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If you are a great fan of board games or games in a recreational room, you know how exciting is the shuffleboard game. Thinking to set a shuffleboard table at home is truly a great idea to spend some fun time with your family. It is as exciting as having a pool table in your home.

Anyone can play to shuffle and enjoy hours of fun. Shuffleboard is exciting, challenging, and yet simple to learn. If you wish to make your recreational or game room unique, adding a shuffleboard table is a cool way to do so.

When set inside a home, a recreational room has pool tables and dartboards. However, shuffleboard tables are rarely seen. One of the reasons for this is the amount of space required.

As a fact, these tables are usually longer due to which they need a significant amount of space. Thus, it is not a feasible option for every recreational room. However, shuffleboard tables are now available in different lengths or sizes. Therefore, there is a table that fits in every recreational room.

So, anyone can recreate the excitement and fun that has been experienced while playing it in a resort or on a cruise by investing in a suitable shuffleboard table for home. Such tables have features that are capable of mimicking the shuffleboard court’s look and feel.

There is no need for any player to bend or stoop due to which anyone can play for hours and compete in arranged tournaments against relatives and friends.

This guide aims to help you in selecting the best shuffleboard tables by revealing the reviews of the top 5 shuffleboard tables and sharing a comprehensive buying guide. There are options suitable for any budget. Thus, there is something for everyone regardless of whether the search is for a competition-level table or just a casual one for simple recreation.

Reviews of 2021’s 5 Best Shuffleboard Tables

Playcraft Woodbridge Shuffleboard Table

Playcraft Woodbridge Shuffleboard Table, Black, 9'

This is an affordable entry-level shuffleboard table to consider if you want to develop your skills seriously. It comes with all that is required to get started. Known for its simple assembly and durable build, this board is made using cherry hardwood and contains three base legs that are adjustable to have a leveled playing field even if the floor is uneven.

As compared to other options, this table is available in four different lengths, namely, 9, 12, 14, and 16 feet. The 9- and 12-feet ones come with an indoor scoring system having 1, 2, 3 patterns, whereas the 14- and 16-feet boards have a 1, 2, 3, 4 pattern. You get clear scoring markers and a manual abacus.

The double-paneled legs provide stability and support to the cradle through its metal levelers and cabinet. While the 9- and 12-feet versions have two legs, the 14- and 16-feet ones come with three legs. The one-piece cradle is constructed using micro-lam plywood with the corners of hardwood for stability.

The board comes with eight 2-1/8 inches weights, one jar of granular speed wax for easy sustenance, and two plastic slide scorers. Each length accompanies a distinct playfield size as well as weight. However, the board needs less space as compared to a pool table. On the flip side, it is heavy.

Instead of laminate, the playfield is made using several layers of satin polyurethane. As a result, the playing surface is smooth and durable, apart from being fast. There are no small bubble-like bumps that are otherwise capable of halting the pucks and disrupting your gameplay.

Another important aspect of this board is its carpeted gutter and interior walls to minimize noise and damage risk. In other words, you need not worry about the risk of damage due to the casual handling of the pucks.

Made to look like a block of several wooden layers, the table comes with glue around the edges for extra strength. An integrated rail along the edge endures shocks triggered when a puck hits the table. In other words, there is no risk of scratches or other damage.

Overall, the look is a classic one with leg levelers in a vintage bronze/brass finish. Consider it if you want a high-quality shuffleboard table ensuring great gameplay.


  • Great entry-level option
  • Available in different lengths and finishes
  • Smooth and fast hardwood surface
  • Carpeted interior
  • Adjustable leg level
  • Stable cradle
  • Wax and eight pucks included
  • Durable
  • Storage cabinet
  • Easy assembly
  • In the affordable price range


  • Minimal assembling or leveling directions
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Fairview Game Rooms 12′ Shuffleboard Table

Fairview Game Rooms 12' Shuffleboard Table, in Chestnut Finish

This shuffleboard table has the right blend of simple design, good looks, and an array of features. Its compact size is such that it fits into any small space at home or club. Fairview has designed a block surface with polymer finish to give you an extremely durable table and keep warping and twisting at bay unless you go ahead and invite it by exposing the table to direct sunlight. It is also responsible for giving a smooth and strong playing surface.

The polymer coating makes the surface more playable. You will love the speed and feel while playing using the included pucks. Nevertheless, you may need to add some powder or wax for a fast or better experience.

The board is purely flat. This means there is no need for you to bother about retaining the climatic adjusters well. This is because there is no concave surface.

Nevertheless, there are chrome leg levelers to give you an even playing surface, even on uneven floors. Leveling boosts stability and performance on both rough and smooth terrains.

For precise leveling, the levelers have a layer of chrome. One of them has a cabinet for storing accessories, including pucks and other maintenance items. There are around four to six stabilizer bars made up of metal under the playfield for holding the surface at the desired level. They minimize the playfield’s chance to be concave or convex.

The interior portion of its cabinet boasts multicore formations split into layers that are coated with polyurethane to ensure durability. The exterior portion is curved using a maple veneer, a material with a shiny look, and durable properties.

You also get a jumbo accessory cabinet found hidden in one of the legs. This is where you can store the included eight pucks and shuffleboard salt that is required to keep the playing surface slippery.

At 30″ off the floor, this 12’ long table provides an authentic experience without occupying much space. Still, it is heavy enough to seek the help of more than two people to set it at its desired place.


  • Compact design suitable for small spaces
  • Easy to assemble
  • Adjustable leg level
  • Sturdy
  • No warping or bowing
  • Pucks, wax, and sand included
  • Storage cabinet


  • Costly
  • Heavy
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GoSports Shuffleboard and Curling 2 in 1 Table Top Board Game with 8 Rollers

GoSports Shuffleboard and Curling 2 in 1 Table Top Board Game with 8 Rollers - Great for Family Fun

Do you have a table ready at home and just want a durable playing field at the most affordable rate? If yes, then look no further than this 2-in-1 board game from GoSports. Finally, you can have an easy to set tabletop form of shuffleboard whose other side is ideal for the curling game.

This 2-in-1 tabletop board allows playing curling and shuffleboard. When it comes time to pick what you want to play, you can flip the playing field over to pick your play surface.

Due to its compact size, you can enjoy both the games anywhere and anytime with toddlers, kids, and adults. With the ability to immerse players of all ages for a competitive spirit, you can take this board to parties and BBQs.

The board is small in size with the length being 45″ and width is 13″. Even the weight and is less under 20 lbs due to which you can quickly move it although you need someone to help.

It is made using a solid wood frame that flanks the playing field too. The solid wood surface is superior to low-quality clones using rolled-up paper. The shuffleboard playing field comes with lines and numbers to display each scoring area.

Between the frame and the playing field, small gaps catch stray pucks. Thus, you do not have to find the missing ones. Eight rollers are sliding smoothly across the playing field to imitate the full game experience.

The board is suitable for playing inside and outside your home. The design is such that two teams of two to four players can play. The unfinished wooden frame mixes well with any other embellishments you wish to use.


  • Compact size yet substantially heavy feel
  • Easy to use
  • No assembly
  • Super glide (pucks)
  • Sturdy
  • Value for money
  • Package for gifting


  • (Maybe) Need of wax for easier rolling
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Barrington Collection 9ft Shuffleboard Table

Barrington 9 ft. Allendale Collection Shuffleboard Table

This is another excellent entry-level shuffleboard table that has everything to get started. It comes with eight pucks, shuffleboard powder, and two abacuses for keeping the score. Unlike other shuffleboard tables of 9 and 12 feet, this one has a 90-day warranty against the defects from the date of purchase, which offers additional peace of mind.

However, you will hardly need to take advantage of this warranty. This is because the table is made using wood of furniture quality. Made using wood veneer that is UV-coated and is resistant to scratch, the playfield is capable of bearing intense gameplay without compromising its smooth finish.

The fortified apron corners of solid wood contribute to boosted stability as well as a strength so that you do not worry about surface damage. However, it is not just the playing surface that is sturdy.

Even the external edges and A-style legs are strong and provide incredible stability. In other words, you will not bother about the table being disturbed or pucks getting a knock off of their scored spots. The legs are such that they support the whole table weight as well as players’ weight leaning on the top.

The wooden materials used provide an elegant look to the table. As the table is 9 feet long from the external to the opposite edge, it can be used for tournaments. Detailed markings reveal the points earned according to where the pucks landed and track scores.

Preserving the conventional way of scoring, the wooden scorers of bead style track the outcomes in style. The adaptable carpeted walls and gutters defend the playfield while reducing unwanted noise.

A can of shuffleboard powder you get with this table helps in retaining the surface slick and facilitates pucks to move quicker. The scoring system featuring an abacus design is present on both ends.


  • Great look
  • Resistant to scratch and other damage risks
  • Fast puck action
  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Stable
  • Adjustable leg levelers
  • Easy to assemble
  • 90-day warranty
  • Affordable


  • No storage cabinet
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Carrom 650.01 Shuffleboard Game

Carrom 650.01 Shuffleboard Game

This is the mini tabletop version designed for use on the floor directly, although you can use it on a standard table too. It is ideal for those who have confined space or want to save some space. As per the manufacturer, you can use it both indoors and outdoors.

With the weight of only 11 pounds, the table is light enough to carry to different outdoor venues. Being 45-inches long and 13 inches wide, the table has sufficient space for kids, teens, and adults.

The table ships with eight roller-bearing pucks with bearings due to which they move smoothly. There is no need to use any powder, as pucks have a bearing for better movement.

The playing surface has open edges due to which the pucks do not fly off the board. The surface shows dark blue and red shades to highlight all markings.

The graphics visible on the board are resistant to wear and tear and scratches. They are printed using a lasting ink that is free of lead and other toxins or chemicals. The board’s hardwood is three-fourth-of-an-inch thick to ensure longevity, while the outside being an inch and a half thick.


  • Mini version
  • Light, portable
  • For both indoors and outdoors
  • No need for assembly
  • Sturdy
  • Affordable


  • Not smooth glide always
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How to Choose the Best Shuffleboard Table?

You need to recognize that a shuffleboard table is a heavy-to-install product. These tables are usually made of solid wood and are likely to stay for years where you set them, just as a good pool table.

Regardless of whether you are a business owner who wants to set a new shuffleboard table in a club or an enthusiast having a desire to add it to an in-house game room, your intentions for this board go a long way to aid you in selecting a suitable model.

For beginners, it may not be easy to choose a shuffleboard table. Thus, this buyer’s guide has gathered some critical factors to consider for getting the best shuffleboard table for your home. These factors determine the general features to look for while comparing the quality of tables that seem promising.

You are required to closely consider all these factors or features while researching about the different shuffleboard tables. Let’s explore these factors in the form of answers to commonly asked questions.

How knowing about the players can help in buying the most suitable shuffleboard table?

Club owners know how unruly the players can get and how impudent they can be toward the gaming tools. Just a glance over the bent and unequal darts can quickly make this evident. If you have such players, it is wise to avoid spending much on the table and go with a more affordable wooden model.

After all, most woods used in making these tables are durable. It is also less distressing to replace a cheaper table later. Less expensive models are ideal for recreational rooms where there are kids to play.

With affordable models, you only compromise immaculate woodwork and exclusive handmade craftsmanship. However, you can yet find a strong and elegant shuffleboard table. So, there are no major compromises to make.

These are usually smaller, entry-level tables and feature the essential elements of a functional table. These elements are hardwood playing surface with defensive layers of polymer, surface curves for quick and smooth play, strong frames with leveling systems, and precise pucks and gutter widths.

On the other hand, if the players are classy and polite or if the playroom is off-limits to those who do not fulfill a few height requirements, you should choose from the finest tables. Although heavier, they are smoother to play.

How do I choose the size of a shuffleboard table?

Size is the first factor to consider when it comes to finding the best shuffleboard table. It is a fact that these tables can occupy a significant amount of space. While considering the size, you need to determine the amount of clearance required while using one such table.

An ideal way to find this is to imagine yourself playing in the area where you wish to place the table. If you get a tight feel, it indicates you to consider another size or dimension.

Another way is to outline the size of a potential table on the floor using tape or chalk. Then, just ensure that there is sufficient space on each end of the board for players to walk freely around the table.

You need a clearance of at least 2 feet around to ensure smooth mobility of the players. If the board comes with a scoring unit, it is essential to have more vertical clearance.

You also need to consider the room’s location where the shuffleboard table will be set. Ask yourself how the board will enter the room. If the entryway is narrow, it will get tough to bring the shuffleboard inside. So, if it is narrow, you will have to consider a different size or a new room.

The length of these boards ranges from 8 to 22 feet, while the width of these tables ranges from 16 to 20 inches. For making yourself an expert for playing in tournaments, there are regulation-sized or standard-sized shuffleboards. They are 22 feet long and 20 inches wide.

However, you do not necessarily need a 22-foot long table for enjoying a challenging session. Even an 18-foot long table will suffice. However, a shorter one will finally make you feel that something is missing. It will not be as challenging as you may expect in the long run, while initially, it may give that illusion.

A regulation board may be too long for the chosen room or basement. At the same time, it may not fit your budget. Thus, you need to go for a smaller, more affordable size. However, just ensure that there is sufficient space for everyone to walk around and that the board fits easily inside the destined room.

Longer and wider shuffleboard tables are surely going to more expensive than the smaller ones. However, you get what you pay for. Those who are on a budget, the best bet shall be a model whose length is between 12 and 16 feet, and width is 16 inches.

It is worth noticing that many sizes starting from just 8 feet long. For budget-friendly shuffleboard tables, one of the favorite lengths is 12 feet. This length provides you a mid-size table that can easily fit in several places without affecting the feel of a full-scale session.

There are smaller puck sizes capable of scaling to a smaller size. Even if these do not fit your size needs, you should wisely go for customized size. In short, you need a model that fits into the selected space, allows walking freely around, and is still big enough to enable a challenging game.

In a nutshell, determining the amount of space available and mapping that to the table length is the first step to get the right shuffleboard table. Here is a list of different lengths along with its usage description to help you select the most suitable shuffleboard table size.

  • 8 feet: For the smallest rooms in homes
  • 9 feet: For small clubs, homes, and office cabins and are offered by several brands
  • 12 feet: For playrooms of medium sizes in offices, homes, and game centers
  • 14-16 feet: For big homes, office cabins, and game centers
  • 18 feet: For large space and for those who need longer slides and climatic adjusters
  • 20 feet: For those who somehow cannot invest in a regulation-size table for professional tournaments

The shuffleboard tables that are 9 to 14 ft long are ideal for fun with family and friends having an assorted range of ability. However, for serious players who have a dream to win the pro leagues, larger and pricier tables are ideal. However, both space and budget should be there. Otherwise, personally, the other sizes are just fine for learning and having fun.

Are there different shuffleboard tables for indoor and outdoor use?

Yes! Several shuffleboard tables that you may see are ideal for indoor use. In case you are looking for a table that can be set on a patio or in a backyard, consider looking for features such as a weatherproof coating on the legs, on the top, and the external cabinet.

Such a coating keeps warping away by preventing moisture in the air from doing so. Warped surface means a bit uneven playing surface, which hurts your playing experience. If you are facing a tough time getting the best shuffleboard table for your home or are not getting a feasible model, it is wise to invest in an outdoor model.

How thick should a shuffleboard table be?

The thickness of a shuffleboard table is as important as its size. Thickness may not be an essential factor if you are buying a table only for fun. However, it is a vital factor to consider if you are serious about the game. Shuffleboard tables with thick playing fields contribute to the game’s accuracy and stability.

In that case, a thin board will start showing dents after some sessions, which you seriously do not want. A thinner model seriously cannot bear the pressure of regular use. Further, the proper thickness is useful for refinishing the table later.

The right amount of thickness guarantees a stable playing field and smooth sanding for refinishing without any issue. Conventionally, these tables are around 3 inches thick, although it is likely to differ from one table to another. Avoid shuffleboard tables whose thickness is less than 3 inches. This is because they are more susceptible to chipping or cracking even in case of normal pressure.

While a 3-inch thick surface is fine, the thickness is ideally influenced by different finishes and sealants applied to the dimensions. For instance, an epoxy polymer is applied to many boards, but it results in decreased thickness.

This means that even if a shuffleboard table’s specifications say that the board is 3-inch thick, do carefully go through the description. Here, you should check that the thickness is purely thickness and not a blend of thickness and coatings. The sealants and finishes will be around one-fourth- or one-half-inch thick.

How should the scoring system of a shuffleboard table be?

Shuffleboard tables are available with different types of scoring systems. Some come with integrated ones, while the remaining tables require you buy a scoring system separately and install it. As you play, this system at the end of the table tells you who the winner is.

A few shuffleboard tables come with a conventional triangle to mimic the scoring system that the shuffleboard courts tend to use. Others have three areas that are marked to give different points as per the spot where the puck lands.

The most admired scoring systems are manual slide scorekeepers, abacus style units, and plain electronic add-ons. The abacus scorekeepers are classic options and are commonly found on several affordable shuffleboard tables.

The electronic scorekeepers are modern options and are available in different shapes and sizes. A common electronic unit is a circular scoreboard affixed to a table’s side via a rod having a J shape. It is typically wrapped in wood or plastic.

So, you can choose a scoring system as per your preference and convenience.

How should the design of my shuffleboard table be?

Well, there are many aspects to consider for getting an ideal shuffleboard table design. First, the surface should be a bit curved downwards to form a concave curve. This curve helps in decreasing the sliding off of the pucks at the sides.

Second, the table’s ends need to be a bit more concave than what is there in the middle. This curvature is likely to change as per the weather conditions.

Those living in a humid or moist climate need to consider this aspect, as the moisture can go into the wooden pores. This then results in the warping of the wooden curve as per the table’s finish and wood quality.

So, if the climate is humid, it is better to buy a shuffleboard table made using higher quality materials that can endure such an unfavorable weather condition. A few models come with climate adjusters that help in retaining the precise curvature of the table.

Third, check out the outer cabinet, a structure that is responsible for holding the board together. Typically layered using veneers or laminates, the cabinet is made using solid hardwood that ensures sufficient weight to make the table stay in place.

It is wise to go with this additional support, particularly if you will be playing a few intense sessions. If hardwood is used to make the cabinet, the table’s quality is considered professional.

Fourth, you need to check out the scoring grids. There are two types: a triangular grid and a 3-level grid having a scoring system as 1-2-3. The former is commonly used in outdoor models and is the most commonly used one of the two. There is also a newer electronic unit for scoring that automatically tracks the score during the play.

How actually should be the surface curvature?

The best shuffleboard tables feature a bit of curvature in the middle that appears as a concave curve. This is required to keep the puck in the table’s center and prevent it from spinning over the side. In case of a too steep curve, it might keep the puck from moving in the right direction. So, the surface curve should be subtle to retain the right balance.

What kind of material should I choose for my shuffleboard table?

Usually, shuffleboard tables are designed using wood chunks that are laminated in vertical layers. Although costing more, harder woods are more durable. A glossy and smooth surface is not the only aspect to consider while choosing the wood.

Damage to shuffleboards is the result of high-intensity games and when pucks are frequently dropped on its surface. Thus, conclusively, a block of solid wood is essential to reduce the risk of accidental damage such as scratches, dings, and dents up to a large extent.

The best quality shuffleboard tables are made using birch, maple, oak, and mahogany, which are used with frames of high quality. The surface can be made using another type of wood as compared to what is used to make the other parts of the table.

Softer woods like Russian birch and Canadian soft maple are some more affordable options when they are finished using a polymer. It is a more budget-friendly way to choose a quality wood that is hard enough to decrease the risk of potential damage.

The shuffleboard tables that are the cheapest ones are usually made using rubberwood, China birch, and poplar wood. However, these woods are more susceptible to warping with the change in the climate. A humid environment strongly affects these woods.

Thus, it is wise to go with hardwood construction, as you get the best quality and longevity. Of course, such a table has a higher price tag attached to it. So, you should certainly consider it if the budget is not an issue.

You should also consider the wood material forming the playing surface or tabletop. Several brands use hardwoods such as maple to withstand better in front of intense shots.

Affordable tables made up of laminate veneers, and Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) are less durable, although being lighter and more affordable. However, if you take care of such a table and store it in a dry space, it is perfectly fine.

There are entry-level tables that include a playing surface of solid hardwood and vinyl laminate to bring down the purchase cost. You can consider these models if you are on a tight budget.

What kind of surface finish or surface coating should I choose for my shuffleboard table?

Another essential factor to check out is the coating on the surface. The coating ensures smooth gliding of your pucks across the surface length. Shuffleboards typically have a finishing of a clear, glossy polymer or a polished plastic laminate.

A polymer coating is better, as it defends the board from damage at the time of rougher plays. It is also smoother enough to make the surface play-friendly. A few makers use a basic clear sealant, but the level of protection is not admirable.

Such a coat results in less maintenance effort for you in the future. After all, you would not like to go with frequent re-finishing. Finishes of lower quality finishes like those spray-on ones require more frequent re-finishing for retaining its evenness and smoothness.

Unlike the common plastic laminates, a polymer coating makes a shuffleboard table more durable. Such a surface is less prone to dents, cracks, chips, scratches, and peels.

A table of higher quality usually has an American-made polymer finish that is around three-fourth inches thick.  A few tables of higher quality also come with a lifetime guarantee on these finishings, which is a plus.

Lastly, shuffleboard tables are layered with wax. Waxes for shuffleboards differ significantly, enabling you to customize the overall experience. They are categorized as per a system that rates the speed at which the wax enables the puck to move.

This rating system features a rank range from 1 to 3. Here, 3 means a fast playing and super smooth surface, while 1 means the slowest surface. It is essential to choose a waxed surface, as unwaxed surfaces do not allow a smooth puck glide.

While choosing a wax, do check the table’s length. This is because a longer board will make you choose a faster type of wax. This wax maintains the momentum while the puck glides. Slow waxes are ideal for shorter tables, as they prevent a puck from gliding completely off the table or too far.

With the right wax, you can easily determine how far a shot shall go. Slow waxes render somewhat more resistance to the playing surface. It does so by boosting the level of friction, which then allows you to have better control over the puck. Consider investing in waxes of different ratings and mixing them to gain more control over the speed.

What are climatic adjusters, and why should I have them in my shuffleboard table?

It is recommended to choose a shuffleboard table that has integrated climatic adjusters. Equipped with a plain bolt and a screw so that you can tighten or loosen as per the weather, these adjusters are at the table’s bottom. Their main function is to enable you to change the curvature of the board as per the weather to keep warping risk at bay.

The table’s length determines the number of climatic adjusters armed with the table. They are likely to be between four and six adjusters. They help in retaining the surface’s shape apart from the board’s quality. With the retained shape, you are ensured of accuracy and optimal speed.

Just keep in mind that not all shuffleboards come with climatic adjusters. So, if the shuffleboard you wish to buy does not have climatic adjusters, do consider buying them separately.

How should the cabinet be?

Many entry-level models come with storage systems that have a cabinet affixed to the bottom frame or legs. This is where you can store items such as table cover, shuffleboard powder, and additional pucks (weights).

The cabinet is also known as the cradle, as it looks so while holding everything together. For this purpose, you need to choose a cabinet made using good materials. A poorly made cabinet will take no time in eclipsing the rest of the table.

Pricey or top-rated shuffleboard tables have cabinets made up of solid hardwood. The cheaper ones are usually of particleboard. A great benefit of solid hardwood is extra weight. While this will make it a bit difficult for you to carry around, it also makes it more difficult to move during the play.

This means there is no need to bother about someone leaning or knocking it over. These botherations remain with a particle board table, as they tend to reduce the table’s life.

You need to check the specifications of the outer cabinet carefully. While it is likely to be a hardwood cabinet, retailers specify ‘finish’ to inform what the wood is like. For example, an oak cabinet is different from an oak finish.

In other words, a specification label stating that the table has an oak cabinet does not necessarily mean that it is made using oak. What it means is that the appearance of the cabinet is that of an oak. In other words, the label might be stating the color and not the build material type used to construct the cabinet.

In short, just be careful and vigilant at the time of buying a shuffleboard table with a cabinet.

Should I look for a shuffleboard table with a leveling system?

Yes! Indeed, the leveling system is one of the critical factors to consider while buying and setting a shuffleboard table. This is regardless of whether it is a new or a used one. Even if the surface curve is perfect, your game will suffer when the level is not right or even. So, look for adjustable leg levelers; they make it easier to set the table and consequently boost the fun.

It is a fact that many home floors are not perfect. So, considering leg levelers is critical if the destined floor is rough inside the home or is in outdoors.

In many models, leg levelers stay hidden. However, they function well to ensure an even playing surface for accurate and quick gameplay.

Are there European and American versions of shuffleboard tables?

Yes! An interesting fact of the shuffleboard game is that it is played differently across the globe. At least the tactics are different due to the unique board shape in use. In the American version, the board is flat due to which you can be more accurate. At the same time, it is less forgiving while keeping the puck on it.

On the other hand, in the European version, the table is more concave than the American version. As a result, it becomes tougher to miss the board completely. In other words, it indicates that the pucks will be there throughout each session, but this also provides more trick shot chances by using the natural curve.

Both are different styles of play. You can easily get any one of them.


Investing in the best shuffleboard table is wise if you want to play the game amidst your homely comfort and do not want to go to a local pub. For most of us, this translates into an entry-level, budget-friendly shuffleboard table that will last for years against different game intensities.

If you are confused as to which shuffleboard table is the best fit, consider investing in the table from Playcraft or GoSports

. While both are entry-level tables, the latter is more suitable for kids who can even play curling. For those who are focused on developing the shuffleboard skills, it is worth starting with the Playcraft table reviewed here.