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Ultimate frisbee is a popular game due to its healthy, amusing, and minimalistic play. There is no need of any special gear to carry; all you need is a small, hand-friendly disc, cleats and at the most gloves to go out in an open area to play even if there are two players.

With just these things in hands, the game engages all body muscles while giving you a cool opportunity to foster your relationship with family and friends. This gives you a great workout. At the same time, you make new friends and learn the importance of teamwork.

Above all, the playing rules are easy to understand and follow. Due to these critical benefits, people of all ages love this game and look for a great frisbee disc. For maximum fun and flexible performance, it is essential to choose the most suitable frisbee disc.

est Ultimate Frisbee Discs

A frisbee, also known as a flying disc, is usually a plastic toy made up of plastic for the sake of playing easiness. Its typical size is approximately within 8 to 10 inches. While it is mainly for recreational purpose, the disc is also used for getting between two groups during an aggressive tournament match.

Many amateurs think that any disc or ring will do for this game. While that is fine for the first-time experience, it is not advisable for those who wish to master the game or gain a competitive edge.

This is because a great disc is the key to great performance. This is regardless of the disc purpose, which can be for competition, simply tossing around with friends, or just playing with your pet.

This post aims to guide you on how to select the most suitable ultimate frisbee disc by reviewing the top 5 discs and sharing the buying factors.


5 Best Ultimate Frisbee Discs Reviews

Wham-O Ultimate Flying Disc Frisbee

Wham-O Ultimate Frisbee 175g, 3 Pack, One of Each Color

Wham-O is perhaps an esteemed and traditional name in the world of ultimate frisbee discs. This frisbee disc from Wham-O signifies an American icon and is tagged as a must-have disc for fun or learning.

It is designed to function reliably in all weather conditions while mainlining a balanced distance. This significantly contributes to a great speed, flying height, and ability to float as per your throws.

According to many customers, the disc works well amidst medium windy conditions and even on a beach apart from in a park or yard. With it, you can easily master hammers and flicks with unbelievable control. You can easily rely on this frisbee disc for precise and long throws.

Another striking feature of this Ultimate Frisbee disc is its regulation weight/size. The disc’s size is 175g, which is a perfect weight for this game. The disc is also available in a set of three different colors.


  • Official shape and size
  • Sturdy material
  • Soft and stable
  • Long-distance coverage
  • Comfortable rim
  • Convenient catch
  • Steady flying speed
  • Balance in all weather conditions
  • Affordable


  • Less grippy
  • Somewhat heavy for kids
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Discraft Ultra-Star 175g Ultimate Frisbee Sport Disc (6 Pack)

Discraft 175 gram Ultra Star Sport Disc, Bright Orange

The Discraft Ultra-star ultimate frisbee disc is the officially used in the USA Ultimate Championship Series. The Esquire magazine has listed it as one of the 31 things men should have. Leaving Wham-O behind, Discraft has set the world standard for Ultimate. So, isn’t it wise to have a set of these discs for fun, learning, and mastering the game skills?

With an ideal mix of trendy looks, stability, and speed, this disc is for the professionals. The disc is ideal for balance and distance. The cotton-weight round disc enters the air at a speed and arrives into the hands just as easily as a pigeon comes down.

The bird-like flying motion is truly acceptable while traveling from one hand to another. All thanks to the aerodynamic power that this disc possesses.

The advanced plastic material with a catch-friendly edge pleases the professional players. It is soft and flexible enough to ensure a smooth catch. Its stability tends to boost your confidence while throwing amidst the gales, as there is no possibility of lifting and dropping.

You can rely on it for trick shots too. The ultra-dynamic workmanship and a favorable outline for a better grip are also its bestsellers. The propelling state is good while circumnavigating of its axis shows a striking hue wave.

Further, the make is such that the disc reaches the exact point while throwing at a target. You can expect zero miss-throwing rates. The official weight of 175 grams makes it comfortable to throw and catch the disc. Casually holding its contoured grip makes you throw in a slide motion.

In short, the consistency, quality, and performance of this disc will leave you amazed. It is perhaps the reason why it is named Ultra-star!

You can buy a set of six discs all in one color or each in a different color. All the discs come in Ultra Violet (UV), which means it will turn purple in sunlight for clear visibility. You can even play with them in the dark if you choose the Glow style.


  • Official size and shape
  • Stable
  • Soft and flexible
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Smooth flying speed
  • Grippy contouring
  • Durable
  • Withstands dog’s bites
  • Ideal for both beginners and advanced
  • Several color choices
  • Affordable


  • Somewhat heavy for kids
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Innova Big Kahuna Heavyweight Ultimate Throw and Catch Disc

Innova Big Kahuna 200 Gram Heavyweight Ultimate Throw and Catch Disc-Tiki Black

This is the disc for those who are practicing and want to face more difficulties or challenges to become a master. This is exactly the reason why this one weighs more than the official weight; it weighs 200 grams.

This weight is beneficial in the sense that it can withstand high winds and powerful throws. This makes it an ideal option on a windy beach day or for preparing for a tournament. The disc comes with additional thickness around the outside due to which it is easier to catch with one hand and study new throws.

With 23.5cm in diameter, this disc is truly not that small as you would expect it to be. However, the visual, as well as the functional appeal, covers it. The disc has some appealing Maori-type artwork featuring original designs in vibrant colors. The artwork is a mix of ultimate frisbee play and Maori-like design.

The different colors include basic black, blue, green, pink, yellow, and white. Each is stamped with a complex Big Kahuna shape. Coming to the build, it is overall sturdy due to hard plastic. Well, hard plastic and heavyweight are just not suitable for grannies or kids.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Heavy for facing winds
  • Durable
  • Great balance, speed, and grip
  • Soft
  • Long flights
  • Easier throws
  • Non-toxic plastic
  • Many color choices
  • Value for money


  • Not for kids or amateurs due to the weight
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Nite Ize Flashflight LED Light Up Flying Disc

Nite Ize Flashflight LED Flying Disc, Light up the Dark for Night Games, 185g, Disc-O

This is an innovative disc that keeps the game going even after sunset, which is appealing to all serious players. Designed with a color-changing LED light that strikes on battery power, the disc allows making the most of the outside time for both fun and sport. The different colors to choose include red, blue, and green, any of which deliver a glowing and a bright look.

The lights extend from the middle of the disc to its rim to illuminate the whole disc. Well, this is the brainchild of a professional ultimate player who has designed it by employing a mesh of patented fiber optics that reaches the edge while the full surface keeps lighting upon its orbit.

The disc illuminates from every angle without compromising the tactful balance so that it can fly coherently. The disc weighs 180 grams, which puts it into the category of medium weight. Regarding performance, you seriously will never complain.

You can rely on it for a long, straight flight with consistent balance. If you love to play near a water body, you will be happy to know that the disc floats in water. The overall build is sturdy and lasting. The diameter of 10-5/8” is standard.


  • Light
  • Designed for playing even in the night
  • Aerodynamic design
  • LED glow
  • Non-toxic plastic
  • Grippy for quick catches
  • Resistant to water; floating ability
  • Slim rim for ease of balance, throw, and catch
  • Available in different colors
  • Durable


  • A bit pricier than other glowing discs
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SLR Brands 175-gram Star Sport Glow In the Dark Flying Disc Frisbee

SLR Brands 175 gram Star Sport Glow In the Dark Flying Disc Frisbee

This one is a more affordable option than the Nite Ize disc. Unlike the latter, this one illuminates naturally without any LEDs or batteries and has regulation weight. Unlike other glowing discs that come with weighted LEDs, this one features non-toxic chemicals including the glow-in-dark phosphors that charge in sunlight and then change to yellow-green illumination in the dark.

The flying disc is made using hard yet supple plastic that can retain the disc’s shape over time while keeping warping or breaking away. This means you no longer need to be bothered about the bends or cracks.

At the same time, it does not hurt anyone should it come into the contract with anyone. You can even use this disc with your dog. The regulation weight of 175 grams ensures consistency in each throw you make. This is partly due to the evenly balanced design.

The disc is also safe to use amidst water, as it has no electronic parts such as LEDs to result in shocks. Even if you leave it in the rain, the glow will continue to be as bright as before.


  • Super light
  • Bright glow in the dark
  • Sturdy build
  • Great long throws
  • Flying like an eagle
  • Non-toxic materials
  • Throwing and catching tips included
  • Safe for kids
  • Affordable


  • A bit pricier than other ultimate frisbee discs
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How to Choose the Best Ultimate Frisbee Disc

There are a few options when it comes to buying an ultimate frisbee disc, which ranges right from soft-edged kid-friendly options to those coming in a set. Knowing only this much can tell you that buying a disc for this game is not buying any disc. It is all about buying a disc that is right for you.

Here, ‘right’ refers to the ability of the promising disc to fulfill most or all your requirements as well as is economically viable. Well, the good news is that most ultimate frisbee discs are affordable. This simply increases the number of choices for you.

To narrow it down, you should focus on features or specifications such as weight, throw and catch quality, speed, and durability. These are nothing but the buying factors to consider for assessing how well a specific disc meets your requirements. Following are these buying factors to consider:

Is the ultimate frisbee safe?

The game by itself is safe, provided you choose the right frisbee disc. If the players are kids and the elderly, it should not weigh such that it ends up hurting someone at the time of catching. Otherwise, the risk of impact injury will always be there. For competition purposes, rules or regulations regarding the size and weight are already in place.

For a safe play, it is essential to have a playing area that has no hurdles or obstacles. It is also vital to remain alert to prevent yourself from running into other players.

Should I choose a frisbee disc as per the playing skills or expertise?

It is wise to do so. This is because some frisbee discs are meant exclusively for professionals. They are the ones used in official tournaments and leagues. Now, such discs are just not right for the amateurs or kids who are just learners, not masters. So, choosing a frisbee disc as per the skill level is a rational approach.

What is the ideal weight of ultimate frisbee disc?

Weight of a frisbee disc is an important factor to consider, as it matters for some reasons. After all, it contributes to a smooth throw.

If the players are kids, it is unwise to invest in a big and bulky disc. This is because such a disc is likely to hurt if it hits someone. For kids and elderly with physical issues, a softer and lighter disc is an ideal choice.

For adults who are mastering or preparing for competitions, a heavy frisbee disc is ideal. This is especially essential if you will be playing amidst winds or strong breeze outside. This is because such a disc can withstand winds and robust throws.

Weight also contributes to the overall feel and balance. It needs to be evenly distributed so that the disc glides smoothly via air. If the weight is too less making a disc very lightweight, it can easily change the flying course even with a little breeze.

For ultimate Frisbee, discs for competition tend to have a regulation weight of 175 grams. Different discs such as Discraft Ultra-star, Innova, Wham-O, and Daredevil weigh 175 grams. However, you will come across over-weighted frisbee discs that cannot be a part of any official tournament. Still, it is worth thinking about the standard weight, which is not mandatory for recreation.

What should be the style of my ultimate frisbee disc?

When it comes to buying the best ultimate frisbee disc, style is not an important factor to consider. However, there is nothing wrong with investing in a stylish model that has a visual appeal. Nevertheless, style is not only confined to appearance.

Frisbee discs in a bright color are just not only neat to glance at but are also easier to spot when thrown out of range. Just imagine how difficult it would be for you to spot a disc of the same color as that of the floor or ground. So, it is wise to choose a super colorful or a bright-colored disc.

For better visibility in any area, makers provide frisbee discs in different bright colors such as neon yellow, fluorescent orange, and bright violet. You can easily see them as they fly high.

Which color should I choose for my ultimate frisbee disc?

Interestingly, color is an important factor to consider while buying your frisbee disc. Do not go for a too bright color, as its lightening can disrupt the game by reflecting sunlight. This can hamper your catching ability. So, it is ideal to choose a color that has no effect of reflection on your eyes.

How should the rim edge be?

While there are no standard specifications for the edge, it is recommended to have a deep one. The edge around the exterior needs to be profound enough to catch your fingers once the disc is thrown to you. Such an ideal edge is a part of the Discraft’s ultimate frisbee discs.

How should throwability and forgivability of an ultimate frisbee disc be?

These two factors are worth considering if you truly want to master the game. When it comes to throwability, you should be able to flick it a mile (okay, this is a hyperbole)! You can throw it forehand, backhand, and in all other expected ways without losing the grip. In terms of forgivability, the disc should be able to adjust or fix itself when in the air.

Which is the right material of which my ultimate frisbee disc should be made?

The build material is one of the most critical factors to consider while buying your frisbee disc. Almost all frisbee discs are made up of plastic. This is because plastic is the perfect material for these rings due to its high level of durability. It is also responsible for lightweight and resistance to breaking.

While most discs are made using hard plastic, a few are composed of hi-tech plastic, which is in accordance with the throwing standard. To choose the right plastic, just ensure that the disc adheres to the standard weight and a satisfactory level of durability. For this, it is essential to go through the customer reviews.

Hard plastic makes frisbee discs resistant to weather, as the material does not rust or corrode. Thus, hard plastic durable. Water will not be a problem for most frisbees, and that a few can even float. Therefore, you can easily use them near pools, lakes, and beaches.

However, it should be noted that some types of hard plastics are prone to cracking if they are kept out in freezing temperatures. Still, frisbee discs are durable. If you have one such disc, you can store it inside to keep degrading at bay when not in use.

Discs made exclusively for kids are usually made up of fabric components. These discs are somewhat less resistant to wear, tear, and weather elements. This is because those components of fabric are less durable than plastic. However, they are soft enough to prevent hurting any kid while tossing around the ring.

Thus, frisbee discs are made up of different materials. No single type of material or make is better than another. What shall work for you is significantly dependent on who will be using the disc and for what it will be used?

How should be the grip of my ultimate frisbee disc?

As an ultimate frisbee disc’s main job is to allow great throws and catches, the catching grip is certainly an important factor to consider. This grip is only possible if the rim is in good shape for an easy catch. If the disc’s gripping edge makes it difficult to capture, the disc is likely to fall during a fast throw.

On the other hand, a comfortable grip enables you to throw with confidence and catch with more ease than usual. A few discs come with grippy texturing on their edges due to which it becomes effortless to have a firm hold for the purpose of throwing.

There are a few models whose edges are soft enough to ensure proper grip. At the same time, they are less hurtful in case an impact takes place.

The ease of gripping is essential for a balanced as well as a smooth throw over the invading foe in the match. In short, the lip should make gripping easy and smooth while giving a soft, comfy feel during throws and catches. To know whether a chosen disc has this grip or not, do not only go through the product description but also through the customers’ reviews.

How should be the frisbee disc’s flying balance?

A disc’s flying balance is reliant on its design as well as weight. The entire pleasure of the game is typically on the flying balance that maintains the disc straight and stable while in the air. Thus, it is ideal to look for a satisfactory flying balance, which most discs will be able to give you.

Should I choose a pet-proof ultimate frisbee disc?

Yes, if you will be throwing around in the presence of your dog! There are some dog-friendly options that are highly resistant to punctures. If the dog is small in age or is okay to not have any hard jig, it is wise to select a disc that is made using a softer and more supple build material.

Some of these pet-oriented discs are exclusively designed using a dog-friendly color. This means that your pet will easily spot it even if the target or throw is not fine. However, a frisbee disc is not a chew toy but is a tossing tool. To ensure that your pet does not chew it, just supervise the little one when playing with the disc.

What are the benefits of light up or glowing ultimate frisbee disc?

A frisbee disc with a glow or an integrated LED light is ideal for sustaining the fun or practice outdoors even when the sun has gone down. It is easier to spot these discs when it gets dark. Thus, they are ideal for nocturnal practices.

However, those with LEDs will need frequent replacement of batteries. The catch here is that not all LED-based discs come with a replaceable or removable battery. Thus, once the battery is dead, you have no option other than buying a new disc.

To eliminate this issue for you, there are discs that do not come with LEDs but with special materials that take care of lighting the whole disc after receiving the solar energy when exposed to sunlight. These discs work by changing the color once the sun goes down the horizon.

What is the difference between a standard dollar store type and regulation type discs?

The ultimate frisbee game needs a disc having a regulation weight of 175 grams. These discs are heavier than the conventional frisbee discs due to which you can throw them further away.

How do I choose a quality ultimate frisbee disc?

By looking at the first time, it is difficult to say whether the quality of that disc is great or not. Further, as several frisbee discs come into the category of the same price range, it is challenging to examine quality just on price. Thus, you need to look for some telltale indicators informing that a disc is less durable or is constructed poorly.

The best indicator? Just throw! Just toss it safely in the air and see how nicely it flies. If the course gets curved due to some reason or if the disc comes down immediately, it is just not worth your money.

These discs are of poor build quality and are mostly accessible through the dollar store. They are also likely to have jagged edges, which may end up hurting at the time of catching.

Another cool indicator? Just drop it onto the ground! If it cracks, it is truly a low-quality disc. A good-quality frisbee disc is the one that can endure a moderate degree of impact without cracking, hurting, or breaking.

Lightweight discs are suitable up to a certain extent, especially if the players are kids. However, do not choose a disc that is as light as a feather. This is because such a disc will not fly good and will tremble excessively if thrown on a windy day. Avoid such a disc if you wish to have a genuine ultimate frisbee experience.


A traditional yard game of ultimate frisbee is even today an ideal way to remain active and have fun and bonding with friends and families. For this fun, it is worth choosing a balanced, smoothly flying, and catch-friendly disc. All these qualities are present in the Discraft’s Ultra-star 175g disc. We highly recommend starting with it whether it is for the purpose of fun or learning.