleaning hard. Coming to material quality, the assembled jumper’s foam is durable and cushiony. The unit also has comfortable handles.

There is a delightful squeaker in the base to enjoy the sound while bouncing. The only issue with this jumper is with the small kids whose height is not high enough due to which they need to raise their arms for stretching the band.



  • Safe
  • Easy to learn
  • Even older children and parents can use
  • Affordable


  • Just a toy and not a real stick
  • Hard to wash foam
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Flybar Foam Maverick Pogo Stick

Flybar Foam Maverick Pogo Stick for Kids Ages 5+, Weights 40 to 80 Pounds by The Original Pogo Stick Company

Did you know that Flybar is the original pogo stick brand established by Ger Hansburg? This century-old brand continues to be the benchmark by which all pogo sticks are assessed. The Foam Master stick is simply one more addition to its collection quality sticks for kids.

Designed for kids belonging to the age group of 5 to 9 years and weighing between 40-80 lbs., this Foam Maverick is ideal for introducing pogo stick jumping to kids. It is not only safe and lasting but is available in different colors and bounce up to 1-2 ft for kids to enjoy it.

The stick is a rugged starter that comes with an ergonomic design. The sturdy stick comes with a foam-covered frame of metal, slender pole, footpegs that do not slip, and fully enclosed spring. Thus, it is ideal for children under 9 who want to learn stick bouncing.

There is no need to worry about any harm or injury while on the moving part due to the soft foam covers offering a robust buffer. The whole bar is covered with foam that not only delivers a cool appearance but ensures safety too.

The stick also features textured foot pads resistant to slip-up, which directly adds to the overall stability as well as a fun experience. Even the base cap of rubber is resistant to skidding. Both the cap and pads allow the little one land higher and enjoy advanced bounces with poise.

In the past, the bottom’s rubber tip used to be susceptible to wear. Nevertheless, now it is improvised and redesigned to be bulkier and bigger now. The stick also has hand grips made up of soft foam for ensuring a safe experience. For convenience sake, all pads and handgrips are replaceable.

The footpads are sufficiently wide and simple to maneuver. Thus, it is easy to learn to jump. Further, the extra narrow pole in the middle keeps the risks of cramped legs and scraped knees away. A wide stance bounce tip is thick enough to deliver a more stable and consistent play experience.



  • Light
  • Sturdy build
  • Safe
  • Durable
  • Super grip
  • Non-slippery
  • Color options
  • Replaceable parts
  • Inexpensive


  • Stiff spring
  • Unsuitable for light kids
  • Not for wet environment
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Flybar Foam Master Pogo Stick – 58

Flybar Limited Edition Foam Maverick Pogo Stick For Kids Ages 5 & Up, 40 to 80 Pounds - Improved & Comfortable Rubber Hand Grips - Fun Beginner Pogo Stick For Boys & Girls

With the supporting weight range of 80-160 lbs., age of 9+ years, and bounce height of up to 2-3 ft., this esteemed pogo stick is for those who want to learn or are intermediate users almost on the verge of mastery. The stick is safe, powerful, strong, and durable. Considering the bounce height, you can even perform some tricks although not so extreme or heavy ones.

If over 160 pounds, the unit will be pushed down at every jump. Similarly, if under 80 pounds, the rider is likely to face difficulty while pressing the spring. Height is not an issue, as even a 6-feet tall person will feel comfortable using it.

This foam-padded model of the brand’s esteemed stick comes with a wide bounce tip for additional stability and confidence. It is fully made up of foam to provide the desired cushioning, grip, and durability. Even the footpads are solid grippy, as they have a non-slippery base and textured grips.

The fully assembled Foam Master is built using a quality material that can endure a lot of abuse instilled especially by kids. The foam padding ensures that jumping is quite comfortable and that the metal components do not hurt the legs.


  • Rugged build
  • Safe
  • Durable
  • Stable
  • Comfortable grip
  • Not slippery
  • Replaceable parts
  • Different color options
  • Affordable



  • Stiff spring
  • Not for extreme tricks
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Flybar Super Pogo Pogo Stick

Flybar Super Pogo Pogo Stick for Kids and Adults 14 & Up Heavy Duty for Weights 120-210 Lbs

Go for this stick from Flybar if the rider’s weight is between 120 and 210 pounds, wants to jump as high as up to 4 ft, and is 14+ in age. Well, these specifications are truly more than that the Master Foam stick supports.

Super Pogo is a popular spring-loaded stick for older kids, teens, and adults who are either beginners or extreme pogo enthusiast. It is sturdy, comes with grippy foot pads, and has a lasting rubber tip without charging you anything high. While the max weight support is 210, many users have reported it to work well for even 240 pounds.

This solid metal build is perfect for teens to master the art of making extreme jumps and a few tricks. While it is fine for the beginners, the spring’s robustness, tough construction, wide footpads, and heavy-duty and skid-free rubber tip make it ideal for tricks as well.

There are superior sticks for extreme tricks, but they are too costly. So, if you wish to learn jumping and progress into tricks and not xpogo, this stick is ideal. The stick features an open frame design due to which you can view the robust metal frame despite being fully assembled. It features a retro frame, exposed spring, and twisted handlebars comfortable enough to hold.

The compact design is easy to store and move due to which you can rely on it for instant entertainment and passing the endurance tests. For defying the gravity, the stick lifts the rider off the ground and lands without any hitches.

Initially, riders may get bruises by hitting against the frame. However, this issue is there only for a week as you are getting used to the design. Alternatively, you can use small water pipe insulation pieces to defend your legs.

It is reported that those under 120 pounds would find the spring quite stiff. For them, it is better to choose the Foam Master pogo stick. In many cases, this feeling has been temporary. So, do not get discouraged, as it facilitates powerful jumps.



  • Sturdy build
  • Support for heavyweight riders
  • Durable
  • Ideal for extreme tricks


  • Medium priced
  • Bumping against the frame although initially only
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Vurtego V4 Pro Pogo Stick

Vurtego V4 Pro Pogo Stick, Medium

With the supported weight range of 75 to 400 lbs. as well as a jump height of up to 10 ft, the Vurtego V4 stick is perhaps the most stunning piece of engineering stick suitable for 12+ older teens who wish to practice highest jumps and highly extreme tricks. The credit goes to the matchless build and power.

Unlike most sticks employing the traditional spring mechanism, this one implements the air pressure technology to offer beyond-satisfactory benefits and that too without air leakage. First, it comes with an adjustable air chamber due to which a rider can go as high as 10 feet in the air. This is sufficient for being a Superman and any other bizarre tricks.

The rider can adjust the tension by just raising or reducing the air pressure using a normal pump used otherwise for bicycles. This is also the reason why a rider can adjust the stick to go up to 1-2 foot-high if kids will be using it. As a result, this stick is truly versatile, as a 200-pound adult or a 90-pound kid can use it as per one’s own height.

The second benefit is the professional power. Experienced users can easily jump over 6 to 10 feet tall items. This means there are several opportunities, riding right from a parkour-type to a beast style across the town. Further, the ride is smoother and quieter than all sticks with metal springs while being gentler on the knees.

Apart from the air pressure mechanism, this professional stick is admired for its build quality. The frame made using aluminum is super durable and ensures all harsh abuses on any surface while learning different tricks. The footpegs and tip are relatively better than those of the predecessor V3 for ensuring more grip and traction, as per existing customer reviews.


  • Super powerful
  • Sturdy quality
  • Versatile due to air pressure technology
  • Bears maximum rider weight
  • Better traction
  • Less rebound
  • Durable
  • Available in three sizes



  • Very expensive
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How to Choose the Best Pogo Stick for You

Pogo sticks vary in terms of size, weight support, jump heights, and durability. This means not all sticks are identical. This also means that no pogo stick can be the best for all riders. This is because each rider differs in terms of weight, desired jump height, age, and height.

Therefore, it is essential to invest in a pogo stick that is suitable for your height and weight apart from being durable and safe. The best pogo stick is the one that meets these requirements of yours along within the set budget range.

To find one such stick, it is essential to match the features and specifications of promising models with your requirements. These features and specifications are nothing but the factors that affect your buying decision. Let’s check out these factors by answering the most common questions that the buyers have.


Are there any age and weight limits for a pogo stick?

Yes! Pogo sticks are made for being the body’s extension and are available in different sizes. They are, therefore, manufactured to support a specific age and weight range. Thus, the best pogo stick is the one that fits the rider’s age and weight.

You should start by looking at the supported age and weight. Most sticks support the age range of 3 to 12+. Similarly, pogo sticks support a weight range of 40-400 lbs. You need to choose the one that accommodates the rider’s weight.

For instance, if the rider weighs 70 pounds, it is unwise to choose a stick supporting 90 to 170 pounds. As there is a lower and upper limit, keep in mind that a rider can be too light for some sticks. So, do consider both the limits while choosing a pogo stick. Thus, even more than age, it is the weight that is more important. After all, a stick that supports the rider’s age but not his or her weight is perhaps unreliable.

For maximum comfort, the handgrips should be at the hips level while standing on the pegs. Further, ensure that you go for a stick that the rider will be able to use for months to come, which means the weight and age limits should not max out.


Is using a pogo stick safe?

Using a pogo stick may not be safe if used carelessly or incorrectly, for example, on an uneven or grassy surface instead of a hard floor. In general, pogo sticks themselves are safe, as the modern ones come with safety and comfort features such as foam padding, rubber tips, anti-skid footpads, encased springs, and padded handlebars.

However, this is not enough. Even the rider has to take care of using it correctly. Riders should use the pogo stick in safe locations and with safety gear, such as the helmet, kneepads, and closed-toe footwear.

For first-time users, vibrant foam encasements come with better spring than expected to set up confidence.

Along with these safety features, ensure that a solid base is there to bear the rider’s weight. This is evident with rubber tips or a foam/metal base.


Which type of pogo stick is right for me?

For this, you need to know the types of pogo sticks. Well, there are three types namely, toys, professional, and semi-professional sticks.

Toys pogo sticks are simply for kids. They are built using comfortable foam and support smaller and safe jumps. Semi-professional sticks are for older kids, teens, and adults. They are available in varying sizes and shapes and come with spring and footrest for non-stop jumping experience.

Professional sticks are often heavy and deliver the greatest jumping experience. As the name indicates, they are truly for professionals or for expert players. Beginners or intermediate players should not use such sticks or they will end up hurting themselves.

So, choose a pogo stick as per your level and skill.


What should be the size of a pogo stick?

The answer to this question depends on the level of comfort you desire as well as safety. Large sticks do not always mean higher bounces. At times, it can be exactly the opposite, as they tend to weigh more than usual due to which it is harder to go high.

Preferably, riders need a stick from peg to handle measures almost the same as the distance from the hip to heel. A bit smaller stick is simpler to manage, while a bit big one is what a child can grow into. However, it should not be something too big or too small.


Which is the right material for a pogo stick?

Pogo sticks are usually made up of an assortment of parts but the majority have springs and metal frames. Metal is usually aluminum or steel that is sturdy enough to act as a prop for raising the rider off the ground without succumbing to abuses and attacks. Aluminum is preferable for being durable and lightweight.

Some sticks are composed of all metal components, while others have a full or partial foam enclosure for extra safety. Metal springs are known for their highest bounce ability, whereas the full foam sticks are considered the safest ones.

The modern sticks come with reinforced resilient springs, which contribute to reliable rebounds. However, a few sticks have replaced them with an air compression chamber to life riders higher than expected.

Pogo sticks also come with rubber caps that absorb shocks and facilitate a smoother ride, better friction, and less noise. So, do look for all these aspects while choosing the right material as well as components.


What kind of footpegs should I choose?

All pogo sticks have pegs. Some pegs are smaller, while some come with a non-slippery surface for a safer jump. A beginner truly needs a wide platform to balance more easily and practice more speedily. However, it still comes down to the rider’s preference when it comes to choosing the width and size of pegs. Pegs ideally should be non-slip and durable.


What kind of tip should I choose for my pogo stick?

The tip is a rubber piece coming into contact with the ground while bouncing. It is one of the most vital features to consider while buying the best pogo stick.

For a beginner, a bit wider tip is recommended for easily achieving the right balance and learning to bounce off of the stick’s edges instead of bouncing straight every time. Ideally, the tip should be non-slippery. A larger bounce tip tends to deliver better stability, especially for first-timers.

For those who use their pogo sticks regularly, it is essential to replace the tip with time. This is because it bears the maximum impact and wears out swiftly. It is wise to check how to replace the tip prior to investing in a stick. This will help you in preventing the purchase of a new stick within a few months or years.

The costlier a pogo stick is, the more you will look for its replaceable parts and not another unit. So, if you are selecting a stick that is expensive, ensure that you can replace the tip and pegs or upgrade them in the future easily and affordably.


How should handles on a pogo stick be?

The handles should be ideally cushioned and have proper grips. Harder handles are likely to hurt you. So, padded handles are wise and safest. A few sticks come with adjustable handles, which facilitate light bouncing. However, serious bouncing needs fixed handles.

Many sticks also come with grips onto the handlebars for having a secured riding experience. Different makers will employ different techniques for adding grip to sticks. These techniques are applying rubber grips to the handle, foam grips to the handle, and even encasing the stick in foam for maximum grip.

To decide which works best for you, you need to try out a few different units. Still, to get started, rubber grips are preferable.


How do I choose the pogo stick shaft or bar?

Pogo sticks also differ in terms of the shaft size and the way it is added to the design. Most sticks shall feature up to two bars orienting downwards.

Usually, a two-bar stick features a distinct bar for each handle and is welded between to keep both the bars united. Such a design allows a wider stance and makes the riders feel more comfortable while being on it for a longer time.

On the other hand, a single shaft design involves both handlebars that are affixed to a single post. This design provides a narrower stance than the two-bar one. Riders have different preferences for buying the best bar and they usually try both to know which one is more comfortable.


It is fine to choose a pogo stick with folding handles or pegs?

Such pogo sticks are preferable from the transport point of view. Due to the folding design, they make it easy for the riders to carry or transport them from one place to another. While some sticks fold up, some do not fold up and have a strap for hassle-free transportation.

Well, these are not the essential features to have. At times, indeed, they can be risky. For example, folding pegs or handles are not safe for those who perform complicated tricks.


How high can I jump using a pogo stick?

Well, the answer depends on the stick’s jumping height limit and your comfort level. For a kid or a beginner, it is not recommended to go up very high in the air. Then, with more comfort level with your stick that can support a higher jump, bouncing up to 4 to 5 feet high can be normal.


Does jumping on a pogo stick gives a good exercise?

Yes, it is perhaps a tool of a highly effective workout. Indeed, it is recognized as a low-impact workout tool. This is because it delivers a cardio workout involving your core, legs, and arms. A simple exercise of jumping up to six inches off the ground is likely to shed around 600 calories in 60 minutes as per many pogo stick makers. Well, this is more than other cardio workouts such as running, skiing, and cycling.



A pogo stick is not only an exercising tool but also a fun instrument meant for all ages. Right from kids to adults, everyone loves to jump and reach good heights. However, this requires investing in the best pogo stick that may not be very popular but is truly safe as well as suitable for the rider’s age, weight, height, and jumping desires.

Keeping this in mind, we recommend getting started with a suitable Pogo Stick From Flybar , the brand that pioneered the stick concept. You will truly not go wrong by investing in one of them to master your pogo skills.