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A few years ago, Frisbee was considered a relaxing and rejuvenating game played with family and friends. Throwing a comfortable disc around was fun. These days, it is no longer as relaxing as once it was due to the increasing recognition of ultimate Frisbee.

Known as ‘ultimate’ by several of us, this game is now a major sport played in several parks and college campuses across the United States and rest of the world. This thrilling sport features a perfect blend of throwing art, strategy, and vigor.

Thus, people of all ages are increasingly becoming more interested in ultimate frisbee. Indeed, they are considering it as an alternative to football, basketball, and other popular  sports.

So, even you have started taking this sport seriously? The answer is obvious, as that is why you are reading this post. Well, you should get started with the right gear so that you can perform beyond satisfaction on the field.

Luckily, you would need only two important gears namely, the ultimate frisbee cleats and a comfortable frisbee disc. The best part here is that there is no need to buy costly and diverse frisbee gear. Both are affordable.

Best Ultimate Frisbee Cleats

Choosing the right pair of cleats is important, as its quality shall determine how smooth your movements will be and how much traction on the field you will be having. Successful performance depends on how nicely you move on your feet. Keeping this in mind, cleats are considered vital.

The right cleats pair is essential for more comfort, additional protection, and enhanced versatility on the field. Unlike other sports, Frisbee has hardly any official makers that manufacture its cleats only for Frisbee games.

You can choose a pair of football or soccer shoes for this sport. This post aims to make your cleats selection easy by sharing reviews of 5 best ultimate Frisbee cleats along with buying factors to consider.


2021’s 5 Best Ultimate Frisbee Cleats Reviews

Adidas Performance Men’s Messi 15.3 Soccer Cleat

adidas Performance Men's Messi 15.3 Soccer Shoe,Black/Shock Green/Solar Red,10.5 M US

Okay, you may say that this is a soccer cleat. However, many ultimate frisbee players love this pair of shoes due to its dynamic speed. The unique speed experience is perhaps the best seller of Messi.

The credit for this goes to its messiGAMBETRAX stud, which is known for better traction underfoot.

There are some more features of this pair of soccer shoes, which makes it ideal for a player of ultimate frisbee. The pair is made using 3D synthetic leather, which triggers a comfortable feeling while on the field.

The sole too is made up of synthetic material to add to this feel. These build materials are also responsible for enduring wear and tear from frequent use.

The x-ray surface and outsole skeleton together play a critical role in facilitating agility on any kind of play terrain, which can be even artificial. A synthetic lining ensures that the fit adapts smoothly to your foot.

This dynamic configuration promises both high traction, speed, and fit, provided the right size is chosen. A noteworthy mention also goes to its colorful look, which is usually a mix of red, black, and green.


  • Light
  • Cool look
  • Good touch and feel
  • Resistant to wear and tear
  • Better agility
  • No risk of slipping
  • Solid traction and speed
  • Lockdown fit with comfort
  • Color choices
  • Durable
  • Affordable


  • Somewhat tight feeling
  • May not be that wide
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Nike Vapor Shark 2 Men’s Football Cleats

Nike Men's Vapor Shark 2 Football Cleat Black/Anthracite/Metallic Silver Size 10 M US

Consider this pair if you are looking for a reliable as well as an affordable ultimate frisbee cleats for a beginner that does not demand significant investment. While the cost varies with the size and color chosen, it is still a wallet-friendly option to consider.

The Vapor Shark 2 cleats from Nike is known for its aggressive grip/traction, long-lasting lifespan, and stability. Built using synthetic materials, this pair is truly super light. Synthetic leather material for the upper part provides this light feel as well as comfortable fit; whereas, the midsole made using full-length Phylon contributes to better cushioning and responsive coziness on the field.

The synthetic leather upper is also responsible for great durability, while the Phylon midsole performs the role of padding to ensure additional protection as well as comfort. This football cleat comes with an aggressive rubber outsole along with the esteemed proprietary fast-flex technology.

This facilitates superb traction, performance, easier diverse movements, and the agility to be there on the field even if the competition is the toughest one.

The overall upper surface is breathable and comfortable. The heel’s air-sole unit takes care of impact protection. The conventional herringbone pattern on the outsole seems to ensure all court-traction.

While the longest cleats are not on offer, you can consider this pair for daily use.


  • Light
  • Good fit
  • Sturdy
  • Better cushioning than expected
  • Broad rubber cleats
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Fast Flex technology
  • Good traction
  • Several colors available
  • Affordable


  • Small for some
  • May not be that wide
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Under Armour Men’s Leadoff Low RM Baseball Shoe

Under Armour Men's Leadoff Low RM Baseball Shoe, Black (001)/Team Royal, 10

You may not be familiar but Under Armour is perhaps one of the top brands when it comes to buying the best ultimate frisbee cleats. Its Leadoff model is admired for maximum maneuverability with a low-top arch design. This is perhaps one of its major selling points.

At first glance, you may be attracted towards this cleat due to its stylish look in red, royal, black, or white. Peeping inside will truly increase your temptation when you get familiar with its most wanted features.

The cleat is quite sturdy due to the synthetic leather upper build. This not only makes it lightweight but also make it firm on a variety of playing surfaces. A noteworthy credit for firmness also goes to the full rubber molded sole.

Synthetic leather offers an extraordinary step-in comfort, additional support, and satisfactory durability. The rubber molded cleats take care of maximum traction as well as durability on almost any surface.

Coming to the midsole, it is a full-length EVA material that ensures extra comfort as well as cushioning for dispersing cleat pressure evenly under the foot. This material absorbs shocks, is highly tensile and tough, and protects feet from sharp or hard objects.

A noteworthy remark is for the mesh tongue due to which these cleats are breathable. In other words, your feet remain cool and dry throughout the play.


  • Light
  • Stylish
  • Perfect fit
  • Comfortable
  • Reliable on all terrains and in any weather condition
  • Fast performance
  • Great grip
  • Anti-slippery
  • Wide widths available
  • Available in different colors
  • Highly affordable


  • Somewhat flimsy molds
  • Narrow or tight for some
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New Balance Men’s Burn Mid Speed Lacrosse Shoe

New Balance Men's BURN Mid Speed Lacrosse Shoe, Black, 10.5 2E US

Although this is a lacrosse pair, it is perhaps among the most recommended ultimate frisbee cleats designed for down-hill players. Facilitating a quick step with matchless acceleration, this cleat features a distinct build to amplify speed down the hill.

Consider this pair if you are looking for something different from the normal cleats or want to have an ideal mix of speed and protection. However, you should not mind paying somewhat more for the same. A bit more price is actually justified for such a cleat considering its build and performance features.

The upper build of this cleat is purely a mix of textile and synthetic. The outer sole is made using non-toxic ThermoPlastic Rubber (TPR), an artificial plastic playing the role of rubber but has no latex. Such an outsole ensures resistance to skid, wear and tear. It also ensures a high level of elasticity, enhanced traction, and durability. The probability of deformation is also minimal.

At the bottom, the ThermoPlastic Polyurethane (TPU) molded cleats take care of delivering the right grip and support faster movements, as their weight is not much. This lightweight design is highly resistant to abrasion, splitting, and chemicals. Even the upper surface is made of TPU.

The middle top makes it effortless to wear the shoes such that the feet go inside comfortably without any hassle. Then, the fit is taken care of throughout the play without sacrificing traction as well as speed.


  • Stylish
  • Great traction and speed
  • Comfortable
  • Wide widths available
  • Ideal balance and support
  • Ankle Padding
  • Great stability
  • Anti-slippery
  • Better protection than other shoes


  • A bit costly
  • Maybe too small for some
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Vizari Striker FG Soccer Shoe – Cheapest Option

Vizari Frost Soccer Cleat (Toddler/Little Kid), Blue/Purple, 8.5 M US Toddler

Consider this pair of cleats if you wish to buy for kids belonging to the age group of 4 to 12. It is ideal for those who love sports but care less for the maintenance required for a modern and stylish shoe pair.

The pair comes under the ‘FG’ category meaning it is reliable for playing on a strong grass surface. It is, however, reliable when used only on natural surfaces. The outsole is stitched to the upper rather than being stuck, which increases the overall durability and stability.

For additional stability, even the cleats are welded to the upper part. This also minimizes the risk of separation. The upper surface itself is built using a synthetic leather material that requires low maintenance. A quick wiping is enough to maintain this pair of cleats. It also has a shiny look and ensures softness during the performance.

The upper is also resistant to water, which prevents the feet as well as socks from moist and wet during rains or in damp conditions. In short, the shoes will not get soaked. Thus, your kid can run comfortably in the water.

Coming to the outsole, it is fully rubber that adds to overall stability and durability even if the surface is slippery. The molded rubber outsole delivers the desired level of traction and comfort.


  • Lightest
  • Resistance to water
  • Deep traction due to rugged studs
  • Nice fit
  • Super comfort
  • Well-padded footbed and collar
  • Easy to clean
  • Stiff soles
  • Secure lace fit
  • Wide width available
  • Affordable
  • Available in different colors


  • Possibility of lining becoming loose
  • Not for artificial surfaces/grasses
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How to Choose the Best Ultimate Frisbee Cleats

The best ultimate frisbee cleats are available in different sizes and also vary in terms of functionality. Many of them are designed to ensure improved traction, while some focus more on comfortable maneuverability.

That said, it is vital to comprehend that there is no single pair of cleats that is ideal for all ages or users. What an 8-year kid will need will differ from what an adult on the playfield will require. Thus, to select the best ultimate frisbee cleats, you will have to compare the most promising cleats.

You should initiate this comparison according to the factors that differentiate among them in terms of functionality, features, and price. Finally, you should select the one that best meets your requirements. Here are these factors to consider for ultimate frisbee cleats, in the form of answers to common questions.

Which type of cleats should I buy for ultimate frisbee?

Your play style or position in the game will help you in identifying the right type of ultimate frisbee cleats. If you are a cutter, a cleat that facilitates sprinting forward is ideal, which is commonly known as football cleats.

On the other hand, handlers need a cleat that supports lateral movement speed as well as agility, which are commonly known as mid-cut football or soccer cleats.

As ultimate frisbee is yet emerging, only a few cleats are available in the market. Thus, the probability of you selecting a pair of tested cleats not made exclusively for ultimate frisbee is high. In other words, you will end up buying soccer or football cleats. For selecting the most suitable cleats, it is essential to know the differences between them.

  • Football Cleats: Are made exclusively for forward movements. For this, they come with a front toe stud that other cleats do not have. This stud renders the desired level of traction. The stud is screwed in and is bladed for giving extra traction as well as speed, particularly in poor conditions. However, this does not necessarily make these cleats ideal for an ultimate frisbee player. These cleats are usually heavier and are designed as mid- or high-cut, signifying that shoe is higher surrounding the ankle for giving extra support. However, this benefit comes at the cost of maneuverability to some extent.
  • Soccer Cleats: Are highly versatile and ideal for the ultimate frisbee sport in most cases. They are lighter than football cleats and feature a lower cut for instant direction change and agile movement. The lightweight also minimizes exhaustion of ankles and legs. Studs are typically round and more widely spaced, an ideal feature for more stability as well as maneuverability. It is also responsible for preventing much grass and dirt from being caught in the studs. Soccer low-cut cleats are not for those who have an ankle/foot injury or weak ankles.
  • Lacrosse Cleats: Are analogous to soccer cleats but have more ankle support as well as general protection. These cleats are a bit heavy and come with low and high tops. This means you can choose the one that fits well. A low top is ideal for those who do not want support. While the front toe stud is missing, you can expect genuinely good traction.

Most players of ultimate frisbee use soccer cleats that come with rubber or plastic round studs. These ensure quick release and speed both of which are essential for this sport. Soccer and lacrosse cleats come with tough molded soles that are ideal on hard fields such as artificial grass. These cleats are also more affordable than cleats with screw-in studs.

For choosing the right cleats, you need to consider the type of play surface. For dry fields, it is wise to go with the bladed studs, as the space between them gives more traction. On the other hand, on wet fields, round cleats are ideal, as they facilitate pivoting smoothly and reduce the injury risk on soft fields.

Which kind of studs should I choose?

Yes, considering studs is important, as it is what that makes the shoes stable. In absence of good studs or even studs, you will keep slipping frequently as if you have worn regular shoes. This is something that you will surely not like it, right?

Cleats or studs come in different sizes and shapes. A few are longer, some are more spherical, and many have a square shape. Each one of them has a specific purpose.

  • Long: A longer stud is ideal on a surface that is softer, has pristine grass, or is usually wet. This is because such conditions demand cleat that can profoundly go down into the ground without you getting caught during turns.
  • Short, More Rounded: Such a stud is ideal for hard ground. It will not penetrate deeply into the ground such that it will drag itself. As a result, you are ensured of stability due to which the risk of injury is minimal with a coarser build that can handle a rough condition.
  • Neutral or Normal: Such a stud is a ‘firm ground’ cleat and is ideal on normal, firm ground types. However, this does not mean that it is just basic in terms of functionality. It is also functional when the weather is somewhat dry or damp, giving you enough grip and safety. Thus, it is a preferred cleat type.
  • Hard: This stud is ideal of hard and artificial surfaces.
  • Bladed: This stud is ideal for improved traction and speed.

Kindly note that metal studs are not for ultimate frisbee cleats. While they are used at higher levels in some sports, most tournaments do not endorse them. This is because their use can prove to be harmful.

You should also check out the design of studs. There are just two options here namely, screwable and permanent. The former design is more common in football boots, while the latter one is seen on molded cleats for soccer or lacrosse. Both are fine for ultimate frisbee but the permanent one is more desirable.

Which size should I choose?

Logically, you should choose a size that fits your feet well and maintains the same while playing ultimate frisbee. It should not be too loose or too tight or else mobility will not be maintained. While buying online, consider choosing .5 more than the feet size for a great fit. For soccer cleats, experts recommend choosing one size bigger than your usual shoe size.

What should be the weight of my ultimate frisbee cleats?

Football cleats weigh much more, while soccer cleats are lighter due to a narrower midsole as well as a soft upper. If you wish to have football cleats, consider a low-cut version. This is because such cleats are as light as soccer cleats. Whether you should go with light or more weight is the matter of your preferences and play style.

Which cleats have a high risk of triggering an injury?

Generally, a low-cut soccer cleat with round rubber or plastic studs is ideal for ultimate frisbee. The low-cut cleat is not weak or injured ankles, as it will not provide sufficient support. For these people, mid-cut or high-cut cleats are ideal for safety.

These cleats prevent unnecessary moving, which is required if you are injured. It also protects your ankles while turning and jumping on the field. They are usually heavier and a bit more constraining to support your ankles.

While mid cuts offer greater support to ankle and foot although being heavy, high cuts constraint movement up to an extent. For good ankle health, it is okay to compromise agility.

How to choose cleats as per weather condition?

In case of rain and snow, the ground is soft. On such a ground, soft cleats are ideal. This is because they offer the desired traction, mobility, and protection by implementing a mix of cones and blades. If you wish to have all-weather cleats, it is wise to choose cleats with detachable studs to enjoy the best of both worlds. You can space and move studs for a variety of playing conditions.

Which type of cleat cut is ideal for me?

The cut of a cleat is another main factor to consider. Also known as the top or style, the cut is low, high, or mid.

  • High Top: Choose it if your ankle has suffered from an injury before or is feeble. By going up as high as the heel, such a cut provides more ankle safety and give a more locked feel inside the shoe. However, such a cut is heavier and a bit suffocating.
  • Low Top: This is the opposite of a high cut, as it gives much more freedom of movement. It is also more flexible and pretty fast when used with a lighter weight cleat. Nevertheless, that ankle protection is not there.
  • Mid Cut: This cut sites between the above two cuts. While it is not as free as the low cut, it is also not suffocating as the high cut. It is also not super heavy or super light. It is just an all-round cut that can serve anybody well. If you are confused with which cut you should go, consider this one.

Which cleat material is ideal for me?

The studs of cleats are made up of either metal, plastic, or rubber. Metal should be overlooked, as it can end up harming you physically. Just focus on rubber and plastic materials. Both of them are lighter than metal. Choosing one of the two is a matter of preferences and priorities.

Which cleats can give me the best traction?

Traction is perhaps one of the primary features to consider. Cutting and jumping is perhaps an integral part of ultimate frisbee. The rounded studs seen on many soccer cleats are capable of giving the best traction, especially for cutting in multiple directions. Blade-like flatter studs are ideal for side-to-side cutting.


You should choose a pair of ultimate frisbee cleats that ensures comfort, ankle safety, traction, and durability. If you are buying for the first time, it may not be easy to pick the right ultimate frisbee cleats. However, it is actually not as difficult as it might look.

By identifying and understanding the main types of cleats and each of their parts and other aspects, your selection process becomes smoother. However, at the core of this process are your play style and requirements. For each player, there is a great pair of cleats waiting for you out there. Through this post, you will surely get it in less time.

Of all the cleats reviewed here, we highly recommend the Adidas Performance for serious adult players. At an affordable rate, this pair of soccer cleats are light, stylish, and durable. It provides improved agility, anti-slippery, and high traction design, and wear resistance.