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As a loving and caring parent, you truly want your kids to be physically active instead of being virtually active. You truly do not want your kids to spend their maximum daily time in using smartphones, Nintendo, and tabs. Rather, they should engage themselves in something that is fun and playful so that they make good use of their energy in strengthening endurance, stamina, coordination, and balance.

Well, this is where trampolines have a primary role to play. They are truly a great way to give your kids some exercise, shed off extra energy, and build motor skills. However, it is essential to choose the best trampoline and then set it well as per the instructions to keep any physical harm at bay.

Best Trampoline for Kids

So, which trampoline is the best for your kid? The one that your kid’s friend has? Or the one that has most features but a tempting price? Or perhaps the one that is the most popular or highly recommended? Well, you first need to understand that there is no single trampoline that is the best for all kids.

if you are looking for trampoline suitable for adults which has a higher weight capacity read our guide here. If you are looking for a rebounder you may read this guide as well.

You need to identify the one that best suits your kid by comparing different trampolines on the basis of a few factors such as safety, size, price and other features or benefits.

To help you out, this post reviews the 5 best trampolines for kids available in the market place. We also addresses various questions you have while choosing the right trampoline for your kids.


2021’s 5 Best Trampolines for Kids

Clevr 7ft Kids Trampoline

Clevr 7ft Kids Trampoline and Safety Enclosure Net & Spring Pad, 7-Foot Outdoor Round Bounce Jumper 84

Our in-depth research and study, finds Clevr trampoline to be the most versatile,  safe and hence best trampoline to consider for not only toddlers and kindergartners but also kids going to elementary school. Supporting a safe weight of up to 100 pounds, this model is built with safety as the top priority.

This model is made using a heavy-duty steel frame and steel base with powder coating to keep tipping or shaking at bay by acting as a stable platform. To this sturdy frame, the jumping mat is attached with the help of galvanized springs of heavy-duty nature, which are designed to ensure durability.

This trampoline features water-proof padding surrounding the poles so that the kids on it do not fall while playing in it or experience any physical injury. The thick foam inside the pad does the job of reinforcing impact protection.

The model also features a polyethylene net with robust zipper flanking the whole jumping area to maximize safety. In short, it is capable of enduring all harsh elements.

The trampoline is low to the ground due to which kids can easily get in or out. There is also an easy-to-use zipper that allows quick access through the net access point. While it is usable indoors, its height of 79 inches makes it small enough for playrooms and basements.

The diameter of seven feet is enough to accommodate multiple jumpers. Just be considerate that the safe weight capacity is 100 Lbs although multiple reviewers has reported that it can hold more than 200 Lbs.


  • For both indoors and outside use
  • Enough room for more than one kid to play
  • Sturdy construction
  • Low to ground
  • Easy to assemble – Multiple users reported 1 hour of assembly time.
  • Extremely safe
  • Available in two colors


  • Not pet-friendly or else holes may be formed
  • May fly away in case of strong winds
  • Expensive
  • Only 100 Lbs rated weight capacity
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Little Tikes Three-Foot Trampoline – Cheapest Option for 3-6 Years Old

Little Tikes 3' Trampoline – Amazon Exclusive

Trampoline from Little Tikes is the most affordable to consider for 3 to 6 years old. It can hold a weight of up to 55 pounds. It does not have heavy-duty components but more of plastic parts due to which it is an inexpensive option. Despite no heavy-duty parts, durability is ensured by the perfect mix of metal and plastic build.

The model is made exclusively for indoor use and transforms any such space into a bouncing paradise! With just a bit of more help, toddlers can bounce high and stay straight safely. One by one, the kids can jump and bounce up and down.

A safety bar passes through the whole surface, making this model more stable for small bouncers than those trampolines without it. Gripping onto the handle is easy due to its perfect position ensuring ideal coordination, balance, and comfort and coordination.

The elastic net construction makes the model safer and more lasting than conventional springs. You now need not worry about the small toes being stuck in the springs.

Toddlers will love exercising on the big surface whose diameter is 36 inches and within the height of 26.25 inches between the balance-retaining handlebar and trampoline surface. Unlike a few other trampolines, you need to assemble this one.



  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy construction
  • No springs and wide bar for safety
  • Affordable


  • Handle foam as a probable choking hazard if care is not taken
  • Unsafe swinging due to the risk of tipping
  • Only indoors
  • Only 55 Lbs support
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Skywalker Trampolines 15-Feet Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline

Skywalker Trampolines 15-Foot Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline with Enclosure Net - Basketball Trampoline

Consider this trampoline from Skywalker if you are planning to have sporty family time while getting your kid’s heart pumping, muscles moving, and blood flowing. It is a cool addition to your lawn or backyard along with other playful gear such as swing sets and monkey bars. The rated weighted capacity is 200 Lbs, although per ASTM safety guidelines, this trampoline is tested up to four times the recommended normal user weight of 200 pounds.

Unlike other trampolines, this one has a soft and safe basketball hoop. So, your kids will not only bounce but also shoot and dunk in their way to triumph. It is a perfect mode for highly energetic kids.

This model is built with safety in mind. It is evident from a patented enclosure system having no gaps, which is also what you will see in other popular trampolines. As there are no gaps inside, the enclosure keeps injuries and falling down incidences at bay while bouncing.

The net being affixed using Velcro to its backboard indicates that it will not break. In case a kid tries to hang on it, it shall get away without hurting the enclosure or the accessory. This is commendable, as several trampolines have nets that are likely to harm the enclosure during rowdy play.

The galvanized steel frame is extremely stable due to the reinforced T-sockets and the leg and joint sections of the enclosure. This diminishes the risk of bending physically, which again protects the little one. The frame is weather- and rust-proof for lasting longer than your imagination. Further, heavy-duty steel and firmly-coiled springs also increase the lifespan of this trampoline.


  • No-gap enclosure
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Adherence to ASTM standards
  • Safe for high-intensity games
  • Maximized stability and longevity
  • Basketball hoop inside
  • Available in different colors


  • Too light feel
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Sportspower My First Trampoline 84″

Sportspower My First Trampoline, 84 Inch Heavy Duty Outdoor Children's Bouncer With Safety Net Enclosure

With the supported weight of up to 100 pounds and a size of 84 inches, Sportspower trampoline is ideal for 3 to 7 years old kids. Designed for both outdoor and indoor use, this model keeps your kids busy bouncing and enjoying during both summer and winter.

The 360-degree breathable mesh enables you to keep an eye on what your kids are doing inside while they are enjoying within the safety enclosure that is resistant to ultraviolet rays. Both the mesh and jump mat assures you of lasting class and protection.

The galvanized steel frame of heavy-duty nature is resistant to rust and add to additional support and stability together with the outer edge of the foam. The enclosure holds three arches of tubes made using thick steel, which adds to longevity.

Further, the low to the ground build and comfy, padded spring cover keep entanglement and wounds away. The poles are also padded for extra safety regardless of where you are using the trampoline. Further, each pole possesses its pole cap for safeguard the padding.

The lasting springs are coated with a thick guarding mat that is flanked by the netting. This results in soft bounces. No need to now be bothered about the breaking elastic bands!

While you can use even outdoors, the black mat is likely to heat up quickly. So, you may not be able to use it right under the sun.


  • For both indoors and outdoors
  • Sturdy construction
  • Great safety (ASTM standards fulfilled)
  • Stable base
  • Low to ground
  • Available in two colors


  • A little costly
  • Time intensive assembling
  • Not for vinyl floors
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Bazoongi 48-Inch Trampoline

Bazoongi Bouncer Trampoline, 48-Inch, Camouflage Orange

If you wish to have an adjustable handlebar and more size and weight support than that of Little Tikes trampoline, consider the mini Bazoongi model of 48 inches supporting a weight of up to 100 pounds and age of around 4 years. You or your kid will never be disappointed when it comes to shedding that extra energy with playful bounces either indoors or outdoors.

Unlike several trampolines but just like the Little Tikes one, this trampoline supports just one kid inside at a time. This is less likely to suit your requirements if there are two or more kids who are yet learning how to share. While it can support more than one jumper considering the supported weight, the diameter size genuinely confines it.

For comfort, safety, and convenience, a detachable and adjustable handle with sufficient padding is attached. It easily contributes to the stability and balance of the jumper inside. Adding to the stability factor is one more feature of six legs along the circumference from the base. They keep flipping and tilting away.

You need to assemble this unit before your kid starts using it. Rather than bungee cords, there are galvanized springs for the assembly, which add to durability. For quick assembly, consider affixing springs in the direction of opposite pairs, beginning from the top to bottom and left to right.


  • Sturdy build
  • For both indoors and outdoors
  • Compact
  • Easy to assemble
  • Adjustable bar
  • More stable with ground legs
  • Affordable


  • Not so easy to assemble
  • Risk of handlebar ripping
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How to find the Best Trampoline for Kids

We have curated questions everyone face while selecting the best trampoline for their kids. We have given our answers and thoughts to each of it.


What should be the age of my kid for playing inside a trampoline?

You should ideally choose a trampoline as per the age of your kids. This is because most trampolines are available for different age groups. Usually, it is recommended to use a trampoline only once your kid becomes 4.

For the ages 3 and above, smaller toddler trampolines are available in the market. Some of them will have an upper age limit of 7 years. For the ages of 4 to 6, trampolines of 8 to 12 feet are fine. However, such models are ideal only for two to three kids.

For the ages six and above, there are bigger outdoor trampolines having a size ranging from 12 to 15 feet. So, if your kid is approaching 6, it is better to go for one such large trampoline.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS) do not recommend using a trampoline at home for kids who are below 6. This is because of the injuries it can trigger, right from sprains to head injuries.

Many reports of injuries have come after using trampolines. However, most of them have happened on bigger, backyard models many of which were without safety nets.

Supervised use and safety features of modern trampolines along with strict adherence to safety rules can safeguard the playing kids. The modern models are far safer than those traditional ones.


Is a trampoline safe for my kid?

Safety is the most critical factor to consider while buying a trampoline. While the older and traditional models were not considered safe, the modern ones are. Thanks to the safety features that they come with.

A traditional rectangular or circular model usually features a spring cover for ensuring safety. Only springs are not considered safe. This cover can be made up of plastic or PVC material. A few covers even come with some kind of foam or cushioning for extra defense.

On the other hand, the latest models are springless, which are considered to be the safest ones. This is because they have no metal springs to trigger any kind of physical harm. In the absence of rough springs or edges, bouncing is hassle-free.

Modern trampolines come with one more safety feature called a breathable net enclosure due to which kids will not fall from the jumping mat. The safest ones are those without any gap between the enclosure and the frame. Such an enclosure does not allow their small feet to get stuck in the straps.

You can even choose a trampoline that comes with a ladder for easy ascents and descents or is designed to be low to the ground. There are models that are shipped with a robust ladder. Lastly, do supervise your kids and ensure that you follow the safety rules such as no hanging or somersaulting and allowing only one kid inside at a time.


Is an indoor trampoline safer than an outdoor one?

The small indoor models are logically and obviously safer. Even the mid-sized models are not risky provided they come with a safety net. This is because they are suitable for smaller age groups during which kids do not usually bounce high enough to suffer an injury consequently. Moreover, it is the time of developing their skills due to which complex movements are impossible.

These models are usually low to the ground and do come with a safety handle at times. Still, it is ideal to allow only one person to go inside at a time and ensure that no hard objects are kept in the surrounding region.


Is there a weight limit for using a trampoline?

Yes! Maximum weight capacity is another critical factor to consider after age for ensuring safety. This is because the jumping surface will usually have a limitation on the weight that they can tolerate. Several toddler trampolines can accommodate just one or two kids due to their smaller surface size.

A majority of mini trampolines have a limit of 100 to 120 pounds. On the other hand, bigger trampolines of 12 to 15 foot in size can tolerate around 200 to 400 pounds. This means even adults can be inside for playing with their kids. Two to three adults can easily play inside such trampolines.

For those who have three or more kids, a trampoline over 8 feet is recommended. As a vital tip, consider adding a buffer factor to the maximum weight limit so that the chosen trampoline can later accommodate your growing child.

For instance, if there are two kids each weighing 60 pounds, it is rational to choose a model that supports 150-200 pounds instead of only 120 pounds.


Which type of trampoline shape is suitable for my kid?

Trampolines are available in different shapes apart from sizes. Each of them has its own features and pros due to which it is the best for a distinct level of experience. Depending on how you will be using a trampoline, you can choose one of the following shapes:

  • Round: Common for indoor and outdoor use, safer due to less risk of injuries ensured by the spherical spring pattern, less robust bounce than square and rectangular models, jumping towards the middle, mostly are backyard trampolines of 8 to 15 ft
  • Rectangular: For advanced skill levels due to highly robust bounce and wide jumping space, ideal for an experienced gymnast or an acrobat, more space consumption in your yard so okay for narrow yards, less space consumption than a round version
  • Square: More bounce than the round shape and more jumping space like the rectangular one, ideal for bouncing high without compromising safety due to the enclosure net
  • Oval: Ideal for those who have lots of yard space, large in diameter, okay for kids of 6 to 7 years old
  • Octagon: Ideal for high bounces, expensive


Which build material should I choose?

Selecting the right material is a major contributor to choosing a safe and lasting trampoline. After all, only high-quality materials make trampolines versatile, functional, and durable. At times, these materials make trampolines costlier than their under performing equivalents.

Moreover, the materials in heavy-duty trampolines for commercial purposes are just not required for low-impact users. The fabric of jumping surface can be of waterproof canvas or fibers such as polypropylene or nylon. However, the polypropylene is more cost-effective and so it is preferred over nylon.

In most indoor models, plastic has replaced a few or all steel parts. Keeping this in mind, here are the materials you need to know about and choose one of them as per your priorities or requirements:

  • Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC): Is chosen for both indoor and outdoor models. Even plumbing pipes are made using PVC, as it is non-toxic, safe, and robust. Thus, PVC is friendly for kids. Due to being a structurally-safe plastic, PVC is used for making base legs, net bars, and frame components of trampolines.
  • Polyethylene (PE): Is chosen for padding trampolines on top of their springs and around the net poles. In case of springs, the material is usually enclosed in a vinyl cover with woven straps and clasps. Many trampolines are made using high-density PE, as it is a robust thermoplastic that is known for its better performance than the metal counterparts in some cases. If a PE trampoline is only for indoor use, there is no need for galvanizing, powder coating, or UV safety. This is because it is not going to face rain, winds, snow, or any harsh element.

How much space will a trampoline consume?

The amount of space that a trampoline will consume in your home or backyard is one of the most vital factors to affect your decision. Ideally, you want a model that should fit within the chosen or targeted space. Moreover, you would love to have a model that would leave some space for other playing equipment.

Keeping these facts in mind, if your yard is of 16 x 16 feet, a trampoline with a diameter of 10 x 12 foot is ideal. Although a trampoline of more diameter can fit, it will end up giving more space to ascend on the trampoline.


How long my trampoline will last?

This depends on the build material and safety features of your trampoline. It also depends on how frequently you use and maintain the jumping mat. Generally, you can expect a lifespan of three to seven years if the use is not too frequent and you maintain well.


How do I choose a sturdy and durable trampoline?

Both stability and durability are vital factors to check out. For stability, you need to assess the trampoline’s structure, which should ideally have the legs at the base. Many modern bases have legs in a W shape to ensure extra stability if the trampoline is large.

Another feature to look for is an enclosure of mesh, which provides the required support to prevent the frame from moving or bending while in use. A few models come with t-joints to increase the overall sturdiness.

Durability is a concern, especially when it is a matter of investing in an outdoor trampoline. To ensure that a model lasts for years, look for features such as galvanized or coated steel frame and spring cover that is resistant to the ultraviolet rays. The former is extremely strong enough to tolerate any harsh elements without rusting.


Will I have to assemble a trampoline?

Well, this depends on the make, model, and brand of the trampoline you want to buy. Most trampolines need assembly before they can function. A trampoline is a big equipment due to which the assembly time can range from minutes to hours. Check out the reviews to know how easy or time-consuming the assembly can be. You can also order assembling services from Amazon or locally if you are not handy with it. It can cost from $100 – $150 per unit.



Trampolines are not completely risk-free but they are no longer dangerous too, provided you follow all safety guidelines and choose a safe model. For kids under six, it is just unwise to use a big outdoor model. For them, a smaller indoor model is safe.

Of all the options available, we recommend a small-size indoor trampoline for your children. From the list of top 5 that we have recommended,  we consider the 7 ft Clevr  the best trampoline for your kids. It is stable, durable, safe, and simple to set up. It is low to the ground and has waterproof padding around poles, reinforced protection features, steel frame, and galvanized springs. In short, there is everything you can expect from a safe, modern trampoline. Although it is costly, it is worth for safe fun! So, why not try it?

For those on budget, we recommend to save a bit more and go for it so that you invest a bit late but it will be in the safest one.