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Is the cold weather making it challenging for you to hold the disc unfalteringly? Is it so that your hand sweats significantly during the ultimate frisbee session? To overcome both these issues, the only solution is to have a pair of quality gloves for ultimate frisbee.

The game of ultimate frisbee demands quick and agile hands for the purpose of tossing and grabbing a flying disc at a great speed. This is where the best ultimate frisbee gloves play an important role.

It is a fact that a long debate has been done on whether these gloves are worth the money or are truly better than uncovered hands while playing the game. It had started when the first pair of gloves were introduced in the market.

best Ultimate Frisbee gloves

Thus, it is not surprising to have some truly supporting or opposing opinions. However, these opinions cannot neglect the fact that the right pair of gloves do help in improving the game even by a bit. It does not make any major difference to have them or not if the playing conditions are perfect.

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However, in rougher conditions, their presence makes a big difference. Some examples of such conditions include raining or snowing, morning dew on the disc, and sweating hands. Obviously, some people wish to have the disc’s feel and sting on their skin, which is also fine too! So, it is all a matter of personal preference.

This post is aimed to help you in choosing the best ultimate frisbee gloves by sharing the reviews of 5 top gloves and describing its buying factors.

2021’s 5 Best Ultimate Frisbee Gloves Reviews

CFTech Cycling Gloves Touchscreen Ultimate Frisbee Gloves for Men and Women

CFTech Cycling Gloves Touchscreen Ultimate Frisbee Gloves Non-Slip Flexible Thin Workout Gloves for Men Women (Grey, M)

Consider this pair of gloves if you are getting started to learn the game and expect to catch without being sticky, keep hands cool under the sun, and defend hands from hard throws and crisp cold breezes. It is a stretchable and comfortable pair for all learners who want to be masters.

The design features a fragrant material that stretches well around the fingers and hands to ensure a comfortable fit. The ultra-stretch material grips the wrists and the hands’ rear to trigger a unified as well as a non-intrusive feel.

These thin gloves feature the gripping material due to which you can expect better catches as well as throws on the gloves’ front area. They also aid to have a better catch control and a longer throwing distance. The additional grip ensures increased rotation on release for giving you more accuracy, higher speed, and a longer distance of your throw.

The gloves are designed using a breathable ice silk material that maintains cool hands and lighter weight.  The palm features a non-skid silicone material due to which you can handle the disc better than before and experience easier catches and throws than uncovered hands, especially when the weather conditions are unfavorable. The silicone material also lasts well against mud, grass, and turf.

Unlike other gloves for ultimate frisbee, this pair comes with the conductive coating on the index finger. This allows using the touch-screen smartphones without removing the gloves. Well, this is what is known as the fingertip touch screen technology.

As per the manufacturer, it is an all-weather pair that withstands sweat, snow, wind, and rain without reducing grip and control. However, the grip is not that good in wet conditions.


  • Light
  • High quality
  • Good fit
  • Good grip and traction
  • Good flick
  • Non-slippery
  • Breathable and stretchy
  • Tactile
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Durable
  • Available in three colors
  • Most economical option at present


  • Not for use in wet conditions, as not resistant to water
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Layout Ultimate Frisbee Gloves

Layout Ultimate Frisbee Gloves - Ultimate Grip and Friction to Enhance Your Game! (M)

Layout Ultimate is one of the highly trusted brands in the ultimate frisbee world. After all, it was founded by a man named Jake who had 13 years of experience of playing this game. He has been manufacturing the ultimate frisbee gear with the guidance of some of the top participants in the American Ultimate Disc League (AUDL). This pair of gloves is certainly not an exception.

Consider this pair if your hands get sweaty and sore or you usually play in a cold, snowy, frozen, or wet area. The combination of great build and tough materials delivers the best performance. It is built using synthetic leather that encompasses all areas of gloves where the disc will come into contact. This includes the area from fingertips to the palm.

The material is highly withstanding amidst grass, turf, and mud. It also delivers more friction and grip to ensure a great control over the disc. Upon wearing this pair, you can have better release rotation, which means high precision, distance, as well as the speed of your throw.

A distinct design quickly gains your attention, which is on the glove’s middle finger. This is where an extra grip is employed for more control over the flick. This is known as the flip-grip technology, which translates to more rotations, more disc spins, and more precise longer throws.

Apart from such great performing features, the Layout Ultimate gloves also have features ensuring comfort. The gloves are thick enough to have enough padding for defending hands from the impact of a capture of a swift flying disc.

Further, the gloves are light enough to eliminate any feeling of burden or stress on your hands. This along with the breathable mesh rear keeps your hand cool and relaxed.

It is true that these gloves do not absorb rainwater due to which friction may decrease. However, they do not become fully watered down and give better performance by wiping them frequently.


  • Light
  • Superior fit
  • Ideal for all weather conditions, except during heavy rains
  • Tackier than friction gloves
  • Great grip and friction during improved flicks
  • Resistance to tear; durable
  • Breathable
  • Washable in a machine
  • Affordable



  • Velcro likely to come off after much use
  • Not fully resistant to water
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Friction Gloves Ultimate Frisbee Gloves

Friction 3 (Men's Large)

Consider this pair of gloves if your hands sweat just too much while playing the ultimate frisbee game or wish to improve your throwing and catching skills. This one is perhaps one of the best friction glove pairs in the market.

Friction Gloves as a brand is one of the esteemed names admired for its high-quality sports gear. It is the pioneer of friction gloves. This one is just a testimony of how an ideal friction glove pair can be – with a grip on throwing fingers, double stitching on top palm area, protective padding, and a versatile stretch mechanism at the thumb line for improved throwing abilities.

This pair of gloves come with rubberized palms as well as fingers due to which you can throw and catch your disc with great precision. Further, you can expect a superb grip as well as control during these movements in any weather condition. There is truly no weather condition in which you cannot enjoy grip with control.

The rubberized areas are also responsible for improved spins, better accuracy, and longer throws. A unique feature of this pair is its 4-way crease design in the thumb area, which ensures more mobility as well as agility to the hand and fingers. The design keeps webbing away once the hand is opened fully.

Further, the top palm area is reinforced with adequate cushioning and support material to improve the overall performance while eliminating all injury risks during an aggressive play.

This cushioning and support make the gloves durable. In simple words, they are resistant to breaking even if the game turns intense. The distinct patterns on the leather areas ensure that water does not affect the tackiness or stickiness.


  • Better throw and catches with an ideal mix of grip and friction
  • No webbing as the thumb can stretch in different ways
  • No injury due to proper cushioning
  • Ideal for all weather conditions
  • Great grip and control in any condition
  • Durable; resistance to breaking
  • Affordable


  • Somewhat less tacky as well as stretchable
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Cutter 3S Ultimate Frisbee Gloves by Mint Ultimate

Mint Ultimate Cutter 3S (L)

This popular pair of gloves is known for its innovative design. It is made using the same synthetic leather like that of the Layout gloves, which makes the palms and fingers hold the disc. The material is soft, but it paves way for a superb grip.

These are friction gloves that make catching and throwing better in dry as well as wet conditions. In wet or rainy conditions, the water stimulates the synthetic leather material to trigger the desired holding effect.

The pair is designed to be highly tacky for ensuring secured catching and handling. Regardless of how swift a disc flies, it will be held nicely upon catching it. Unlike other tacky options, these ones do not stick to the disc at the time of throwing.

Rather, they boost the grip level for delivering a higher rotational speed as well as stability level while flying in the wind. The tackiness comes from the employed MAXX Tack grip technology.

The gloves boast a strong synthetic construction due to which they remain intact even after extensive annual use. This construction also helps in maintain tackiness by instantly absorbing moisture.

The rear of gloves features Coolflex, a material that keeps your hands comfy and cool while delivering a good fit. In cold weather, the same material keeps your hands warm and fingers agile. Thus, this contributes to different flexible movements during the play.

Further, for protecting your hands from the disc impact, internal padding exists at the border of fingers and palm. The fingertips are also folded for the seam to follow the tips to keep away any extra fabric coming in the way. This gives an additional surface area for holding the disc comfortably.

Unlike other gloves, these ones have a low-profile design for removing wrist tension and facilitating unlimited motion. In addition, the toweled thumb acts as a soft surface for cleaning the sweat area.


  • Thinner than many gloves
  • Low-profile design for unlimited movements
  • High tackiness
  • Snug fit
  • Super cool feeling in hands
  • Highly flexible
  • Ideal for wet and dry conditions
  • Lots of grip


  • A bit pricey
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Huck Nation Dominator Ultimate Frisbee Gloves

2021's Best Ultimate Frisbee Gloves : Reviews & Buyer's Guide 1

Consider this pair if you are looking for a more affordable option than Mint gloves and more dexterity than the Layout gloves but without compromising the wanted additional grip even during sweat.

This pair is the latest generation of ultimate frisbee gloves by Huck Nation. Belonging to the Dominator’s collection, it comes with the highest level of dexterity as well as delivers the most natural feel. The design is the outcome of the suggestions and feedbacks of hundreds of handlers and ultimate frisbee players.

This Dominator glove features a seamless design due to which it renders a near skin-like association with the disc. Huck Nation is the only brand to employ a coated design in its gloves. In this design, its polymer coating has undergone four rounds of treatment to have an optimal skin-like feel.

Replacing stitching, coating paves a way for more direct contact with the circular disc surface on all hand areas. A high-tech three-fiber weave ensures outstanding dexterity, breathability, durability, and flexibility. This is a noteworthy improvement over the second-generation’s fiber weave.

The gloves also possess a special area known as the attack spot between the forefinger and thumb. This area is much tackier to stop the disc’s rotation and then facilitate more secure catches.

The placement of this spot is so wise that it does not meddle with throws while optimizing the catches. It also provides additional strength to an otherwise susceptible area of all gloves. The thumb join’s crevice also comes with fortified grip and padding layer.

The wristband is made using a soft fabric that can wick moisture to prevent sweat from reaching the palm. This along with the breathable coating of polymer on palm and fingers provide an almost dry surface even if it is hot or raining.

The wrist straps have a low-abrasion Velcro with double hooks to ensure a secure hold and snag-free experience.


  • Light
  • Nice fit
  • Secure and comfortable in rainy, humid, and cold conditions
  • Breathable
  • Great grip and dexterity
  • Easy to wash
  • Affordable


  • Not that durable
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How to Choose the Best Ultimate Frisbee Gloves

The market is offering some durable and functional ultimate frisbee gloves. When it is the matter of selecting the best gloves for ultimate frisbee, you will come across differing opinions. While some would blindly choose the conventional golf gloves or football receiver gloves, the rest of them prefer those exclusive high friction gloves.

You will even find people saying that gloves should not be a part of this game. Still, if you have decided to go with the best ultimate frisbee gloves, it is wise focusing on the key features or qualities. These qualities will aid you in boosting grip and improve both throws and catches in wet, hot, dry, and cold conditions.

These features are nothing but the buying factors for you to consider. Just keep in mind that each pair of gloves differ in terms of these features. Similarly, each buyer also differs in terms of budget and requirements. So, no single pair of ultimate frisbee gloves is the best for all buyers or players.

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The best pair is the one that closely or exactly fulfills the requirements of a buyer by providing the desired features and performance.

Below are the factors to consider in the form of answers to commonly asked questions related to ultimate frisbee gloves. These factors allow mapping the features with your requirements to choose the most comfortable, durable, and grippy pair.

How should be the design of my ultimate frisbee gloves?

A simple answer to this question is the unlimited range of motions. The design of your ultimate frisbee gloves should be such that it is possible to grip the disc in different ways as well as using various movements. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, this is essential to improve your catching and throwing performance.

Another design aspect to consider for performance is stretchability. Prior to investing in the gloves of your choice, check whether the pair is stretchable or no. It is essential to have a stretchable pair to move your hands, wrists, and fingers without any limitation.

Usually, the gloves must possess an ideal shape to stick to your hands until above the fingers. For this purpose, most makers tend to use soft and supple materials for producing the ultimate frisbee gloves. Nevertheless, there are times when players may decide to give up some softness to get other features.

You should also look for some design-related features. The gloves you choose need to be anti-slippery and tacky. However, they should not be much tacky or else they will adversely affect the disc release as well as its path.

Further, as the knitted cuffs are quite loose to be reliable or are comparatively heavy, a Velcro strap should be there for keeping the gloves intact on hands. Lastly, you need to focus on the handgrip, which can improve the disc grip. These gloves should not be slippery when wet.

While most makers add a couple of design features to improve the grip, it is wise to cross-check the same by going through the customer reviews.

How thick should be the ultimate frisbee gloves?

The thickness of the ultimate frisbee gloves is an important factor to consider. The gloves must not be as thick as those of goalkeepers. This is essential for retaining fingers nimble. You may choose a thinner pair of gloves to enjoy a lighter feel and stress-free game.

However, even this pair needs to have a proper amount of thickness for absorbing the frisbee impact. For this purpose, most gloves are made using soft synthetic leather and come with additional interior padding to defend the catching areas of the hand.

How is the performance of the best ultimate frisbee gloves?

The best ultimate frisbee gloves are durable and perform well during any weather. They can endure rain, humidity, moisture, snow, cold, sleet, and chilly conditions. For this purpose, they are usually composed of high-quality materials that can endure even the wear and tear from frequent use apart from weather abuse.

When it is cold or winter, these gloves give warmth. Similarly, during warm or summer, they keep the hands away from being soaked. Then, during rain or drizzles, they usually prevent the accumulation of water in the interior or prevent rainwater itself from seeping inside.

Ideally, the best gloves need to be resistant to water as well as wear and tear. However, the fact is that most gloves are not resistant to water. Still, they are reliable to use in rain, as wiping water frequently can make them perform well.

The best gloves are made to last for years. A sturdy build is required for such durability.

Can all players use the ultimate frisbee gloves?

A straightforward answer is yes! Whether amateurs or professionals, all players should be able to use the gloves comfortably as well as efficiently. However, for that, the manual instructions need to be simple and clear for users of all levels. In simple words, even school students should be able to use the gloves.

Should I buy friction gloves?

Well, there are a few reasons for choosing friction gloves for playing ultimate frisbee. The primary reason is your hands’ protection. This is important if you know what it means to catch a frisbee coming at you at a speed of 20 mph with bare hands.

During cold days, playing outside would mean numb and cold hands. The solution to overcome this is to get a good pair of friction gloves and give adequate protection to your fingers.

The other important reason for having one such glove pair is improved catching and throwing actions. Friction gloves ensure superb throws and better catching accuracy without bothering about cuts in fingers.

Friction gloves can give the grip on the disc that only subtly curated gloves can give. They are made using materials that deliver the ultimate grip and facilitate the best catches as well as throws. These gloves also improve performance in all weather conditions. So, it is a good idea to go with a pair of friction gloves.


Finally, it all comes down to what you want or prefer and how serious the game is for you. In case you are skeptical, it is recommended trying one or more ultimate frisbee gloves reviewed above while playing in an unfavorable condition such as rain or sweat. Using gloves gives you more grip for improved performance in dry or wet conditions, limits or averts pain in hands while playing for continuously for hours.

While you may love to play with uncovered hands even in rains, wearing the best ultimate frisbee gloves significantly boosts both grip and performance. The best pair maximizes the chances of grabbing the tough catches and throwing hard and long even in a skiddy and wet condition.

For reaching the next level of your game and keeping the concluding points under focus, we recommend starting with the gloves of CFTech if you will not play with it in rain. They are thin, durable, and offer super grip but are just not resistant to water. This is also the issue with other gloves reviewed here. However, it is just reliable to get started and master the throws and catches!