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Soccer, also known as football in the rest of the world is the most played game in the world. If you want to take your skills to the next level a soccer rebounder is a great tool to have in your backyard.

Why? You don’t have to depend upon your buddies or family to turn up for practice, instead you can make use of the rebounder to help you master the art of passing. If you can’t pass and receive the ball in soccer, you will not be successful just like in any other group games like basket ball.

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Soccer rebounders are a great tool in

  • Goalkeeper training
  • Improving your first touch while receiving passes
  • Strengthen weaker foot
  • Improving reflex and agility, and more

best soccer rebounder

A Football rebounder is highly effective in developing and improving your soccer skills. It’s also a fun way to keep yourself engaged in the practice even if your team mates are not around.

As like any other sports equipment, there are many options available in the market, with various features and at different prices. To our amusement scientist are taking rebounders to another level by adding hit position sensing and audio/light feedback as described in this study. Such rebounders might not be available commercially any time soon though.

Regardless here is our list of 5 best soccer rebounder currently on offer.


2019’s 5 Best Soccer Rebounders

SoccerWave Jr 2 in 1 Rebounder

Patented,Trademarked SoccerWave Jr. 2 in 1 Soccer Rebounder net to Improve Passing Accuracy, Volley Shot and Trapping. Works as a Solo Trainer or Team Training for All Soccer Drills.

SoccerWave Rebounder is one among those handful of versatile double-sided rebounders available in the market. The double-sided rebounders allow you to practice managing the ball and volley shots while turning around for working on the first touch and passes.

With curved nets and several angles, the versatile rebounder also facilitates practicing various techniques such as volleying, catching, heading and trapping.

One cool feature the rebounder boast is the unpredictable ball returns. This force you to adjust the position which in turn improves your agility and reflex. Differing curvature at the net’s top edge is what makes the returns unpredictable. The vertical portion of the net contributes to optimal passing and ground balls. The player can also practice in-step and chest control and inside/outside foot control.

Although the rebounder weighs 27 Lbs., the frame is reasonably light as well as resistant to rust.  The net is also durable and contains UV protection coating. What is more, is that the rebounder is portable as it comes with two pieces to make transport easier.

The features of this rebounder are like those of the Franklin Sport MLS. However, it wins over the latter in terms of the stronger net and a more durable frame. The metal frame is made using thick steel and a coating of orange-colored powder. All welds also seem quite strong.


  • Versatile enough to teach different soccer skills
  • Ultralight, easy to transport
  • Sturdy build
  • Durable
  • Functioning on any surface
  • Two rebound surfaces
  • All-weather and UV protection
  • Unpredictable returns to handle various ball courses
  • Affordable


  • Difficulty in assembling
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SKLZ Quickster Rebounder

SKLZ Quickster Soccer Trainer - Portable Soccer Rebounder Net Works as a Soccer Volley Trainer, Soccer Passing Trainer and Solo Soccer Trainer. 6-Feet by 4-Feet

SKLZ Rebounder is ideal for practicing without a team or a playmate. It looks quite similar to the SoccerWave’s rebounder, but it is different in a few aspects. Unlike the latter, this one does not have a ramp but double-net setup or two sides configuration namely, one for ground passes and the other for high balls.

Such a setup means the bigger side can get any pass regardless of whether it is rolling or not on the ground. There are two nets, one is 6 x 4 foot and the other being 6 foot by 20 inches. With them, you can settle more swiftly with thighs, improve rebounds, and have better chest control.

Another advantage of the net is the swiftness in putting the rebounder up and taking it down. You can assemble it within 10 minutes once you become familiar with the setup process.

The Quickster’s patented design allows mastering different skills or techniques such as passes, precision shots, ball control, and volleys easily. It is extra light with the overall weight being 13.2 lbs. but is the most durable one for enduring the toughest passes.

If you just look at the images, the initial feeling you get might be of a little flimsy design as the net seems to be less tight and frame being too light in weight. This can trigger a question in your mind as to how this rebounder performs with hard shots. Well, the good news is that the performance is satisfactory.

The included four ground stakes ensure that the net is properly secured, which enables you to play without being concerned about the rebounder moving. However, you must pass using generous power to get the return at a satisfactory pace.


  • Super light
  • Ideal for solo practice
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Passes as a pro
  • Two Sides
  • No rolling
  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Multi-training support
  • Versatile enough to enable learning a few soccer skills
  • Highly affordable


  • Not that highly bouncy net
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QuickPlay PRO Rebounder

QuickPlay PRO Rebounder - Adjustable Angle Multi-Sport Trainer | Soccer Rebounder or Baseball & Softball Pitch Back | Ideal for Team and Solo Training (5 X 5')

Consider this rebounder if you are looking for something simple yet professional and cheap but highly durable. Suitable for players at the professional level, the PRO rebounder from QuickPlay features a very powerful construction due to the galvanized steel frame.

It is available in three net sizes: 3’ by 3’ reflecting a flat panel design, and 5’ by 5’ and 7’ by 7’ having dual-angle panels, from which you can choose as per your needs. This makes the rebounder reliable for both training with a buddy or a team and practicing alone.

The most commendable feature of this rebounder seems to be its fully adjusted net. The angles are adjustable to replicate a myriad of real-life conditions due to which you can easily practice in a relatively real environment.

It is interesting to know that it is one of the handfuls of rebounders that can bend forward past vertical. This allows imitating a ground pass, ensuring that the ball is rolling along the ground.

The net itself is of heavy-duty nature as well as highly durable due to which you can set it up almost on any surface. At the base of this rebounder is the rubber feet, which also contributes to the flexibility of using the rebounder on a variety of indoor and outdoor surfaces.

The frame of galvanized steel and rebound net of high-tension ability make this rebounder robust enough to endure a variety of external harsh elements.

The strength and sturdiness of build materials, however, give rise to a limitation of giving a heavy feel. With 47 pounds of weight, this rebounder is less maneuverable when it comes to carrying or moving it.


  • Functioning on all surfaces
  • A fully adjustable dual mechanism for imitating realistic conditions
  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • 2-year warranty
  • Super affordable


  • Somewhat heavy
  • Unclear assembly instructions
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Trigon Sports Soccer Rebounder

Trigon Sports Soccer Rebounder Training Net, 6 x 12-Feet, Black

Consider this rebounder if you are looking for a large size net. It is ideal for young players who are yet to find their goal due to this big hitting area and need to learn accurate kicking. With the size of 6 x 12 foot, the sturdy build makes this rebounder reliable for both beginners and professionals though.

This rebounder can also act as a goal to make you a master of shooting or goalkeeping. As it does not support a box-style goal, you can expect this highly portable rebounder to be available at an affordable rate.

Despite this, you get galvanized steel posts and a net with UV resistance. To ensure that the net can endure hard shots from a close range with good stability, there are two legs of 3 foot along with four ground stakes and bungee cords. Thus, this rebounder can endure both hard shots and strong winds without tumbling.

The frame itself is made up of galvanized steel coated with powder, while the bungees and net are UV coated. As a result, this rebounder is reliable for use in bad weather conditions. Well, this is perfect, as the big size is simply not going to fit in your home.

You may use this rebounder on a paved, concrete, or artificial grass surface but there might be a fall in the level of stability. Although the image does not show clearly, a square orange mark in the middle of the net exists. This allows you to practice such that you end up mastering the shots.

As the net is attached at a right angle, the ball will not go high up in the air. Further, unlike with a ramp rebounder, there is no scope of practicing bicycle kicks. This rebounder is more suitable for half volleys and volleys, chest control, and close-range saves.

To find out whether this rebounder is suitable for you or not, just consider what you will be doing with the net. If it is only for good rebounds, this is a great pick. Nevertheless, if you expect a rebounder to throw the ball high up so that you can shoot at another goal, the SoccerWave rebounder should be your pick.


  • Jumbo net size, ideal for beginners for hitting a target
  • Ideal for all expertise and practicing all positions
  • Real spring back
  • UV resistant net
  • Stable
  • Durable
  • Simple to assemble
  • Affordable


  • Cannot make a ball rebound high up in the air
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PodiuMax Portable 2 in 1 Soccer Rebounder

2021's Best Soccer Rebounder : Reviews and Buying Guide 1

With a weight of just 15.5 lbs., this PodiuMax soccer rebounder is one of the lighter and portable models that you can carry around easily. In other words, you can have your mini training space wherever you like.

It comes with two nets so that two trainers can use it for mastering their soccer skills simultaneously. Although there are no stakes, the small net does not shake while the big one handles the shots.

Not only the control over the ball shall improve quickly but also you can master like a pro with betterment in first touch, passing, and receiving skills. The nets rebound powerfully to give you a good first touch experience. It is ideal for a first touch session with a rebound in the air.

Using the net, you can train yourself for volleys and half volleys without constantly chasing the ball. The unpredictable ball returns help in improving your reflex and reaction time.

The best part of this net is its fun use during a training session even if you are a freestyle player. Thus, while the net is ideal for those who wish to improve their touch, it is versatile enough to be used for different uses.

For goalkeepers, the net is ideal for enhancing arm strength and tossing power. For players, the net design aims to improve different skills such as passing, striking, shooting, heading, and trapping. You can consider this rebounder for having effectual training sessions.


  • Perhaps quickest assembly within three to five minutes
  • Lighter than most rebounders
  • Portable
  • Sturdy
  • Less space consumption
  • Most affordable


  • Need careful and strong anchoring to the ground to keep rolling away
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How to Choose the Best Soccer Rebounder

Soccer rebounders are usually portable and are available in different sizes and shapes. . What you need to realize is that there is no single rebounder that is the best for all players.

For example, what a beginner will need is something that a professional player will not require. So, to find the best rebounder, it is important to choose and compare the most promising models according to the factors that help in differentiating them.

Finally, choose the one whose factors closely matches your needs or requirements. So, here are the factors to consider, which are in the answers to the most common questions.

Which type of soccer rebounder should I choose?

The soccer rebounders are categorized as per their usage or purpose. So, the right type is the one that fulfills your purpose of using it. Below are the different types of rebounders to consider:

  • Multipurpose: Are useful for a variety of tasks or sports. While useable for different plays, most of them are exclusively for football. Go for this type if you wish to use a rebounder for other sports apart from soccer. Such a rebounder also allows you to switch easily from soccer to basketball. These models are more affordable than others due to the cost-friendly materials used to build them for fulfilling a general purpose.
  • Shooting: Are exclusively for mastering the art of shooting, a skill with much disparity and adjustments. You should choose a big one, as large sizes are ideal for shooting. A small rebounder just increases the probability of missing the target and consequently chasing the ball. This reverses the goal of using a rebounder. Along with the size, do also focus on how the ball returns. For example, if you want a hard bounce back, a set of coils is ideal.
  • Passing: Are also known as control rebounders. For a starter, a wider and higher model is ideal, as it provides a greater target to hit. On the other hand, for professionals or advanced player, shorter or smaller ones are ideal, and they take little space. Smaller net models are quite common, as they are highly portable and more affordable. Larger or taller models may be heavy and difficult to set up. However, they are easier for hitting the goal, which is what the beginners want.  An essential ability to focus while selecting a passing rebounder is whether you can kick along the ground and obtain the ball in return. A few models come with small bars at the base due to which getting back your ball is impossible. So, if you wish to get the ball in return, go with a net model.
  • Ramp Are rebounders with a different style. Rather than hitting the net, a player is required to initiate a ground pass into a ramp. Players can expect more ball height, which is ideal for practicing headers and chest control. A few of these models have a net for mastering ground passes.

Which is the best soccer rebounder size?

Choosing the right rebounder size depends on your needs, the user’s age, and the skill to master or practice. If the player’s age is below 15 years, a small rebounder can be an ideal choice. Such models are not as robust as large rebounders but facilitate targets for perfection and training to reach a higher level.

For professionals, youngsters, and adults, a big rebounder is ideal. They provide enough space and area so that the player can hit the ball with full force. They come with a net that rebounds the ball at the desired pace.

What should be the weight of an ideal rebounder?

The answer to this question again depends on your requirements and players who will be using the rebounder. It is ideal to go for a lighter model if the player is a kid and if you will be carrying it to a long distance. Avoid choosing an extremely light model that cannot withstand the wind or endure hard shots.

Should I go for a net or a ramp?

Well, you should choose what is suitable for you. While ramps are relatively long-lasting, nets are lighter. If nets are more flexible and versatile to rebound passes at a great height, ramps need you to trigger a ground pass.

If you go for a net, it is recommended to with an all-weather net. Such a net can endure harsh weather elements when used outdoors. It should also feature a small, firm knit for ensuring a better reaction.

What kind of rebounder frame should I choose?

The frame is one of the most important factors, but it is usually overlooked. Ideally, the frame you choose should be strong enough to ensure several kicks in succession. For this, you need to keep an eye on the frame material.

A frame can be made using fiberglass or plastic, as they are highly portable and light in weight. However, these materials are too light due to which their frames are subject to tip over. Still, frames made of one of these materials are ideal for low-impact kicks.

These days, the frame of most soccer rebounders is made using a metal such as steel and aluminum. A metallic frame not only offers a durable base but also endures several kicks of different strengths.

This means that you can easily rely on a metallic frame for training your power of kicking without bothering about the rebounder’s physical integrity.

You should also consider having a frame with a circular tubing. Such frames are milder on the ball and keep ruptures at bay. These circular frames also have all-weather coating due to which the frames do not rust or degrade and prove itself durable despite being used in extreme weather.

It is not necessary for you to always choose a T-shaped frame. Such a frame is the choice of those who prefer mixing the return trails.

These players should choose a rebounder with different angles as well as adjustable parts. Having several angles prepares you for real action on the field, keeping in mind that not each kick shall directly come back.

Should I consider having different angles and targets?

Several rebounders come with varying angles and sides so that they can train you comprehensively. In other words, they are adjustable at these angles so that you can get trained in playing a variety of games.

Rebounders with nets have targets. A few have movable targets so that you can practice in various areas. So, choosing angles and targets is totally dependent on how you wish to play and what you wish to play.

Should I buy an adjustable rebounder?

An adjustable rebounder is for those players who wish to practice different sports or games. You can set such a model at different angles so that you can shift the positions quickly to increase the level of your skill. The angles are more useful for soccer players who can be goalkeepers or field players.

On the other hand, the non-adjustable rebounders are for those who want to master only one game. They may not be portable but are highly sturdy and stable.

Should I choose a rebounder supporting unpredictable rebounds?

Many rebounders offer unpredictable rebounds. Nets in these models tend to rebound the ball in any direction instead of ensuring a predictable bounce. Such a feature is perfect to have for ball control and training the reflexes. It is simply that contributes a real-field experience.

Is it possible to use a soccer rebounder as a goal?

Well, this depends on the make of the chosen soccer rebounder. Some rebounders can be used as a goal, while some cannot be. Adjustable rebounders or those that are tilted at an angle are worth a try for use as a goal. However, a rebounder net featuring a 90-degree angle will rebound the ball and shall never become a goal.

How many people can use a soccer rebounder simultaneously?

Logically, one player can use a rebounder at a time. However, many rebounders are such that two players can use them at once. Large rebounders have two nets with targets marked on them and more space so that two players can easily play at a time.


Assembly: a few rebounders on the market achieve a nice hard rebound using very tight nets made of bungee cords. This can make it quite difficult to assemble the net: make sure you’re getting something that you can put together easily.


When it comes to honing the soccer skills, a rebounder is an indispensable tool. It not only trains small kids but also perfects the skills of adults. Soccer rebounders are designed to endure robust hits, of which many models pave way for to players to practice simultaneously.

While it is totally up to you in which one you should invest, it is wise to choose a soccer rebounder as per your budget and requirements. We highly recommend the SKLZ Quickster rebounder

which is enough to practice and master techniques. It is super light, easy to assemble and disassemble, has two sides, and versatile enough to enable learning a few soccer skills.