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One can only master the game of golf through two virtues: Practice and patience. The most dedicated golfers are learning almost at an interval of a couple of minutes by practicing while keeping their hastiness and temper under control during adverse conditions.

So, practice is the key here. The good news is that you need not be out on the golf course to practice and master this sport. With the introduction of putting mats, you can now practice it at your home by replicating the green conditions in a way that your backyard or lawn never could.

(Fun Fact! this study by scientists at Purdue university points out that golfers who played better judged the hole to be bigger than golfers who did not play as well.)

These mats simply introduce a real-life setup of a putting green. To be specific and more descriptive, these mats come with inclines, declines, holes on one end, customization, and even hazards to tune your skills for the short game without actually traveling to a nearby or far course.

It may be too cold or hot outside. Then, what could be better than bringing the green to your own home? Frankly speaking, they are not only mats with holes but are genuine enough to pave the way for complete customization so that you can challenge yourself in different ways.

Best putting mat

Putting mats actually help in improving the game in many ways. They not only give you different scenarios that may not be there at your home course but also teach you strokes discipline for fixing the issue of hitting too hard or too soft.

Several golfers have gone through the pain of ruining their score via dissatisfactory putting. Great putting actually requires only calmness and control with lots of rehearsals and repetition. As compared to a power drive that calls for agility and strength, mastering the art of putting is possible for people of any age or physical ability.

Mastering this game compensates a feebler fairway drive or a tee shot. Further, unlike the practice of the latter, the former is something that you can practice both indoors or outdoors. Thus, regardless of the weather, a compatible putting mat can make you practice putting!

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It is vital to find the best putting mat for obtaining the best experience for becoming an expert in golf. This guide aims to make it easy for you to select the best putting mat by sharing the buying factors and introducing the reviews of the top 5 putting mats. With this information in hand, you will be able to make an informed decision rather than purchasing blind.

2021’s 5 Best Putting Mats for Golfers

Upstreet Putting Mat for Indoor Golf Cup

Upstreet Putting Mat for Indoor Golf Cup - Includes Two Indoor Putt Mats and Two Training Balls

Want to enjoy mini golf? Are you looking for a practice mat for yourself or someone who has never played gold and now wants to begin playing it without spending much? If yes, then this can be the best putting mat. You get two mats and two golf balls to get started without any other hustles and bustles.

It is impossible to read the putts correctly if you cannot precisely judge the distance between the hole and yourself as the player. This requires practicing putts and this mat just allows you to do so. If you are a beginner, you will love the real hole target of the Upstreet indoor green. Well, you get the regulation-sized holes, which is truly in your favor.

Another commendable feature of this one-of-a-kind golf mat is its build quality. It is made using quality polyurethane due to which you get a real green feel.

Further, the putting surface is quite thin on the maximum front area, which provides a hassle-free transition of the golf ball from carpet to hole. The miniature indoor mat not only looks real-like and professional but also remarkably light and sturdy.

Above all, you are no longer confined to a single place of practicing a putting stroke. Due to the smallest size that gives the ease of storage, you can easily rely on the mat to practice at home or office. There is also no need to limit yourself in terms of how far you can put. This mat empowers you to putt from any distance deemed as fit.


  • Real golf turf feel
  • Most compact
  • Super portable
  • Ball rolling without jumping
  • Ideal for fun and practice although not for serious practice
  • Durable
  • Very economical


  • Too small
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Putt-A-Bout Par Three Putting Green (9-feet x 3-feet)

Putt-A-Bout Grassroots Par Three Putting Green (9-feet x 3-feet)

This is one of the most esteemed putting greens that comes from a well-admired manufacturer of the sports world. It is a durable and strong mat for practicing indoors. Designed using polypropylene along with a urethane foam backer, the mat seems to last for several years.

With a weight of around 4 lbs., this kidney-shaped mat is 36 inches or 3 feet wide and 108 inches or 9 feet long. This is a major plus, as you can effortlessly move it from one place to another. Further, due to its compact size, you can easily set it in several corners. The size also makes it possible for it to go into the majority of rooms.

Coming to the holes, they are 1/4-inch smaller in diameter than the standard ones so that you can hone your skills as a practitioner. Further, unlike many other putting mats, this one features a smooth surface, which helps in giving a feel of a real golf green surface. Thus, this mat boasts a high-quality surface that aims to render an experience similar to the one on a genuine outdoor course.

The mat also comes with a small incline aiming to aid you in improving your stroke. Other salient features of this mat are the non-skid backing ensuring a strong grip and two sand traps in case you inadvertently miss the putt. The traps are perhaps a great inclusion, as they aim to stop the ball from escaping the mat, preventing the player from chasing the balls away from the mat.


  • Light
  • Flat rollout
  • Quality build
  • Easy to set
  • Genuine green feel
  • Smooth surface
  • 3 cups
  • Integrated sand traps
  • Little decline around holes
  • Super grip
  • Affordable price


  • Thin holes that make putting challenging
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SKLZ Accelerator Pro Indoor Putting Green with Ball Return

SKLZ Accelerator Pro Indoor Putting Green with Ball Return, 9 feet x 16.25 inches

SKLZ is one of the popular brands known for its outstanding putting mats for users of all ages and skill levels. Consider this mat if you wish to practice swings with challenge and fun. Measuring 12 inches wide and 9 feet 16.25 inches long, this one guarantees superb distance control with its three specific distances and a district technology that very few brands offer through their putting greens.

This is the innovative technology of a non-stop ball return system enabling the players to remain still as they practice using their technique. Through this system, the users keep getting their balls back in place, which saves much time for practicing.

The mat features three different alignments using which players can shoot. They can shoot from three different distances namely from 3, 5, or 7 feet.

The mat is perhaps a precise simulation of the typical golfing surface. It comes with everything for you to master the sport regardless of whether you are a learner or an expert. The commendable part after the ball return feature is its compact size due to which you can carry it anywhere. You can even use it in diverse rooms such as in your outdoor patio or living room.

The mat features an upslope for replicating the putts seen on professional golf courses. This inclined hole also enables hitting at a quicker speed for aiding in swing control. Due to non-skid support, the portable mat does not move on smooth floors.

The putting mat comes with a stamp meter rating of 10 on a strong rug and 11 on a linoleum surface. There are some useful markings indicating how to use the putter well. You even get through-stroke alignment for ideal speed and distance control.

With this putting mat, you not only end up mastering putting but also stance due to the end incline paving a way to the ball return ability.


  • Real surface feel
  • Quality construction
  • Easier practice with ball return ability than with other mats
  • Guides included
  • Super visibility and stability
  • Non-skid support
  • Adjustable angles
  • Durable
  • Portable due to rolling ability
  • Affordable


  • A bit steep incline
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Shaun Webb’s Premium Golf Putting Green & Indoor Mat

Shaun Webb's Premium Golf Putting Green & Indoor Mat 9'x3' (Designed by PGA Pro & Golf Digest's Top Teacher) Premium Backing, Deeper Holes, Thicker & Wider Surface

How about investing in a putting pat that is certified by one of the honored names in the world of golf teaching? If yes, then do consider this putting green from Shaun Webb’s, which is actually designed by a PGA pro.

It is a premium quality wrapped in a simple but real golf surface look without compromising its overall effectiveness. This mat is designed to bring in a myriad of potential challenges that most golfers otherwise face on the green while imparting the learning of how to forecast any green condition.

The latter is possible due to the wider surface as well as a bit of uphill elevation, providing several angles for practicing the ultimate putt. Shaun Webb has designed this mat so that you can practice from different angles targeting one of the three different holes.

Further, it will aid you in practicing stance, follow through, backswing, and tempo. The slight uphill elevation gives a more natural feel than a plastic build. Moreover, the deeper holes than normal enable practicing both strong putts and firm strokes.

This green mat is made using premium foam that is highly resistant to wear and keeps worn edges away. The foam base is thicker than usual due to which fold and creases are kept at bay.

The soft material will not harm the putter. The cups and traps are sufficiently deep to prevent rolling out of the balls and come with enough non-skid backing. The two sand trap cutouts are tactically placed at the rear of holes to hold the missed shots. Thus, you can practice despite having no experience.

Last but not the least; it is easy to roll and unroll the mat regardless of the indoor surface. However, it is recommended to roll it over an even, solid surface. Just bear in mind that this mat is not for use on floors that come directly on the sun or are too hot.


  • Natural turf feeling with slight elevation
  • Wider and thicker
  • Quick setup
  • Flat rolling
  • Durable
  • Three deeper holes than usual
  • Best for mastering a firm stroke


  • A bit pricey
  • Little slow
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ProActive Sports VariSpeed Putting System

VariSpeed Putting System - Practice 4 Different Speeds On One Mat!

This one is perhaps the most exciting as well as versatile putting mat to consider if you are not a beginner. There is much to do with it, ranging right from training yourself for different putt distances and speeds to playing games. You experience the most distinct and diverse putting experience.

This putting mat comes with the ability to change the putt’s speed and generate custom breaks, which is much like having many mats in a single easy package. This makes the system ideal for honing your skills.

Thanks to the distinct fibers that enable adjusting the green’s speed within a couple of seconds. You get to choose from four levels of speed, ranging from 7.5 to 13, by just scrubbing the mat in any direction using the included roller brush.

The chosen ball when on its trajectory triggers a noticeable trace so that you can easily assess the path of each putt for mastering the technique. You can quickly remove the traces with the help of the mat brush.

The mat also comes with a break wedge for changing the slope. All you have to do is set the wedge’s height and glide the wedge beneath the mat. The wedge is adjustable for designing the mat as per the outside conditions.

Further, the printed smart guides on the surface enable you to judge a putt’s direction as well as distance. They are also useful in playing several other interesting games. The system also offers two foam ball bumpers.

The mat is made using pure polyester due to which it lasts for years. Although its surface is large enough and measures 20 inches wide and 10 feet long, you can quickly fold, roll, and store it without it consuming much space. You can use the mat virtually anywhere.


  • Large surface area
  • Compact
  • Precision tracking of each putt
  • Easy to fold, store, and carry
  • Information booklet included
  • Customizations possible
  • Adjustable speeds as well as slopes


  • Not suitable for beginners
  • Costly but medium-priced as compared to more expensive options
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How to Choose the Best Putting Mat for You

Golf putting mats are available in different sizes and features, with most being reasonably small enough to fit in any room for delivering precise golfing experience. In terms of features, some will come with different distances or holes, while some will offer different speed levels. So, what do these facts indicate to you as a probable buyer?

Well, they indicate that not all mats are the same. They also indicate that no single putting mat is the best for all golfers. This is because just as mats differ in so many aspects, users or players too differ in terms of skill level, budget, and requirements that they expect their chosen putting mat to fulfill.

So, now, how you as a player or the buyer know which putting mat is the most suitable one for you? Well, for that, you need to know the buying factors, which are nothing but the features or expectations from mats. Then, you need to assess how each of them tends to fulfill your requirements. The features of the mat that closely matches your requirements finally is your best mat.

So, here are the buying factors that you should know. They are discussed as answers to the commonly asked questions.

How do I know which type of putting mat I want?

For selecting the right putting mat, you first need to consider why you need such a mat or what is the purpose of investing in one such mat. If you want only for some fun in your backyard or in the office, there are plenty of options available.

If you wish to have a mat for some genuine practice to sharpen your skills and undo anything that you may be normally doing wrong, you need to much more focused on the professional and/or realistic options.

Assuming that your purpose is to improve your golf game and not just to have fun, let’s proceed with the answer. Even the smallest putting mat will consume a reasonable amount of ground space. Thus, you need to consider a rolling or a modular mat. The former is ideal when the available space is at a premium, while the latter one can almost fit anywhere as you only need to assemble and disassemble it.

If you choose a sectional mat, understand that it may possess slight elevations or valleys between its parts, which are likely to disturb your shots. This can make it potentially tough to know how well your putting skill is. Similarly, in case of a rolling mat, the issues are the creases that come up while rolling for storage, which also averts precision putting.

While looking for putting mats, you will surely come across models having sloped surfaces and usually with the cup onto a small rise at the green’s far end. Go for one of them if you wish to practice those tough uphill putts. However, these models are likely to be limiting.

As most greens are flat, it is rational to go for a flat putting mat initially. Here, you need to check for creasing. If a thin turf material is used to create the at without anything beneath, the probability of the material crushing and creasing is higher than usual.

However, the good news is that most putting mats come with non-skid support beneath and a thick material layer to keep creasing away. Many advanced mats have a durable rubber beneath to retain the straightness of the turf for keeping creasing away.

By investing in a mat that prevents creasing, it becomes hassle-free for you to hit golf balls constantly on a flat surface. Well, this is also dependent on your practicing environment. If it is outdoors, choose a mat that is strong enough to handle those harsh severities.

On the contrary, if you love to practice indoors for mastering your shots, an indoor mat is an ideal option. Most modern mats are designed for both indoor and outdoor use. There is not much difference, except for the size.

If you do not want to move forward and backward after playing each shot, it is wise to select a putting mat having a ball return system. Such a mat enables you to give your best with each swing without bothering about getting the ball afterward. A high-quality return system allows you to shoot and view the ball returning to you the moment it hits the hole.

Although it is not mandatory to have a return system in a putting green, it is definitely a treat worth your money. Many of these mats come with a similar design featuring two different sized holes and dual tracks.

Want to make your practice more challenging? If yes, then look for a putting mat set on an incline. As the hole will now be positioned on an angle, you will be hitting slightly harder than normal. This leads to a stronger shot.

Some putting mats come with holes smaller than the regulation size of 4.25 inches. Choosing one such mat is beneficial for you as a practitioner, as a smaller size enables you to improve the putting accuracy. If a similar scene comes in front, you will be able to master the putts of any distance.

What should be the size of my putting mat?

Mat size is an important buying factor to consider, as you need to choose a mat for golf practice that will fit into the chosen space, especially if it is indoors. This is indispensable if you are planning to use it quite frequently throughout the year.

Putting mats are usually available in the size range of 3 to 15 feet. To choose the right size, it is vital to decide the place where you want to set up your mat and measure its area. If it is sufficient enough, you can easily for the size of 15 feet.

It is also rational to find out how useful the mat size would be for you. A mat that is approximately 9 feet long is considered as an average-sized one on a real course. If you choose a too small mat, it is likely to impede your approach. Similarly, a too big mat can force you to overhit when you are on the real course.

Thus, to strike a balance, it is recommended to choose a longer and a wider mat. With such a mat, you can easily practice at different distances. Still, if you do not have enough space for your mat, consider investing in a 4 to 6 feet version. If something bigger can fit, then look for a 6 to 8 feet version.

Where should I place my putting mat?

An ideal putting mat surface is a critical requirement to fulfill. Well, the answer is dependent on the mat that you choose. The good news is that many of them are adaptable to almost all surfaces. They even come with non-skidding materials at their bottom to keep them straight during the play. Many of these are actually thicker than usual to keep shot warping away for providing the best result for every shot.

What should be the design of my putting mat?

The design of a putting mat is one of the most critical criteria. It is also one of the reasons why one would choose an indoor green. In general, the design of putting greens aim to replicate a real course.  For instance, putting greens come with a starter area and a hole where the hit ball should end up. Nevertheless, many models come with what is called sand traps. These straps add to reliability and joy for several days to come. So, it is wise to choose a design with these aspects.

Which is the best built material for a putting mat?

Material is a crucial factor when it comes to selecting the best putting mat for yourself. This is because it is the material that makes a mat durable and strong enough to pass through the test of time.

Before you choose the right material, you need to know that there are two areas of a mat whose material you need to check namely, top and bottom. The material of the top layer will be usually artificial grass for replicating the real grass and its textured look and feel. This is common amongst putting greens for adults and it aims to trigger a life-like experience during putting.

Artificial grass gives a consistent surface that is much like a nicely trimmed green of a real course. It also gives a great hitting as well as rolling speed. Due to plastic turf, this kind of grass also results in low maintenance.

Coming to the bottom material, it has its own importance as nobody would want a mat to damage the ground or floor or act flimsily to move across a flat tile or hardwood. Thus, most putting mats come with a thick foam or rubbing backing. These materials ensure that the green does not skid on any surface while you are playing.

How durable a mat for putting should be?

It is a fact that a putting mat should last for a long time. At least, it should last for more than several practice rounds. So, it is obvious for anyone to look for tough materials that ensure durability. A commonly used material to ensure durability is PET resin.

Nevertheless, just choosing the right durable material is not enough. To ensure longevity, it is equally important that you take proper care of your putting mat. Not taking enough care decreases the overall longevity even if the material is durable. So, if you take proper care, a quality mat can last from 10 to 15 years or even more for all diligent caretakers.

Should I choose a putting green with the automatic ball return feature?

This question is one of the frequently asked queries apart from being one of the most probed features when it is the matter of selecting golf putting mat. Several golf mats do not come with this feature.

Nevertheless, having a channel that automatically returns the hit golf balls makes your life simpler. This is because you then need not keep collecting the balls from holes.

The feature also helps in retaining the same stance while aligning the next shot and keeps the holes free from ball clogging. Well, this feature is not mandatory and its presence is dependent on the make and maker of the mat.

Should I choose a putting mat offering different speed levels?

The answer to this question depends on what and how you wish to practice. A few putting mats offer more than one green speed level solely for honing your putting skills. If you are a serious player, it is highly recommended to choose a mat with varying speeds to become an all-rounder.

Should I choose the true roll feature?

This feature exists in a few mats that also have stimpmeter reading to give a look and feel of a real green. As a result, you can easily prepare for such situations in the real course.


The best putting mats are truly the ones with an ideal mix of speed, customization, and distance options. You just have to choose the one from them, which is best for you. For this, you need to know your budget as well as requirements.

We highly recommend Putt-a-Bout green to get started with the practice, as it has all essential features at an affordable price. It is light, rolls out flat, is made using PET resin to ensure durability, has three holes and sand traps, ensures a great grip, and gives a real green feel.