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Wiffle ball is one of the most loved summer games that most of us have played as kids. The game is preferable more for kids so that they can master eye-hand coordination with the help of the bat and get started with basic baseball skills.

If you are looking for the best wiffle ball bat you have come to the right place. However, did you know that for many of us, we did not have a specialized bat and ball for the sport. Just any backyard baseball would have sufficed back in the day. It was simply a game involving a plastic ball as well as bat and small yard space to play.

Despite its modest foundations, the game is now no longer a hobby in a backyard. These days, there are active teams playing commercially, and tournaments are held very often. With the game, even its equipment has evolved.

Today, playing this game involves a specially designed holed or perforated ball and a long plastic bat for hitting the ball. Most of the bats comes along with sets of balls as well.

best wiffle ball bat


2021’s 5 Best Wiffle Ball Bats Reviews

Wiffle Bundle With 6 Wiffle Balls and 2 32-Inches Wiffle Bats

Wiffle Ball 6 Baseballs Official Size - 6 Pack and Wiffle Ball 32

This combo set from Wiffle is perhaps an ideal gift for any kid who is above 3 years old and is fascinated by the wiffle ball. Made in the U.S.A., this pack comes with two wiffle ball bats each 32 inches long, a tissue pack, and a set of six perforated wiffle balls ideal for backyard and other indoor play areas.

While the combo set may sound like a heavy pack, it is surprisingly portable with weight within 4 pounds. Both the bats and balls are made using durable rubbery plastic that weighs light. Thus, the balls can withstand much abuse and shall never break a window. Both the bats and balls are reliable for normal practice in the outdoor areas.

The 32-inch bat is plain yellow, which is perhaps the traditional one that your grandparents enjoyed using around five decades ago. While it does not have the bells and whistles such as wood grain finish and hand grip, it gets the job done. For additional grip, it is recommended investing in a tape.

The set is ideal for kids and teens who just want to learn this summer game. You can even consider gifting to kids who love sports and do not mind starting with this game.


  • A complete set to get started
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Gift


  • Cannot endure heavy-impact hits or contact with hardballs or baseballs
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Easton Pro Stix Training Set

Easton Pro Stix Training Set


Consider this set for having a professional training session as a beginner on a field or for enjoying the wiffle ball game in the backyard. Easton is an extended brand in the world of backyard baseballs. So, its wiffle ball bat set is perhaps a lasting and gratifying one.

Focusing on the bat, it is truly exceptional as it is highly durable as well as too light in weight making itself ideal for both adults and kids. This is perhaps because its design is based on a professional wooden bat. This is also the reason why it looks like an authentic professional bat.

Indeed, most of us will be unable to distinguish between the conventional baseball bat and this one. The bat’s plastic is incredibly durable and is also useable with a tennis ball. It is also the reason why this bat contributes to a fun wiffle ball game, an effective backyard practice, or a great training drill on a field.

Despite the plastic build, the bat gives a solid feel in the hands. It can also handle a lot of abuse due to its sturdy plastic quality. There are seams without rough edges, which means they are just like those found in other plastic bats.

A little unlikely but an interesting feature to notice is the bat’s length of 33 inches. It simply indicates that anyone whose height is within 5″11 can easily use this bat. Even kids within 10 years of age can be playful with it.


  • Super light for both beginners and advanced players
  • Professional look
  • Can handle any wiffle ball
  • Highly durable plastic versatile enough to be used with a tennis ball



  • Not for power shots or use with hard balls
  • A little pricier than the traditional yellow bat
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Wiffle’s 32″ Wiffle Ball Bat

(2) 32

This is perhaps the traditional wiffle bat that most beginners and kids of all ages love to have for enjoying a gradual and limited flight. Thus, it is a popular wiffle ball bat to consider for which you simply cannot go wrong.

Its yellow signature color is its identifier of being a classic bat and indicating that this bat is designed for hitting any wiffle ball. Above all, this bat comes from the company that introduced the game.

You may be unable to find another option if you want an affordable wiffle bat for just a short-term usage. With a length of 32 inches, the bat features a respectable size, which is useful for small games and that both kids and adults can rely on it.

Even the beginners fall in love with this bat, as it is truly light as well as easy to maneuver. On top of that, it is a bonus to have a hollow build, especially when kids wish to play with it. The bat is built using durable plastic material and is free of latex, which itself indicates a kid-friendly build.

Apart from these, there are no other features or premium aspects but it is worth the price at which it is available. It shall never fail to fulfill the basic requirements. Considering these aspects, you can have this wiffle ball bat as a strong backup.


  • Super light
  • Sturdy, no easy wear and tear
  • Design wiffle ball friendly
  • Easy to handle
  • Durable with light balls


  • Cannot handle hardballs
  • Too thin barrel due to which it is tough to handle small balls
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Louisville Slugger Replica Bat and Ball Combo

Louisville Slugger Replica Bat and Ball Combo

Consider this combo if your budget is confined to plastic and are in search for a heavier wiffle bat than the typical yellow ones. It comes with an exact copy of the authentic C271 34-inch league bat that is in use in Major League Baseball (MLB). However, the key difference is in the build material.

Although designed to replicate the authentic appearance of C271, this wiffle bat is made using durable plastic. Despite this, it reflects an authentic maple wood grain appearance. Thanks to the faux wood grain finish that renders a real wood appearance.

Together with the included safe plastic ball, the set is ideal for backyard fun. The high-grade plastic makes this bat a robust one that can endure home runs. The sturdy construction also is capable of enduring abuse due to which it does not crack or dent quite early.

This set is also comparable to the Easton Pro Stix. However, the latter has a bigger barrel due to which it is easier to hit but not as hard as possible. As the barrel is bigger, most of that bat’s surface is hollow. Thus, the ball will not go as far as the bat from Louisville Slugger shall make it go.

With the length of 34 inches, the bat is suitable for both kids and adults who can simply have fun or take the training with ease.


  • High-quality plastic build
  • An MLB-like look; wood grain texture
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Dent-resistant
  • Versatile bat for both kids and adults
  • Light
  • Durable
  • Affordable despite a premium look


  • Low-quality ball
  • Long for some younger kids
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Franklin Sports MLB Kids Jumbo Baseball Bat

Franklin Sports MLB Kids Jumbo Baseball Bat – Plastic (Colors May Vary)

This one is truly meant for kids who love MLB and wants to get started learning it in a backyard or any safe outdoor area. It is truly designed that light so that the little athletes can have the experience of ‘learn with fun’. For a professional outlook, the bat comes with the official MLB logo and is available in related colors such as red, orange, blue, and green.

Talking about the bat, it is a standard wiffle ball bat for kids. The colorful bat is not only light in weight but also oversized to make it fun while striking a wiffle ball for the little learners. The 24-inch long bat is oversized in terms of its barrel that measures 3.25 inches and carries tremendous hitting power with wiffle balls.

The bat is also hollow and made up of durable plastic. An interesting thing to note here is the premium handle made up of comfy soft foam, which gives a great grip. This is something that not all wiffle bats provide. The handle is rightly sized for small hands.

This bat is not for older kids.


  • Super light
  • Sturdy enough to hold well
  • Better grip than other bats
  • A good hit with any wiffle ball
  • Available in different colors
  • Big barrel for easy contact


  • Thin build inviting dents with strong hits
  • Costly with no balls included
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How to Choose the Best Wiffle Ball Bat

To get started, you first need to understand that no single bat or ball is the best for all game players. The best model completely relies on the player’s or buyer’s requirements. So, understanding your requirements is the first step towards the best wiffle ball bat.

Different types of bats are made and sold for different players. For example, a bat for a kid and a bat for a professional player would be different while playing wiffle ball. Moreover, wiffle ball bats that both adults and kids can use are also available.

So, you need to keep an eye on such things to find out a bat that best suits your requirements. Here are some questions to go through that will reveal the factors to consider and compare with your requirements for choosing the most suitable one.


What is the ideal size of a wiffle ball bat?

The standard size or length of any authentic bat is 32 inches. This is the size of most wiffle ball bats available in the market. However, you can even find shorter or larger bats. The longer ones are conventionally used for practicing baseball, as the official MLB-supported length is 34 inches.

On the other hand, shorter bats are exclusively for kids. These models are likely to feature a larger barrel so that pitches are more comfortable to hit.

What you need to focus is on the fact that the wiffle ball and baseball need to be almost of the same size. However, a wiffle ball is hollow and is required to ensure all hits. In short, kids require shorter and lighter bats to learn faster, while adults need heavier and longer bats.


Of which material should my wiffle ball bat be made up of?

Initially, the wiffle ball bats were built using wood such as birch and maple, just as the baseball bats. However, they were quite thin due to which you can compare to a broomstick. This resulted in lighter bats, which were ideal for children to swing.

Then, plastic was first used in 1959 to make these bats. Well, this is the classic model that is light in weight and has a yellow color. Following this build, almost all wiffle ball bats are made using highly durable, light plastic.


How do I buy a durable wiffle ball bat?

It is obvious that you do not want to invest in a bat that will break or crack within the initial few times of use. Currently, the wiffle ball bats for beginners as well as intermediate players are built using plastic. However, many of these are highly sturdy as well as durable due to the high-quality plastic in use.

Such bats can easily handle lots of abuse. So, do look for reviews of these bats and look for abuse and durability words to know how durable that promising bat is. A good one should be able to endure the hits with softballs or tennis balls.


What should be the ideal barrel’s dimensions?

Look for as wide as possible. The wider the barrel is, the more is the probability to hit a ball without any hassle.


Which wiffle ball bat has the maximum grip?

It is essential to have a grip on the bat, as it makes a big difference to the learning session. A tight yet comfortable grip will not allow slipping due to which the resulting hit is better. So, do look for a handle of the bat, which ensures grip. Many taped bats ensure grip. Or else, even you can tape your existing bat for the same.


Is it necessary to tape a wiffle ball bat?

You can consider using a tape when you wish to add some more weight to the wiffle ball bat. Keeping in mind that these bats are usually pretty light in weight, you can think of increasing their weight to add to its durability and increasing protection against all hard swings that otherwise result in breaking the bat.

Adding a tape also increases the overall grip level. The heavier the wiffle ball bat is, the further the ball shall go after hitting. This may not be possible with a standard plastic bat. However, with the additional weight, the bat’s speed goes up quickly.

For playing in some competition or tournament, ensure that its rules allow you to tape your bat. Following are some tape types to consider for your wiffle ball bat:

  • Duct: Is commonly seen on those popular yellow bats for the wiffle ball game. This is perhaps because these bats are among the lightest ones. Although the bat’s weight increases, the tape’s texture can result in a bit strange motion when the ball leaves the bat.
  • Masking: Is heavier, increases the bat’s longevity more than expected, and overcomes the limitation of the duct tape’s texture. The texture of masking tape is transparent due to which you can still view the bat’s color. The only thing to take care of here is the way you tape. Masking carefully keeps tape bubbles away.
  • Electrical: Is a good choice to consider for adding weight and accelerating the bat’s performance. However, too much of it results in bouncing off of the ball at a strange speed and makes the bat’s surface pretty soft.


Should I buy a wiffle ball bat set?

Well, this totally depends on your requirements and players using the bat. At times, it is wise to invest in a set, as it comes with all that you want to play. This eradicates the need for buying the other items separately.

However, if you buy the bat or ball individually, you can buy it as per your preferences. This is something you will not be able to exercise while buying a set. So, you should choose Custom items or the ease of one-time investment.


Where I can play the wiffle ball game?

You can play this game almost anywhere where there is enough space; you are safe both indoors and outdoors. If you are looking for tournaments check here.


Which brand is reliable for these bats?

There are a couple of brands that are known for manufacturing quality wiffle ball bats. Some of them include Wiffle, GTSOH, Franklin, and Easton. All of them are popular and admired for bats with lasting quality. Now, it truly depends upon your preference.

For example, if you are more inclined to get a bat from the makers of the game or from the one who has been making the wiffle balls and bats since several years, Wiffle is your ideal choice. Otherwise, you may choose an Easton bat after going through its reviews.


How far can I hit a wiffle ball with a wiffle bat?

Well, this depends on how heavy the bat is and how hard the ball is hit. Usually, on an average, with the standard yellow wiffle ball bat, the ball goes up to 90 to 100 feet. However, some players can hit as far as up to 150 feet. If a genuine wiffle ball is in use that is known to curve when hit as well as when thrown, it travels up to 100 feet, which is 25 feet curving to the right and 75 feet straight to the left.


Is it legal to cork the wiffle ball bat?

No, it is not! If you will be using your wiffle ball bat in a professional league, you are not allowed to cork it. This is because corked bats are prohibited at such events. However, it is fine to use one such bat at home. Still, if your goal is to end up using in a professional tournament, it is not worth corking it. Corking is usually done to make the ball go further and make the bat feel lighter.



Choosing the best wiffle ball bat comes down to considering all the aforementioned factors and weighing them based on how well they fulfill your requirements. Even if the requirements are same, a wiffle bat considered good by someone may not be ideal for you. Thus, you need to consider the factors and bat features both to make the right choice.

If buying for a beginner and do not have that great budget, we recommend the Wiffle ball bat gift set. It has all the beginner-friendly features including the price tag and an extra bat as a backup. If your budget permits, consider investing in the Easton Pro Stix.