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One of the most enjoyable moments of your life as a parent is to see your little one experiencing the joy of running and playing at will in the playground. However, in today’s world of technology, most kids have confined their play indoors, especially to smartphones and tablets.

Thus, you as a parent need to motivate them to stay active by playing in outdoors. One of the ways to do so is to take your kids to the playground and make them enjoy those swings in your presence, instead of pushing them to go alone.

A great way to push your children to come out of all tech fascinations and go out of your home is by alluring them to be on swings. However, not all of us will have a playground nearby to motivate kids to spend some time on the swings.

best swing set for small yards

Nevertheless, these hurdles should not discourage you from letting your child have a big collection of joyful childhood memories. If the playground is not nearby or its swings seem feeble or not functioning well, you can consider setting some play elements in your own backyard.

A study on preschool kids by researchers at Institute for Learning & Brain Sciences (I-LABS) of university of Washington demonstrated that synchronized movement on swings encourage preschoolers to cooperate on subsequent activities. The study is published in the Journal of Experimental Child Psychology and is a good read.

While this idea is truly motivating, you may get demotivated considering the fact that yard space is limited. This is perhaps the most common issue that parents face. It is the reason why most parents cannot think of placing some truly joyful play elements.

However, now this is no longer a problem. This is because there are several swing sets made especially for small yards. They are great for your kids to develop motor skills and agility, do some exercise, and burn the extra energy while being engaged in a fun-filled daily physical activity.

A swing set for a small yard is simply a playful structure designed to hold swings. In most models, these swings are just not those traditional ones but are better and bigger ones facilitating several activities and offering more toys.

So, a small yard does not restrict you from getting a great swing set for your children. In this post, you will go through the reviews of the best swing sets for small yards that fit into your yard and fulfill your expectations and suits your budget. It also reveals the factors to consider for selecting the best set.

2021’s 5 Best Swing Sets for Small Yards

Costzon Toddler Climber and Swing Set

Costzon Toddler Climber and Swing Set, Junior Basketball Hoop Playset for Both Indoors & Backyard (4-in-1 Slide & Swing Set)

Nothing seems to beat the look, price, and multi-function swing set designed exclusively for toddlers. This vibrant set encompasses 4-in-1 functions namely, a strong swing, a basketball hoop, a smooth slide, and lapping to the nose of an elephant. All of them are suitably sized for kids in the age group of 1 to 3 years.

The slide’s slope is pretty kind and smooth, while the steps are simple to ascend. The entire slide is gently linked without any edges so that it does not harm the delicate skin of the small ones. The slide is so low that a child does not get hurt even if he or she falls off onto the ground. It can accommodate a toddler up to 110 lbs.

The swing is capable of accommodating up to 66 lbs. due to the sturdy hangers. Its ropes are built using high-quality materials due to which it is safe. The rope is also comfortable.

The basketball hoop is a bonus for the child, as she or he can learn the related skills once the toddler-hood is passed. The hoop is made as per the American and European style. It is detachable, meaning you can take it off the swing set when not in use. For more fun, a few ringers exist on the elephant’s nose.

The colorful set is made using non-toxic and lasting High-Density PolyEthylene (HDPE). Thus, it is reliable for outdoor use.


  • Sturdy
  • Bright colors
  • Versatile with multiple play activities
  • Scratch-resistant edges
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to clean


  • Poor instructions
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Jump Power UFO Swing Set

2021's Best Swing Sets for Small Yards : Reviews & Buying Guide 1

This is an affordable swing set for a small yard but with a fascinating UFO swing design that children between 3 and 12 years of age would love. The flying saucer design is a unique idea to adore in a backyard, which is comparable to a comfortable hammock. Such a design attracts children like magnets!

It is more of a relaxing swing set ideal for an indoor or outdoor yard. The swing can easily accommodate up to 400 lbs. It is safe for up to three children to swing together. The swing itself is designed using a bounce-less mesh material that is likely to trigger a feel similar to that of a trampoline.

Kids can simply lie down as in a cot while swinging or sit with their legs hanging on the sides. After all, the swing is designed as a flying saucer. The chain of the swing comes with a protective rubber coating to keep finger pinching at bay.

If required, you can replace the swing with other types of swings, such as a traditional, glider, or a tire swing for some time. The adjoining parts where the swing is clipped are wider apart than what you get in a regular swing, which is a bonus. However, the height of the swing is not adjustable.

However, the chain is adjustable in terms of height. It is also coated with PVC to ensure extra safety as well as durability. The set is made using tubing and frame of galvanized steel of heavy-duty grade. It also includes the right mix of PolyPropylene (PP), PolyEthylene (PE), and Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). Talking about the overall build quality, it is durable with sturdy poles and non-flaky paint.


  • Sturdy
  • Compact
  • Light
  • Quick and effortless assembly
  • Huge seat to accommodate even a plus-size adult
  • Stable due to stakes
  • Quick drying
  • Highly affordable
  • American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) safety adherence


  • Ground anchors not included
  • Feeble seat fabric
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Swing-N-Slide Orbiter Complete Wooden Swing Set

Swing-N-Slide Orbiter Complete Wooden Swing Set, Safety Tested for Backyards with Two Swings & Trapeze Handle bar

This is perhaps one of the highly-rated sets in the category of modern and affordable wooden swing sets. It has everything that you can expect from a hassle-free and sturdy set. The set comes with two swing seats and chains coated, each having a capability of accommodating up to 115 pounds.

This 3-position set also comes with a trapeze bar, which together with swings, appeals to kids up to 11 years old who love swinging. The former features two rings affixed to chains and a horizontal bar, which enable kids to swing back and forth, hang, and soar in different ways.

Three kids can simultaneously use both the equipment. It is also possible to adjust the equipment at various heights as per the body size.

Designed for residential use only, this set is made up of wood that seems to be stronger, heavier, and longer lasting than any metal construction. The overall construction is approved by the manufacturer for functional well in a temperature range of -45 to 160°F.

The set comes with circular wooden guard posts that shall never decay, or rust until left outdoors. They have wood guard coating that seals the beams completely to defend from the harsh elements. Due to tight sealing that keep splinters, warps, insects, and cracks at bay, there is no need of maintaining them.

The set also comes with swing hangers, anchors, and metal braces that you need to affix to the pre-drilled beam for ensuring stability while in use. The A-frame sturdy build contributes to easy assembly within some hours.

While the set is small and takes less yard space, it is not too small to trigger a feeling of being crowded or hit each other while swinging.


  • Sturdier than metal and so more durable
  • Versatile combo pack for swinging and hanging
  • Compact
  • Quick and simple setup
  • Maintenance-free posts
  • Resistant to outdoor harsh elements
  • Adherence to the ASTM safety standards
  • 5-year warranty
  • Affordable as compared to other wooden play sets


  • Need to drill holes
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FITNESS REALITY KIDS ‘The Ultimate’ 8 Station Metal Swing Set (Sports Series)

FITNESS REALITY KIDS 'The Ultimate' 8 Station Sports Series Metal Swing Set

Consider this swing set for your yard if you are looking for the perfect balance of cost and functionally versatile model for your kids. This set comes with eight fun-filled play stations that are capable of keeping almost nine kids engaged at once.

Ideally designed for kids in the age group of 2 and 9, this set comes with a soccer goal with net, a 2-person glider, a basketball and a soccer ball with an air pump, a flying saucer of 32 inches, monkey bar with handles, a trampoline of 36 inches, a slide, a swing with plastic seats and chains, a monkey bar, and a hoop for basketball and backboard.

Well, that’s too much for your kids to keep them busy and active outside. Each of these play stations can bear up to 80 lbs. of weight. The saucer can even accommodate up to 140 lbs. The frame is sturdy enough with tubular steel build coated with powder, while EVA-defensive padding is added to the soccer net.

The set comes with ground anchors to ensure better stability than those sets that do not come with them.


  • Sturdy
  • Stable against 60-90mph winds
  • ASTM adherence
  • Very affordable at this price


  • A bit tough putting together
  • Weak soccer net against winds
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Step2 Naturally Playful Adventure Lodge Play Center Swing Set with Glider

Step2 Naturally Playful Adventure Lodge Play Center Swing Set with Glider

Consider this swing set if you want a group of four to five kids to play and enjoy together by engaging in different activities. With this adventurous lodge, the kids belonging to the age group of 3 to 8 years can slide, climb, swing, hide, glide, and even pretend.

Unlike other swing sets having a playhouse, this one has a playhouse of two stories to facilitate hiding and climbing excitingly. A ladder helps the kids in reaching the second story by climbing. The steps are sturdy although the ladder is a 3/4 climbing rope.

Projecting from the second story is a large slide of 6′ using which the kids can come down on the ground. There is a glider swing that can accommodate two kids at once for swinging back and forth.

For more fun for growing kids, a basketball hoop for kids exists at on the side of glider swing. In between the playhouse and glider swing are the two belt swings, each accommodating weight of up to 75 lbs. This giant set, thus, functions as a jungle gym, climber, and a playhouse.

The entire set features double-wall poly build due to which there is no risk of splinters, warps, and fading. It comes with anchors so that you can easily secure this big set while setting it up.


  • Sturdy and durable
  • Compact
  • Versatile enough to enjoy different plays
  • Playhouse included
  • Several play areas including a basketball hoop
  • Easy to clean
  • Worth its price


  • Somewhat costly
  • A bit difficult to get some pieces together while assembling; holes drilling neede
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How to Choose the Best Swing Set for a Small Yard

The best swing sets for small yards are available in different dimensions and accessories in the form of more play items. Many of them are designed exclusively for outdoor use, while many are quite quick to set up.

That said, you need to understand that there is no one swing set that is ideal for all families. For example, a family with toddlers will need a different swing set from a family with kids above three. Thus, to select the best swing set, it is essential to shortlist and compare the models that seem to be promising at your end.

This comparison should happen as per the factors that distinguish them in terms of price and/or features. Lastly, you choose the one whose factors best meets your requirements. Here are the factors to consider, in the form of answers to the commonly asked questions.

Am I supposed to choose a swing set as per the age and weight of my kids?

Yes! This is because there are swing sets that are made to support specific age groups and a weight range. Some are specifically made for toddlers, while the rest can support age group ranging from 3 to 12. In between, some sets will be just for the age group 5 to 8.

Toddler or baby swings sway just one or two feet. On the other hand, older kids whose legs are now long will not feel comfortable on these sets or even those whose swings sway out only a few feet. Similarly, younger children will not feel comfortable on jumbo-sized swings or swings that their legs cannot tackle.

A toddler will actually love to play with something as ordinary as a water bottle. So, you can consider an average swing set whose swing can hardly swing. This set is perhaps exciting for your toddler. On the other hand, a bit older kid would not find amusement in these sets but would look for the same in older-kids sets.

In the nutshell, you will be buying a swing set for your kids. Nothing is more important than investing in what they wish. What you need to understand is that these wishes tend to change with growing age and maturity. So, you need to choose a set that your kid will enjoy now and even a few years later.

Moreover, families are likely to have more than one kid. This means that the cleverest decision would be to take a swing set that shall make both a 10-year old and a 2-year old happy while keeping them safe.

What is the ideal age for using a swing set?

Well, there is no fixed age. It all depends on the kid and the chosen swing set. All children are different but those who are six months old can be happy and safe on infant seats in swings under your close supervision.

Most kids of age four start to have real fun with regular swing sets. As a good rule of thumb, if a child is able to reach on the seat without any help, it is an indicator of safe swinging too.

Which type of swing set is ideal?

Swing sets are categorized into different types as per their size and design. You can choose a basic set for beginner kids, which have metal poles with only up to two swings affixed. There are other sets that come with two to four swings along with a ladder and a slide, a clubhouse or a playhouse, and a seesaw.

These are the two main types of swing sets. Some parents feel that it is wiser to invest an all-in-one set whose size is the same as that of a basic set but is costlier in terms of price.

You can choose based on the available space in your yard and the pace at which you want your kids to grow and develop. Some parents feel like investing in a basic set and then add accessories to it as per the growing age.

Are swing sets safe?

Safety is the most important factor to consider even before age and weight of your kids. It is unwise to consider any playground equipment including the swing sets as inherently safe. Each play item has its own risks, which materialize in the absence of proper supervision as well as careful installation.

With these two essentials, there are some safety guidelines to follow as laid down by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. These are as follows:

  • Get started with lightweight swings, as they are less likely to harm a kid.
  • Look for rails spaced at 3.5 or 9 inches on the side for decks over 30 inches so that kids do not fall off from any side. In case of less space, the head would not stick in between. Such measurements also apply to nets and ladders of rope.
  • Do not get a mode that has sharp edges.
  • No open hoops or misplaced bolts should be kept lying inappropriately or can poke any area of the child’s body.
  • If there are monkey bars, nothing should hang from it such as gliders and swings.
  • Consider having a flat and leveled ground surface that shall not harm your kids even they fall from the swing set. Well, there are many ground cover options to consider, such as the affordable pea gravel, cushion-triggering rubber mulch, solid anti-slippery rubber, and fall-absorbing bed of sand. You should put one of them under the chosen swing set to make it safe.

A swing set itself should come with ground anchors, strong frame, and sturdy play items. When such a set is installed carefully to make it sturdier, the probable safety risks tend to mitigate.

Furthermore, you can go with what other buyers do. They go by the formal standards of safety set by esteemed institutions such as ASTM. This organization sets standards for all equipment of playground manufactured across the world.

Can my small yard pose a safety risk to a swing set?

Okay, this is a wise question, as it is easier for play items and players to run into each other for ending up with unexpected accidents. When the players are toddlers and kids, the risk is significantly high, as most of them are inattentive and are least bothered about safety.

A small yard in itself is not a risk imposer. However, the inability to adjust to a small space is! However, it is unwise to expect this from kids. So, it is essential for parents to get intelligent here.

While choosing a swing set, ensure that there would be sufficient space to swing for kids without being too close to a strong or sharp item such as a door or a wall. Do also consider the walkers around the yard. They should not be hit by the swing. This is possible when you choose a swing set whose size is just perfect as per your mall yard.

Which swing set size is right for my yard and kids?

It is obvious that the size of your swing set should be such that it fits in your small yard. Size matters here due to which you should first measure the size of your yard and then of the promising swing set. It is tough to define a small yard, as each one of us is likely to interpret it in a different way.

Thus, it is wise to start by assessing the size of your yard. Find out the dimensions of your yard using a measuring tape and find out the items that you intend to place there. If you are going to place only the swing set, consider choosing a bigger one fitting inside the yard while leaving enough space for walkers.

If there are other items to be stored such as a gazebo and a garden kit, compute the space that would be left after organizing them. Then, choose a swing set that fits securely well inside the left space and yet leaves enough space for walking. A secure fit refers to a reserved left space of 6 feet on each side.

If the max length and width of your yard are 10 and 7 feet respectively, it makes sense you to go for a swing set that is of this size or less than this to accommodate walkers and other items. Just look at the dimensions mentioned in the description to confirm them once. Avoid taking any set that goes beyond these measurements.

Many people are likely to recommend a swing set that is taller and longer than its width. However, this should be accepted only once the aforementioned points are taken care of.

The size of the swing set you choose must also be suitable for your kids. Here, you should consider the swing set’s height, as it contributes to how far the swing can reach. The greater the height is, the more distant a user can go while swinging and more pleasurable it is.

Do also keep an eye on the weight, as if overlooked, can cause a small set to break down. Find out the maximum weight each swing and other play items can bear. If the weight supported is only 120 lbs. child, the risk of breaking increases if an adult of 200 lbs. uses it.

Which is the right swing set material for my kids?

It is important to choose the right material, as it is what makes a swing set durable and sturdy. Most swing sets meant for outdoor use are built using wood, steel, or plastic. Each of these materials has its own pros and cons.

  • Plastic: Is perhaps the most affordable option. As most plastic sets have rounded edges and corners, they are ideal younger kids. They are also perfect for outdoor use, as they are made brightly tinted resins that are resistant to all harsh weather elements. On the flip side, these swings are likely to fade in color with time. Moreover, the strength of this material weakens with frequent exposure to heat and cold.
  • Steel: Is coated with powder in swing sets. The swing sets made using this material are usually light, portable, and simple to assemble. However, they are subject to rust. However, most metal sets have coatings that prevent rust for a long time.
  • Wood: Is perhaps a highly recommended material. If maintained well, wood is safe as well as long-lasting. A wooden set functions well for years but moving it is tough without disassembling it into pieces.

How hard it is to assemble a swing set?

Well, this depends on the swing set you choose and who will be assembling it. If the swing set is small or basic, the assembly time and efforts are relatively less. If it is big and has other play items to set, assembling may be a challenging task that may need more than two people. Some models would actually need professional dealing.

However, again, how the instructions are given in the manual also matters. So, look for reviews that share assembly experiences. It is ideal to pick a well-labeled and uncomplicated swing set.

How does portability of my swing set matters for me?

It is true that you do not expect to move or carry around a swing set. However, there is a probability of upgrading the set to a larger or an advanced one as your kids turn older. Portability then would matter here. It would also matter if you are planning to shift your house.

Thus, it is better to choose a portable model. This will make disassembly easier for you.

Is there an ideal time for buying a swing set?

The answer depends on your preference for savings. Many dealers tend to sell swing sets in the off season, which is from September to February. They sell at good discounts during this time. Some prefer buying it before summer and extend installation until summer to get the benefit of end-of-season sales.

Which accessories should I consider in my swing set?

These days, swing sets are no longer confined to just one or two swings. They come with many more play items such as sandboxes, glider swings, slides, trampolines, soccer nets, and basketball hoops. These accessories tend to increase the overall value of the sets, especially in the eyes of your kids.

There are many sets that provide you more than five such playful accessories. However, it is wise not to get tempted and choose simpler and personalizable units to get started. They are not only more affordable but are more adaptable to accept only those items that your children will love to use. For instance, instead of a sandbox, a slide is more preferable by kids of all ages.


Getting home the best swing set for a small yard can maximize summer fun by keeping your kids active and engaged in outdoors. For choosing this mode, you need to check out the size, material, supported age and weight, and safety features.

Once your research is done and the best swing set for your yard is shortlisted, you only need to assemble it so that your kids can see it to leave those indoor gadgets.

To get started, we recommend Orbiter Complete Wooden Swing Set from Swing-N-Slide. It is sturdier than metals, versatile enough to facilitate different play activities, requires little maintenance, is all-weather resistant, and adheres to the ASTM safety standards. Further, it is not so costly and comes with a warranty of five years, which is commendable. It is truly tough to find another model offering all these benefits.