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It is a fact that toddlers, who just have learned to walk, love to play basketball. They simply love throwing any object in anything that looks like a ring or hoop. These objects can be candies, cereals, or even tennis balls.

Knowing about this interest motivates you as a parent or guardian to help them improve their game or skills. In practical terms, this straightaway means investing in the best toddler basketball hoop.

Basketball is an interesting activity for the little rising stars, which helps them to build confidence, hand-eye coordination, gross motor skills, and some vital social skills. It also prevents them from being indulged indoors, especially in digital tools and pushes them to remain active outdoors for years to come.

There is no wonder why toddlers are often hooked into this game since a small age. Further, given the rigors and practice of working daily on a basketball court, your kids will surely become better players. The best part is that there is no need for setting up a formal court; just a yard is enough for playing and practicing this game.

It is all a matter of building the right skills for playing basketball at a too young age if you feel that the little one feels excited about the game. Who knows if he is destined to be the future champion at an international level?

Toddler Basketball Hoop

Thus, imparting the game’s fundamentals at a young age is useful for the little ones to learn acuity and flexibility. Picking objects from the destined area after throwing through a hoop makes the little one flexible to adjust within the limits of different spaces.

Above all, the basketball game is just fun for kids with the right hoop that also imparts learning. However, just like other parents who are investing for the first time, you may have no idea about which hoop is the best and maybe clueless about what to look for.

This guide aims to guide parents like you in choosing the best toddler basketball hoop with the help of the top 5 reviews as well as a comprehensive buying guide.

2021’s 5 Best Toddler Basketball Hoops Reviews

Inflatable Basketball Hoop for Water

Inflatable Basketball Hoop for Water with 2 Basketballs & Battery Operated Pump | Also Includes Hand Pump with 3 Inflation Needles | Meant for Swimming Pools and Water Sports

As the name suggests, this inflatable toddler hoop is ideal for outdoor fun, may it be a barbecue party or a get-together by a swimming pool. Measuring 40 inches wide and 44 inches in height, this hoop is ideal to fit anywhere outside.

It comes with two 7-inch basketballs performing well in water, a hand pump with three inflation needles for inflating and deflating, a battery-operated pump as well, and a patch kit. With this all-inclusive set, you truly are getting good value for your money.

Consider this large hoop if there is enough space for it to fit in your home. If space is not an issue, this hoop can prove to be a matchless one to give fun to both toddlers and adults. It is frankly a steal for the small price it demands.

The design of the battery-operated pump is such that it can inflate and deflate the hoop more quickly than expected. The product is made using heavy-duty vinyl, which means you are assured of better durability than those cheap inflatables offer.


  • For both indoors and outdoors
  • Huge
  • Sturdy; thick material build
  • Durable
  • No tipping
  • Minimal ball chasing due to floating-on-water ability
  • Easy to inflate and set
  • Pump for inflating and deflating included
  • Textured balls included
  • Super affordable


  • Somewhat big
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Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set

Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set, Blue, 3 Balls - Amazon Exclusive

Designed for the age group of 1.5 to 5 years, this is perhaps the best basketball hoop for toddlers and preschoolers, as it is safe, sturdy, long-lasting, and fun. It is one of the hoops that can get your little one hooked along with you due to three balls and the oversized rim.

This beginner basketball hoop comes with three little balls due to which the small one does not have to chase the ball whenever a shot is missed. The toddler can throw multiple times and then gather all the balls at once.

Notably, the set comes with junior-sized balls. This means that they are neither too light nor too heavy to trouble the small hands.

The hoop is also stable, affordable, and facilitates easy and quick assembly. However, it is essential to add sand to the supporting base to ensure the right level of stability for ensuring maximum safety.

In case of insufficient sand, even if the lightweight hoop tips, it is not going to incur or impart much damage. This is because it is made using soft plastic.

Talking about the rim, it is of jumbo size. The goal is big enough for easy piles, while the rim pulls away for big jams. This means the small one will not face any issue for scoring well during the initial adventure experience. Indeed, it will encourage the toddler to play more.

Another commendable feature is the adjustable hoop length. You can easily adjust the height of this hoop between two and four feet. This is great because you can increase the height once the little one grows a bit.


  • For both preschoolers and toddlers
  • Portable
  • Adjustable height
  • Safe due to the soft plastic build
  • Easy to assemble
  • Three non-edible rubber balls included
  • Durable build to withstand any weather


  • Need to include sand in its base for stability
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VTech Smart Shots Sports Center – Basketball & Soccer Together

VTech Smart Shots Sports Center

Designed for the age group of 12 months to 2 years, this one is a cheerful, interactive, and melodious set to consider for your toddler. It not only has a basketball for shooting hoops but also a soccer net for kicking, making it a 2-in-1 versatile set.

The small one can play to make a basketball goal or score with the soccer net. The balls are of friendly size as well as good quality for playing, kicking, tossing, and rolling easily.

Interestingly, the scoreboard is an LED one showing the score as if it is lit with animation. You and your toddler will just love how this attractive set’s sensors tell whether the goal or score is made or not. By default, the score is shown only up to 10. However, there is a purple side lever to resume the count on the scoreboard.

The board plays cheerful animations, phrases, and melodies to add to both fun and learning. The sounds are catchy and absorbing enough to stay in your head for some hours. To hear fun sounds, the toddler simply must toss the ball into the hoop or kick it into the net.

By counting the goals or scores, the LED board introduces numbers to toddlers along with causes and effects. The animation and sounds play a great role in keeping the toddlers focused and encouraging their curiosity.

The shape buttons encompass not only shapes but also sounds and numbers to get started with learning the numbering system. This gives a chance to learn shapes too. The toddler just needs to press buttons, move things, or flip pages to enjoy everything on offer.

This educational toy works on three AA batteries that are sadly not included. Still, at a competitive price, you get more than a basketball hoop.


  • Versatile
  • Durable
  • Sturdy
  • LED scoreboard
  • 50+ melodies
  • Easy to assemble
  • Auto turn-off after 1-2 minutes of inactivity
  • Value for money; affordable


  • Less hoop height according to a few customers
  • Perhaps not for outdoor use
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Step2 Shootin’ Hoops Junior Basketball Set

Step2 Shootin' Hoops Junior Basketball Set

The Step2 Shootin’ hoop is designed to extend as your toddler grows. Designed for the age group 1.5 years and above, it comes with an adjustable height feature due to which you can increase its height in increments of 6 inches from 30 to 48 inches. The adjustable collar is easy enough to move and find the right size.

This junior basketball set contains a sturdy rim, a big backboard, and a real woven net so that it can easily kindle the real play to allow the little one to learn crucial coordination skills. There is also a 6-inch basketball, which is ideal for the little one to hold and shoot.

Notably, the base is quite broad enough to ensure stability. Still, it does not ensure stability on its own. You need to add sand or water to it to improve its stability and diminishing its chances of tipping over at the time of play.

Unlike many other basketball hoops for toddlers, this one excitingly comes with convenient holders for the ball when not in use, juice, and water bottle. This set is ideal for installation on a yard, along a driveway, and even in the toddler’s room.


  • Adjustable height
  • Big backboard
  • Sturdy
  • Strong rim
  • Basketball included
  • Easy to assemble
  • No tipping over; big stable base
  • Built-in juice and ball holders at the base


  • Medium-priced
  • Need to fill with water or sand
  • Not for playing in windy conditions
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Paw Patrol Grow with Me Basketball Set


Designed for the age group of two and above, this is a basketball set to consider if you are amongst those who are looking for something truly attractive and portable. At first glance, this set captivates yours and your toddler’s mind through its design of paws and a multi-colored look. It is an ideal gift for the little ones who love Paw Patrol toys.

The portable hoop is fully adjustable in terms of height, as it offers nine different settings for the same. The settings range from 37.5 to 53.0 inches. This means the set grows along with your child to ensure you several years of fun.

The set comes with an indoor/outdoor hoop and a friendly basketball. Toddlers will enjoy playing with it, as they dunk, dribble, and shoot for continuous hours. You can quickly turn the playroom or living room into a basketball court by installing this set during parties or daily playtime. The height-adjustable stand and soft foam ball allow you to play the game inside the house.


  • Portable
  • Catchy design
  • Sturdy
  • Wide net opening
  • Adjustable height


  • A bit costly

How to Select the Best Toddler Basketball Hoop

The market is filled with different types of basketball hoops. What you need to comprehend is that selecting a hoop for a toddler is not the same as purchasing one for an adult. Looking for the right hoop for your toddler is critical to not only sharpen the game’s skills but also maintain continuous interest in the game.

You need to select depending on where you will be placing the hoop and what is the ideal height of the hoop’s stand. If a hoop is not of the right height, your little one is truly not going to enjoy playing with it. So, the height of the stand is a critical buying factor.

Similarly, there are some more buying factors to consider so that you can choose the most suitable hoop for your toddler. Let’s go through these factors in the form of answers to commonly asked questions.

What exactly is a toddler basketball hoop?

This is the first question that you should ask before going ahead and looking for the different hoops available for toddlers.

A toddler basketball hoop is usually a vertical board having a rim and net attached so that the ball can pass through. It is usually used both indoors and outdoors so that the little ones can enjoy almost anywhere, especially if it is portable.

Another version is a mini, freestanding system having its own base for weighing down with sand or water, a hoop, a stand, a net, and a backboard. Some models in this category come only with a net, a hoop, and a backboard to get fitted to a wall next to the bathtub or to a door.

Investing in a friendly hoop is a beginning to get the little one started with basketball. For both you and your little one, it can truly be a pleasing experience.

Are toddler basketball hoops safe?

Safety is always the top priority or the first concern, especially if it is a matter of shopping for toddlers or kids. When it comes to toddler basketball hoops, it is essential to consider a few factors to ensure that you select a safe one. These factors are stability, breakaway rims, and build materials.

Stability contributes to safety directly by playing a significant role. The small hoops made up of plastic are not that bothersome, as they are very light. So, even if they fall, they will not hurt significantly.

However, it is wise to not invest in a moveable or portable outdoor hoop having a long height until the small one becomes capable of handling the responsibility. If dunked on or slammed into forcefully, even a 5-feet hoop with a sand-filled base and build material of metal and fiberglass can flip over. So, both height and strong base contribute to stability.

Next, the hoop you choose should have a breakaway rim, as it adds to safety. A young player can get hurt without any doubt if the rim is rigid regardless of the skill level. It is wise to ignore a hoop that does not move or budge when dunked upon. Otherwise, the player will end up with face hits or jammed fingers.

Next, you need to check the material. It is vital for you to know that metal and fiberglass can end up making much more harm than plastic. Thus, for a toddler, it is unwise to invest in a fiberglass or metal model.

In the case of plastics, it is safer to go with soft plastics. When they grow up, it is okay to look for hoops made up of the build material once they are introduced to the fundamental basketball skills. With proper knowledge, the grown-ups will less likely to hurt themselves.

Moreover, for toddlers, you should look for hoops having an almost unbreakable backboard. Such a backboard is made up of a tough build material such as polycarbonate or fiberglass.

In short, all the features make a toddler basketball hoop invincible and safe.

What should be the size of a toddler basketball hoop?

There is no standard or regulation size defined for toddler basketball hoops as of now. However, it is essential for you to have a hoop that is not too big for your small one.

It is wise to invest in an age-appropriate hoop to keep discouragement at bay when the ball just does not reach the net. So, just choose the right height so that the toddlers stay encouraged to shoot more, enjoy more, and learn more. Further, the rim should be somewhat wider for the ball to go in.

Usually, the size of a toddler basketball hoop does not go beyond 32 inches. This is much smaller than the standard portable or in-ground hoops (44 inches). Well, it is for a good reason. In case the backboard is of the same size, a bigger rim is required and accordingly a bigger basketball. This is something that most toddlers will be unable to handle, as they are not that strong to shoot that great.

Should I choose a toddler basketball hoop with a pole whose height is adjustable?

Ideally, yes! This is because the perfect height of the basketball hoop is reliant on the toddler’s size and age. Moreover, kids tend to grow fast, which is one of the most critical things to bear in mind while selecting the best toddler basketball hoop.

The older and taller the child is, the higher the pole needs to be. The good news is that most toddler hoops in the market feature an adjustable height design. This means that you can set the height as per the height of your child.

Such models simply grow with your kid. Thus, it is wise to look for one such basketball hoop. The lowest height is likely to provide the right challenge level to your kids. As they grow up, you only need to increase the height up to a level that is now suitable for them.

Are toddler basketball hoops heavy?

Logically and technically, no! The toddles hoops are not at all heavy. Rather, they are so light that you must fill the base with sand or water to make them more stable. They are usually lighter, portable, convenient to elevate, and comfortable to carry with your hands.

These hoops are easy to lift. This means you can easily turn your backyard or driveway into a small basketball court at any time. There is no need to fix it in just one place.

Moreover, the hoop’s weight depends on how the base is filled. If filled using sand, the weight will be somewhat more. However, there is no nothing to bother, as you will still be able to move it.

How do I know whether a toddler basketball hoop is stable or not?

Stability refers to how strong the pole’s or stand’s base of the hoop holds the ground. This is already discussed in depth in the answer to the question related to safety.

However, stability is also determined as per the type of toddler hoop. There are two options here: portable and in-ground. The latter ones are reinforced using concrete and ensure more stability than the portable ones.

Nevertheless, this does not mean that the portable hoops are less sturdy. If portability is a top priority, the good news is that you will find many portable models with a strong base.

You only need to fill it with water or sand. For toddlers, it is okay to fill with sand. This will assure you not only safety and stability but also support and durability.

How do I know whether a toddler basketball hoop is durable or not?

Durability or longevity is perhaps a critical factor to consider. Most parents will consider investing in a toddler basketball hoop that shall last for a few years. This is because children grow quickly; it takes no time for them to start feeling that the toddler hoop is now smaller.

After all, the little stars tend to grow faster than you think and that you seriously do not want to fill your yard with all sorts of basketball hoops waiting to go in the garbage.

Keeping in mind these facts, it is essential to avoid investing in a hoop that is built using feeble materials, as they are likely to wear and tear quite easily within some time of use.

So, check the materials’ quality before making a payment for that promising hoop. The best toddler basketball hoops are made using a kind of plastic that is highly durable. They are also capable of holding up to the aggressive shots that come from your growing child.

In case you are looking for a toddler basketball hoop to be used outdoors, ensure that its net and build materials are capable of enduring harsh weather elements. The best way to know whether a hoop is durable or long-lasting or not is to check the reviews of existing customers.

How the backboard of my toddler basketball hoop should be?

The backboard design tends to differ from one goal to another. However, the material is usually the same, which is a kind of plastic. Did you know that plastic is the lightest material that can tackle the rim height? A few toddler basketball hoops come with advanced backboard designs. So, there is no need to question how reliable the toddler hoops are these days.

How the rim of my toddler basketball hoop should be?

A rim of the best toddler basketball hoop must be firm. Even if you tell “no”, toddlers just love dunking more than hitting with the ball. If you are going to use it outdoors, it is safer for you to cover or defend the rim so that it lasts long until the little one outgrows it.

Another aspect to consider is that the rim you choose needs to be somewhat over-sized. In other words, it should be a bit broader than what you think the little one will require. This is because the little one will make more and continuous shots in the beginning so that the interest in the game is retained from the start.

When should I choose a portable toddler basketball hoop?

Yes, you need to decide whether a portable or in-ground model is ideal for your toddler or not. To do so, it is essential to know the pros and cons that each of the two has to offer.

An in-ground hoop is installable into the ground and is typically fortified with concrete. It is more stable as well as safe such that anybody can use. On the flip side, you will have to totally uproot the whole hoop in case you want to move it. While such a hoop is relatively affordable, it takes much time to get installed.

On the other hand, as the name indicates, a portable hoop is usable anywhere. This means that it is your ideal option for playing basketball both indoors and outdoors. It is also easy to set one such hoop. The only con is that you need to spend some time in selecting the best portable hoop that comes with a sturdy base.

It is unwise to invest in a permanent on an in-ground hoop for your toddler. Purchasing a portable model is a better option. You can watch the little one while enjoying indoors or outdoors for as long as possible while shooting. The toddler usually loves playing in and out. A portable one is easy to carry no matter where you go on vacation.

How do I know whether a toddler basketball hoop is easy to install/set or not?

It is true that you will be setting or installing the basketball hoop for your toddler. You need to know that a few models may be time-consuming or can be difficult to set due to their complicated structure or lack of clear help manual.

So, it is important to choose a simple design if a quick set up is one of the top priorities for you. In addition, it is essential to choose a model that comes with clear installation instructions so that you do not experience any trouble or hassle. A few models may even come with a full toolkit to make installation much easier.

Should I use water or sand to fill the base for improving stability?

Any of the two is fine. However, it is highly recommended using sand instead of water. This is because the sand will retain itself better than water in any weather condition. In hot weather, water is likely to become rancid. You will also have to change it quite frequently.

How to choose a hoop that maximizes the fun factor?

Basketball is truly an exciting game that you want to play with your toddler. So, it is essential to have a hoop that is fun and rewarding; it retains the interest of your toddler in shooting throughout the day. For this, consider investing in a hoop that is colorful, has striking visuals, and is easy to shoot. It should also be adjustable in terms of rim’s height to add to that fun factor. Allowing you to change the rim’s height gives scope for new challenges.


It is essential to do your homework first prior to choosing the best toddler basketball hoop for your little rising star. You should choose a hoop by keeping the age and height in mind. To get started, we recommend the Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set, as it is portable and affordable, comes with adjustable height. It is built using soft plastic, is durable to endure any kind of weather, easy to assemble, and comes with three non-edible rubber balls.

However, if you need something fancy and more striking, consider going with the VTech Smart Shots Sports Center. The sounds, shapes, and the LED scoreboard will keep your kid playing for hours.