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Rabbits are cute little creatures that almost everyone adores and desires to have as their pets. They are not traditional, but the deal with keeping them is they can get jumpy and make a mess of the house. The people who live near shrubby and bushy areas know about the troubles these troublemakers pose. They can ruin your yard by trodding everywhere and make a mess of your shrubbery. Most of the methods don’t usually work because the burrows they make near our gardens are deep and hard to fill, and they have converted them into their homes.

But these methods do not permanently eliminate the bunny problem; that is why rabbit repellents are the most obvious choice to opt for when you’re planning to get rid of rabbits. They do not kill the rabbits; they are safe and easy to use, convenient to find, and are available in every convenience store. They work by spreading a chemical substance that the creatures identified as dangerous, and they do not cross that threshold.


Some repellents are also disguised as food. They are carefully tested in the market, so there is no risk of the ingredients running rampant and harming the rabbits in a way that might compromise their life. Most of the traditional methods of repellents use strong-smelling herbs, but that might not always work in their case. We will be taking a look at the repellents that are budgetary, practical, and non-harming. We will provide you the Amazon buying links for the same. Without any further delay, here are:

7 Best Rabbit Repellents in 2021

Nature’s Mace Deer & Rabbit

Nature’s mace is one of the best manufacturers when it comes to rabbits and deer repellents. This spray-on repellent has an Amazon rating. They are trusted by buyers for its easy use, affordability, and effectiveness. A gallon costs $42 and lasts for 10 to 12 months, which is a pretty good deal.

The rabbit deterrent comes in a 1-gallon practical bottle that you spray near the shrubs, bushes, or the plants where the rabbits dwell. It covers an area of 4500sq ft under one spray and is especially useful in the dry seasons. It is safe to use as there are only natural ingredients used to make this repellant. This rabbit repellent is biodegradable and environmentally friendly as it can be used to spray your plants without rotting.

It uses odors found in nature to keep the rabbits and deers away from your lovely gardens, and the duration of the spray-on allows or year-long protection without any fuss. This rabbit deterrent is safe to use around your pets and children. If you want an easy way to repel rabbits and deer from your backyard, then this product is made for you.


  • Easy to use
  • An affordable product that has a substantial quantity
  • All-natural ingredients make it safe to use around pets.


  • The thickness of the liquid spray can be improved.


Liquid Fence Deer & Rabbit Repellent

Liquid fence is a very trusted product of rabbit deterrent for lawns. Households purchase it all over America for its easy usage and effective result; It has earned its reputation for having a long-lasting effect and being economical.  This product has been a bestseller since its release.

This product is a granular repellent that has to be spread out evenly in the backyard to have the most effect. The rabbits and deers do not have to eat the vegetation near it as its natural smell has a repelling effect.

Its granular formula can be spread near your precious flower beds and berry shrubs to guard them against the creatures; it will work wonders!

The granules get to work immediately as soon as they get scattered, and they last for more than ten months. The magical bit is that it does not harm the animals or your pets if they accidentally contact it. If holding big heavy cans of repellent is difficult for you, these granulated bits are perfect for spreading evenly.


  • Granulated bits cover more area and do not harm the vegetation.
  • Lasts for up to a year once spread evenly
  • Does not harm any animal that comes into contact


  • The scent of the granules can be worked on and improved.


Plantskydd Animal Repellent

Plantskydd is an all rounding rabbit deterrent for lawns, backyards, and front yards. This product has been available in the Amazon market for more than a year and has caused quite a stir among other repellents. It helps with repelling not only rabbits but also elks, mooses, squirrels, and chipmunks too.

This product was made in the USA and ships throughout the world.  There are two options to choose from, a 3.5 lb jug or an 8lb one. This granular formula protects 1750 sq ft of land in one usage and is made by 100% dried blood of porcine and bovine creatures.

Apply this repellent during the active season, and it will last up to 8 weeks of usage and again before winter starts so that the effects do not wear off. Spread the granules evenly near the infestation for maximum efficiency. It has no harmful effects on the plants, so add some near your garden to protect your herbs and crops.

Please do not apply this directly to the edible parts of the plants. This repellent is a perfect budgetary and efficient option if you have a rabbit or ground moles infesting in your back yard.


  • Lasts up to 8 weeks of actives usage
  • Protects plants and has no harmful effects on crops and bees
  • The granular formula is easy to spread.


  • The scent of the repellent could be made more substantial.


Ortho Deer B Gon Deer and Rabbit Repellent

Ortho is a product manufacturer that has a history regarding animal repellents. This product knows how to manage the rabbits and deer that eat your crops and flowers then disappear.  There are four ways this formula is shaped: a hose sprayer, a concentrate, a granulated formula, and a ready to use spray.

There are holes in the bottle for the precision spreading of the formula, and it usually lasts for 30 days and covers an area of 1440sq ft. This product is safe to use around plants and pets; just make sure they are not applied in the crops’ edible areas.

The formula is made from clove oil, cinnamon oil, and putrid whole egg solids, making the smell strong and helping it repel the rabbits and deer. The stink does not bother the human sense of smell. Makes sure to spread this around edible plants indirectly and wait for 30 minutes before watering them to increase efficiency.

This product is perfect budgetary repellent; it costs less than 15 dollars and lasts for more than 30 days. Ideal for continuous and consistent usage, keeping in mind certain conditions.


  • Spreads quickly and occupies the space between plants
  • No stink formula safe for pets and children
  • Lasts for more than 30 days


  • The repellents’ duration can be worked on by the manufacturer.


Nature’s Mace Deer & Rabbit – Granuarls

Nature’s mace makes it to this list again, but this time instead of a spray, it is a granular distributor that is more convenient to use for people of old ages. There are three weight type containers available, and they are classified as 2.5lbs,6 lbs, and 25 lbs, respectively.

This product is most effective at places near your plants, your backyard, and your front lawn. It is researched by many universities and proved that it has no harmful chemicals for children and pets. The granular formula is odorless and does not bother humans, and lasts longer. It does not get affected by the rains.

This rabbit deterrent delivers more than 2500 sq ft. p of coverage to the areas applied. The taste and smell technology imparted within works frequently at keeping the rabbits and deer away without giving away foul smells in its surroundings.

The manufacturer also states that it gives a money-back guarantee if it does not work, so it is a win-win situation. Try this granulated method of repellent if the other spray-on products don’t suit your needs.


  • The granulated formula provides for a convenient spread.
  • Lasts long and is rain resistant
  • It covers an area of 2500sq.ft, which helps in protecting every herb and plant.


  • Nature’s mace can provide with more quantity for the products price range.


Bonide Products, Inc.

Bonide Products are large scale manufacturers and distributors when it comes to animal repellents.  It is economical. Bonide has been in the market, providing repellents since 1926.

This repellent provides easy usage for both old and middle-aged folks. This animal repellent does not harm the rabbits, deers, or any other creatures in any way. It is a rabbit deterrent and should not be adhered o as a poison trap, bait, or a rabbit killer. It is simply designed to repel these creatures away from your backyard or vegetable garden without harming them in any way. It is safe to keep around your pets and plants.

This product lasts for two months of spread and covers a wide range of areas along your flowerbeds and crops. It is produced as a biodegradable repellent that automatically dissolves after its desired usage. It is simply meant to modify the behavior of the animals and not alter or harm them.

If you need a trusted brand that provides good service and budgetary freedom, this product is perfect for the long term and short term usage in repelling rabbits and deers.


  • Biodegradeable and non-harmful for pets and plants.
  • Rain resistant and spreads quickly due to customized use.
  • Affordable and trusted by many users.


  • Further improvement can be shown regarding the resistance to rain.


Enviro Pro

Enviro Pro is a giant manufacturing company for producing repellents that are safe for anyone using them. These products have garnered a lot of acclaim for their effectiveness and long-lasting usage. It is returnable in certain circumstances if it does not function.

Many people look for this product if they have a rabbit or deer infestation in their backyard. This granular shaker is easy to spread, and they’re not many complicated steps required to use it. This repellent is not harmful to children, plants, or pets, so you need not worry about its application’s danger.

This rabbit repellent works best when there is humidity, which causes its scent to spread around with the dense air. Little rain and more sunlight will cause more frequent applications to your backyard. Keep away from little kids and avoid contact with the product with the eyes.

This product is perfect for humid areas and works best in those conditions as well. It does not intend the animals, mainly repel them away from your ornamental garden. Buy this product if you live near humid and dense forest areas.


  • Works best in humid areas
  • All-natural ingredients that do not harm the animals and are effective at repelling them.
  • Granules present to allow for the precise spreading of the repellent in the hardest to reach corners.


  • The thickness of the scent could be improved.



Liquid Fence Deer & Rabbit Repellent Concentrate, 40-Ounce

Do all the manufacturers use the same ingredients while making the repellents? 

Most of the commonly used ingredients include putrescent whole egg solids and dried blood, although cinnamon and clove oils are known for their strong smells and repellent properties.

Their strong scents are detected quite easily by rabbits and deer, so they are easily repelled by it. There are some other ingredients for added benefits, but most repellents include these core ingredients. Therefore most of the brands you see have these ingredients pasted in their items used list.

How long will a single application of repellent last?

Each brand’s lasting effects depend on the ingredients used in making it and the weather conditions of the area you live in. Certain brands work better when used in humidity, while some work their effects better during sunlight.

It depends on which brand of repellent you buy and where you focus on putting the repellent. If the brand concentrates its formula and makes it thick, it will last longer than the brands that make a liquid spray. When the concentrate is thick, it can appeal to these creatures’ sense of smell for months without reapplication.

Are the expensive repellents better than the cheap ones?

It is not always the case, but sometimes the cheaper ones can consistently outperform the expensive ones. The reason comes down to their production technique, cost of raw material, ingredients, and conditions met. Their performance is very situational.

For example, if a cheap repellant thrives in all sorts of weather and the expensive one has a strong smell but goes terrible due to harsh sunlight, then the customer might buy the former instead of the latter. Be on the lookout for ingredients and conditions of usage for the repellents.

Can the repellents affect my plants, pets, and children?

It depends upon what sort of exposure they are put in regarding the repellent’s type and density. If the repellent is spray-on, make sure it does not enter the pets and children’s eyes or mouth. In most cases, you don’t need to worry since the products in this list are made from all-natural ingredients that cause no harm to anyone.

It is wise to avoid getting them near anyone and spread them while your children and pets are not in the vicinity. So apply the repellent where pets and children cannot get to, and the plants do not absorb the repellent’s properties.

How do I decide which repellent is the right one?

It depends on what your goal is regarding repellent usage. If you are looking just to repel the creatures, then a short-term spray-on repellent will work for you, and if you want to remove the infestation of the rabbits permanently, then use the granules to lock down the areas where the rabbits burrow.

You can also choose granules instead of the spray-on s to prevent the chemicals from harming your pets, children, and your plants. These guidelines can help you decide what you need your repellent for in terms of usage.


It is important to remember that the creatures are still innocent, and they do not intentionally harm your plants, be humane towards them, and do not hurt them. Repellents are made to deal with these creatures without harming them, and we should make sure we do the same.

There are many options available in the market to buy rabbit deterrents safe for dogs and children to be around. Choose those products according to your budgetary restrictions, needs, and direness of the situation. Pick out what suits your garden and does not damage it.

Check sources and buy the products that have been in business for years and have some reputation preceding them. Trust in old-world brands and embrace the new technology that comes along with their old roots.

The selection process is simple. Read product reviews, watch videos, or ask your friends. We have simplified and narrowed down the best products in this list, and we hope that helps you find the best possible repellent. Remember that only you can decide what is best for your usage and your backyard’s betterment. Happy buying!